Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 494

Chapter 491: A New Wave Rises Before The First One Settles
Chapter 491: A New Wave Rises Before the First One Settles
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The corners of the Young Master's mouth curled haughtily. He spoke slowly, "Jun Mo Xie was nothing but a debauchee and a wastrel half a year ago. He was only at Xuan Level Three. He was at the insignificant Jade Xuan Level before going to Southern Heaven City. Jun Mo Xie might not have become as strong as the Tian Fa's Xuan Beast Kings by now, but he has still reached the Sky Xuan middle-level. Young Lady Mei has experience of uncountable years. So, she is very far-sighted. But, how can she judge that I won't be able to reach the level of the Great Masters in these two years plus that will follow? Or an even higher level? Moreover, you could be calling tomorrow's fact as the ravings of a lunatic!"

Mei Xue Yan was left stumped after she listened to Young Master Jun's "Ravings." [He has transformed from a 'nobody trash' to a Sky Xuan middle rank expert in half-a-year! This transformation isn't something an ordinary person can pull-off. So, why can't he make more breakthroughs in the next two years or so?]

Young Master Jun's voice again rang inside the ears of the stunned and beautiful Mei Xue Yan, "Nothing in this world can stop me from doing something if I want to do it. Even the heavens are no exception!"

The tone of Jun Mo Xie's wordings had been was very dull. But, the heroic spirit contained in them had stirred both the women.

Mei Xue Yan narrowed her eyes slowly and absentmindedly. That was because she had found herself believing Jun Mo Xie's arrogant words for some mysterious reason. In fact, she believed them wholeheartedly.

She was someone who possessed a firm and resolute mindset. So, it could be said assumed that his words must've been extremely terrifying to bring about such a change in her.

"I heard that your Aristocratic Hall is auctioning a legendary Bone Tempering pill?" Mei Xue Yan smiled lightly. But, she was circulating her Xuan strength to calm herself as quickly as she could; she was doing this in order to tranquilize her pounding.

"Ha ha, legendary? It's merely an insignificant plaything. Is Young Lady Mei also interested in it?" Jun Mo Xie replied with a smile.

"Insignificant? Young Master Jun speaks very daring words! This 'insignificant plaything' may not be very useful for us Xuan Beast Kings. But, it can make a world of a difference in the Xuan strength of you humans! In fact, it is akin to getting a new lease on life! Hasn't your master told you even this much? Moreover, you've even managed to put them up for auction! I have no choice but to admire the immensity of your courage!"

Mei Xue Yan flashed a slight smile at first. Then, she put on a dignified expression, "I believe that even the Three Holy Lands will send their people to the auction once the authenticity of your pills have been confirmed. After all, pills that can temper one's natural bone structure something as divine as these pills have never occurred in this world!"

"The Three Holy Lands will also send people? Isn't that impossible? These pills can only make the bones of an ordinary human very compact; that's all. But, the experts in the Three Holy Lands have been consolidating their strength for centuries. So, why would they be interested in this?" Jun Mo Xie was somewhat stunned.

"How is that impossible? You think those pills are ordinary? And, you dare call yourself a Xuan expert!? Don't you know that the human body always remains be a bit uncoordinated? This fact doesn't change even if the individual is a heavenly genius who has trained extremely hard. Consequently, an expert can't make one after another. Therefore, the martial skills of Xuan experts have relative defects. And, we usually call such defects, 'break points.' Moreover, the speed of their movements is directly related to their bones, muscles, and veins.

"A large number of human experts exhaust their natural capacity. They continue to strive hard in order to increase their strengths. But, they fail to make their breakthroughs."

Mei Xue Yan continued helplessly, "However, most experts can easily make their breakthroughs if they have these kinds of pills in their hands. And yet, you've put these pills up for auction You know even experts stronger than the Great Masters can only train in accordance to their natural bone structure. Even they have no means of changing that. But, these Bone Tempering Pills will enable such people to increase their strength a step further since they'll be able to alter their very bone-structure. In fact, even the smallest of transformations would wield results. And, you should know how difficult it is for such strong people to go even a step further in their cultivation"

"It seems that... I've been negligent in this matter!" Jun Mo Xie pondered and nodded, "It seems that I've been going about this matter in a simple manner."

Jun Mo Xie looked up and said, "Young Lady Mei, many thanks for telling me about this. You two are obviously very strong, but living here must be inconvenient for you. It'd be better if you come to my place. And, you already know Guan QIng Han. Moreover, it'll also be easier for us to have any discussions that way. In fact, we can refer with each other as per convenience."

Jun Mo Xie was already making calculations for the future. [Asking these two pretty chicks to come to my home is akin to getting two extremely powerful defense-type amulets for the Jun Family! These two women are as beautiful as heavenly fairies. And, their strength is even more heavenly!]

[And, they can seriously turn into demons when messed with!]

[This Mei Xue Yan is much stronger than the Great Masters. And, Green Hunter is as strong as the Great Masters. Moreover, Solitary Falcon is already sitting at home Our family can easily defend itself against the entire Tian Xiang Empire's Imperial strength with this kind of strength. In fact, all the remaining Great Masters wouldn't be able to do anything if they joined hands. We could even withstand against the strength of the Three Holy Lands if they tried to invade. There are many people around me who can't defend themselves. But, even they will be protected in this manner...]

[I can finally lay down my worries and pay a visit to the Dongfang Family. Then, I can make that long journey to the Silver Blizzard City in order to settle that long-fermented debt.]

The crumbling of the Sword Snow Mountain, and the fulfillment of his third uncle's love these were the two things that Jun Mo Xie was presently striving to achieve.

[I must train crazy hard whether they stay at my house or not. I must, and I must. I will train hard to break through the levels of Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune and the Hong Jun Pagoda! A breakthrough is the only way in which I can gather more power!]

"Good! Then, we'll shamelessly accept your hospitality. I'll also take this opportunity to have a proper interaction with your master in the hope that we can deepen our cooperation," Mei Xue Yan hesitated for a moment. However, she finally agreed to it.

Jun Mo Xie was left to rejoice.

Therefore, the three people started to move towards the Tian Xiang City. Jun Mo Xie asked a question out of curiosity while they were on route, "Young Lady Mei, you had said that those Wolf-Men roar a chant every time they make a move. What chant was that exactly?"

Mei Xue Yan's pretty eyebrows shot up. She pondered for a while before she spoke, "It was 'Tyrant Crush'... something I had heard it a very long time ago during the last battle... So, I don't remember it clearly."

Jun Mo Xie became extremely angry when he first heard those words. He gnashed his teeth and cursed, "Tyrant crushes everything along the path!"

"Ah, yes... that's what they'd say... how do you know...?" Mei Xue Yan wobbled her head a few times before she was able to recall it. However, she then looked at Jun Mo Xie with extreme amazement, "How do you know this? Don't tell me that your master participated in a Battle for Seizing the Heavens!"

"..." Jun Mo Xie remained silent, and started to walk faster.

Jun Mo Xie brought the two women to the Jun Household. He then arranged for them to stay with Guan Qing Han. After all, the women already knew each other. Then, Jun Mo Xie started his unrelenting training. He received a pile of invitations in the days that followed. In fact, these invitations had stacked several feet in height. There were invitations from the Three Princes, and every powerful family of Tian Xiang. Even the Xuan Families while hailed outside the city had come looking for him

However, Jun Mo Xie had ignored all of them. After all, he had no time to waste on such trivial matters and insignificant individuals while in training.

Tang Yuan had been extremely busy during this period. He had to set up the auction for the Bone Tempering Pills on one hand. And, he also had to deal with the Huang Family on the other. However, he did everything in a very swift and decisive manner.

Fatty soon realized that the upcoming auction wouldn't be an easy affair. It at least wouldn't be like any of the easy auctions he had conducted in the past. But, this auction couldn't be altered even after he had realized that.

The unluckiest was the Golden East City's Huang Family. Their son had left for Tian Xiang City. And, they had been dreaming that he would return with good tidings. They were even hoping for him to return with a promise of marriage from the Dugu Family. After all, this would make their desires for a rise in the Huang Family's strength come true. They had been waiting and waiting for great tidings... But, they received the grievous news instead

Their son had suddenly been killed. Moreover, Dugu Zong Heng was extremely angry with them. And, he even wanted to have a tough word with them. The Huang Family obviously began to panic when they heard of this...

The Huang Family hadn't even dealt with Old Man Dugu about that matter when their affiliated businesses were pushed into an all-round crisis. Most of their business partners left overnight and cut any-and-all affiliations with them. Moreover, their main businesses were being suppressed to a point where they couldn't even recover. In fact, they were suffering huge losses on every transaction.

These issues hadn't even subsided when hooligans suddenly started to smash into their venues in order to extort them every few days. Moreover, their family's people couldn't even go out without getting beaten up. In fact, most of them would return covered in bruises.

Some of the local government officers used to sit and chat with their Family's old lord over a bottle of wine under usual circumstances. However, the offices of these officials had suddenly turned into hell for the Huang Family. For example, let's assume that a normal procedure would require three days for completion. However, it could be done in half-a-day for the Huang Family in the past. But now not even one-third of those procedures were completed in half-a-month. And, they still couldn't complain... That's because the procedures would come to a complete standstill if they did so. This obviously meant that they'd have to go through the entire process again

As the matters stood, the Huang Family could be called 'stupid' if they didn't realize that they had offended a powerful entity. Old Man Huang personally went to the Dugu Family. However, he wasn't treated well. In fact, he was able to see his daughter only after going through many difficulties. It was then that he had found out that his grandson had genuinely died. He also learned of the entity his deceased grandson had offended. It turned out that the youngster had offended a family their Huang Family couldn't afford to offend. Plus, the offense was also one they could never afford to commit

Moreover, this offense was the reason which had led to the youngster's death!

Old Man Huang's legs went weak after he heard the real reason everything that had been happening. In fact, he nearly fainted. He couldn't help but let out violent cries. [Boy, I would've never objected if you had wanted to fight a rival for your love. But, couldn't you have first considered your own standing in front of him? You acted with jealousy towards the Tang and the Jun Family's heirs And, you even plotted to kill them? Your heart was cursedly bold!]

[I naturally hate them since they've killed him! But, this hatred seems negligible when compared to the interest of the entire family's survival. After all, there are hundreds of people left in the family. And, all of them still have to eke out a living! And, these issues are more important than that sole boy's life! Much more important!]

The family's wealth had been decreasing at an increasing rate. In fact, it was declining at an extremely alarming rate. Therefore, Old Man Huang decided to discard his dignity and beg forgiveness of Young Master Tang. However, the Huang Family's situation suddenly took a turn for the better just before this happened...

And, this unexpected turn of events made Old Man Huang doubly confident about his situation. He forgot about his plan to apologies. Furthermore, he also decided to make them suffer instead. [I'll make that Fatty Tang and that Debauchee Jun kneel while begging for forgiveness! I won't let them off easily!]

In fact, Old Man Huang had openly declared, "My Huang Family won't submit to force. It doesn't matter who has offended us they will pay the price! And, whoever has committed the offence of killing my grandson will repay this debt with their life!

"It doesn't matter who you are!"

"One must pay with their life if they kill someone! This is the heaven's law!"

Old Man Huang gnashed his teeth, and announced the 'truth' of this whole matter, "We had an agreement for marriage with the Dugu Family. But, they've reneged on that agreement in order to get their daughter married to that brat from the Jun Family! They've sold their daughter for glory! And, my Huang Family holds their actions in contempt! But, the engagement has been fixed. So, it must not be altered. My boy has certainly died. But, the Dugu Family's girl will still marry into my Huang Family in accordance with the wedding contract!

"The Heavens are watching the actions of men! Truth and false will be differentiated when the heaven spread their light!"

Old Man Huang was even more unyielding towards Tang Yuan, "My boy accidently pushed you into that latrine pit since he thought that it was a 'bath', didn't he? And, you refused to forgive his mistake? You kill him at first. But, you didn't stop there. You then used those malicious methods to deal with us! How is this the heaven's law? How is this justice?"

This created a huge uproar. After all, everyone had now learnt that Fatty had fallen into that pit. This made Old Man Tang extremely angry. And, Fatty Tang obviously suffered several times the humiliation and pain once the matter became public. However, it could be said that Fatty Tang had smashed his own foot with the rock that he had picked. After all, these patrons of the Huang Family might not have appeared if it weren't for the auction of those Bone Tempering pills. Therefore, they would've never learned about the death of that youngster

Then, the Huang Family also took a meticulous aim at Young Master Jun, "You are the greatest debauchee and wastrel of Tian Xiang? You think that you can do whatever you want because of your master's backing? Do you think your family is super-strong? You ignore the laws, and oppress the people with tyranny! You stole another man's beloved. And then, you even had him killed! What sort of malice is this? How can this behavior be tolerated? Moreover, the girl you're trying to snatch is still my Huang Family's future daughter-in-law! You're courting death!"

The Huang Family also sent out many experts to beat up the low-lives who had caused so much trouble for them a few days ago. They even had the non-cooperating merchants beaten up. And, they only stopped once the grievous howls of pain had started to echo everywhere.

The Huang Family had taken a clear stand they had vowed to fight against these three powerful and shameless Families. They would never surrender.

The Huang Family was filled with wrath!

All levels of society were shaken and sent in uproar as this new spread. [Who would've imagined that the insignificant Huang Family could be so crazy?! They even have the guts to take on the Dugu, Tang, and Jun Families! And, that too at the same time! Have they eaten something bad and lost their minds?]

[Was that Old Man Huang's head kicked by a donkey? Has his head filled with water? Has he gone insane after his grandson's death? He's provoking the Dugu, Tang, and the Jun Families at the same time. These are the actions of a lunatic! Calling his action 'completely crazy' won't be an exaggeration!]

Countless people were watching these events unfold from a detached point of view. Most of them thought that the Huang Family was done for.

Then, there were others who speculated that the Huang Family had some backing. After all, how else could they do something like this? How could they even dare to?