Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 495

Chapter 492: Three Great Pills
Chapter 492: Three Great Pills
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However, every family seemed to have smelled different flavors. They continued to watch in a detached manner whilst minding their own business. But, the strangest reaction had come from the Emperor. He had ignored all matters whether serious or not ever since the army had returned from the Southern Heaven City. He sat on the throne like a calm fisherman sits on the shore when the sea is enveloped in a storm. [I'll act deaf and mute. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what noise you make. Why should any of this affect me?]

However, his obscure behavior had set even more tongues wagging

. .

The news of the Bone Tempering Pill's astonishing strength spread far and wide. And, the Tian Xiang City instantly became a very popular place. A new chariot would enter the city almost every day. It would usually be carrying members from the various Xuan Families. The carriages would leave deep ruts in their wake. This symbolized that they were transporting heavy stuff. Many of them also seemed to be carrying something yellow and white.

There were many people who had arrived as lone travelers. But, they too had brought huge amounts of paper money with them. And, they would start converting them into gold and silver once they had entered the city. Every bank in Tian Xiang had filled with paper money in a few days' time, while all the gold and silver had been transferred into the guest houses and taverns.

And, the people were still endlessly streaming-in from far off places

Jun Mo Xie had stepped into the Hong Jun Pagoda the moment he had gotten a second's time after returning home that day. He would absorb the heavenly aura, convert it into energy, and would then put it to use

Everyone knew that Jun Mo Xie was at the Jun residence. But, it seemed as if no one had seen him there. And, there were no exceptions to this...

Jun Mo Xie had been training like a madman during this time. However, he was also examining the 'Book of Folk Remedy' more frantically than ever. [Tens of millions of medicinal recipes are recorded inside the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune. So, don't tell me that these millions of recipes don't contain a single one which I can use to improve a person's strength at this time]

Jun Mo Xie couldn't believe that.

But, it can sometimes be very difficult to find something even if one believes that they exist. He looked everywhere, but still came up empty handed.

However, it wasn't very surprising that his research was turning out this way. It must be mentioned that the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune was supposed to be the most astonishing Xuan art. And, a mere mortal should've never dipped his finger into a pool of such marvelous strength. After all, it contained the ultimate methods for Xuan cultivation. One could explain this better by drawing an analogy Let's say that a scholar opened the greatest encyclopedia, and tried to search for elementary knowledge in it. One could skim through the entire book, but they'd only obtain superficial knowledge. It wasn't that the level of the book wasn't enough it was just that the said-scholar's level wasn't enough to read this great encyclopedia

Jun Mo Xie was unfortunately stuck in a similarly embarrassing situation. The Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune recorded some excellent folk remedies in it. However, it was a pity that he either couldn't refine those pills or couldn't use those pills if refined. There were some pills which he could refine and use. But, his body was likely to explode after taking even one such pill. Consequently, he would die

[This is a super-encyclopedia. So, it is unlikely to leave me disappointed. For example, the Ten Years' pill was an exception to all this. And, I'm sure that there are other 'exceptions' in this encyclopedia. I only need to search some more. I'm sure I'll find something!]

It needs to be mentioned that Young Master Jun had built up great reserves of pills such as the Ten Years' pills during this time. In fact, he now had hundreds of bottles of them. He had also made reserves worth dozens of bottles when it came to the Bone Tempering Pills. So, he was certain that he had enough for his requirements. He had done so because he knew that the Xuan Beasts would only be interested in these pills, and any other pills would've entirely wasted on them

That's because strength was the most important thing in the eyes of the Xuan Beasts! Strength was also the second most important thing to them! And, the third most important thing was also strength.

This is what they wanted. This was their sole pursuit.

Young Master Jun had collected hundreds of legendary raw materials in the Tian Fa Forest. Jun Mo Xie had originally collected those materials in order to increase his own strength. And, he certainly had a lot of these divine materials in-store when it came to his own needs. But, he still didn't have enough when it came to the most suitable set of required ingredients. And, most of these would go waste because of this reason

In fact, he could easily increase his strength over a short period of time if he were start absorbing the efficacies of these medicines. But, there would still be long-term repercussions. Let's take that hundred-year-old ginseng as an example. He could easily increase his strength if he were to take that ginseng; his Qi's quality would also improve

However, the result wouldn't be too effective. After all, that ginseng had accumulated the efficacy which suited its own composition over these hundred years or so. But, this didn't mean that it was a hundred-percent suitable for human use

There was a saying that 'every medicine has its side effects'. Therefore, taking only one kind of medicinal herbs would only result in poor results. Moreover, this practice would also bring about an imbalance in his Yin-Yang attributes. After all, something like a ginseng was rich in the masculine Yang attribute, but lacked the same amount of feminine Yin aspects. However, it must be said that the consumer's strength would increase. It was similar to the case of a doctor's first choice medicine when it came to the treatment of a patient who was in dire need. The said-doctor would usually choose the medicine which can deliver the most extreme degree of the urgently required essence. Consuming the ginseng would certainly bring about the needed Yang effect to nourish the consumer's strength. However, it would also create an imbalance by inducing a lack of the Yin attribute in the user's body.

The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons fruit he had collected in the Tian Fa Forest could serve as another example. This item was extremely precious for the society at large. But, it was insufficient in its independent merit when it came to the top-notch recipes recorded inside Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune. Therefore, he would need an abundance of other high-grade materials to complement its nature. But, Jun Mo Xie still held this item in high regards. And, this wasn't because its grade was higher than that of other items. Instead, it was because Jun Mo Xie could use it as an important ingredient to concoct an exceptional pill once he had entered the sixth layer.

The attributes of the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons fruit were very extreme when regarded from the perspective of human use. In fact, they were extremely dark and extremely demonic. One could certainly attempt to eliminate a great amount of its poisonous nature if they had enough time. However, the immense power of the medicine would still be too much to endure for a regular person. The Xuan Beasts' physiques were absolutely different. But, even they may not have been able to endure it. They would naturally be able to breakthrough their bottlenecks if they were successful in bearing the burden. And, their cultivations would advance exponentially as a result. But, their bodies would explode if they weren't able to handle that burden. And, this would only mean a certain death for them.

Tian Fa Forest's Xuan Beast Kings were well-aware of this danger. But, they were willing to fight through this life-threatening situation in order for their pursuit of strength. This was somewhat like a divine path in the Young Master Jun's eyes. After all, the heavens do extort a price for everything.

This obviously didn't mean that it wasn't a legendary herb. After all, one's strength would increase by leaps and bounds if they were able to consume it However, this didn't mean that this medicine's properties could be exploited under exception circumstances. One such way was to use to make high-level divine pill. The successful refining of those pills would increase the effectiveness. Moreover, its effects would reach a higher number of individuals. Could such a herb be recklessly squander? Let's take the example of a millennia-old mushroom that can increase a person's strength by a hundred years upon consumption. It needs to be mentioned that mushroom would only be used by one person in its raw form. However, it could be used to give a hundred year worth of strength to ten people in case it was to be refined into a medicinal pill.

The distinction between ease and importance is often ignored. And, the Tian Fa's Sacred Fruit was also an item that made a reluctant addition to this list. The Xuan Beast Kings from Tian Fa wouldn't be the only ones to gain the benefits of this fruit's properties if Jun Mo Xie was able to refine a pill with it many other people could also benefit from it.

Therefore, this had to be thought about in a proper manner. Else, it would only be superfluous.

Jun Mo Xie's Xuan cultivation increased unceasingly as the days passed. So, he was already in the midst of breaking through the Sky Xuan middle ranks in accordance to the regular Xuan strength parlance. This effectively meant that he was inching towards the Sky Xuan peak.

Jun Mo Xie would be immersed in considering how he could refine the legendary medicine when he wasn't practicing his cultivation. He had been researching the Book of Folk Remedies very carefully during this time. And, Jun Mo Xie's relentless efforts were finally beginning to pay off. After all, he had finally short-listed some recipes from the massive list of pills that were listed therein.

The "encyclopedia" admittedly had sparse elementary knowledge. But, it didn't mean that the said-knowledge was absent from its text. Moreover, the scarcity of such knowledge also meant that only the extraordinary ones of the said-category were listed therein. It was similar to the case of the Thousand Evils Ten Thousand Poisons fruit. It was a legendary medicinal source for the society at large. But, it was still something they couldn't use without the fear of a negative reaction from it. However, the sixth layer of the Folk Remedies could achieve this feat.

Jun Mo Xie would only read the name and steps of refining the medicines in the past. However, he had now started reading the side information and detailed notes of the same as well.

He had fished out many other kind of pills besides the Ten Year' pills when it came to the category of supplements that could increase one's strength. In fact, he had found seven to eight more kinds of recipes in his hunt for the needle in the haystack. Moreover, the effects of each of these pills were extra-ordinary. And, this discovery had obviously given Jun Mo Xie a nice surprise.

However, he had ignored the first and the second level pills. After all, he was at the third level now. So, he obviously wanted to learn to refine the pills of that level.

He had found three such pills the Vitality Linkage Pill, the Vitality Congregation Pill, and the Heavenly Vitality Pill.

Jun Mo Xie had spent a tremendous amount of effort in short-listing these three pills. In fact, he felt as if sorting through the myriad of the recipes listed in that book was more research than he had ever done in his previous life.

Jun Mo Xie even believed that the entire syllabus of the Beijing University would've been on his fingertips if he had shown such concentrated zeal in his previous life. The language of each country would've been nothing more than a matter of dusting his hand. Even obtaining doctorates or masters of every prestigious university wouldn't have been anything for him. This would've obviously meant that he would've never had to pretend being anyone

The Vitality Linkage was a divine pill which promoted the speed of the flow of aura through a person's meridians. Moreover, it could be used for Xuan Qi of a normal human and the Primary Qi of Tian Fa's Xuan Beasts. This pill certainly couldn't advance someone's Xuan strength. But, it would greatly advance the speed at which the aura would work inside them.

Let's imagine the speed of water's flow inside a three meter wide river. The speed of water in that river is quite even neither fast nor slow. And, there's another river of the same breadth. But, the water in this second river is surging with greater speeds. Wouldn't the force of the second river be much greater?

And, the effectiveness of this pill wasn't limited to this comparison alone! Let's assume that the meridians of a regular person were like a brook. Then, their meridians would resemble a high altitude waterfall after they had taken this pill.

The river would remain the same river. But, its essence would be completely different.

The aim of the Vitality Linkage Pill was to turn a plane river into a mountain waterfall.

Let's assume that a certain expert was able to strike three times in one breath. Then, this person would be able to launch nine strikes in the same time after they had taken this pill. And, there was much more to it. After all, a person's lethality would increase by ten-fold if their battle-efficiency were to increase three-fold in a decisive moment of the fight. Consequently, this minute difference would result in a massive deviation in the final outcome. And, this was especially true for Tian Fa's fast and powerful Xuan Beast Kings. In fact, this pill was almost tailor-made for them. It could even be called the most auspicious potion in the whole world.

Even Jun Mo Xie felt that such an astonishing change was frightening! However, good rewards are often accompanied by high risks. And, this pill also came with its fair-share of dangers. One needed to be above the Spirit Xuan Realm in terms of strength. Still, those without tough and flexible meridians would end up impacting their own meridians in a negative way by using this pill. Then, their entire bodies would burst apart from the negative impact of this pill's efficacy. And, there would be no hoping of saving a person if something like this happened.

The Vitality Congregation Pill

This medicine was the similar in nature since it couldn't increase strength directly either. But, it could quicken the speed of congregation of the physical strength, spirit strength, primary strength, and Xuan strength inside the body. Moreover, the dantian would also service the rest of the body a hundred times better; the same stood true for the various vessels connected to it. It could also increase the absorption and transformation of the Qi in the surroundings. Moreover, the speed of training would also increase by leaps and bounds after ingesting this pill. In fact, the previous speed of cultivation would only seem tortoise-like in front of this newly-attained one.