Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 497

Chapter 494: Treacherous Countermeasures
Chapter 494: Treacherous Countermeasures
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However, someone was of the Young Master's level of idiocy was obviously ignorant of this fact. In fact, his failure in refining these pills had led him to believe that these super-pills were extremely difficult to refine and master. He believed that the Heavenly Vitality Pill was the most effective pill in this list of three. And, he also took it to be the most precious one as well. Therefore, he assumed that its refining process must be even harder than this Vitality Linkage Pill

Jun Mo Xie intended to go back into the Hong Jun Pagoda for another round of struggle once he had bathed and rested.

Little Ke's face small face had become red with embarrassment while she waited upon him on the side. She looked at the Young Master's fair, robust, and strong body. She felt that his body was glistening with a mysterious glitter of gems. Subsequently, her small face became redder, and her body became warmer. The little girl's heart was beating wildly. Her pretty eyes were wandering about to dodge the sight of it. But, she still couldn't control her urge to peak every now and then...

[He is so good looking! How can he be so good looking? The Young Master is a real man] The little girl was thinking to herself.

"What? The Third Young Master has returned? Let me in why? Why won't you let me in? I'm his brother! A good brother, do you know? He's taking a bath? Damn! We're both men! So, what difference does it make if I go in while he's taking a bath? You think I'll rape him? Get the fu*k out of my way!" a resentment-laced yelling was heard as Tang Yuan tried to enter the Young Master's bathing space.

Tang Yuan entered through the door with a "Bang!" The door of the Young Master's bathroom was very narrow. So, the Fatty had to force himself through the door. Jun Mo Xie was resting in his bathtub with eyes closed. However, he instantly opened his eyes and stared blankly. Tang Yuan had seen all of him. So, how could he not feel angry?

"Third Young Master I'll die of anger I'll genuinely die of anger!" Tang Yuan raged in front of Jun Mo Xie. In fact, he nearly spewed fire, "There's this matter that Huang Family that Huang Family doesn't understand their place! They want me to pay with my life for their lowly "treasured" son! They still want to hold their dead kid's marriage! They want the Dugu Family's Xiao Yi to marry to their son's memorial tablet. They're very repulsive! They even want you Third Young Master Jun to go and kneel in front of their son's memorial tablet as an apology in admission of your 'mistakes'! What in the world is happening!? This is like a fu*king rabbit trying to threaten a wolf!"

"What happened, Fatty?" Young Master Jun closed his eyes, frowned, and reclined backwards in his bathtub. He was getting impatient. [I'm butt-naked here. It would've been one thing if we were in a public bath since everyone else would've also been naked. So, the environment would've been one of trust and comfort. And, I too would've had no problems in that. Moreover, I've got an amazing body. So, I would've even left you feeling inferior. But, I open my eyes to find you covering my bathtub with saliva whilst being fully dressed This is so embarrassing for me]

"Elder Brother, you don't know what has been happening. I don't what has happened with that Huang Family. They've suddenly become bold and aggressive now In fact, their aggression is even worse than a mad dog's!" Tang Yuan was jumping up and down. There was an air of maliciousness to him.

"They had put out a strong statement in the public. They were acting extremely recklessly, and I couldn't stand them. I had decided to send some troops to exterminate them. But, I don't know what's going on with my grandfather. My grandfather sent a messenger to the Aristocratic Hall, and he warned me against taking any reckless actions. Even the Dugu Family has decided to hold their troops back for now. I'm fu*king depressed right now. Don't tell me that this insignificant Huang Family can somehow flip the heavens?"

"Huang Family? They're acting arrogantly?" Jun Mo Xie had been training and refining pills over the last few days. So, he was left baffled for a second. He gradually gathered his thought, and quickly sat up with a splash of water. However, the Young Master's face had a serious expression now.

And, that's because Jun Mo Xie had suddenly remembered the time when he had ordered Huang Shu Liu's execution... Dugu Wu Di's second wife had said something. And, it must be mentioned that she also hailed from the Huang Family, "One of my relatives is a member of the Boundless Ocean of Blood."

And, Mei Xue Yan's words had also appeared inside his mind at the same time, "That pill of yours is truly miraculous. I believe that this auction for the Bone Tempering Pills could likely draw people from the Three Holy Lands as well."

Jun Mo Xie frowned and thought to himself; [Don't tell me it has genuinely drawn a move from the people from the Boundless Ocean of Blood amidst the Three Holy Lands? And, is there a chance that the Huang Family's relative is also involved in this instance? But, this is too great a coincidence, isn't it?]

"Don't worry, Fatty! Worrying won't do fart! Tell me everything in detail; what happened when you started taking those actions And, don't omit a single thing!" Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes again, and returned to his reclining position. But, his mind was working at a great speed as he pondered over Tang Yuan's narration. In fact, he didn't allow any words of Tang Yuan to slip from his notice.

That's because he wanted to glean some sort of truth from those tiny clues.

Tang Yuan was also a man with an extraordinary temperament. He had certainly been fired up and enraged a moment ago. However, he too had realized that something was up. There was a flash in his mind, and he didn't dare continue with babbling his nonsense. Instead, he honestly talked about the various matters which had taken place. Moreover, he narrated matters in extreme detail, and to the best of his ability.

He believed that his elder brother Jun Mo Xie was someone who was afraid of nothing. [Have I ever seen such a cautious expression on his face? Don't tell me that this matter is genuinely very serious? Is a terrifying and amazing person hiding amongst the Huang Family's people?]

Jun Mo Xie listened to the words Tang Yuan spoke The Huang Family didn't have the strength to fight back in the beginning. They were even ready to ask for forgiveness. The entire family was extremely alarmed, and was at a loss to do anything. They were like the spirits of the dead at that time. But, they suddenly underwent an unexplainable transformation over the last few days. They went from bowing and begging to becoming extremely arrogant and unyielding.

Moreover, the many demands they had put forth couldn't be accepted by any of the three powerful families. The Huang Family clearly wanted to embarrass all of them. In fact, it seemed as if they wanted to establish themselves above the might of these three big families...

[How can the Huang Family dare to do this? Let's look around at the powers of the world Even the help of the Imperial Family or other powerful families around the world wouldn't be enough to act as assurance. So, how can they dare to do this?]

Jun Mo Xie pondered over that issue. [The Huang Family's decision can't be one of stupidity. After all, they had readied themselves to compromise in the beginning. So, it is unlikely that they would wish to play with the lives of their family's people.] Therefore, this sudden and massive change in their attitude had left Jun Mo Xie to draw the final conclusion

[I believe that the Huang Family's relative has suddenly returned from the Boundless Ocean of Blood. Otherwise, the Huang Family would've never dared to court disaster in this manner even if they were very gutsy. And, that's because they know that they wouldn't have any means of retreat once they had taken this stance]

[But, this matter will take an entirely different turn if the Huang Family's relative from the legendary Boundless Ocean of Blood has returned to support them. After all, the Huang Family can challenge the Jun, the Tang, and the Dugu Family with the help of the Boundless Ocean of Blood. In fact, they could even challenge a colossal like the Silver Blizzard City.]

[However, the Huang Family has been thundering so ferociously for many days. But, the thunderous clouds haven't rained thus far.] This made Jun Mo Xie even more certain about what Mei Xue Yan had said These people had come for the Bone Tempering Pills!

"Tang Yuan, keep calm." Jun Mo Xie de-emphasized the problem and spoke, "Is the insignificant Huang Family worth making such a fuss about? I'll be a bit busy over the next few days. So, let's leave this matter aside for the time being. Anyway, revenge can get even more pleasurable if its extracted little by little."

Fatty was stunned by this. He wasn't going to oppose Jun Mo Xie's statement. After all, oppressing someone little by little was indeed very pleasing. But, the issue was the manner in which Jun Mo Xie was behaving right now.

"Moreover, the Bone Tempering Pills can't be stored inside the Aristocratic Hall anymore. I'll ask Solitary Falcon to go with you in order to retrieve them. It's safer for them to be kept here with me," A cold light flashed in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. [You want to mess with me? You want my Bone Tempering Pills? You think that things can get so easy in life? I don't care whether you're the Boundless Ocean of Blood or anyone else! What can the Three Holy Lands do? You must be prepared to be destroyed by my hand if you wish to fight me! So, you think that you have enough to hoot at this Young Master? This Young Master has decided that he won't kill you in one shot. I'm going to kill you after I've slowly tortured you!]

It was an extremely safe bet to send Solitary Falcon to retrieve the Bone Tempering Pills. After all, he'd fare fine even if the remaining Great Masters attacked him together. Solitary Falcon would certainly be no match for them. But, he could fly away in retreat with ease

"Ah, that's also good. There has been a lot of activity around the Aristocratic Hall at night-time in the recent days. Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang have been keeping watch. But, even that has yielded very little results. I was beginning to get scared" Tang Yuan acted like he was wiping off cold sweat. Song Shang and Hai Chen Feng would've cut his flesh off if they had heard this.

They had been dealing with this night-time activity every night. And, they were left half-dead every night. In fact, the Aristocratic Hall would've been torn down by now if it weren't for those two. Meanwhile, Tang Yuan's snores had been shaking up the entire Tian Xiang City during the night hours. In fact, it was possible that his snores had reached five kilometers beyond the city's perimeter. So, to say that he was scared and on the edge

"Ah. And, there's no need for you to put your life at stake in case someone captures you in order to interrogate about the whereabouts of these pills. You will even tell them that those pills are in the 'Elegant Fragrance Courtyard' of the Jun Family's residence. Moreover, you will tell them that the ones stored here are the best ones," Jun Mo Xie had said this in a very serious manner.

"Why?" Tang Yuan asked puzzled. "The Elegant Fragrance Courtyard? But, that's where Sister Qing Han lives! What would happen if anyone bursts into that place? It wouldn't be good for Sister Qing Han as a woman, right?"

"That'll be fine! That'll be completely fine!" Jun Mo Xie was all smiles as he spoke, "You don't need to worry about those trivial details. You simply tell anyone what I told you to if you get captured. Listen to me, and don't worry!"

[Fatty, you only know that Sister Qing Han lives there. But, how could you know that she has been joined by two tigresses now? Bah! They aren't even tigresses! They're much fiercer! Those two are queen-tigresses!]

[It won't matter who these people are They'll die a miserable death as long as they believe you and go there to steal those pills! In fact, it would be like someone lighting candle light at a barrel of gunpowder; they'd get blasted into pieces. The result will be the same no matter how someone goes about it]

And, this couldn't be called a lie either. After all, Young Master Jun had given some pills to Mei Xue Yan, and had requested her to examine them

[He he he This is a death trap. It's a death trap which can't be broken through]

Tang Yuan nodded in a daze. He didn't know what Jun Mo Xie meant by it, but he chose to believe him. The matter had been more-or-less discussed. And, the water in Jun Mo Xie's bathtub was getting cold. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes and glared, "Haven't you seen enough already?"

Fatty Tang was left to stutter, "Huh? Haven't I seen enough?"

"You've seen enough, but you're still not hurrying out! Get lost! Quickly! I have to get dressed!" Jun Mo Xie spoke ferociously, "You're a grown man staring at another grown man while he's naked! I didn't know that you take pleasure in this!"