Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 506

Chapter 502: Pleasant Surprise Follows After The Ambiguousness
Chapter 502: Pleasant Surprise Follows after the Ambiguousness
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"How about you take one to test them out? See the results yourself," Young Master Jun spoke-up somewhat pessimistically. And, that's because he had taken one pill a while ago. The speed of his Xuan Qi's circulation had certainly increased when compared to before, but it didn't seem that much faster than his original speed. And, that's why he was somewhat unsure and annoyed

However, Young Master Jun was unaware that the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune and the Hong Jun Pagoda had already transformed his meridians. And, the results of the transformations they had brought-about were far superior to those of these pills

These pills had certainly made some enhancements. But, the results had been minimal. However, that was because his speed had already reached the pinnacle of its possibility. Therefore, he would've had to break through to the fourth level if he wanted to increase his speed substantially

However, a normal person would've witnessed immediate results if they had taken that pill instead.

Mei Xue Yan looked at him in a half-believing and half-doubting manner as she took the bottle from him. She was a bit hesitant to take out a Vitality Linkage Pill. After all, she couldn't imagine that something as heavenly and divine as these Vitality Linkage Pills could exist. But, how could a 'Primary Qi enhancing' pill compare with this one in case this divine pill was for real?

What was the sole pursuit of those who trained in martial arts their entire life? Why wouldn't they wish to faster than their counterparts? Moreover, if their speed could be three times faster than someone who was on the same level as them? What would something like that mean to them?

It would be incredible!

Mei Xue Yan's fair fingers lightly fiddled with a dark green pill while her eyes gazed at it fixedly. Hazy and fascinating lights were glowing around that pill. Those lights were shining brilliantly and vibrantly. [This seems like something very amazing.]

She gently opened her lips, and took the pill. The pill hadn't even been in her mouth long-enough for her to relish its taste when it suddenly melted therein. It changed into a strong flow of energy, and went straight into her abdomen. Then, she felt as if the cold water which had filled her dantian had suddenly started to boil. Countless spouts of steam arose with a "Bang!" sound as a result. They then spread towards the four limbs, hundreds of bones, and all the meridians of her body at a lightning speed.

Mei Xue Yan was startled by this. She had finally realized that this pill was genuinely magical in its effect. She quickly calmed her breathing, and congealed her aura. Then, she directed her efforts into moving that turbulent flow of steam inside her meridians in a proper manner.

She sensed that her Primary Qi was becoming increasingly lively and fast. It then slowly surpassed the original speed. But, it was still advancing in a progressive manner. Mei Xue Yan's excitement was also increasing as this was happening.

A long while passed. Mei Xue Yan's eyes suddenly opened again. There were two flashes of electricity in her ice-cold eyes. And, it seemed as if her entire body would explode with excitement. She suddenly jumped up, and impatiently grabbed at Jun Mo Xie's hands as if her life depended on it, "Be honest with me How many more of these pills do you have?"

Her voice was urgent, and her expression was one of excitement. This heavenly beauty was usually very tranquil of nature. This was the first time that she had forgotten her manners!

She had first absorbed the pill after she had ingested it. Then, she had merely given a light thought to moving her Primary Qi inside her body. But, she had suddenly found that the Primary Qi inside her body had begun to soar. It had rushed with an explosive sound, and had charged into each of her limbs. This meant that she could attack at a moment's thought. Moreover, she could attack with her entire strength. And, this meant that she could genuinely do as she pleased, and wouldn't be forced to stop at anything.

Mei Xue Yan had been very surprised by such a magical feeling.

[This entirely omits the process of cycling one's strength in their meridians. Instead, it takes one to a level where they only have to think about using their strength. Moreover, the speed of my ability to make a move has increased to three times of what it was before!]

This tiny pill had brought-about an immense qualitative change to Mei Xue Yan's Xuan strength. It hadn't increased her strength itself. But, the growth that could've been induced by the Heavenly Vitality Pill was nothing in comparison to the speed this Vitality Linkage Pill had bestowed her with. Mei Xue Yan could've initially been said to be the virtual image of dragon. But, this analogy dictated that she had congealed into a real dragon after she had taken this pill.

Let's assume that someone offered to exchange this Vitality Linkage Pill with the one that could provide two-hundred years' worth of cultivation strength It could be reckoned that she would've refused such an offer without any hesitation. After all, she could increase her strength after years of cultivation. But, a qualitative change in the speed of her ability to make a move was something so astonishing that it couldn't be attained despite all efforts.

[This great thing stands in defiance of the laws of nature!]

Mei Xue Yan had never anticipated that Jun Mo Xie would bring such a great thing for her. It had come as a very nice surprise!

Jun Mo Xie had jumped in fright. That's because he had been alarmed by this unexpected action of the exceptionally beautiful Mei Xue Yan. After all, Young Master Jun had never expected that the pill he viewed as a 'trash' could illicit such an extreme reaction from Mei Xue Yan. He simply couldn't accept it for a moment.

He looked at her fervent eyes. He then felt her small and soft palms grasping his hands tightly. And, ecstasy nibbled at his very bones for a moment as he spoke-up with a stammer, "This is a prototype there'll be more in the future"

"One, two, three, four" Mei Xue Yan carefully counted the remaining pills. Her eyes were shining at this moment. In fact, her whole face was shining, and her entire body seemed to be full of vigor, "That's excellent! There are four more! You had so many?! What did you say? You'll have more later on? This is very unexpected for me! This... is a priceless treasure! This is amazing"

The very beautiful Mei Xue Yan couldn't contain her excitement. She had spoken those words incoherently, and had no control on her welling emotions at this moment. Then, the lady suddenly held Jun Mo Xie's face, and gave him a firm kiss.

Jun Mo Xie spiraled into a maddening confusion. [Huh? These four pills can get you this excited? What will happen when I give you hundreds of these?] However, he was completely unaware that such amazing things hadn't even existed in the legends. The Thousand Evils and Ten-Thousand Poisons Fruit was the greatest short-cut for the Tian Fa Forest. And, that too came with immense risks. Moreover, the world outside Tian Fa didn't even have the option of such risky means!

Those four heaven-seizing divine pills had left Mei Xue Yan feeling extremely pleased. After all, this meant that the fighting power of the Beast Kings of Tian Fa would increase by three to four times.

Jun Mo Xie felt her soft lips, and her indescribably dreamy scent. The mind of that handsome young man had been sent fluttering by that kiss. It was like he had been sent soaring to the clouds. However, his first reaction was; [Damn! I'm being assaulted indecently! This Young Master is being molested by this Young Lady! I was pushed back and tortured when I had done something like this]

[Was it that unbearable?]

[Am I Jun Mo Xie going to suffer at the hands of this woman? Am I going to fail?]

Therefore, his second reaction was; [No! I can't lose to her! I have to return to being indecent! I have to get back my advantage!]

Therefore, he acted without thinking, and turned his head to kiss her back.

Mei Xue Yan was suddenly shaken from her state of pleasant surprise. She didn't understand how to act on her own ecstasy for a moment. And, she couldn't help but give Jun Mo Xie that kiss. But, that kiss suddenly felt inappropriate. She felt an electric shock through her lips, and her face became red.

It was hard to say how fast her movements were. But, Jun Mo Xie was left to kiss empty air instead of her. In fact, he even made a shameless kissing sound while kissing empty air.

However, the two of them were almost in each other's face at this moment. The two pairs of eyes weren't that far apart as they stared at each other. The atmosphere was filled with a kind of indescribable feeling. It was very awkward it was uncertain or maybe it was like time had stopped?

The two of them were stupefied in that moment thoroughly stupefied. Even time and space seemed to have become still in this moment.

Jun Mo Xie looked at the beautiful amazingly beautiful face of Mei Xue Yan. Her big and charming eyes were looking into his'. Her eyes were startled at first. Then, they became shy and embarrassed. Then, red clouds slowly started to appear on her graceful face. They then slowly spread across it till they had even spread across to her white jade-like neck.

Her rosy red lips trembled. They looked like small red cherries that were enticing him to indulge in a taste

Jun Mo Xie felt hot blood rush straight to his forehead. He panted as he lowered his head. The opposite party possessed tyrannical strength. However, he still covered her small lips with his own. His two arms moved out of instinct, and tightly held her delicate body. In fact, he had somewhat bound her very tightly in a barbaric manner while his tongue was nimbly trying to entice her. It was unclear how it happened but his tongue eventually burst through the lips it had been besieging. Her small and nimble tongue evaded in panic, but he chased after it. In fact, he spared no effort as he pursued after the retreating enemy

Mei Xue Yan had never expected him to be that bold. She had only seen Jun Mo Xie's eyes lose focus when he had panted heavily. It must be said that she had never experienced this before, but her instincts had predicted a crisis. And, this had left her to feel uneasy. It was then that her eyes had gone dark, and her lips found themselves covered by something soft. She was about to cry out, but was stopped because a slippery tongue had dug its way inside in a nimble manner. In fact, it had gone a step further, and had started to squirm-about the vicinity...

This was the first time Mei Xue Yan was experienced such a thing. She certainly possessed unique Xuan strength and cultivation. But, she was only a woman at that moment. Moreover, she was a woman who had never experienced such a feeling before.

Mei Xue Yan felt her mind rumble and shake in the face of this greatest of enticements. It then went blank, and she forgot to struggle. She had even forgotten her unrivalled Xuan strength. And, she merely stood stunned inside Young Master Jun's embrace; she didn't even know how to react to any of this.

Then, two big hands slipped down her waist, and followed her delicate back until they boorishly grabbed her posterior. They then started kneading them in different ways

Mei Xue Yan instantly snapped back from her confusion, and recalled what had happened in the past. ["Little guy, come home with me! I'll pet your ass every day!"]

She instantly became back to her senses, and felt shame and anger welling inside her. And, the entirety of her power burst out from her body in a sudden movement. The explosion of her strength had resembled the detonation of a bomb. However, Jun Mo Xie was immersed in the soulfulness of the tenderness. And, his mind had wandered off to thoughts that would be considered unsuitable for children. However, this was when something entirely unexpected happen. He suddenly found his feet leaving the ground, and he was sent out flying

Young Master Jun's body resembled a kite without a string as it went whooshing out of the room, and fell into the far end of the courtyard. His body turned half a circle, and it seemed as if his spirit had been detached from it. He got no time to protect his body, and he fell down in a very graceful pose with his posterior lowered like that of a swan

He had felt an endless tenderness a moment ago. However, he felt as if his posterior had blossomed into a flower the next moment

This huge contrast made Jun Mo Xie extremely dissatisfied. But, he hadn't even had enough time to stand up when he suddenly remembered what had just happened. And, his whole body was instantly drenched in cold sweat as a result of this realization...

[Crap! This one mistake will cause me everlasting sorrow!]

[How could I have been this rude? How did I lose my mind into offending a person one simply shouldn't My life is done for Her strength is at par with the unreasonable Venerable Mei's Moreover, she's that stubborn and unreasonable Venerable Mei's sister]