Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 501

Chapter 498: Knocking At A Widows Door At Night
Chapter 498: Knocking at a Widows Door at Night
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Tang Yuan arrogantly cursed in his heart; [I'm not afraid of dying! I'm only fooling you idiots into throwing your lives away!] However, he was begging on the outside, "Oh two heroes, great heroes I I tell you I'm a hardworking low-level employee I don't have any standing in the Aristocratic Hall. Oh, two heroes, have pity on me. I have an eighty year old mother. My poor child will be left crying piteously for food if something happens to me You will take mercy on their plight, right? Right? How wouldn't anyone?"

He hadn't even finished speaking when the two similarly dressed masked men shivered in cold. [This one is absurdly shameless! This Fatty is begging for his life in the most shameless of ways! Eighty year old mother pitiful child Damn You're only engaged, aren't you? And, our intelligence suggests that your mother isn't even forty years old yet! So, where did that eighty year old mother of yours come from?]

[Only your grandma will pass for being eighty years old!]

These two were men of great status. So, they didn't even wish to touch the fat man after watching him do this. Anyway, that fat man still had relevance in the matter. It wouldn't be good if they killed him and couldn't find the pills later on [This Fatty is the auctioneer at the end of the day. So, he can't die right now.]

The figures of the two men flashed as they fled into the darkness with great speeds. After all, they might have died from nausea if they had stayed around that Fatty for long.

Tang Yuan's eyes remained closed as he continued to beg for mercy for a long time. However, he realized that his interrogators had long disappeared by the time he re-opened his eyes. Consequently, this entire incident seemed like a dream to him as if it never happened

He resolutely pinched himself. But, it hurt so much that he gave a loud and wailing shout. He trembled as he crawled towards the lamp's light. He saw that there was a purple spot in his hand. There was mark on his neck from the strangling, and it hurt badly. Fatty remained in a daze for a while. But, he eventually recovered.

Then, a very frightened, sharp, and pained voice echoed; it sounded like the voice of someone who had lost his parents or spouse, "Come here! Quickly come over here Someone Something big is going on"

The voice was loud and clear. And, it was at a very high octave as well. The voice spread into the night's sky. It obviously affected those at the Aristocratic Hall. Even the other people in the Aristocratic Hall's vicinity were woken from their sound sleeps with a shock.

This voice was extremely loud and incisive!

The two masked men were quickly flying away in the distance. However, they stumbled when they heard this. In fact, they nearly fell down. The two men recalled that they hadn't hurt that Fatty much. So, why would he be screaming so miserably?

Tang Yuan was trembling with fright while sitting on his bed by the time Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang returned. He was panting, seemed confused, and his whole fat body was trembling uncontrollably.

"What's the matter? What's going on?" The two men burst into the room like tornados.

"What's the matter? You two are asking me 'what's the matter'?" Tang Yuan finally came to himself. He sprayed saliva as he ranted with indignation, "This Young Master's fat would've been drawn and used for sky lantern if I had waited for you two return and ask me 'what happened'! Damn it! Why did they have to threaten me like that? Who says these things?! Are sky lanterns that amusing? Should the fat man always be guilty? Bah!"

Tang Yuan roared in indignation. But, he saw that even Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang had disappeared by the time he was done with it

"Ignore me altogether! Excellent! Excellent! Come on! Set up a meal for the frightened auctioneer! I want a lot of pork, stakes, and steamed buns!" Tang Yuan roared. He had realized that his belly had started rumbling because of the scare he had just gotten. Therefore, he impatiently wanted to stuff himself

It seemed that reducing this Fatty's weight was going to be a genuine problem.

. .

Mei Xue Yan and Green Hunter had already gotten along well with Guan Qing Han on the journey from Southern Heaven City. They admired and sympathized with her when they had met. And, these three people were living together again. So, the environment was obviously very amiable. The three of them had independent rooms. And, Guan Qing Han's was at the center. The three women were talking late into the evening before going to sleep as was their usual

The faces of Mei Xue Yan and Green hunter had sweet and understanding smiles as they heard of Jun Mo Xie's debauchee-like behavior from the days gone by. After all, the three women believed that Jun Mo Xie had been pretending at that time. So, they felt that it must've been very difficult for him to pretend as such. After all, how could it have been easy to pretend being the top debauchee wastrel of Tian Xiang? [The fickle heart can be very forceful. So, it must've been very hard for him to disguise himself as such a vile character]

Guan Qing Han was still nervous even though the difficult crisis had passed over. However, she had suddenly found herself living with two people she could talk to. And, this had helped in unburdening that load from her heart. The company of those two women had helped her get rid of the past's shadow to some extent. And, she had become a bit more cheerful as a result. Otherwise, she would've been beset with serious worry like she used to be in the past

The three women had parted moments ago, and each had returned to their respective rooms. They were getting dressed to sleep at this time. But, this was when Mei Xue Yan's eyebrows suddenly twitched. She quickly blew out the lamp on her table. She could clearly feel two formidable auras. And, they were coming straight towards her direction. Moreover, these two individuals were genuinely very powerful

Green Hunter had also sensed it. She knocked on the window. Mei Xue Yan exhaled slowly, and indicated that they remain calm. Then, a cold light flashed in her eyes amidst the darkness of the room. [Who would dare to break-in while we're here?]

These people may be considered strong in the eyes of ordinary men. But, could they ever have the standing in the eyes of the Tian Fa Forest's Lord?

The Snake King motioned with her eyes in understanding. Then, she quickly hid her aura, and stood calm and still.

The night was extremely dark.

Two figures darker than the dark of the night arrived quietly at great speeds while gliding like bats. They made next-to-no sound as they descended in front the courtyard's gate. The eyes of the two men flicker as they looked at the main board in front of the courtyard.

Elegant Fragrance Courtyard.

[This is the place.]

The two men looked at each other, and saw a sense of certainty in each other's eyes.

[It seems that this worldly family wasn't worth the attention we had given them.]

The two men seemed as light as feathers as their figures flitted in order to enter inside the courtyard. Then, they flitted again, and reached the front gate.

"It seems as if the ground had shrunk beneath while the moved. That's nearly the best agility this human race is capable of achieving!" Mei Xue Yan's eyes contracted. Hadn't she thought of sneaking into the Jun residence like this? But, these were two Great Master Level experts!

The cultivation of those two men weren't inferior to that of the Solitary Falcon in any way.

These two men had covered their faces, and their features couldn't be distinguished. But, Mei Xue Yan had already determined that those two men were from the Great Golden City or the Illusory Ocean of Blood... if not the Elusive World of Immortals in the first place.

There was no other place in this world except for those three which could send Great Master Level experts to steal something at night in this manner. It is possible that other forces may have similar intentions and the courage to do it. However, those other forces didn't have the capability to send two Great Master Level experts.

The two men had arrived at the gateway in the blink of an eye. They attentively checked for any sign of movement inside. Then, they finally selected their target, and they came straight to where Mei Xue Yan was residing. This had happened because Mei Xue Yan had deliberately made sounds resembling that of a person sleeping. In fact, she had mimicked the breathing sound in a very uniform manner. And, this had led those two Great Master Level experts to decide upon moving there.

Tang Yuan's revelations had filled them with incomparable confidence and hope. How could they have ever thought that the fat coward who was so scared of death would lay such a refined death trap for them?

Therefore, the two didn't have any misgivings as they arrogantly moved forward to steal.

One couldn't blame those two for being careless. Everyone in the world knew that the Jun Family had an exceptional expert in their support. In fact, everyone believed that the mysterious expert behind the Jun Family was a legendary and unrivalled powerhouse in the present era.

This news might've scared everyone else around the world. But, it was nothing more than a joke for those at the Illusory Ocean of Blood.

[Unrivalled? Who dares to consider themselves as unrivalled? More so, someone from this common world is calling himself 'unrivalled' in the face of the Illusory Ocean of Blood from the Three Holy Lands? This is a bit too much even for a joke!]

Anyone who had reached the bottleneck of the Great Master Level was recruited by someone from the Three Holy Lands. The name itself was divine. Moreover, they were working for the continent's future and peace. No one had ever had any reason to decline fighting in the Battle for seizing the Heavens. Therefore, it could be said that no such thing as an 'unrivalled master' was present in these common man's lands as far as the people from the Three Holy Lands were concerned.

There was obviously a possibility that one or two such Great Master Level experts couldn't leave for the Three Holy Lands since they were required to take care of some trivial matter in the common man's realm. However, even these individuals would agree to set a joining date for the future. And, they would go and report to one of the Three Holy Lands once they had settled their matters.

Consequently, all the powerful men of this world were in their ranks

[We'd like to see this 'unrivalled master' of the Jun Family...] Eight of the Illusory Ocean of Blood's experts had arrived in Tian Xiang. And, all of them had been peak experts in the past. Moreover, all of them were at the Great Master Level. So, how could this so-called 'unrivalled master' be anything in their eyes?

Therefore, the two black-clad men were quite confident there would hardly be anyone in the regular mortal world who could give them trouble. Hence, they moved freely as if they were at their own homes, and thrust forward. They then came before the door, and knocked on it in a polite manner.

It had to be known that this area was Guan Qing Han's residence. The Jun Family still hadn't declared her new status as their adopted daughter to the world. So, she was still considered their daughter-in-law. And, she was still Jun Mo You's widow!

She was still commonly known as his widow.

And, these men had knocked at a widow's door at midnight!

The two experts from the Illusory Ocean of Blood were capable of doing something like this?

A gentle and cold voice came from the inside, "Who is it?"

The two men looked at each other somewhat awkwardly. Neither of them was young in age. In fact, both of them were over a hundred. Their strengths and statuses were certainly great. But, the matter at hand still wasn't pleasant. However, this woman's voice was enough for them to determine that the person inside was none other than Guan Qing Han. After all, they had been informed about the rumor that this beautiful woman's speech was very cold

Therefore, the two masked men decided not to reply after confirming the identity of their target. Instead, they decided to make their move and leave as quickly as possible. One of them moved his palm, and the door silently churned into dust. Then, their figures flitted, and they entered without leaving any traces. It was evident that their agility skills had reached the pinnacle.

The two of them were standing inside the room in a wink of an eye.

They looked around in the room, and they saw an elegant lady in a white dress; she was sitting calmly at the table. She was looking at them, and her eyes appeared as cold as the distant stars. Both the men exclaimed in their hearts at the sight of that woman's appearance. [This Jun Mo Xie's luck with women is indeed amazing!]