Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 502

Chapter 499: Knocks Into A Big Plank
Chapter 499: Knocks Into a Big Plank
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She was very beautiful. Her countenance was like that of a flower, and her face was like the moon. Her unmatched beauty was capable of bringing down empires. Her eyes were like a calm lake, and her eyebrows were like jade. No words could describe her good looks and incomparable grace

It could be reckoned that one wouldn't be able to find another woman like her in this mortal world.

"Don't panic, Young Guan. We're not bad people," The two masked men unexpectedly found themselves restrained while facing the shining face of a beautiful woman who could bring down empires. They even cupped their hands and made apologetic gestures.

[Not bad people] These two people nearly made Mei Xue Yan laugh out. [You two men entered a woman's room at night without taking her permission. And yet, you two somehow have the gall to say that you aren't bad people Do you think your actions can be considered chivalrous?]

"Oh? The two honored guests say that they aren't bad people. So, why did the two of you stealthily enter my room in the dark of a starry night? The two of you did knock the door a moment ago. But, I never opened it to welcome you. In fact, the two of you gate-crashed without giving proper consideration to norms; that isn't proper, right? It's very hard for a young girl to believe you after witnessing this behavior of yours. Would the two of you please give an explanation to this young girl?" Mei Xue Yan had spoken these words with a smile.

The eyes of the two men brimmed with embarrassment. They hesitated for a while, but were unable to speak up in the end.

Both of these men were peerless experts. They had planned on moving quickly, and escaping after they had acquired the pills. So, they shouldn't have been facing such a situation. But, who were they facing right now? They were confronting the present-day Lord of Tian Fa! And, she was on equal-footing with the Lords of the Three Holy Lands!

She was an expert whose skills had ascended to the peak of the ninth heaven!

Mei Xue Yan had concealed her aura in advance. Therefore, her body was giving out the aura of an ordinary woman at this time. But, she had resided in a high position for a long time, and had looked down arrogantly on the world. So, how could she have concealed the temperament she had acquired whilst ordering-around millions and millions of Xuan Beasts over the course of her life?

She was sitting calmly, and she hadn't used any of her Xuan strength; nor had she moved even an ounce of her primary power. But, her presence had automatically induced a powerful and incorporeal field of aura around her. And, this had thrown the minds of the two men into confusion.

This was the reason these two men were acting so strangely.

It was like a group of mice had entered a cat's territory. The cat hadn't appeared; nor had it made any sounds. But, the rats had involuntarily felt their blood running cold

"Both of us feel very uncomfortable since we're disturbing the young girl at night. But, both of us will go back as soon as the young girl hands over the Bone Tempering Pill. We won't dare to trouble you afterwards!" One of the masked men continued amiably, "You're a smart young girl. You don't expect us to return empty-handed, do you?"

"Hehe, Bone Tempering Pills?" The expression in Mei Xue Yan's eyes changed. She faintly smiled, and tilted her head. She then replied in a calm manner, "And, what happens if I don't hand them over? Will the two of you use force?"

[What happens if you don't hand it over?] That sentence made the two experts somewhat angry. [We've given you enough respect, little girl! You're nothing more than an ordinary woman; that's all! But, you still intend to stamp on other's pride for your own?]

"Those pills relate to the safety and the future of the world! They can cause big trouble. We don't intend on harming you. But, we'll be left without any options if the young girl would insist on not handing them over. After all, we're doing this for the sake of the common people," One of the masked men sighed regretfully. He felt very uneasy at the thought of raising his hand on a beautiful girl. In fact, he had started to develop protective feelings towards her

"Safety and future of the world? For the sake of the common people? That is such an amazing excuse! I can't shoulder such a big blame! And Oh harm me? How do you plan on harming me? This young girl would like to ask how you two powerful men would go about harming me," Mei Xue Yan smiled lightly. That smile was like a mild wind. In fact, it seemed that spring had returned to the earth. The tips of her brows every silky hair of her head gave rise to an amorous feeling. It looked very titillating for a moment

"We uh" The eyes of that masked man were fixed. This person was at the Great Master level. And, he was very aged. But, his gaze was fixed at her, and his hair was standing. It was evident that Mei Xue Yan's beauty and charms had reached a one-of-its-kind level.

"Be careful!" The other black-dressed masked men suddenly retreated to the doorway. His palms had crisscrossed. In fact, his stance made it seemed as if he was faced with a very powerful enemy. "You who are you?"

He had finally realized that something was wrong with that place. Mei Xue Yan's aura had begun to leak when her powerful charms had started to drift in the atmosphere. And, this had suddenly woken him up to a realization that something was wrong. In fact, his entire body had quickly drenched in cold sweat.

[What kind of person would she have to be to defeat two Great Master Level experts with a few words alone?]

[This was a very terrifying matter.]

The disoriented masked man also woke up and came to himself as soon as he heard his companion's warning. The luminous gazes of these two men looked towards Mei Xue Yan. But, their eyes were filled with a color of extreme caution now

Mei Xue Yan lazily stretched her body. She looked even more beautiful as she yawned. Her small and beautiful white hands covered her mouth. She then spoke-up in a manner which made it seem as if she was still half-asleep, "But, I don't know if the two of you are from the Elusive World of Immortals? Or, maybe from the Great Golden City? Perhaps the Illusory Ocean of Blood? I can't be mistaken about you being from one of these three Holy Lands. Otherwise, you would've never been so grand with your speeches. Otherwise, you would've never opened your mouth to talk about the world's safety and future."

Mei Xue Yan fiercely placed her hands on her waist after she spoke those words. She then opened her eyes wide, and the two men suddenly felt as if her sharp and incisive gaze had enshrouded their very being.

The limbs of both the experts became ice-cold in an instant.

In fact, her glaring eyes left these two men to feel as if her gaze could see through their bodies. But, the most frightening thing was that those two men realized that they couldn't even move under the effect of her glare.

They couldn't move! In fact, they couldn't even dare to move! That's because they would reveal some flaws if they moved. And, a flaw is a flaw. In fact, even small flaws are still flaws at the end of the day. And, they felt that they would be dropped to the ground by that woman if they revealed the slightest of flaws. After all, the disparity in strength between them was too great.

[This woman is surely an expert. In fact, she's an expert amongst experts.]

[We've knocked against an iron plate this time. But, where did this iron plate come from?] This was to unexpected!

"You! Who are you? How do you know about the Three Holy Lands? Moreover, you dare to oppose us even when you know that we've come from the Three Holy Lands?" The mask of one of the men's face had become drenched in seconds. In fact, beads of sweat were flowing from his face like a river.

"The Three Holy Lands? They are very terrifying? Why can't we dare to oppose them?" A lovable laugh came from outside as a green-clothed girl entered in a leisurely manner. Her beautiful smile highlighted her bright eyes and white teeth. Her black hair was drifting like the clouds in the same manner the willow is braced by a gentle wind.

The person who had entered was none other than the Snake King Green Hunter!

The muscles on the backs of those two men stiffened. [This green-clothed woman is at least at the Great Master level! She isn't weaker than either of us in any way! In fact, she may even be stronger!]

Such experts appeared very rarely in the mortal world. But, they had met two of them in that room on this night. Moreover, one of them was clearly more terrifying than the other

They had come this late at night, and had walked into an ambush. And, the fact that they were ambushed wasn't terrible in itself. The 'terrible' part was the fact that they had been ambushed by two heavenly women. Moreover, these two men weren't capable of dealing with these two heavenly women!

Both those men thought of a plan at that moment [We'll scuttle back to the Aristocratic Hall, and fiercely torture that Fatty. Then, we'll draw every ounce of fat from him, and make sky lanterns from it.]

[We'll make that Fatty suffer for real this time!]

However, those two men were still top experts of their generation. So, they quickly calmed down and started to laugh. Their laughter was hoarse and unpleasant to the ears. But, it was still laughter, and not weeping. However, the sound of such laughter was more-or-less the same as that of weeping

"Ha ha young ladies neither of you are Guan Qing Han, right?" the man on the left laughed as he calmed down. But, his eyes were flickering with a trace of bitterness, "We brothers admit defeat today, but you don't know what you've gotten yourself into!"

"You still haven't replied to my question!" Mei Xue Yan slightly lowered her eyes at first. Then, she slowly continued, "I don't like repeating my questions. And, I'm not accustomed to waiting either."

"This matter can stop at this stage. But, is the Young Lady telling us that she still wishes to get in a fight with us and oppose the Three Holy Lands by doing so? Does she wish to leave no room for preventing such a situation from occurring?" one of the black-clothed masked men asked in an awe-inspiring voice.

"You're wrong! The both of you hail from only one of the Three Holy Lands. So, I'll at most be against one of those factions if I oppose you. I won't be facing all three at the same time," Mei Xue Yan smiled coldly. "Moreover, I have nothing to fear even if I have to face the Three Holy Lands together.

"Also, I'm trying to give you face by letting you answer me. So, don't you dare to squander my painstaking efforts!" Mei Xue Yan spoke very slowly, "Every person from your Three Holy Lands has a symbol on their clothes. So, this behavior of yours only reflects your stupidity After all, I will find out where you've come from once I've removed those black clothes of yours. This girl isn't doing it right now since she wishes to allow you some honor. But, that doesn't mean that I won't do it Do you genuinely wish to die for not replying to my questions? Don't tell me you think I'll let you get away like this? I'm not as kindhearted as I look!"

"Who the hell are you?!" The two men retreated a step while looking at Mei Xue Yan in shock. [This girl is very familiar with the customs of the Three Holy Lands! But, how come we're not able to think of anyone who she might be?!]

"Humph!" Mei Xue Yan was sitting upright and motionless. Her expression was unchanging and cold. But, she suddenly emitted a dense, cold, and pure aura from her body. This aura moved in the air like a snake. There was a tearing sound, and that pure aura had already reached the two masked men. In fact, it had ever torn down the front of their black clothes to expose their silver-bordered purple robes.

The masks of the two men had also flown out to expose their densely wrinkled face, their grizzly white hair, and alarmed eyes...

The black-clothed men had tried their hardest to dodge that pure aura, but they were unable to do so in time.

"Ah, so you're the silver-gowned law-keepers from the Illusory Ocean of Blood. That's not a low grade status" Mei Xue Yan looked at them in a dull manner, "But, you two are very raw. They couldn't have chosen you from this common man's mortal world Ah Are you the born natives of the Illusory Ocean of Blood?

"You?" The two men were dripping with sweat.

"Is Huyan Tian Feng that old?" Mei Xue Yan asked gently, "That he needs to send the two of you to steal the Bone Tempering Pills?"