Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 488

Chapter 487: Any Condition
Chapter 487: Any Condition!
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"Anyway You had mentioned about cooperating" Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously, "But, I don't understand what your proposal means." He thought; [Your Tian Fa's Beast Kings are already cooperating with me, and you still don't know about it? Silly girl!]

"That's right! Let's cooperate!" Mei Xue Yan's expression was solemn, "Tian Fa Forest needs to increase its strength. We need it for the fierce fight between the Three Holy Lands; we need more strength to compete. But, it'll be too late if we follow the normal speed of advancement. Therefore, we must make use of external forces to enhance our strength."

Mei Xue Yan's expression was dignified as she gave Jun Mo Xie a profound look, "The supplement from our Tian Fa's Sacred Fruit is an example of that! But, there will only be one per person. And, that isn't enough for us. Moreover, we can't make such medicines on our own. But, your master can refine them. I've heard that he has already refined divine pills which can increase Xuan strength by ten years. Moreover, these pills don't have any side-effects. We want such miraculous things. But, an increase in strength by ten years seems too little for us."

Jun Mo Xie frowned, "You mean to say that you want more number of pills once they've been refined from the Sacred Fruit. And, they should obviously have no side-effects either. Then, you also want other such pills. After that, you intend to use these pills to upgrade strength as quickly as possible. You wish to get the Xuan Beast Kings across the bottleneck. Then, you want to give them the other pills to get going towards the next bottleneck. So, you're basically saying that you want the Beast Kings to have to successive breakthroughs so that they can rise two ranks in the shortest possible time. Is this what you mean to say?"

"That's correct! Intelligent people speak intelligent words! That's exactly what I meant." Mei Xue Yan's eyes filled with satisfaction. She remained calm as she spoke further, "But, I couldn't find your master. So, I came to search for you."

"I find your thought process ridiculous, Young Mei! In fact, it is excessively fantastical. I'm sure you're aware that your request will create many problems for us. Let me tell you something you are doomed to fail in this fight even if Master comes out with such a miracle."

Jun Mo Xie frowned, "You will realize this once you see the pills refined from the Scared Fruit. First, you need a good amount of luck when it comes to the refining of such pills. Secondly, you need lots of medicinal ingredients at your disposal. Moreover, the medicinal herbs required for such pills are top-notch. Thirdly, refining these kinds of pills takes a lot of time. And lastly, the refining process demands a huge consumption of energy. However, the final outcome still depends of the heaven's will even if these four requirements are fulfilled. The probability of success or failure in refinement is always very hard to predict

"In addition, the medicines that improve your strength have some limitations as well. And, this point stands true without exception. It is often noted that one's body builds resistance to the stimulant provided by these pills after your strength increases under its effect. This means that you won't be able to use the pills the second or the third time. Think about it the Ten Years Pills increases strength by ten years. So, shouldn't an individual be able to increase their strength ten-thousand times by taking those pills continuously? But, that's not possible. So, I can only tell you that your thought process is downright impractical!

"You ought to understand one thing if you wish to increase strength that quickly. You will need three kinds of pills during this period of time! And, each pill must provide thirty years' worth of strength upgrades. Moreover, none of the pills can be the same as the other. This is the only way you can reach your bottleneck targets. The pills from the Sacred Fruit of Tian Fa will be able to help you in making the breakthroughs only after these basic requirements are met!

"This is like saying that my master can't do anything else for a long time. He'll only be refining pills for you this entire time. Didn't you feel that this is too excessive when you asked for it? Do you think that my master is someone you can order-about as per your will?"

"I know that this is too much to ask for! And, I don't even know what kind of a person your master is! But, we have no other choice!" Mei Xue Yan continued calmly, "After three years No it should be after two years and nine months The Three Holy Lands will fight after two years and nine months. And, it wouldn't matter which one of them we face if things continue this way. After all, the Elusive World of the Immortals, or the Great Golden City, or the Boundless Ocean of Blood each of them will easily defeat Tian Fa Forest if we go on as per our current strength! Our Tian Fa has maintained its status for nine-thousand years. And, the consequences would be too horrible if I if my elder brother loses this status!

"We Xuan Beasts have always been discriminated against in this big continent! We've only been able to squeeze our ranks amongst the Three Holy Lands by relying on our fiercely overbearing strength. However, the Tian Fa Forest wouldn't remain Tian Fa Forest if we lose this status!"

Mei Xue Yan had a somewhat pained and self-deprecating expression on her face. And, Jun Mo Xie could tell that the situation would've crossed the point of desperation if someone as strong as Mei Xue Yan had such an expression on their face. [It seems that they have nowhere to go]

Jun Mo Xie frowned, and paced several steps. His heart was gripped in endless hesitation. Jun Mo Xie knew that he was sure to have a lifelong ally in Tian Fa Forest if he helped them with this. Therefore, the Jun Family would be well-placed. Moreover, the lifespans of these Xuan Beasts was very long. And, this meant that even their descendants won't need to worry about any troublesome situations long into the future. In fact, it'll be a boon for generations-after-generations of his descendants!

And, it would only cost him a few divine pills!

It sounded simple, but it had to be said that he could presently refine only one kind of pill that met their requirements. And, others could only be possible after he had advanced to the fourth and fifth level inside the Hong Jun Pagoda. Moreover, he needed to be at the sixth level to refine the pills from the Thousand Evils Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit or what these Xuan Beasts called as Tian Fa's Sacred Fruit. However, that heavenly treasure would turn into ash if he hadn't met the necessary conditions and capability standards.

[Can I break through to the sixth level within two years and nine months?]

Jun Mo Xie had no assurance regarding this. Jun Mo Xie was well-aware of the difficulty in advancing one level inside the Hong Jun Pagoda and advancing with the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune.

It hadn't even been a one year since he had come to that world. But, he had already advanced by leaps and bounds. In fact, he had crossed three levels in this short period of time. But, this achievement corresponded to three starting levels. However, he would require an increasing amount of time to make each breakthrough as he would go higher up. In fact, the requirements might even multiply many-folds.

"I know that this is a bother for you and your master. But, our Tian Fa will arrange any medicinal herb you require to concoct those pills as long as you and your master agree to cooperate with us! It doesn't matter if they're at the bottom of an ocean, or at the top of a snowy mountain. It doesn't matter whether the place is too hot, or it's too cold we'll give our all to assist you!" Mei Xue Yan put her hands behind her back. "Moreover, we'll agree to any conditions you set no matter how unreasonable or irrational. Any conditions!"

Jun Mo Xie's heart thumped when he heard this.

[Any conditions?!]

It was Jun Mo Xie biggest dream to build himself an estate in the Tian Fa Forest. After all, he wouldn't have to worry about the problems of the outside world once he had done so. Moreover, the Young Master Jun was quite fond of the Beast Kings of Tian Fa Forest.

Their temperament was very much to Young Master Jun's liking. He had planned to help even if he wouldn't benefit out of it. But, it now seemed that he could also benefit from it. Moreover, his benefits would be huge. This was an irresistible temptation for him.

Jun Mo Xie clenched his teeth. [Damn it! Power can't be achieved without pressure! Isn't it only the sixth level of the Hong Jun Pagoda? This Young Master can cross three levels in half-a-year. So, why can't he cross a further three in around two years?]

[Let's do it! This is only a matter of forcing myself to train harder; that's all! And, I will get equally good dividends in terms of enhancement of strength and extra benefits!]

"Well, I personally think that there's no issue with this matter. But, I need to consult my master. After all, the success or failure of this depends upon my master's desire. But, you be at ease. I'll try my best to facilitate this cooperation. However, it's better if we discuss the subject of our conditions a later date. After all, I can't speak for my master. In fact, I suppose that Young Mei wouldn't believe me even if I said that I do. Isn't that right?" Jun Mo Xie changed the topic in a blink of an eye. After all, he knew that he couldn't reveal his hidden cards at this time. [If I let these people know now that I'm that mysterious and unrivalled black-clothed master]

[The consequences would be too horrible!]

[All powerful enemies will flock to me. In fact, many people will try to destroy me in my formative years even if they don't have any enmity with me. Therefore, this secret that I don't have the strength to override the world can't be told to anyone; not even if the said-individual is very dear to me!]

"I understand. Many thanks, Young Master Jun!" Mei Xue Yan's lips squirmed as she spoke in a low voice.

"But, what are these so-called Three Holy Lands? Could Young Mei possibly clear this doubt of mine?" Jun Mo Xie had finally gotten the opportunity to ask this question. It must be mentioned that this question had been bothering Young Master Jun for a long time now.

It was possible that most common folk didn't even know of existences like the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor. There were only a few Xuan families in the society at large. However, even these Xuan families regarded the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor as the top entities of the world.

Even Jun Mo Xie hadn't thought that there would be anything above the Tian Fa Forest.

But, he had then found out that there was an even taller mountain in existence; this was when he had learnt of the extremely fierce Three Holy Lands. The Tian Fa Forest was known to everyone as the most dangerous entity in the world. So, what were these Three Holy Lands?

It seemed like that these existences were even higher than the Silver Blizzard City. And, this was enough to shock even Jun Mo Xie. In fact, he had been wondering whether there were entities that were even higher than the Three Holy lands

[What level are those people at if they exist?]

[But, the main question remains the same why are there no legends about these places?]

"The fierce Three Holy Lands originated over nine-thousand years ago. Everyone was vying for supremacy at that time. The continent was in chaos as a result. So, it was only natural that increasingly stronger entities were emerging in such an environment. After all, times of trouble often give birth to many heroes. And, the heroes also created specific circumstances," Mei Xue Yan forced a smile as she slowly explained.

"However, an extremely unforeseen event occurred in the continent at the most opportune moment." Mei Xue Yan took a deep breath. "Have you ever heard of the 'Pillars of Heaven Mountains', Jun Mo Xie?"