Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 505

Chapter 501: Youre Accusing Me Wrongly
Chapter 501: Youre Accusing Me Wrongly
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Mei Xue Yan didn't think much of the Illusory Ocean of Blood's people. But, Jun Mo Xie was aware that his family wasn't strong enough to think this way. Therefore, he couldn't allow these men to leave since he had been presented with this excellent opportunity. After all, the genuine strength of the Jun Family would be brought to light if these men were allowed to walk away. How could someone so evil allow that to happen?

The best quality of an evil man is to kill his enemy when the latter is an ignorant and confused state of mind. But, wouldn't something like this also leave one to feel a sense of accomplishment as well?

"How can you be so hypocritical?" The Snake King glared wide-eyed at him in displeasure.

"That sword attack of yours was extremely quick! In fact, it could easily be counted amongst the three fastest sword moves I can recall!" Mei Xue Yan slowly raised her eyelids, and looked at Jun Mo Xie, "But, you shouldn't have killed him! You really shouldn't have!"

Mei Xue Yan had been profoundly shocked by such a fierce sword attack. And, she was even more shocked by the fact that such a sword attack had been launched by Jun Mo Xie!

That sword had only appeared for a fraction of a second, but its appearance had still been earth-shaking! The sword's light had vanished by now, and the person targeted was dead too. But, the magnificence of that sword's flash was still resonating in the hearts of the two women.

The Snake King had begun to take Young Master Jun in a different light even though she hadn't revealed any change in her attitude. And, that's because she was aware that she too wouldn't have been able to evade that sword if she had been in that black-clothed masked man's shoes.

[That sword is a Godly weapon!]

Mei Xue Yan had faced many enemies over the course of her life. And, most of them had been Great Master category experts. But, she had to admit that Jun Mo Xie's sword was amongst the best she had ever seen.

"Why should I not have done it? Are you implying that I should've welcomed him even though he tried to storm my Jun Family's residence this late at night? How is that reasonable?"

Jun Mo Xie snorted and raised his eyebrows obliquely, "I'll kill anyone who offends me! There's no margin for negotiation when it comes to this! There would never be! And, this one" He pointed his finger at the other man from the Illusory Ocean of Blood the one who couldn't move since he was being held captive by the World Cage, "I can't allow him to leave either!"

"But, they're from the Illusory Ocean of Blood!" Mei Xue Yan stared fixedly at Jun Mo Xie's face. "And, the Illusory Ocean of Blood is an indispensable force when it comes to the Battle for Seizing the Heavens! And, your attack has messed things up to a point where there's no room for saving this situation!"

"I've left no room for saving the situation? There was never any to begin with! Anyway, would you genuinely rely on this man when it comes to the Battle for Seizing the Heavens? Ha ha Are you joking with me? You want to depend of these damned people?"

Jun Mo Xie laughed wildly, "I had heard you say that the Three Holy Lands have many amazing experts. But, they don't compare to such a reputation now that I've seen them myself. These guys are so sloppy! In fact, I believe that these two Great Masters would find our Old Falcon too much to handle! These two certainly possess the Xuan strength of Great Masters. But, they are absolute rookies apart from their cultivation level! These two would die facing Solitary Falcon's experience if we judge fairly! In fact, they wouldn't even last a hundred moves! Even I have enough strength to kill them!"

"You were hiding in the sidelines, you brat!" Mei Xue Yan snorted coldly. Her expression was icy, "You exploited the fact that we had obstructed your powerful enemy. So, you must be feeling good about yourself, right?"

"Where is Young Mei bringing this up from?" Jun Mo Xie had an innocent expression on his face, "I've been training this entire time in order to increase my strength for when the need arises. I had barely ended by practice a moment ago. I was coming over when I saw that these two were sneaking-in to carry out their despicable operation. But, I then realized that these two were exceptionally strong Great Master Level experts. So, it would've been disrespectful towards these two if I had rashly gotten involved. After all, I'm merely at the insignificant Sky Xuan realm. And, that isn't nearly enough to contend against the powerhouses of one of the legendary Holy Lands! So, I hid in the sidelines with the intention of seizing the advantage when it presented itself to me. But, who would've thought that their skills would be so sloppy? What's wrong with me doing this if I may ask? And, you're throwing false accusations at me when we come to the aspect of me taking advantage of your actions How could I ever harbor such thoughts? This Young Master has always been straightforward and chivalrous! He's always had a sword-like gutsy heart! How can someone as open-hearted as me do such a thing? Young Mei accuses me wrongly! This is grave injustice!"

Mei Xue Yan looked at him for a long time. But, she eventually sighed and said, "I've walked through the mortal society for a long time, Young Master Jun Mo Xie. But, your skin is the thickest of all the people I've seen!"

"You flatter me. Young Mei, you flatter me too much!" Jun Mo Xie didn't look embarrassed by any means. Instead, he seemingly had a clear conscience as he sat down.

"You won't admit that you had planned this since the start. So, how come these people came to me for the Bone Tempering Pills?" Mei Xue Yan saw that Jun Mo Xie's facial expressions made it seem as if he was innocent of all crimes. Therefore, she spoke-up in an icy-cold voice, "Moreover, how come you arrived here at such an opportune moment if you hadn't planned this from this start? Can you please give me rational explanation?"

"You're treating me even more unjustly now! I've been urging my master to make time for refining pills for you just for you! I had requested him, urged him, and even shamelessly heckled him till he finally came up with the proper pills for you! My master had given those pills to me only moments ago. And, that's why I had decided to rush here at this time! I give this deed great importance. So, I didn't wish to delay delivering these pills to you! But, who knew that? But, you say that I've conspired to bring about this incident I I feel like dying!"

Jun Mo Xie's face displayed a plethora of expressions. It seemed as if a soldier had been wrongly pushed down a mountain's peak for causing disturbance in the army. There was a sense of concealed bitterness on his face along with a trace of extreme grievance. It seemed that he felt dejected because he had been accused wrongly without being given a chance to explain himself. Those expressions were vivid and realistic. He had truly imitated them to perfection. In fact, it seemed as if they came straight from his heart. They even seemed to be his instinctive reaction to her words.

"Uh what's this?" Mei Xue Yan blinked as she closely looked at his facial expressions. [They don't seem to be fake.] Consequently, she felt a bit guilty, "This time it seems that I may have accused you with false allegations this time"

"How is it 'may have'? You have genuinely accused me with false allegations!" Jun Mo Xie secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he started to sound increasingly self-righteous, "I don't blame you sisters for saying that. After all, you two sisters have garnered experience over the many years you've travelled through this world. Moreover, there's nothing wrong with being a little suspicious. But, to be suspicious of those on your own side? I'm really absolutely unexpectedly you've broken my heart"

His fingers trembled. In fact, his entire body trembled. His face had also turned somewhat red. His eyes were glaring at her tiredly. It seemed that he was evidently feeling hurt. However, he was laughing inside for getting away with it in reality

"Ahem ahem" Mei Xue Yan felt somewhat embarrassed. So, she coughed a few times. She couldn't even think of how she ought to words her phrases at this time. Then, Young Mei quickly gave a meaningful glance to the Snake King; she had instructed the Snake King to leave by doing so. Therefore, Green Hunter left in silence since she didn't wish to wake Guan Qing Han. Only the sounds of a grumbling stomach were coming from Guan Qing Han's room at this time...

"Young Master Jun ahem ahem thanks for your trouble," Mei Xue Yan was the Lord of Tian Fa. When had she ever apologized to anyone else like? In fact, someone with her cultivation was even left to blush a bit for the first time. This was the first time she felt at a loss. In fact, she had even resorted to the use of honorifics.

Mei Xue Yan hesitated for a moment when she saw that Jun Mo Xie's face resembled that of a newly married woman who felt that she had been mistreated. However, she then remembered that he had mentioned about those divine pills he was carrying. So, she bit her teeth and said, "Young master Jun those"

"Humph!" Jun Mo Xie twisted his waist and cocked his head. He had increasingly started to look like a young wife who had been offended.

"Young Master Jun please don't get mad" Mei Xue Yan spoke cautiously. She didn't know how to deal with Jun Mo Xie's grievances. It must be mentioned that Mei Xue Yan was an exceptionally strong expert. But, she was somewhat lacking in confidence at this juncture

Even Mei Xue Yan had been left startled by her own conduct when she had spoken those lines. [What's wrong with me?]

"Humph" Jun Mo Xie had started to imitate Dugu Xiao Yi's pout by now. Then, he suddenly realized that it wasn't very manly. So, he sighed and spoke, "Forget it. It's only normal that you'll have doubts whilst making friends with someone for the first time. Moreover, you had said those words unintentionally. So, I forgive you"

Mei Xue Yan breathed a sigh of relief. She still harbored some doubts, but she didn't voice them rashly at this time. For example; [Those two men didn't go looking for you. Why did they come straight to the females' abode to look for the Bone Tempering Pills? How can you explain this?]

However, she kept her questions to her since she had seen Jun Mo Xie behaving in that manner It was like facing a girl who had been humiliated over the course of her mission.

"Those I don't know those pills"

Jun Mo Xie again pouted. He then looked towards that unlucky old man from the Illusory Ocean of Blood who was still imprisoned inside the World Cage. His indication was rather obvious [this secret can't reach his ears.] And, that pitiful man's face instantly got painted in colors of panic.

Mei Xue Yan frowned a tiny bit. She grabbed that man, and tossed him out. Mei Xue Yan had seemingly grabbed that man in a gentle manner. However, Jun Mo Xie had clearly noticed that she had destroyed his dantian. She had even attacked his internal organs while doing so. Then, her aura had attacked his head. In fact, Jun Mo Xie estimated that the insides of that man's skull must've been left in shambles because of this. After that, he heard a slight 'pat' sound as that man's body was thrown away. But, no sound was heard afterwards...

It must be mentioned that this old man had felt like venting his anger on Jun Mo Xie. However, the masked man didn't even get enough time to snort before he was turned into a corpse

These two Great Master Level experts had been executed so miserably that they hadn't even been able to utilize their skills It had to be said that their luck was very bad. After all, their combined strength would've seemingly been able to cause utter chaos in the world at large if the Jun Family's residence hadn't been their first stop. However, they had been doomed to such a sullen death here...

Moreover, they hadn't been able to make any heads or tails of their deaths. In fact, they couldn't even figure out what was happening here

It was very sad.

[That's good!] Jun Mo Xie secretly gave a thumb up. [I feel very relieved since you've destroyed his corpse yourself. After all, I was very afraid that you would start interrogating him. I would've been done for if he had confessed that Tang Yuan had told him that the Bone Tempering Pills were here! Wouldn't you be looking to settle the debts with this Young Master if you had found that out? After all, a great expert such as myself would've had to apologize in that case!]

"These pills" A jade-green bottle silently appeared within the palm of Jun Mo Xie's hand. However, his expressions seemed pained. After all, this was the result of his third attempt. He could make hundreds of Ten Years' Pills in one attempt. But, he had almost worn himself to make six of these Vitality Linkage Pills. [This output is extremely ridiculous!]

"What pills are these? What's their specific effect? How much strength can they increase?" Mei Xue Yan's eyes shone. She had tried to restrain herself, but her voice still seemed to be brimming with nervousness. After all, this was related to the future of the Tian Fa Forest!

"This is the Vitality Linkage pill it doesn't increase strength," Jun Mo Xie looked somewhat ashamed.

"It doesn't increase strength? Then" Mei Xue Yan stared blankly.

"The effect of these pills is comparatively special. They increase the speed of Xuan Qi through the meridians. Basically, the circulation-speed of the Xuan Qi or Primary Qi in your meridians will become around three times faster than before," Jun Mo Xie explained. "It basically increases the speed of one's movements"

"Huh? It can increase the speed of one's movements?" Mei Xue Yan's eyes shone brightly. She wasn't like Jun Mo Xie who didn't know the value of these pills. Therefore, she was thoroughly shocked to hear this.