Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 511

Chapter 507: Huang Tai Yangs Tragedy
Chapter 507: Huang Tai Yangs Tragedy
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"You! You're disgraceful! You're a mean and lowly person! You still fancy to call yourself a man from the Three Holy Lands!? I will kill you!" The Snake King was furious, and her body was about to shoot out. But, Huang Tai Yang laughed heartily as he prepared to welcome the attack. After all, this was exactly what he had intended. He was more powerful than the both of his opponents. But, the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King complemented each other very well. They could form a formidable force if they coordinated with each other. And, that would increase their effective strength-output by two to three folds! There was a possibility that he could still defeat them despite their teamwork. But, he would have to pay a heavy price for it

Therefore, he had decided to provoke one individual. And, he would use this opportunity to kill that said-individual in a single stroke. Consequently, the situation would fall under his control. This was also the reason why he hadn't hesitated while unraveling his identity, and hadn't put a check on his filthy words. However, he hadn't expected for it to work this easily. After all, this was a commonly used trick!

There had been a lot of contempt in his body language when those words of provocation had left his mouth. However, he had then begun concentrating the entirety of his bodily strength since he was preparing to face his enemy! He was prepared to go to any lengths in order to kill the Snake King in a single stroke. There was still a chance that he may not succeed in killer her. However, he wanted to injure her so severely that she'd be render incapable of fighting afterwards! After all, the situation would fall under his control if things worked out in this manner

Huang Tai Yang's eyes flashed with an ominous glint. His murderous intentions had been revealed! The sound of tiny explosions echoed as his Xuan strength concentrated in one place! All these aspect were a precursor that he had readied this entire strength and skill to make a decisive move!

H wouldn't allow the Snake King to escape from his grip! After all, this kind of an opportunity was extremely rare to come by!

His plans were on the verge of materializing!

The figures of Huang Tai Yang and the Snake King were about to come in contact. However, a graceful figure suddenly frittered into the sky at this time, and shouted, "Go back!"

The Snake King heard this individual's command, and she followed the voice in spite of everything. She retreated, and returned to her original place in a flash. Moreover, her body language had shown no traces of hesitation or disobedience in doing so

Huang Tai Yang stared blankly for a second. Then, he raised his head to look at the source of the sound. However, he suddenly discovered that a lustrous palm-shadow had arrived before him. And, he suddenly lost his breath due to the overwhelming shock of this moment; [This person has been hiding on the sidelines this entire time. But, I was completely unaware of it! Who is this person?]

[This is makes it rather obvious that this person's strength isn't lower than mine!]

Suddenly, pangs of extreme remorse aroused in his heart. [It seems that the person who had spoken-out at the beginning was none other than this individual who has showed up at this time! However, I had mistakenly believed that it was the Snake King's voice! Consequently, I stopped paying attention to the sounds around me when the Snake King appeared. Who would've imagined that the enemies had been concealing such a super-master this entire time? How terrible would things become if this person was to team up with the Solitary Falcon and the Snake King?]

He quickly retreated as these thoughts crossed his mind. However, that single palm-shadow had already changed into a densely-packed palm-mountain by now! Suddenly, a loud sound echoed as that incisive palm strike charged through the air!

It turned out that this individual's attacking-speed had exceeded the speed of sound propagation! Numerous palms flashed and rumbled through the air. It seemed as if they would destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth. It appeared as if the doors of the hell had burst open, and millions and millions of demons had come out!

This strike was certain to kill! This one strike was akin to the fatal blow!

It could be said that Mei Xue Yan had been feeling extremely gloomy this entire time. She hadn't intended to undertake this task at first. However, she had decided to reveal herself in this critical moment. Besides, Huang Tai Yang's words had made her very angry. [Damn it! Who was he referring to when he was talking about the 'using a woman's body' part? Was this old fool making an indirect remark at me?] Thereupon, the beautiful Mei Xue Yan rushed out while spitting anger. She also brought 999 palm-strikes along with her

Mei Xue Yan launched this attack. However, she suddenly felt as if the gloominess that had been plaguing her heart had been erased to some extent. And, she somehow felt much better as a result. In fact, it seemed that beating up someone in this tyrannical manner was a good way to give a vent to the anger which had been locked inside her heart for a very long time. Therefore, Mei Xue Yan didn't let-up

And, Huang Tai Yang's body turned into a punching bag as a result! A proper punching bag at that!

It could be said that Huang Tai Yang's tragedy bore a certain aspect of similarity to Li Jue Tian's! After all, both of them had landed in similar situation because of one person Jun Mo Xie! That's because he was real reason why Mei Xue Yan was angry in both cases.

Huang Tai Yang was caught-off guard in the face of these attacks. He continually retreated backwards. But, could the speed of his retreat ever match Mei Xue Yan's frightening momentum? Their strengths had anyways differed by a significant margin. Moreover, Mei Xue Yan had also consumed the Vitality Linkage Pill a while ago. And, her speed had ascended to a terrifying level as a result!

Bang! Bang. a series of flesh-pulping sounds echoed as a flurry of palm attacks landed on the old man's body. In fact, these sounds were similar to the explosive sounds that are caused by firecrackers. Huang Tai Yang screamed in pain as his body flew out like a kite without a string. Eventually, he lost control over himself, and started to spurt blood from his mouth.

His strong and unbreakable body had sustained serious injuries by the first round of his counterpart's attacks!

There were blood stains at the corner of his mouth by the time he somehow tottered his way away. In fact, he looked like a ghost. He then asked in a mournful and distorted tone, "Who are you! Who the hell are you?"

It was a pity that Huang Tai Yang got an even more ferocious volley of attacks in reply

These attacks weren't merely wild and intense they were extremely deadly as well!

Huang Tai Yang screamed while confronting this Shadow of Death. He hadn't even been able to see this man's appearance until now. Instead, he only seen a vague silhouette, and had heard that clear and melodious voice. However, he was receiving waves upon waves of attacks. In fact, he had been taking a series of heavy blows!

Huang Tai Yang had never even dreamt that a human body was capable of reaching such a level of supremacy!

His entire body had suffered bad injuries be it vital parts or not. He used to believe that he had an indestructible body, but it had showed no resistance capabilities in the face of these attacks. However, his body wasn't the only thing had was suffering. Even his spirit was experiencing only one kind of sensation at this moment pain!

He hadn't tasted this strange feeling for the last hundred years or more Therefore, he had gradually forgotten of its existence. And, this was the reason why this 'Sun that Scorches a Thousand Mountains' had become so unbridled and arrogant with the passage of time. However, he was finally getting to taste this long-forgotten flavor of fear again!

He had assessed that his assailant didn't intend to take his life. After all, his opponent's strength was enough to kill him whenever he wanted to. Huang Tai Yang wasn't aware of the reason why this individual was acting in this manner; nor could he understand why this individual wasn't trying to kill him. However, he could tell that this individual was enraged, and was only trying to venting their anger on him!

Huang Tai Yang had certainly figured that this individual hadn't intended on killing him. But, the old man also knew he wouldn't be left with enough strength to escape if these half-hearted fatal attacks continued to rain on him in this manner. After all, these attacks would end-up crumbling his fighting abilities even though they wouldn't kill him!

Huang Tai Yang made an effort to arouse his Xuan strength. Then, he roared and swept skywards. However, his back was struck with a series of four palms as he was rising! But, could this also be regarded as a lucky incident? After all, wouldn't he be able to escape by using the momentum provided by these strikes?

Jun Mo Xie had been watching the fight from his place of hiding. However, he shouted out in excitement at this moment, "Don't let him go! Catch him alive!"

Solitary Falcon and Snake King leapt forward at the same time. They then chased after Huang Tai Yang at a lightning speed. However, they weren't acting upon the Young Master's desire. They had done so because this damned Huang Tai Yang had tried to kill them a moment ago. And, this had already tied a knot of hatred in their hearts. So, they obviously wanted to kill this old man in one fell swoop!

This was particularly true for the Snake King... Mei Xue Yan had rescued her when she had made that mistake. Else, she was bound to suffer a severe injury. In fact, she would've probably seen a major decrease in the layer of her strength level because of that injury. And, that would've meant that she may have lost her qualifications for taking on a human form. Moreover, this dubious old man had also attempted to slander her reputation with her words a short while ago

The Snake King was obviously very angry! So, how could she let him go when she harbored such a grudge against him? It must be said that the Solitary Falcon and Huang Tai Yang didn't have any deep-seated feud. But, this was a great opportunity to pulverize an already defeated enemy. So, how would he not wish to kill a man who wanted to kill him?

Huang Tai Yang jump upwards and got away from this Shadow of Death's range of attack. He breathed a sigh of relief. However, he then discovered that the dreadful white figure had disappeared without a trace. That white figure hadn't pursued to attack him!

His mind could help slacking off to some extent since that Shadow of Death had left. But, he had realized one thing very clearly [This place can turn out to be a very painful venture!] He hurried towards the wall. He secretly swore that he wouldn't return here if his strength was still lower than that of the Jun family. [Facing this indescribable strength is like offering myself on a platter!]

Suddenly, he noticed something obscure in front. The Solitary Falcon's powerful claws were approaching to grab his skull. Huang Tai Yang howled in anger when he saw this. Its true that he wasn't in good condition at this time, but he still didn't need to fear the Solitary Falcon. Therefore, he also counter attacked. Solitary Falcon snorted and smiled. Then, he forcibly directed his claws downwards.

The claws of both the parties clashed. And, Huang Tai Yang was left to yell out in a maddened frenzy. It turned out that he wasn't able to beat the Solitary Falcon. Moreover, the top of his shoulder had been drenched with blood due to this clash. But, this was also reasonable from one perspective After all, he had already suffered Mei Xue Yan's numerous palm attacks. But still, he was lucky that Mei Xue Yan had only given vent to the gloominess of her heart he would've turned into a pile of mincemeat if she had desired to kill him instead. In fact, there was a good chance that he would've ended-up becoming meat-sauce!

However, he had suffered severe injuries even though he had gotten somewhat lucky in the overall. In fact, his internal organs and meridians had already suffered damage. But, he still placed himself too highly. Therefore, he hadn't given much importance to this clash with the Solitary Falcon. In fact, he believed that he'd be able defend at will like he would've under normal circumstances. Moreover, he had felt that he would also be able to counter attack the Solitary Falcon in order to force him back. But, things weren't as easy as he had taken them to be. And, he wasn't able to rally enough strength to parry

Huang Tai Yang suffered at the Solitary Falcon's claws. And, another deadly wound was added to his body. But, he still managed to summon his Xuan strength in order to rush towards the wall with half-blooded madness. But, the Snake King was already waiting for him there. She smiled coldly and said, "What happened, old man? Why are you in such a hurry? You can leave after you've paid the price for your filthy words!"

It was needless to say that her hands and feet attacked at the same time. The Snake King was very similar to Mei Xue Yan in some ways. So, how could her strikes not be deadly as well? Moreover, she had intended to go for the killer move! Huang Tai Yang felt very tragic in this moment; he was very regretful. In fact, he regretted this beyond measure. After all, he had decided to charge into the Jun Family all by himself. Then, he had even put-forth a challenge in a majestic and awe-inspiring manner even though he didn't have any back-up. He had even tried to flaunt his overbearing strength. But

But, how would he have known that he had poked a massive next of hornets by doing so? The hornets had stuck onto his entire face as a result. Moreover, the sting of these hornets weren't merely fierce they were poisonous as well!

Huang Tai Yang howled in misery as his blood splashed out. After all, he received thirteen tight palms and six leg-shots from the Snake King. However, this man still lived up to the name of Three Holy Lands. And, that's because he still had some strength left! He swept in the sky, and hurried to escape. Moreover, his speed had accelerated to an extent that was rarely seen. The Solitary Falcon and the Snake King were known for their speed and agility. But, these two got angry when they saw him escape at that speed. And, that's because they had realized that they would fall short

The Snake King and Solitary Falcon were overwhelmed with shock to see him escape. Huang Tai Yang truly deserved to be called an existence above the Great Master Level. He was hit by Mei Xue Yan's numerous attacks first. Then, he was struck by the Solitary Falcon. After that, he was badly beaten up by the Snake King. However, he surprisingly still had the strength to escape at such a speed!

It must be said that his skills were frightening! He was genuinely an existence superior to the Great Master Level!

Solitary Falcon and Snake King had realized that Mei Xue Yan hadn't intended on killing this old man. However, they harbored tremendous rage towards Huang Tai Yang. One must have the ability to finish matters if intend on starting a feud. Huang Tai Yang had already received a series of wild and ferocious attack from three great experts. And, he had sustained hundreds of injuries. However, he was still all-set to escape away. This was genuinely appalling!

But, Huang Tai Yang was already a spent force now.