Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 498

Chapter 495: Tian Fa Sends A Batch Of Herbs
Chapter 495: Tian Fa Sends a Batch of Herbs
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"Hang on! Do you think I want to see your naked ass? I used to avoid looking at your body even when we used to take hot baths. Brother, you're so thin that it's nauseating!" The corners of Tang Yuan's mouth twitched in disdain. But, those twitching corners appeared to be a smile because his face had many layers of fat on it. He stood up and patted his extremely huge posterior. Then, he went out the door.

"Fatty, you broke through my door! I'll cut five-thousand coins from your share to compensate for it" Fatty Tang had talked rudely. He had even ridiculed Jun Mo Xie's majestic body. Young Master Jun couldn't help but get mad, "and those will be gold coins!"

A 'plop' sounds came from outside as Tang Yuan tumbled to the ground; [Five-thousand gold coins? What kind of a door is that expensive?]

Jun Mo Xie slowly dried the wet spots on his body. Then, the red-faced Little Ke helped him get into dry clothes It had to be said that coming over to this world had done a lot of harm to Jun Mo Xie. After all, the assassin used to be self-sufficient in his previous life. However, he had now gotten accustomed to a lifestyle wherein he relied on others to even get his clothes for him. This is what genuine depravity is about

Young Master Jun got into his gown. He again looked neat and charming now. Then, Jun Mo Xie lightly pinched Little Ke's cheek. And, this made her pout in a playful protest. He laughed at that, and quickly went out to look for Solitary Falcon so that he could get him to retrieve those pills from the Aristocratic Hall.

Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were making preparations to go over the important rituals required to recognize Guan Qing Han as an adopted daughter. However, there was another jobless old man in the Jun Family's residence these days Dugu Zong Heng!

Dugu Zong Heng would come over to the Jun Family's residence every day ever since he had heard that Jun Mo Xie could heal his injuries. Both these powerful families were already acquaintances. Moreover, they would soon be related by marriage. So, Dugu Zong Heng didn't feel like an outsider over here. However, everyone in the Jun residence was always frantically running around since they were very busy. Also, Jun Mo Xie didn't seem to have any time on his hands over the past few days. Dugu Zong Heng waited with patience for a few days. But, he eventually started to get resentful. Thus, the Old Man Dugu's frighteningly loud voice was frequently heard around the Jun Family's residence. In fact, it was like a thunderbolt in the clear sky. It was much like Tang Yuan's nightly snoring which used to startle people even four to nine kilometers outside the city's walls.

This made the servants at the Jun residence realize that they were blessed to be serving Jun Zhan Tian instead

It was then that Jun Mo Xie rushed-in with his divine medications, and quickly treated Old Man Dugu. There was nothing to treat when we come to speak of it. After all, the Young Master was merely required to insert a few needles into Dugu Zong Heng's fleshy posterior, and circle his aura through Old Man Dugu's meridians via the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune.

This process didn't take much effort, but Dugu Zong Heng suddenly felt as if most of his body had lightened up. Consequently, the Old Man roared that Young Master Jun was a divine doctor! However, that roughened Old Man was quite shrewd by nature within. He had carefully recorded what-and-where Jun Mo Xie had given him during the acupuncture treatment. He had even muttered to himself in doubt. [There's nothing in that area besides meat. Do acupuncture points genuinely exist over there? How can the mere usage of needles on my ass show such results?]

[This is very strange!] This also led Dugu Zong Heng to consult the many other 'divine doctors' inside the capital's premises. But, he only rained curses at each one of them afterwards. That's because these doctors' caliber was identical to each other. They had inserted the needles in the same places. Even the pain he had felt as similar when it comes to the intensity. However, the effects weren't similar to Jun Mo Xie's treatment in any manner. The Old Man couldn't help but lament at this. [It's not surprising that there's such a dearth of doctors who can cure this problem]

Old Man Dugu had often trusted these doctors for the treatment of his now-cured injury in the past. So, how could he not rain curses at them? [Your treatment is very ordinary! Your ordinary treatment causes nothing but pain! You are good for nothing!] Several of the doctors had nearly gone insane after facing the Old Man's wrath.

He had only been through one session of the treatment. So, it hadn't rooted out the problem yet. But, Dugu Zong Heng was still very satisfied. After all, he hadn't felt such a relaxed, pleasing, and comfortable sensation for many decades. He crossed paths with Jun Zhan Tian the same evening. And, he drank a lot that evening. In fact, he drank enough to lose his bearings. He had drunk so much after so many years So, how could he not get high on it?

Jun Mo Xie returned to the Hong Jun Pagoda in the midst of this chaos, and began his struggle again. But, he soon discovered that his skills and capabilities could see a major enhancement upon being replenished after reaching a state of full-fledged exhaustion.

. .

In the far south

Two large men were vigorously riding northwards. Their mounts could've been called 'horses', but they had horns on their heads. Moreover, their heads weren't as long. They could be called 'deer', but their hooves were circular. Moreover, one could see white hair underneath their hooves when they were raised. In fact, it seemed like they were wearing some sort of hoof mittens. But, they moved with lightning speed. It was needless to talk about regular horses because even the legendary warhorses couldn't compare with them.

However, it was even more strange was that these men weren't riding on any saddles. They weren't using any reigns, or stirrups either; nor were they shouting commands at their mounts. But, those strange steeds were still able to detect the routes by themselves. Moreover, the expressions of those two men made it seem as if this was a perfectly normal thing...

There was a huge package at the back of each of those two steeds. These packages were terrifyingly big in size. And, it was evident that they were of considerable weight.

These two men had come upon many people with shining eyes and drooling mouths all through their journey.

That was because those two packages were emitting the smell of medicinal herbs. In fact, they smelled like first-rate medicinal herbs! No! Even top-notch rarities couldn't describe the preciousness of those herbs. So, calling them 'legendary treasures from the heavens' was more appropriate

Their scent was enough to attract anyone! An individual wouldn't even need to consume them the said-individual would feel extremely energetic and refreshed even if they were to sniff these through their buttocks.

It was obvious that such herbs would attract the attention and intentions of many people.

Therefore, the journey of these two men couldn't be considered peaceful by any means. Countless pharmacists had approached them to buy those ingredients at great prices. Countless medicinal families had come up with some plans. And, the small-time thieves and robbers who had tried to steal those ingredients were many more in number.

However, these two big men had fearlessly continued onwards with their journey in a brazen manner. They had hardly paid any mind the whole journey. They moved calmly and peacefully. Even the successive waves of the robbers didn't seem to affect them. In fact, they didn't pay any attention to anyone...

They were already half-way to their destination, and hadn't been delayed in any manner. Moreover, their long gowns were still bright and neat not a speck of dust had dirtied them.

In fact, the two men had been chatting throughout the journey as if they were on a pleasant picnic.

"Fourth Elder Brother, this journey is long, but it's still quite pleasant ha ha!" This large man wore an embroidered gown. He had large hoops around his tiger-like eyes. Vivacious whiskers were jutting outwards from his cheeks. These whiskers seemed similar to that of a young dragon. In fact, it felt as if they were made of strips of iron. This person's stature would only leave a person to think of flattering words like Majestic! Valiant! Mighty! Lofty! Robust! Elegant! Sturdy!

"Ah, Old Ninth you said you said Ah this Fourth Elder Brother of yours doesn't know what he must say about you Why did you insist on coming along... I would've rode on Third Elder Brother's back if it hadn't been for your shameless persistence. And, we would've been there by now in that case. But, here we are right now"

The other person was of the same body-type. However, he was even more tall and sturdy. He was very big. In fact, he genuinely resembled a bear. But, his tone was nevertheless one of complaint, "There was no need to bump-about on this extremely long road. I'm truly unlucky. Your Fourth Elder Brother has suffered a lot because of you. I could've spent this time doing"

"Fourth Elder Brother, he he you also know that I haven't come out to play for so many decades. I never get such an opportunity. He he And this is a good journey. This road is very good. Take a look at all this enchanting scenery! We can do so many things on this road! This is the happiest day of my life! It's like a mythical day!"

The sturdy big man in the embroidered gown smiled as his eyes filled with satisfaction. He smacked his lips and spoke, "The only pity is that I can't help but break these people so easily One small tap and they go lying on the ground. That's no fun in any way! Tell me, can some Spirit Xuan or Great Master Level robbers come to rob us?"

"Bullshit! I spit on your face! What bullshit are you spewing? How many people in this world can withstand a hit from you the Golden Tiger King? And then, you even want some Spirit Xuan or Great Master Level robbers to come and way-lay us like lowly thieves? What are you thinking? Someone with your intelligence should never say that you know me! I'm so wise and far-sighted, but I can't lose this image!"

The big and burly man unhappily rolled his eyes, and gave a long sigh, "Damn, that Third Old Crane is too much! He didn't come himself, but he didn't even allow the Falcon King to drop the two of us off! He's so heartless to make us go on this journey like this! Once I return"

"I don't think going slow is a bad thing," The Golden Tiger King Earth Cracker scratched his head. He seemed somewhat embarrassed, "I have a fear of heights."

"That's the reason I call you a burden!" The big and burly Bear King Big Bear berated without a trace of gentleness. "I didn't want you to come, but you wanted to come! Things would've been better if you had let Third Brother come instead! Just take a look at how much trouble we've provoked the entire journey? You've been slaughtering people the entire journey!"

"He he he" The Tiger King gave a flattered smile as he cracked his knuckles. "But, isn't this so much more fun, Fourth Elder Brother? But, these people have no good supporters behind them. It would've been nice even if they had the support of some Spirit Xuan person. It is such a disappointment"

Big Bear gave him an unhappy look, and sighed deeply. He seemed to be very depressed.

"Ah, Fourth Elder Brother this opportunity to go to the Tian Xiang City is very rare! We can play around for many days!" The Golden Tiger King's face was painted in shades of greed, "Merely delivering these ingredients isn't satisfying enough. It's not as good as staying there for a few days, and searching for people who can play some matches with us. I'm guessing that there are bound to be a few such people in Tian Xiang. Or maybe, we'll come across that mysterious Senior again. Maybe he'll quench our light thirst, he he"

"You pig-headed idiot! Haven't you quenched your 'slight thirst' enough?" Big Bear started to rain curses, "Alas How can I have a sworn brother such as you? Don't speak to me! I feel frustrated the moment I look at you! I can't wait to meet the others. I want them to know that I'm thinking of disowning you as a younger brother of mine!"

"He he Calm down Fourth Brother, calm down you must seriously calm your anger" The Tiger King smirked. The Bear King had no option but to slap his head with a sigh. This was like when he was with Long Crane and moved about with him regularly. Big Bear could clearly understand how Long Crane must've felt at that time It was the feeling of wanting to raise his leg, and kicking that shameless idiot besides him to death

[Brother Crane must've wanted to kick me to death then!] Big Bear snorted. [Damn it! I'll settle these debts once I get back! This ought to have been his payback for the countless times he must've wanted to kick me to death in the past!]