Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 493

Chapter 490: Indignant At Injustice
Chapter 490: Indignant at Injustice
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"So, brothers and sisters share the same body..." Jun Mo Xie exclaimed. Then, he thought of something and spoke, "It seems like the body structure of these outsiders is like this due to their very genes. But, how do they reproduce if their bodies are like this? Let's say that a man goes out to find a wife. However, he would also have to see his own younger sister and his wife's elder brother wouldn't he? That would be embarrassing. And, that would certainly go against the accepted boundaries of human relations"

It was natural for Jun Mo Xie to believe that the conjoined pair of a man and a woman from the same parent would make them brother and sister

Mei Xue Yan's face became red. She seemed was anxious and embarrassed. She didn't know how she was supposed to answer this. So, she glared at Jun Mo Xie for a while. Then, she closed her eyes and spoke, "Our ancestors would've tried to accept these conjoined people if they knew what the boundaries of proper human relations were. And, that would've been great. However, those filthy creatures... don't look for mates. Those conjoined siblings... are couples..."

"Later on, some people of the Fierce Trinity decided to give these outsiders a name since it was awkward to call them strange race or conjoined twins. They were eventually termed as 'Wolf-men' since the viciousness of their characters was similar to that of wolves!" Mei Xue Yan finally finished her brief.

"Wolf... Men! Hah...! So, there are such lowly existences in this world! Those ###... ah..." Jun Mo Xie was stunned. In fact, he had blurted this out since he had been left flabbergasted. After all, he had never even dreamt that he would burst onto such news

"What...? You, you, you are a Young Master from a noble family! Why can't you be a little more refined in front of a lady? Do you have to use those obscene words?" Mei Xue Yan's pretty face became deathly white; her extremely beautiful eyes were opened wide, and her finger was pointed at Jun Mo Xie. She stood up with a 'whoosh' sound, and was almost ready to storm off.

Mei Xue Yan had lived an experience-rich life. But, she had never expected that someone would use such obscene imagery in front of her. Those words' meaning was extremely nauseating and disgusting. In fact, she nearly fainted out of embarrassment when she thought about it...

It must be said that it was highly appropriate for Jun Mo XIe to think of those words. But, his choice of term was too graphic! Therefore, the images one would imagine while using those words would appear extremely repulsive...

"Fu*k that shit!" Jun Mo Xie felt the anger in his very spirits being provoked. His face was full of wrath and disdain. He made threatening gestures as he sprayed saliva, "I wish their ancestors were more cultured! This Young Master has hated those shameless devils his entire life! Those lowly little dipshit ###... they've even dared cause trouble on Xuan Xuan Continent's lands! They've dared to wage these Battles for Seizing the Heavens?! Seize this goddam*it! This injustice makes my heart fill with indignation! I declare that I will strive to mortise them my entire life! In fact, I will chop off my little master if I'm not able to eradicate the very roots of that gang of ###."

The lovely faces of the two beautiful Xuan Beast ladies became red. The two women felt extremely embarrassed as they saw the Youngster jumping up and down while spewing out these unbearable obscenities.

[This is too aggressive. I had only spoken about those outsiders; that's all. So, why is this Young Master so full of resentment? It seems like someone has dug up his ancestor's grave or something...]

[Moreover, one look at him is enough to tell that his anger isn't fake! It genuinely comes from the bottom of his heart!]

How would those two understand where that anger in Jun Mo Xie's heart was coming from? After all, someone from their cultural heritage and history could never understand where Jun Mo Xie's resentment had stemmed from.

These wolf-men weren't the same as those outsiders. However, they had still succeeded in mobilizing the nationalist sentiment of hatred which had been buried in the deepest abyss of his heart. And, this was the reason why he had decided to behead those shameless people!

Moreover, their Xuan strength and numbers had made the similarities more striking

It seemed as if the Young Master had decided to eat the dog since he couldn't find the rabbit. Consequently, Jun Mo Xie's resentment was quite a heartfelt one.

"Are you alright, Young Master Jun?" Mei Xue Yan's face had remained reddened for a while. Therefore, she had asked this in a tone full of disdain. After all, the Young Master had just given vent to his feelings. But, his manner of doing so was entirely contrary to what one would expect of a Young Master from a noble family.

"I'm fine. What would happen to me?" Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and roared, "You don't worry! I'll make your request come true! I'll back it to the hilt! You have my absolute and full backing in this matter! We must eliminate those outsiders before they become a bigger threat! We must resolutely implement the policy of eradicating those outsiders. We must eradicate this problem forever! This Young Master will personally participate when the time comes. I will kill them all. I'll wreak havoc in their world! Such filthy and shameless creatures don't deserve to live in this peaceful world!"

Young Master Jun made a fist and thumped his chest. His eyes looked straight ahead as he assumed an oath-making pose. Then, he spoke-up while trembling with energy, "This Jun Mo Xie will guard this Xuan Xuan Continent since I'm a part of it. I swear on my honor that I won't shirk. I will sacrifice myself and spare no effort to kill them. Their blood will soar glittering in the light. It will turn into an all-round bloodbath! I will kill their entire kin. I will feed them to the dogs!"

Mei Xue Yan laughed and said, "I admit that your skills are marvelous, Young Master Jun. But, your strength is still quite shallow. And, the Battle for Seizing the Heavens is almost upon us. So, you won't be of any use in that decisive battle even if the speed of your advancement increases two to three times. Your heart is laudable, and I can sympathize with your emotions. Hehe..."

Jun Mo Xie snorted and replied, "That is yet to be seen."

"What is yet to be seen? You think that you're extraordinary because you're strong enough to crack rocks right now? Your divine sword can cut gold and dissect jade. That light and wondrous skill can transform your body and redouble your power. But, do you think that turns you into a never-before-seen hero of this world? We're all friends here now. So, I'll take the responsibility of telling you even though it might hurt your confidence. You wouldn't be able to match up to a genuine expert with your current strength. In fact, you'll pose no threat whatsoever!"

The Young Master Jun glanced at Mei Xue Yan, "A genuine expert? For example...?"

"Any supreme expert can take you down with ease. It wouldn't even matter whether they're one of the Eight Great Masters or a Beast King from Tian Fa you'll be nothing more than an ordinary man in front of them," Mei Xue Yan said in a dull tone.

"Ah. And, this means that you two sisters could also do the same?"

"Of course it includes Green Hunter and me as well. I only need to use five percent of my strength to send you to your doom. In fact, it wouldn't matter how wondrous your agility or martial technique are. You must never doubt this fact!" Mei Xue Yan gave a gentle smile as she looked at Jun Mo Xie, "So, you must train properly, Young Man. You'll understand somethings once you grow up."

Jun Mo Xie became dizzy with madness. [You think that I don't know the difference between our strengths? You feel that I don't know that I can't contend against your strength? But, that tone of yours resembles that of an age-old person who is preaching the ways of the world to an extremely young person. Or like a mother comforting her young son]

[How can this Young Master speak of being a real man of great stature when he's being considered so lowly?]

Green Hunter was standing on the side. And, she was also stunned. In fact, she had opened her big and beautiful eyes wide. [How can Elder Sister say that? Moreover, this tone isn't her usual one. In fact, it is almost as if she's trying to appear strong when she's feeling weak inside]

Mei Xue Yan's expressions had showed no change, but she was quite frightened inside. She had been shocked by his words and deeds. And, she was already on guard against him as a result.

However, it wasn't the kind of guard one would put up while facing an enemy. Instead, it was a guard against a man a woman's guard against a man!

There had never been such a man for many years who had made her raise her guard like that. And, that was because they weren't much in her eyes. But, this youngster had given rise to this feeling inside her.

[What am I scared of?]

"I might surprise you," Jun Mo Xie responded in an extremely calm manner.

"Oh? The Young Master has admittedly surprised me to a fair degree. But, you're talking about an unprecedented feat if you're claiming that you will go from a mid-level Sky Xuan Expert to becoming at least as strong as a Great Master in these insufficient three years. In fact, this would seem like the fancies of a lunatic! I'm only telling you the truth. And, I hope that you don't take offence," Mei Xue Yan replied insipidly.

Some truths needed to be mentioned with regards to Mei Xue Yan's words. Many great heroes had been born in the Xuan Xuan Continent ever since these Battles for Seizing the Heavens had started. After all, times of trouble give rise to great heroes. Therefore, many individual with frightening talents had come up in the past. And, they had achieved miraculous feats.

However, even those who had achieved the greatest of levels at wondrous speed had always reached the Great Master Level after forty years. And, there had never been an exception to this. Baili Luo Yun was already a rare talent with respect to the past thousands of years. After all, he had reached the Earth Xuan Level at the mere age of twenty-five. But, even this genius was nothing compared to the talents this continent's long history could boast about. In fact, Baili Luo Yun wouldn't be able to reach the level of Great Masters before the age of sixty. However, even that was a rare achievement!

Young Master Jun was certainly a once-in-a-millennia rarity for reaching the Sky Xuan Level at the age of sixteen or seventeen. But, there had been around eight-or-ten people like him in the past. But, a young genius doesn't always evolve into an old genius. And, many of those who had reached the Sky Xuan Realm below the age of twenty hadn't reached the level of Great Masters before they had turned hundred despite training without breaks for their entire lives. So, Mei Xue Yan wasn't entirely mocking Jun Mo Xie when she had called his words the 'fancies of a lunatic'.

"Young Mei's words are jewels of wisdom. So, how could this Young Master mind them? But, there are many strange things in this world. And, they are rarely ever achieved by people. Everything depends on the individual. Young Mei is perhaps speaking of things she couldn't do. But, it doesn't mean that others can't do it. After all, the frogs peering into the sky from the well don't know the extent of the stars in the sky; do they?" Jun Mo Xie coldly replied.

Green Hunter was standing on the side. However, she couldn't help but lash out when she heard this, "How dare you have the gall to call us frogs in the well, Jun Mo Xie?"

"Did I say that? Don't tell me that the two of you are such people? I apologies to Young Mei if you've taken that seriously," Jun Mo Xie replied in a calm and collected manner.

"Stop, Green Hunter. The Young Master must have something up his sleeves if he's boasting so deliriously. And, perhaps we are frogs peering out of a well," Mei Xue Yan's speech seemed worded to scold Green Hunter. But, anyone who'd listen to her tone could tell that she clearly talked of Jun Mo Xie overestimating his capabilities.