Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 507

Chapter 503: Huang Ancestor Moves Into Action
Chapter 503: Huang Ancestor Moves into Action
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[She assaulted me. She thinks she's too strong ah! She assaulted me before And, she's assaulted me again But, she gets tyrannical when I tried to get back? She's got no sense of justice!]

[Oh Heavens! Oh Mother Earth! How is this happening?]

There was a loud explosion when he was whining inside. Mei Xue Yan's reddened face was brimming with anger. Mei Xue Yan had been very embarrassment on the account of the three incidents; especially this third one. Consequently, her anger had rushed out like a powerful tornado. In fact, it had rushed out like a violent tornado.

"This how I I say you you Why did you assault me in such an indecent manner?" Jun Mo Xie tried to gain the upper hand by striking first with that question.

"I I I assaulted you?" Mei Xue Yan's face turned dark as she raised her hand with the intention of moving into action; [What is this? You're a grown man and I'm a woman And I assaulted you? Where does this even come from? Don't you feel any shame in saying this?]

Jun Mo Xie turned his body. But, his posterior was still on the ground since he hadn't stood up yet. Then, the Young Master gave a salivating grin, "I I didn't do it on purpose! I I admit that I made a mistake you me want to take responsibility? I I want to take responsibility for it!"

"You fu*k off!" Mei Xue Yan found it ridiculous, and also felt ashamed. Her face had become hot. She wanted to beat him up ferociously. But, her heart softened for some unknown reason when she saw him in his incomparably mischievous form. Consequently, she didn't move to attack him. Instead, she merely stomped her foot and snarled at him.

Jun Mo Xie seemed to be begging for a pardon. So, he didn't dare to say much. He stood up after rolling and crawling. Then, the Young Master escaped whilst cowering like a rat, and disappeared without a trace

[I've finally escaped! Good heavens! But, why didn't she hit me for what I did? Has she also fallen for this Young Master?]

Mei Xue Yan stamped her feet, and covered her face. [How did that happen? What's the matter with me? Why did I let him escape? This isn't like my usual self]

"Elder Sister what happened to you? Did that brat provoke you again?" The Snake King rushed over fast with a 'whooshing' sound. Then, she suddenly cried out right after she had finished speaking, "Ah Elder Sister you you you what happened to you?!"

That was because the Snake King had discovered her elder sister blushing like a young girl who was deeply in love with a man. In fact, her elder sister had covered her reddened face, and was stamping her feet. She didn't even know how to act properly in this moment And, the Snake King had been left petrified by this!

[Good heavens! How many years have we been sisters for? Have I ever seen Elder Sister behave like this?]

[Don't tell me did that brat molest Elder Sister? Has his guts grown so big? No one in the entire Tian Fa Forest would ever dare to do such a thing! I can't even dare to think about such a thing! This is utterly unbelievable, isn't it?]

There was a 'Whoosh!' sound at this moment. Mei Xue Yan didn't say a word. She merely covered her face and escaped into her room. It seemed as if she felt like dying

Then, Guan Qing Han came over to inquire about what had happened. But, she only saw Green Hunter standing gaping and speechless in the courtyard with a strange expression on her face. Therefore, Young Lady Qing Han couldn't help but ask out of concern, "What happened? What happened to Sister Mei?"

"Nothing it's nothing; it's nothing" the Snake King replied somewhat hastily. It was a long while before she was able to recover from her shock. She then spoke-up in a somewhat involuntary manner, "It's nothing at all." She then stamped her foot and continued, "Damn! I'll go see Elder Sister," Then she also ran into that room.

She hadn't forgotten the relationship between Guan Qing Han and Jun Mo Xie. So, how could she dare to talk drivel at this time? Moreover, she had only conjectured matters at this point But, she wasn't certain. [Could that Jun Mo Xie have such guts? But Elder Sister's behavior was very strange this time! Moreover, those sounds indicated that No; that's out of question. I have to confirm this first. How can we allow that humungous debauchee of a brat to get away with this if that's the case?!

Guan Qing Han raised her frowned eyebrows. Her stomach was full of suspicions at this moment [What happened here? Why does the atmosphere seem so awkward?] She had seen neither Mei Xue Yan nor Jun Mo Xie since she had come out late. But, she had still heard some sounds

She had particular heard Mei Xue Yan's loud and angry "Fu*k off!" In fact, it would've been strange if she hadn't heard it.

[It seems that Mo Xie has somehow offended her. I'll have a talk with Mo Xie tomorrow. They're our guests! And, it's important that we treat our guests well] Guan Qing Han frowned and returned to her room. [That Mo Xie's character is too violent; too violent. Some change needs to be brought therein]

It wasn't long before the dead bodies were cleaned away by the guards along with any traces of what had happened. Therefore, the scene of this incident had again turned into a peaceful picture.

"That was so nice It was so fragrant! That was very soft it was insanely soft very pleasurable!" Jun Mo Xie pondered on the feeling he had just relished as he rushed towards the Aristocratic Hall even though the encounter had been a very dangerous one

But, Jun Mo Xie thought it was worth it! Totally worth it!

[It felt so great!]

[Forget about everything else that mouth was very sweet. It was even sweeter than the sweetest honey on Earth! It was too good. Even the aftertaste of it feels so good!]

[Moreover, the satiny and warm touches of that tongue That incredibly soft and indescribable feeling! It was indescribable! I can't even write that beautiful feeling down! It was the best!]

Young Master Jun Mo Xie continued to stare blankly like a lost person as he moved on the road in an infatuated manner. His very soul was shaking. In fact, he had basically sleep-walked to the Aristocratic Hall. It was fortunate that nobody was waiting to ambush him there. Otherwise, it would've been very easy to kill Jun Mo Xie while he was on-route. After all, this had been the Hit-man Jun's moment of least vigilance over the course of both of his lives. In fact, it could even be said that he wasn't vigilant at all.

The Young Master had already made a determined vow during that time on that road. [I take this vow no matter what, no matter how, no matter by which means this one I want to I will absolutely I really, really want to make her my wife!]

[It doesn't matter what her identity is! It doesn't matter how great her Xuan strength is! It doesn't matter what her I will make her my wife! I don't have a concrete reason! And, I don't need a concrete reason!]

[Moreover, she can't even say no to me! Humph! I'll even blackmail her every chance I get! I don't care how shameless it gets]

It could be said that he had despised the backwardness of the feudal system of this world in the past. But, it suddenly seemed very attractive to him. After all, taking three or four wives or concubines was a very normal thing to do for the men of this world especially the Young Masters of the affluent families. In fact, it was like it was their birthright

However, Jun Mo Xie suddenly bumped into a serious problem as he pondered on this matter throughout his journey. And, it was a serious issue at that. Or, a very logical issue to be more accurate He was closely associated with various women. But, Dugu Xiao Yi was unruly and headstrong. Moreover, she was too young. So, she didn't know much about things. This meant that she wasn't fit to be the senior-most wife of his household. And, Guan Qing Han was too cold and aloof. So, even she wasn't best-suited to head the harem. But, Mei Xue Yan was an extremely beautiful woman who possessed ultimate talent. Moreover, she was also peerlessly capable. This obviously meant that she was the best-pick for the senior-most wife.

[Ok, it's you! Do you think of running away my beauty! You'll be my lovely wife!]

Jun Mo Xie made a snapping sound with his fingers as he fluttered into the Aristocratic Hall. However, the worries of his heart eased down when saw Tang Yuan stuffing himself with food. The Young Master then asked a few brisk questions that concerned his plans. But, the Young Master neglected everything and fled soon after since the teary-eyed Tang Yuan had lifted his robe to show the areas of his body that had been mistreated.

[What's the difference between looking at that and a fat lard of pork? Moreover, this is a living lard of pork! That is too nauseating]

However, Fatty Tang felt that he had been entrapped into suffering the most bitter of hardships. And, Jun Mo Xie was the one behind all of it. Therefore, Fatty had wanted to go over the entire matter so that he could complain to him with tears of blood. Fatty had obviously planned on obtaining the greatest of benefits from that. In fact, he had hoped to get at least a few million beautiful silver taels for his ordeal. But, how could he have expected that Young Master Jun would disappear before he had even finished with setting up the base for it?

He had merely left with a few hateful words, "Fatty! I had somehow gotten into a good frame of mind today, but your fat belly has ruined it! So, I'm going to take away ten percent from your profits over this month!"

Fatty was stunned at first. He then gently caressed his huge and drooping belly in silence for a while. [Is my belly that formidable?]

Then, he suddenly thought of something, and screamed as miserably as a dying pig. [I'm a victim here! And, you still want to take away my share of the profits! Where's the justice in that? I deserve a minimum of a hundred-thousand in silver for what I've been through! Oh Heavens! Oh Mother Earth! Kill me!]

. .

The experts of the Illusory Ocean of Blood had been sleeping peacefully at the residence of the Golden East City's Huang Family. They believed that sending only one out of the eight of them was more than enough for such trivial tasks. What would they possibly think of dispatching two people? It was like going for overkill in their opinion; success was ten-thousand percent guaranteed!

It's a pity that nothing is certain in the world. There would always be one or two faults even if things seemed somewhat certain. After all, nothing was ever absolutely certain.

Everyone was prepared to hear the good news when they woke up. But, they enquired, and were told that their two people hadn't returned.

They hadn't returned over the course of the night.

This was clearly unexpected. But, no one paid it too much mind to it. [Maybe the Bone Tempering Pills were stored far off. So, retrieving them could've taken some time perhaps. After all, those two men are true Great Master Level experts. Anyway, they would be able to escape even if they ran into an enemy they couldn't beat, wouldn't they? Those two should be able to escape and return without any issues even if their strength fell short.]

As for the prospect of them not being able to escape

[Is that even possible? Who in the regular society would possess such strength? That is a ridiculous question!]

Therefore, no one worried.

They waited till afternoon. But, those two still didn't return. In fact, it was like they had vanished. It was as if those two had melted into the air. And, this finally sent everyone into somewhat of a panic.

"Things don't look very encouraging, Senior Huang," The Young Lord of the Illusory Ocean of Blood Huyan Xiao frowned as he tapped his fingers on the table beside him, "It doesn't make sense that the Old Fifth and Old Sixth haven't returned as of yet. We've waited this long, and they still haven't returned. I'm afraid that they might've run into an unavoidable and terrible mishap. Does this mean that the Aristocratic Hall truly has some great power behind it? Is it possible that even the experts from my Illusory Ocean of Blood are no match for this power?"

The Huang Ancestor frowned. His white eyebrows somewhat trembled on his gloomy face. He then spoke-up after a long while, "We're very clear about the Aristocratic Hall's strength. They only have one disciple of Hong Meng Chen, and some guy who is a winemaker. And, both of these men are only at the Sky Xuan level. So, there's nothing to worry about when it comes to these two insignificant Sky Xuan experts. Moreover, there's no one else there apart from these two people; no one of extremely great capabilities. There's a possibility that the two of our men might have run into a much more powerful enemy. But, it couldn't have been at the Aristocratic Hall."

"Could such a power belong to those three families?" Huyan Xiao frowned.

"No! Tian Xiang Empire's might is the greatest amongst the nations of the continent. And, it also has the highest number of Xuan experts. But, it's hard to find even a few Spirit Xuan experts throughout the Empire. So, there's little to no scope of a stronger existence," Senior Huang frowned since he was in a gloomy mood. Then, a malicious light flashed in his eyes as he spoke-up in a hateful tone, "Such a powerful existence has to be from the Jun Family that is if one even exists in the first place. In fact, only the Jun Family can have such a powerhouse."

"The Jun Family? Can a family that was nearly oppressed to extinction by the Silver Blizzard City have such a powerhouse inside it? Isn't that extremely outrageous?" Hu Yan Xiao didn't seem to be in agreement.

"The Young Lord mustn't forget that we had received news some time ago A black-clothed and masked expert had appeared at the Southern Heaven City. He was even said to be unrivalled throughout the world. I don't believe this man to be an unrivalled powerhouse, but he was at least as strong as Yun Bie Chen. Old Fifth and Old Sixth possess Great Master Level cultivation. But, they were trained behind closed doors. And, the difference between them and someone who has reached that level by gaining experience whilst fighting in the regular society isn't small. Therefore, they don't have enough combat experience to fight such an enemy if they were to fall into a trap upon being caught off-guard. In fact, it is quite possible that they could've suffered serious losses in such a case..."

The Huang Ancestor murmured in a low voice, "It seems that I may have underestimated him."

"What do you think should we plan to do if the Jun Family genuinely has such a strong expert behind them?" Huyan Xiao asked as he frowned deeply, "Those Bone Tempering Pills are probably being refined by that mysterious expert. And, that's the most important aspect in this matter. In fact, Father had urged me that we should do everything we can to make such an individual if one exists in the first place join us at the Illusory Ocean of Blood. Moreover, he said that we must get along with this man even if we can't make him join us. That's because he won't be hostile to us that way. And, this would mean that the experts from the Elusive World of Immortals and Great Golden City won't be able to take advantage of that.

"So, won't our plans fail if we get into a conflict with him?" Huyan Xiao felt his head ache as he spoke.

"Our Illusory Ocean of Blood can't suffer in this instance... regardless of what kind of an expert that man is," the Huang Ancestor flashed an evil smile as he continued slowly, "We'll wait till midnight. And, I'll personally move out if those two still don't return. I'll go to the Jun Family and take a look at what kind of a tiger's lair it is in reality! Let's see what kind of an expert is hiding there! Is he genuinely unrivalled in this world? Is he genuinely worth his name? Hehe"

"You must be extremely careful, Senior Huang You mustn't kill that man if you run into him. After all, we need those Bone Tempering Pills," Huyan Xiao hastily spoke-up. He wasn't worried about the Huang Ancestor facing some mishap. After all, the Huang Ancestor's strength was considered amongst the top-ten inside the Illusory Ocean of Blood. And, this meant that he could humbly be called 'genuinely unrivalled' in the regular society.

"This old man will obviously behave himself! But, the situation has already become hostile now! I won't let the others take advantage of the situation if I can't recruit him for our use! He'll obey me and prosper. Or, he'll oppose me and die!" The Huang Ancestor's glare became dark. Then, an ominous glint flashed in his eyes as he snorted.