Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 49

Chapter 48 hit
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Chapter 048 Hit

Tang Yuans fury rose to the skies and was about to jump up and shout out his name, however Jun Xie restrained him with a hand. If the two of them were to personally step forward, then the reputation of these two Young Masters would suffer. After all, Tang Yuan was the one who was at fault in the first place. If Qin Xiaobao had not cursed in such a vicious manner, then this whole matter would have been over with just a few words. However, after listening to Qin Hus words, Jun Xies killing intent was lit.

Jun Xies manner of conduct has never been about considering right or wrong. He would act on his own whim, deciding if someone was an ally or enemy in a heartbeat. After hearing Qin Hus words, Jun Xie had resolved to not show any mercy to the Northern City Clan!

Like father, like son. Who knows how many people would suffer under these men. Considering how both father and son were bastards, Jun Xie believed that killing them would be an act of helping Heaven dispense justice, one that would earn great merit!

The leader of the Tang Familys bodyguards stood up. The other three men behind him followed suit, as their bodies all exuded a silver radiance. The four Silver levelled Xuan Qi experts stepped forward in tandem, their gaze akin to a sword. What kind of person is this Qin Hu?

Qin Hu was momentarily shocked as he felt a powerful pressure converging upon him. His mind started thinking, his body channelling xuan qi, causing his body to glow with a golden radiance. He then retracted his arrogant demeanour and cautiously replied. I am Qin Hu, the Clan Leader of the Northern City Clan. May I ask whom might you be?

A Gold levelled Xuan Qi expert! As the master of a clan, Qin Hu was certainly no ordinary person!

However, this Gold levelled Xuan Qi experts heart was currently thumping rapidly. Having witnessed the strength of the opposing side, the Clan Leader of the Northern City Clan immediately changed his attitude!

Naturally, he would not view those Silver levelled Xuan Qi experts highly. But the problem lied in the fact that these two brats actually having four Silver levelled experts as bodyguards! What could this mean? What kind of backing do these two have? Could it be that his son had once again provoked someone that he should not?

A Gold levelled expert was indeed qualified to become a Clan Leader. Within the city, Qin Hu was considered to be quite the influential individual. However, the number of people that Qin Hu cannot afford to provoke remained substantial!

Qin Hu recalled that not too long ago, his son had provoked a very handsome looking Young Master by molesting a beautiful maid of the Young Master. Back then, the Young Master did not retaliate in any way. However, after night fell, all the senior members of the Northern City Clan were captured. They were then transported into a secret location. As for Qin Hu, his Xuan Qi cultivation which was at the peak of the Gold level ended up falling down one stage to the mid-stage of the Gold level after being constantly beaten by them. His son, Qin Xiaobao on the other hand, had his dantian broken and could no longer cultivate Xuan Qi!

After three days and three nights, they were finally released. But the price of their freedom was to become the pawns of that Young Master. Even though he still does not know the identity of that person, Qin Hu knew that he was definitely a Young Master from one of the great families with sky shaking authority!

In the face of the influential nobles of the royal court, not even the average Earth Xuan ranked expert could afford to provoke them, what more a mere Gold levelled Xuan Qi expert!

Currently, the one standing before him had a posture, which suggested that he was even more powerful than the mysterious Young Master. In addition, the flower boy seemed even more handsome compared to the mysterious Young Master. Could it be that both of them were those kinds of existences?

Clan Leader of the Northern City Clan? Qin Hu? I have never heard of you before. Where did you come from, you trash? To think that you would dare act presumptuously here. Who am I? Someone like you would never have the qualifications to know, but today your son actually dared to offend our Eldest Young Master Tang, an unforgivable sin. But our Young Master is a man of expansive and generous heart. After merely giving your son a light punishment, he decided to let your son off! As a father, not only should you feel grateful, you should have taken this opportunity to discipline your son! Instead, you brought your men to pin the blame on others. In addition, you also colluded with officials to capture these two Young Masters! Qin Hu, it seems you have quite a pair on you! The leader of the bodyguards stared at Qin Hu as he said in a slow, deep voice.

Great articulation! Jun Xie secretly applauded. With just a few sentences, this bodyguard leader had thrown all the crimes onto Qin Xiaobao, giving no room for Qin Hu to refute. But that was not all, the highlight of his words were the part where he gave Fatty Tangs reputation a high-class landscaping. Just by considering his skill in blowing hot air, this man was certainly a talent, an absolutely great talent!

The Eldest Young Master of the Tang Family? Hearing those words, Qin Hu was nearly shocked to death. The one family he feared most at the current was none other than the Tang Family. The reason was simple, a guilty conscience!

Even though the mysterious Young Master was terrifying, ignorance is bliss. Qin Hu naturally feared the mysterious Young Master, but he did not know the identity or the extent of the mysterious Young Masters background. But the Tang Family was a different matter! The Tang Family was a renowned name in the whole city. For the Tang Family to destroy his tiny, little Northern City Clan would be no different from childs play.

Not to mention, he had previously followed the instructions of the mysterious Young Master to steal the Xuan Core from the Tang Family. As of now, the situation remained dire. Every day, he dreaded that the Tang Family would appear before his doorstep, bringing the destruction of his Northern City Clan with it. Who could have guessed that his own son would end up provoking the Eldest Young Master of the Tang Family at this critical moment! What a self-defeating move, how was he supposed to live through this?

At this moment, Qin Hu felt that he was about to faint! When faced against such dangerous people, one would normally hide themselves in a hurry. And yet his son actually ended up offending them! Even if you want to commit suicide, do you have to commit suicide in such a manner? Normal people would turn back after hitting into a brick wall, but why did his own son not turn away even after hitting a brick wall?

Looking at his son who was sprawled on the floor, blood splattered all over his body after being lightly punished by the Eldest Young Master Tang, Qin Hu felt anger, worry and heartache. His Northern City Clan may not be a lightweight powerhouse, but when compared to the highly influential Tang Family, it was no different from an ant compared to a tiger. This only son of his was simply too spoiled. Back then, he ended up losing his Xuan Qi cultivation due to the trouble he caused, losing half his life in the process. And yet, he did not keep that lesson in mind. It seemed that his life might well be forfeit this time around.

However, the ones who were feeling dreadful were not only Qin Hu, but also those four officers. They had originally intended to help Master Qin relieve his anger and in the process earn a small fortune. How could they have guessed that the person would be Young Master Tang? This was no longer a monetary problem, but a life and death problem!

As for you scums of the government, you will all stay here for now and wait for your superior to come. I want to question them, is this how the men from the Ministry of Justice conduct themselves? Complying with the wishes of the underground gangs and oppressing the weak, common people, becoming a jackal for tigers? A servant of injustice!

Tang Yuan gave the few officers with a deep, sinister stare, each and every one of his words were morally just and righteous! However, these words should not have come out from Tang Yuans mouth. It should have been directed at Tang Yuan instead! Jun Xie who was listening by the side, felt tempted to burst out in laughter. Fatty Tang sure had guts, to call himself a weak, common people!

The four officers face became deathly pale as they turned to look at one another, their bodies swaying weakly as though it was about to fall. If Tang Yuan had shouted slightly louder, then these men would have been scared to death!

Tang Yuans father-in-law to be, Sun Chenghe was the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Justice, the one in charge of them all. Their superior was a subordinate of Sun Chenghe. If their superior came and saw that they had colluded with the Northern City Clan to deal with the son-in-law of the one above them, just how much trouble would arise? When that happened, these four bastards were as good as dead.

These four officers were truly unfortunate. They had naturally heard of the Eldest Young Master Tang, but their positions were too low and were not able to meet him in person. As an exalted individual, Tang Yuan was someone whom they have only heard of. Today however, was the day they found themselves slammed with his identity!

It turns out that this person is the Eldest Young Master Tang. Please accept my apology, Qin Hu instantly shifted his facial expression into one of flattering smile. He clasped his hands together courteously as he saluted. This lowly one has eyes but failed to see. I have offended Young Master Tang. I had even troubled Young Master Tang to help in disciplining my son. This lowly one is deeply grateful and hopes that the immeasurably generous senior Young Master Tang could show leniency.

Tang Yuan held his nose up high and snorted, ignoring Qin Hu. He turned to face the four bodyguards and said. This brat was being rough with me for no reason, there must a story behind it! I now suspect that there is a relation between the Northern City Clan and the robbery case of my Tang Residence. Bring this brat together and interrogate him properly. The four bodyguards acknowledge the order in unison, but their faces showed a pained expression. They thought to themselves: This matter was originally your fault to begin with. You bounced off your snot onto someone elses face, and then you beat that person to the point of death. Now his father had already apologized to you in such a humble manner, but instead you decide to accuse others of being a thief. This is just too much.

These words were simply the result of Tang Yuans vexed emotions, a way for him to vent his fury. He simply accused Qin Xiaobao of whatever he could think of, after all Qin Xiaobao had offended him during the worst possible time. How would Tang Yuan just let him off the hook?

How could Tang Yuan have known that this nonsensical accusation of his was just like a cat running into a dead mouse! Without any form of cunning or skill, he had actually caught the thief!