Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 499

Chapter 496: Huang Familys Supporter
Chapter 496: Huang Familys Supporter
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[This is too much to handle. But, a brother is a brother.] Big Bear remained silently thought. He then rebuked and gnashed his teeth as he looked at the Tiger King Earth Cracker. Then, he suddenly felt a sense of sympathy the next moment

[Everyone has a character-trait worth being kicked to death over]

These two big men were obviously carrying out the agreement they had made with Jun Mo Xie while he was disguised as the Mysterious Master back in Tian Fa. The first batch of the herbs was being delivered to the Tian Xiang City from Tian Fa by these two Xuan Beast Kings.

The Xuan Beast Kings had done nothing else after Jun Mo Xie had left. They had urgently tasked all the Xuan Beasts to search for the legendary medicinal herbs. And, they had collected them till they had enough to make one batch. Then, the Beast Kings had decided to deliver those herbs without delay

The situation between the seven Beast Kings had nearly devolved into a fight when they came to deciding which two would escort the consignment. After all, 'trips' like these very rare to come by. In fact, it was basically like an 'all expenses paid' trip. Moreover, there was a chance that they might get some extra rewards from that Mysterious Master So, who wouldn't wish to go on this trip?

The Bear King and the Tiger King fought hard, and won the right to escort the material in the end. After all, Long Crane was obviously required to stay back and preside over the forest. Big Bear had believed that [I obviously won't stay behind and take command in the present conditions. Tian Fa would become a place for daily high-stake duels if I stayed behind and oversaw things. There even might be another Xuan Beast uprising]

Long Crane had been confronted with the annoying menace of these shameless rascals. Therefore, he had no choice but to wrinkle his nose, and admit defeat. But, he set one rule before the two selected Beast Kings left [You two will have to travel on foot! I won't allow the use of any flying beast!]

Would the flying Xuan Beasts dare to move out once the Crane King had given that order?

Henceforth, Big Bear felt wronged throughout the journey.

However, the Tiger King hadn't left the Tian Fa Forest in several decades. So, everything he saw seemed refreshing to him. He had been happy and excited throughout the journey. And, this had made Big Bear so resentful and sullen that he had no option but to vent those feelings out...

The Tiger King wasn't as learned as his companion. So, this trip had been a very pleasant and unique experience for him. In fact, he felt that his cheeks had somewhat stiffened from smiling too much. But, the look on his Fourth Elder Brother's face had made it obvious that the latter was brimming with resentment down to his very belly.

They had been attacked regularly by robbers. And, those robbers had become the target-vents for their resentments. Else, it could be assumed that Big Bear would've lectured Earth Cracker into a depression over the course of the journey.

The two Beast Kings were getting increasingly closer to the Tian Xiang City as they leisurely went-on with their journey. In fact, they seemed to be enjoying the attacks they had been facing their entire journey. Could those common-robbers rival these two Beast Kings? Those greedy folks were obviously being used for target practice

The Golden Tiger King had been playing around the entire journey. He would first expose his aura into the surroundings in attempts to lure competition. Then, he'd sling a bag of those hundred-year-old herbs over his shoulder for everyone to see. Consequently, the robbers would come rushing like bees to honey

He had even proposed out of excitement, "We don't need to fly the next time either if we're sent to do something like this, Elder Brother! Damn! Flying over isn't half as much fun! But, this is too great"

Big Bear rolled his eyes unhappily, "You think you're getting a chance the next time? I've got nothing to say to you if that's the case. And, let me tell you something for your own sake don't try to worm your way into getting on my good side. I don't want to be around you"

The Tiger King smiled in a silly manner. He continued to flatter his counterpart And, these two men continued onwards like this their entire journey

. .

Golden East City The Huang Family's residence

A purple-robed old man slowly settled onto a chair in the middle of the drawing room. He had grey and white hair, and his grey eyebrows were slanted upwards. He seemed to be giving off a very fierce aura even though he was motionless. But, his cheeks were exceptionally rosy and glossy. The grey and white hair on his head seemed very unique but mutually incompatible in their two shades. This man's facial features strangely appeared similar to someone who was around thirty to forty years old. In fact, he gave of a feeling of youthful appearance despite his age. His eyes were slightly narrowed, but the light flashing in them seemed to carry substance. He hadn't spoken anything, but his personality seemed as vast as the oceans. There was no way anyone could see through, or even read him. He was sitting so calmly that it seemed as if he had already integrated into the surroundings.

It seemed as if he had melted into the vast ocean of the universe!

This man seemed one with the nature!

This purple-clad man had already surpassed the level of Great Masters.

Five to six people were seated beside him. They didn't look very young either. And, they were also adorned in purple clothing. Each of these calmly seated people had grizzly hair. Everyone seemed to be wearing the same kind of clothes at first glance. But, a discerning eye could tell the difference. The collar and cuffs of the purple-robed old man were resplendent gold. But, those of other purple-robed people beside him were embroidered in silver. Silver and gold this distinguished their status in the hierarchy.

There was a middle-aged man amongst them. He seemed about thirty-to-forty years old. However, his robe also had golden collar and cuffs. He had dense eyebrows, but a pair of slender eyes. This purple-robed middle-aged man seemed to be the youngest in this group. But, it seemed that his hierarchical status was at par with the golden-cuffed purple-clad old man seated beside him.

The eight people were drinking tea in silence. In fact, they hadn't made any sounds in a long time.

Even the portraits of the Huang Family's people couldn't match up to these people. One pretty black-clothed maid was pouring warm water into the tea leaves. And then, there was the Huang Family's family lord Huang Jun. A smile of flattery was spread across his face. He was seated so cautiously that solemnly that his buttocks had only occupied half the seat. His second younger brother Huang Ri was seated opposite to him. His countenance was even worse than his elder brother's. His face had turned deathly pale, and he was nearly trembling with fear. But, his expression conveyed an unspeakable excitement as well.

"What happened regarding that matter?" the old man in purple clothing asked. He was the one who was seated in the center; he hadn't even moved his head when he had asked this.

"The news has been spread far and wide. I'm sure that those three powerful families must've heard of it by now. However, our ancestor and all these seniors are here. So, I'm sure that we have victory in our grasp. I'm sure of it! The Jun, Tang, and Dugu Families may be the top families of this world. But, they are still people of this mortal world. And, ancestor and all these seniors are gods in comparison! So, there's obviously no comparison! He he he" Huang Jun lowered his back as he respectfully replied.

"This Old Man hasn't visited this mortal realm in seventy-nine years, but I had never expected to find such enormous changes!" The purple-clad old man snorted. His eyelids didn't even rise as he continued darkly, "My Huang Family may not have been considered a Great Family in those days. But, no one would ever dare to provoke us. But, you unworthy children have ruined the family prestige left by your ancestors! This pains me greatly! This Old Man would've slapped you brothers to death to avoid tarnishing this family's name if you two didn't have the Huang blood running through your veins."

He suddenly changed the topic and opened his eyes wide. They shone as they looked at Huang Jun, "And, you're particularly degenerate, you bastard! You were being humiliated so greatly, and you still accepted all that humiliation? You accepted it! They've killed your grandson and destroyed a great part of your family! Yet, you were willing to go and plead them? You would plead with them to let this family off lightly? This is an enormous joke! Don't you know that one can control their destiny with hard work? It's fortunate that this old man has arrived at this time! Otherwise, you degenerate children would've led this family to absolute ruin!"

"Yes! Yes! Please calm down, Ancestor! Your great-grandson is incompetent! I've disgraced the family's name" Huang Jun shed a rain of sweat from his face. Then, there was a "Thud!" sound as he fell to his knees.

"Ah, it seems that you still have some sense of shame. Get up! Who kneels so easily? Are you a kowtowing insect?" The purple-clad old man narrowed his eyes. "A mere group of three insignificant families has dared to insult my Huang Family! They genuinely don't know the limits of their own strength! Hehe they're courting death! Wouldn't it be too easy for them if they don't learn a timeless lesson?"

"Can this descendant dare to ask what the ancestor means?" Huang Jun was somewhat anxious. He was already over fifty. But, this ancestor obviously didn't treat him as such. Instead, he treated him like a three year old child.

"The conditions are the same as the ones I had set before! Only, I'm sure that those three families won't accept such harsh conditions. So, we have a justifiable reason to make a move on them, and bring destruction as long as they don't accept our terms. And, what's with calling them three 'powerful' families? My ears find it very unpleasant when you call them three 'powerful' families. So, do that only if you wish to offend this Old Man! No one in those three families will be able to survive this disaster!"

"Yes!" Huang Jun smiled inside. This is what he was eager for. [Cut the roots of the weed you wish to get rid off. We can surely act arrogantly as long as the Ancestor is here. But, he'll have to return at some point of time. And, who knows when he'll come back here. Thus, I fear that my Huang Family will be finished even if one of those three families still exists by the end of it!]

[So, we must erase those three families from this world once and for all!]

"Senior Huang I think this matter requires some consideration the Lord has sent us here to examine those Bone Tempering Pills. They are being auctioned at the Aristocratic Hall. And, the Aristocratic Hall is run by the Jun and the Tang Family. Moreover, the Jun and the Dugu Families are future in-laws" A silver-cuffed purple-clad old man smiled. His smile was one of deliberation, while his words were of caution.

"That's only natural. After all, the Young Lord has arrived here along with the rest of you. Therefore, this Huang obviously won't take this decision on his own accord," the Huang Ancestor gave a dark snigger and continued, "We must obviously obey the Young Lord's opinion when it comes to the course of our actions."

Everyone's gaze turned to the youngest of the purple-clad people.

That middle-aged man was the Young Lord of the Illusory Ocean of Blood! It was surprising that he was at equal-footing with the Huang Ancestor even though he was so young!

The middle-aged man's heart was in a tangle. He thought; [You've already been extremely clear about this matter, Senior Huang. Can I even disagree with you in this case? Wouldn't you lose face if I were to disagree? And, wouldn't that lead to a potential internal strife? After all, you have a high standing at the Boundless Ocean of Blood, Senior Huang!]

[Wouldn't you flip out if I were to overrule you in front of so many people? And, what's to be done about the Bone Tempering Pills if we are to follow through with your ideas? Killing a few people of the regular society is naturally not a big deal. But, these people are related to those Bone Tempering pills! And, those Bone Tempering Pills are an object of priority for our Illusory Ocean of Blood. In fact, they relate to our rankings with the other two Holy Lands!]

The Young Lord had automatically omitted the Tian Fa Forest from his consideration

He muttered to himself for a while before speaking out, "Senior Huang's family has suffered much bullying and humiliation. We naturally can't ignore it. Otherwise, wouldn't people belittle our Illusory Ocean of Blood? So, it's only natural that we declare our hatred! It's natural that we let out our rage!"