Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 510

Chapter 506: The Fatal Combination Of The Falcon And The Snake
Chapter 506: The Fatal Combination of the Falcon and the Snake!
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"Who is this? Can I ask which of the other two Holy Lands' people have come here? I request that you show yourself to prevent a misunderstanding from affecting our friendship!"

The Huang Ancestor had a very cautious look on his face. That one sentence had been enough for him to assess that this person was a veteran. Those words had been simple, but he had realized that this person was extremely strong. In fact, he had even disregarded the insult concealed in this individual's words because of this reason, and had asked this question instead of retaliating. Even the tone of his voice had changed. And, that's because he had quickly judged that this newcomer's strength was extremely high.

It must be mentioned that those words of insult were nothing more than a trivial matter when it came to the assurance of his safety in front of such danger. Huang Tai Yang was a man who possessed hundreds of years' worth of experience. So, how could he not understand that truth?

[The Jun Family has such an expert!]

[And, listening to his voice leaves to judge that his strength may not be weaker than mine.]

Huang Tai Yang was extremely shocked at this moment.

[It seems that I've underestimated the Jun Family. This extremely strong expert and that Great Master Solitary Falcon can become a huge threat to me if they join hands. In fact, they can even pose a mortal threat to me!]

Huang Tai Yang had arrived at the Jun Family with the intention of blackmailing them for the Bone Tempering Pills. However, the thought had quickly dispelled from his mind. In fact, he had even started looking around for an escape route And, that was because his sharp perception ability had made him realize that he may have walked into a great danger. He felt as if one false move could ruin everything. In fact, it could also result in his funeral.

His many hundreds of years of experience in the wider society had tempered his instincts. And, the Huang Ancestor had always trusted in his instincts.

There was a light rustling sound as a green-clad girl appeared beside Solitary Falcon. She looked at Huang Tai Yang in a cold manner, and spoke, "It's me."

Mei Xue Yan was the one who had spoken those words of insult in the beginning. But, the person who had appeared in the open was the Snake King!

Huang Tai Yang's eyes opened wide as he stared at her. He had thought that the person who had spoken out would be a Great Master Level expert. He had expected this individual to be old in terms of age like he-himself was. In fact, he had imagined an old lady with wrinkled skin and a hunched back. But, he had never expected that this individual would turn out to be such a beautiful young girl. He couldn't help but ask in stupefaction, "That was you?"

This was the first time the Snake King and the Solitary Falcon were meeting after they had arrived at the Jun residence. It must be mentioned that their first meeting hadn't been on cordial grounds. Therefore, the Solitary Falcon had stared at her wide-eyed when he had first seen her appear at his side. His reaction would've been rather extreme if it hadn't been for his strong ability to control. In fact, he would've nearly cried out in surprise. However, he had restrained himself with great difficulty. But, the colors of surprise had still filled his eyes.

[How has the King of Poisons the greatest of all the snake beasts appeared here so suddenly?]

"What are you staring at, Falcon? So, you find it shocking that I've appeared here?" The Snake King snorted as she gave him a look of displeasure.

"Uh the issue is how did you show up here?" Solitary Falcon was stumped. He stammered as if his mind had short-circuited. [Shouldn't she have followed her senior back into the Tian Fa Forest? So, how did she suddenly show up at the Jun residence? Isn't this place too far north from her southern territory?]

"I followed you to here he he" the Snake King chuckled.

"Oh So, that's what happened!" He looked at the Snake King, and traces of wonder filled his eyes. He then thought about when Jun Mo Xie had gone missing for two days at the Southern Heaven City. [Is it possible that he had gone to the Tian Fa Forest and had ended-up charming the Snake King in that time? He's indeed a vigorous man!]

[Could he be called a vigorous man? No. Even the best of men couldn't pull this off!]

[It seems that Young Master Jun had met the Snake King in those two days. Moreover, they must've taken a fancy to each other, and would've fallen for each other. Thereupon, the Snake King would've gotten emotional over their relationship after Jun Mo Xie left Tian Fa. So, she must've followed him through our journey here. Moreover, I even remember that Jun Mo Xie used to vanish many times in those days. So, it turned out to be a matter of a lover's tryst!]

[Damn, this playboy! He even managed to fool around with a Beast King]

Solitary Falcon had even drawn an outline, the dialogues, and the overall script for a drama in his head in such a short period of time. Moreover, he had even developed the connecting threads. And, the more he thought about it the more he felt that those things would've possibly happened in that manner

Solitary Falcon truly wanted to prostrate himself in admiration at this moment. [Who could've seduced such a beautiful woman even if she had hailed from the mortal society? But, that Young Master Jun has quietly managed to seduce a Beast King from Tian Fa! He's a very valiant man! His skill and charms are truly extraordinary!]

It had to be said that the Solitary Falcon's line of thinking was a bit excessive. But, it wasn't very far from the truth he had merely mistaken the youngster's real target

These two individuals were talking as if no one else was present there. However, Huang Tai Yang was a Great Master Level powerhouse from one of the Three Holy Lands. He was an extremely skilled person from the secret world. But, his questions had gone ignored and unanswered. A person with such an identity and cultivation had been given a cold shoulder, and was left to the side. Huang Tai Yang tried to endure this insult at first. But, the other two were merely talking after meeting each other, and weren't giving him any importance. This obviously made the Huang Ancestor very angry. His anger eventually broke out, and he roared. Then, he spoke-up in a malicious manner, "You brats! How dare you give this Old Man no face? How dare you act like this Old Man isn't present here?! This Old Man will show you how fierce he is!"

A "Hu" sound was heard as the silhouette of the "ignored" Huang Tai Yang flew down from the top of the tower. His white hair started to move behind him. And, his hands made strange revolving gestures in the air as he fluttered downwards in a frustrated manner.

Everyone present on the scene suddenly felt a very strange sensation the moment his figure dropped down. It was a very abrupt feeling; everyone had suddenly felt that they had lost control over their bodies. This move seemed very awkward; even their mouths and noses felt blocked to the point of suffocation. And, they couldn't help but be shocked as a result.

That charging move by Huang Tai Yang had seemingly moved-away the air from this area. And, that big courtyard had seemingly become a vacuum zone as a result. In fact, it seemed that the central point of this anomaly had become some kind of swirling vortex of Xuan Qi. And, they felt as if this vortex was seemingly attracting their bodies to plunge towards itself.

However, an individual would surely be left to the mercy of Huang Tai Yang's manipulations if they were to fall into this vortex!

The results of this technique were somewhat similar that of the Word Cage. But, their relative strength differed by a massive margin. After all, this technique hadn't reached that level wherein the attacker would only have to raise their hand to deal with an enemy. But, this move was still capable of shocking everyone.

The four people present in that area circulated their Xuan strength at the same time. The one with the lowest strength amongst Jun Zhan Tian, Jun Wu Yi, Green Hunter, and Solitary Falcon was at the Sky Xuan level. Therefore, everyone had managed to react in time. However, the weaker ones would lose control if they were to fall into the range of this attack. The Jun Father-and-Son knew that they weren't strong enough, and would only be a burden to their side if they acted rashly. So, they quickly turned around, and ferociously tried to escape the swirling vortex's dominion. The Solitary Flacon waved his hand in order to toss the two away from the vortex's range. Jun Zhan Tian turned his body around once he had escaped to safety. However, he saw the hair of the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King fluttering in the air They had already begun fighting Huang Tai Yang by this time!

The two of them had made similar kinds of movements. The Solitary Falcon had spread his arms, and had started to rotate in order to counteract the formidable pull from the center of the vacuum area. His two birdlike-claws were making screamed sounds in the wind! The Snake King was revolving in the opposite direction. Then, she suddenly became motionless for a second. Her body then shot up in the air, and charged at Huang Tai Yang in a manner similar to that of a slithering snake.

That wind screamed violently as the Solitary Falcon rose into the air. He had shot up like a bird of prey. He rose to a good height first. Then, he suddenly swooped down the next moment.

These two individuals had attacked from both above and below like a soaring falcon and a venom-spitting snake. Moreover, their collaborative attack became nearly seamless in a flash!

The fatal combination of the falcon and the snake!

Huang Tai Yang shouted in a sharp tone, "Those are insignificant moves! This is only like the splendor displayed by a small pearl!" His body suddenly started to revolve in a strange manner. It was like he had turned into nothingness. However, the entire sky was suddenly filled with millions of densely-packed fists the next moment. In fact, it seemed as if millions of people had shot their fists forwards.

Solitary Falcon roared, "Ghostly Falcon!"

His body flew upwards as his claw bore-down in torrents in an earth-shattering manner. A green light flashed in the Snake King's eyes as this happened. Then, several hair-like-thin dark shadows shot out from her body. They then rocketed towards her enemy. They had charged towards his arms, legs, and his head.

Huang Tai Yang became flabbergasted for a second. Then, he snorted coldly, "How can there be so many snakes in such a cold winter season!" His hands flapped, and those numerous shadows were sent flying in all directions. However, the Snake King and Solitary Falcon had approached close to his body by now.

There was a "Bang!" as the three people were sent flying in three different directions. But, the three people hadn't even stopped moving backwards when they suddenly reversed their directions in unison; this led to the formation of dozens of their after-images. Then, they against swept towards the same area in a manner so violent that even thunderbolts wouldn't be able to dissuade them.

Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were on the same side as the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King. They could faintly see the three people's kicks and punches at first. But, they had barely blinked when the speed of those three increased rather exponentially. In fact, it was almost like the three had suddenly turned into shadows, and had gotten merged into one entity. There was only the violently screaming and ripping gale now. And, this gale was charging towards the north, south, east and west. These three individuals went fighting from the ground to the air And then, from the air to the ground again

Whatever place they crossed turned into a mess! The flowers and leaves would scatter into the air. However, they would then be turned into weapons that would be used to attack the enemy. The flowers the leaves the bamboo-shoots everything would be turned into weapons to be used for injuring one's opponent. In fact, these items were being used to such effect that they could even kill an individual!

Solitary Falcon and the Snake King were known for their speed and agility. The Eighth Great Master's ferocity was matchless, while the Green Hunter was peerlessly venomous. Falcon and snake are natural enemies. But, these two had combined their attacks in such a manner wherein their weaknesses were being concealed by the other's strengths. It must be mentioned that these two individuals were coordinating their moves for the first time. So, it wasn't fully seamlessly to honest. But, their combined powers were still rendering an effect that was enough to contend against an existence greater than the Great Master Level.

However, the speed of Huang Tai Yang's movements was astonishing; it wasn't less than those of the other two by any margin! His Xuan strength was very profound. In fact, it was far stronger than those of his two opponents. His two opponents had certainly collaborated to form a seamless pair. However, Huang Tai Yang still hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous position.

An average person could never jump into this fight between these three people. After all, these people were launching innumerable attack in every moment. However, they were also resisting innumerable attacks within that same frame of time.

Jun Zhan Tian's Xuan level of Spirit Xuan middle ranks was the strongest amongst those watching the fight. But, he still couldn't distinguish who the enemy was or who was on his side! So, it would be pointless if he were to hastily rush-in to provide assistance. After all, his involvement would only be superfluous since he wouldn't be able to provide any real help.

The Huang Ancestor was indeed deserving of being called 'a great expert who had made his name famous for hundreds of years'. His strength was genuinely extraordinary. He had never been on his back-foot ever since he had begun fighting the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King. In fact, he had even had an upper-hand in the beginning. But, the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King's cooperation had started becoming increasingly better with the passage of time. And, the two had started fighting even more harmoniously as a result. Their moves had quickly started to become increasingly seamless. Consequently, they had started to succeed in suppressing Huang Tai Yang. In fact, they were even able to take initiative on their own. But, defeating the Huang Ancestor was still a rather difficult matter

Huang Tai Yang had remained calm during this entire time. He had consolidated at every step, and hadn't become anxious or mad. In fact, the corners of his mouth had slowly turned into a sneer. It seemed that Huang Tai Yang was assured that he could still beat the Jun Family and achieve his aim if they only had these two experts in their support.

Solitary Falcon laughed whilst being intoxicated with the battle, "This is truly satisfying! I can fight to my heart's content!"

However, the Solitary Falcon's body came to an abrupt standstill in mid-air as he roared this sentence out. Then, he quickly charged back into the fray. It turned out that the Solitary Falcon had met with a powerful and resolute palm attack. However, he had still decided to attack instead of moving to his defense.

Suddenly, a bloody aura burst out of the Solitary Falcon's body as he prepared to face the tyrannical pressure from such an exceptional expert. His hair fluttered as he charged recklessly while disregarding his own safety. In fact, the Solitary Falcon was geared to take-on nearly eighty-percent momentum of Huang Tai Yang's ferocious attack in doing so!

However, the enormous pressure the Snake King had been facing would also reduce because of his actions. But, how could a Beast King from Tian Fa accept an advantage at someone else's expense? So, she gave a loud hiss as her body turned a cruel green in color. Then, her body rose to the sky like a javelin. She had attacked right on top of Huang Tai Yang's head! However, her body suddenly split into eight images when she arrived close. Then, the eight Snake Kings attacked at the same time.

Huang Tai Yang's hair and beard flew upwards as he shouted, "Good, come on!" His palms thunderously shot up to attack. The corners of the Snake King's mouth curled into a sneer. There was a "Bang!" as her body flashed. Then, the Snake King's pretty silhouette covered the entire sky. Someone watching from the side would've felt as if the entire battlefield had been filled with images of the Snake King!

Huang Tai Yang was startled upon seeing this, and couldn't prevent his eyes from exposing a trace of shock. The Solitary Falcon was also charging downwards at this time. The cruel sneer hung at the corner of his mouth had made it evident that he was descending for a ruthless strike. After all, there was only one area he could use to complement the Snake King's killer move the Sky!

Therefore, the Ghostly Falcon descended!

Huang Tai Yang roared at first. Then, he smirked in anger as he counter-attacked with everything he had.

There were successive "Bangs!" and a thunderous flash as the Snake King's nine palms resolutely struck their target. They weren't false strikes in any way. And, they fiercely struck the Huang Ancestor's back in an explosive manner. Meanwhile, the Solitary Falcon's seven claws forcibly grabbed his chest.

Huang Tai Yang laughed wildly as he made no attempts to evade these attacks. In fact, there was a "Bang! Bang! Bang!" as he used three palm-attacks to repel the Solitary Falcon. Meanwhile, his leg kicked out like a tornado to repel the Snake King. The Snake King issued a stuffy groan, but she counterattack with a kick of her own. Therefore, the three individuals ended-up sustaining injuring at the same time. But, those three individuals were considered and revered as tyrannical personalities amongst the many peak experts of their age. So, how could they endure such a thing? They went berserk, and roared out at the same time. They then charged-in to attack again. In fact, they had decided to attack with everything they had!

The three roars echoed as these three rushed to the highest heavens. This lead to a sudden change of situation in the sky since the clouds above the Tian Xiang City had dispersed in reply. And, the depth of the night sky was revealed as a result

Explosive sounds were resonating from time to time. The Snake King's cold curses, the Solitary Falcon's maddened laughs, and Huang Tai Yang's loud roars were also echoing amidst the chaos. Suddenly, a very loud 'Bang' sound was heard.

This sudden and loud sound elicited a very tyrannical reaction. In fact, it seemed that the entire Tian Xiang City had been subjected to violent tremors!

This loud explosion was accompanied by a surge of irresistible power. Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were watching the whole thing from the sides. However, they were blown away to a distance of more than thirty meters. Then, there were loud two "Bangs!" as their backs hit the walls. In fact, the impacted had even knocked the wind out of their systems.

The shadows of the three people smashed down like meteorites. Solitary Falcon stumbled as the three people fell down. He took two steps back, and tried to stand his ground in a forceful manner. But, his chest had been struck by a ferociously powerful attack from Huang Tai Yang. And, the backward momentum induced by that attack was still a bit too strong for the Solitary Falcon to nullify. Therefore, he couldn't prevent himself from retreating another two steps. However, he was able to hold his position thereafter. His face had become slightly red, and somewhat pale. Blood was slowly flowing out from the corner of his mouth. However, it seemed like the glittering colors of his passion!

The Snake King had descended like a kite without string. She had flipped several times as she had tumbled through the air. Then, she had landed on the ground whilst staggering. Her pretty face had turned pale by now. Her legs had seeming gotten rooted to the ground, but her upper body was still reclining backwards. And, this was forcing her face to look upwards. Meanwhile, her long hair was floating behind her head in strange manner with hissing sounds.

Huang Tai Yang also fell to the ground loudly, and spun twice. His previously neatly combed hair was in a complete mess now. It now draped over his shoulder in a malicious manner. His face belied his fury as he let out a roar. Then, he violently waved his arms, and dozens of purplish objects fluttered down from his body like butterflies.

It turned out that Huang Tai Yang wasn't able to block the moves of the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King in one instance during the battle. Consequently, he had faced the nine palms and seven claws. He possessed an excellent cultivation. So, his tough body could bare those strikes. But, his purple gown had been shredded in sixteen places by that attack. And, the vestiges of those sixteen strikes had detached from his robe, and fallen to the ground since the three people had finally separated.

They floated down

The shredded purple gown resembled a beggar's clothes now. However, this had also exposed the soft golden armor he was wearing inside; golden rays were flickering on it.

Jun Mo Xie had been hiding while the fighting was taking place. However, he was left to gasp cold air at this time. The Young Master was well-aware of how terrifying the attacks of Solitary Falcon and the Snake King were. But, those ferocious sixteen gown-shredding attacks had seemingly had no effect on the Huang Ancestor. [What is this guy wearing?]

[That supple golden object must've had some role to play in this. But, the old man's strength is very profound. Moreover, the toughness of his body has also reached an extremely shocking degree.]

[Its not surprising that Mei Xue Yan had said that my exceptional and quick attacks would be useless against a genuine Great Master Level expert. Even my exceptionally sharp sword would bear no fruit against someone that strong. I must admit that even my sneak attack might not work against this Huang Tai Yang!]

[There's actually something as strange as this in this world!] Jun Mo Xie rejoiced in secrecy since he felt that he was fortunately to not have used his divine sword in order to mount a sneak attack. Otherwise, he would've received the shorter end of the stick post his endeavor.

Huang Tai Yang silently bowed his head to look at his now shredded purple clothes. He then looked up heavily. The old man smiled in a manner that didn't make it seem as if he was smiling. Then, he spoke in a dark manner, "This is remarkable! This Old Man hasn't sustained an injuries in god-knows how many years. But, you brats have somehow achieved this result! This is a strange and new feeling! Ha ha ha ah, I'm satisfied! I'm very satisfied!"

He stopped and looked at Solitary Falcon, "Your reputation isn't undeserved, Solitary Falcon! This Old Man admits that the Eighth Great Master's reputation isn't undeserved! But, it's a shame that you've to die right after receiving this Old Man's acknowledgement! It's honestly a lamentable matter!"

Solitary Falcon laughed and sneered, "Whether I die or not or even when and how I die has nothing to do with whatever you say or believe in!"

Huang Tai Yang ignored him, and looked at the Snake King in a malicious manner. He then put-on a dignified expression as he said, "You're also quite remarkable, young girl. This old man hopes that his eyes haven't gotten weaker with age but you must be the distinguished Snake King of the Tian Fa Forest if my guess isn't incorrect!"

"You still dare to call me a 'young girl' even though you know I'm a Beast King from Tian Fa? You've got big guts, Huang Tai Yang! You're too cocky! You're barely two-hundred years old. Yet, you're still acting like an elder in front of me?" The Snake King showed no quarter as she mocked back.

"Ha ha The Snake King is an old being! But, your age equates to its human equivalent when you appear in this human form. Therefore, the Snake King from Tian Fa doesn't look a day older than thirty. But, this Old Man has spent two-hundred years living through the springs and autumns in this flesh. So, it won't be right if I didn't call you a 'young girl', would it? Don't tell me that you want this Old Man to call you a fishy-smelling snake instead?" the Huang Ancestor laughed evilly as he spoke those malicious words.

"Disgraceful! What are you saying? Are you saying that I smell fishy?" The Snake King had the appearance of a girl who hadn't even reached her twenties. So, her corresponding temperament wasn't calm enough. And, this trait had particularly been exposed since these words had attacked her physical defects. After all, women have always had a love for appearing beautiful. Therefore, Huang Tai Yang's words had suddenly infuriated her.

"I had thought that the Jun Finally had climbed up the ranks with the backing of a mysterious master. And, I had taken that to be the reason why they had dared to oppose our Illusory Ocean of Blood so blatantly. But, I've now found that it was the Snake King from Tian Fa who was backing them! He he I guess that's a good disguise to work with. However, it's a pity though. After all, that name could've left this senior to dread two-hundred years ago. But nowadays ha ha the Tian Fa Forest became yesterday's news a long time ago. It doesn't even have enough qualifications to be considered a Holy Land anymore! Moreover, you people are nothing in front of the strong experts of my Illusory Ocean of Blood. In fact, you're nothing but an insignificant snake! Don't tell me that you think you're a dragon or something? Ha ha" Huang Tai Yang's expression became increasingly eccentric as he mocked her.

"The Tian Fa Forest may not be as strong as it used to be in the past. But, the thieves trained by your Illusory Ocean of Blood still aren't much in the eyes of my Tian Fa!" A light flashed in Green Hunter's eyes. It was evident that she was looking for an opportunity to attack. That old man's words had already managed to annoy her. So, how could she go without giving vent to her anger?

"But, the Snake King appearance at this place has genuinely come as a shock to this Old Man!"

A very bright light flashed in Huang Tai Yang's eyes as noticed that the Snake King's right hand was trembling in anger. So, he then spoke-up with the intention of making her even angrier, "I've heard that the Jun Family's brat is so shameless that he didn't even spare his own sister-in-law. People say that he has even taken her virginity! In fact, he didn't even seem regretful about his actions! But, it seems that the brat commands genuine skills when it comes to dealing with women! Ha ha ha!"

The Ancestor Huang's glare became dark as he continued, "I had heard that the despicable brat had gone to the Tian Fa Forest some time ago. Don't tell me that the Snake King was also swindled by that brat? Did he take advantage of the Snake King as well? Is that the reason she couldn't prevent herself from following him here to this Tian Xiang City? You're not stinting at anything. In fact, you seem to be using your power to gain favor with him! Well, you can't be blamed for this. After all, you've taken the appearance of a beautiful woman. And, that brat must've turned up in front of you as a prince-charming I suppose! Ha ha But, does that lowly debauchee of the Jun Family have enough skill to satisfy someone as distinguished as the Snake King? This Old Man can introduce you to some people who can satisfy you if he's falling short! Ha ha ha!"

Infuriate! Huang Tai Yang's intention was to infuriate the Snake King!