Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 525

Chapter 579: Torture All Of You To Death
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Bottle gourd entrance.

This was a very unique topographic entrance!

Just like what Jun Mo Xie said, the two sides of the cliff are erected towards the clouds while the middle had a depression, both ends were very narrow, only allowing three people to squeeze through side by side.

The snow had accumulated between the canyon. The blizzard had continued for the past few days and the strong wind had never stopped. The snow covered most of the canyon and it was at least ten feet deep ...

At the entrance, Xiao Wei Cheng and a few other experts that were wearing white gowns, silently lean against a huge stone as they scan the road.

"Xiao Wang Zuo, we have already waited for an entire day and night, why have they not arrived yet? Have they passed us already?" an old man with white hair and a beard that looked like a rat tail asked seriously.

"Definitely not! That adulterous couple had been flirting and sweet talking with each other for the whole journey, how can they walk so fast? Who knows? They might be hiding in some place enjoying themselves" another vulgar Chinese man with beard mocked.

"Ya? Brother Liu, they are living an unconventional and happy lifestyle and you seem to envy them, don't tell me...you have immoral feelings for Venerable Mei?" A guy suddenly popped out from the snow and exclaimed.

"Hngh! I just despise their indecent acts! They have offended social decency and have no ethics. They are a disgrace to the people and the world!" the vulgar Chinese man turned red as he tried to defend himself.

"Stop trying to explain yourself. Your eyes lighted up when you saw her. We are all men here, who all can tell that you are just jealous of them. As a supreme master, you don't even have the courage to admit?" Another man snorted: " Brother Liu, should we help you to create a chance with her? But you need to be careful. If you die on top of Venerable Mei's belly you will be famous"

"Nonsense!" the vulgar man glared and muttered: "I can last for very long!"

The crowd laughed. When discussing this topic, men will never back down, it did not matter if they were supremes or commoners.

Suddenly, Xiao Wei Cheng said in a low voice: "Get ready everyone! They are here!"

Everyone gathered and rose up with spirit, a thread of nervousness spread through the air. Even though they were joking about her previously but towards Venerable Mei, they fear and respect her. She could easily decide whether to let them live or die! If they were not cautious enough, they might die under her hands.

Everyone stared at the oncoming figure only to be stunned.

From a distance, they saw a woman walking towards them leisurely, as if she was on a holiday.

But, only one figure!

How can it only be one person? Where's the other one? Where did Jun Mo Xie go?

Instantly, everyone started feeling puzzled. But it's better this way since the only person that they really wanted to kill was Mei Xue Yan. Without Jun Mo Xie, they had one less concern. They do not have to worry that they might accidentally injure Jun Mo Xie causing the old freak to rage...

But, since Mei Xue Yan had arrived, where did Jun Mo Xie go?

The night was getting darker and colder and the wind was getting stronger. As the wind passes through the narrow gap between the canyon, it created an eerie mournful sound. It was as if the ghosts in hell were howling.

Snowflakes swirled up from the ground forming hazy fogs, completely blocking everyone's sight.

Luckily, the fog only lasted for a moment and slowly faded away. But the next moment, it started to snow.

Xiao Wei Cheng was a master beyond supreme level, with a powerful aura. But at that moment, he felt so nervous that the muscles in his body were cramping up. He held his breath as he gazed at the oncoming figure strolling towards him. She walked towards them seductively just like a leopard that was about to pounce on its prey.

The people behind him felt more anxious as they waited in silence.

This fight, definitely would be a terrifying one!

Once Venerable Mei entered the canyon, what awaited her, would be death! As a master beyond supreme level, if she knew that death was coming upon her, she would burst out an incredible amount of energy and everyone was well aware of that.

Even though this time, Golden City had dispatched ten masters beyond supreme level, twenty supreme masters which were a total of thirty experts. But to really kill Mei Xue Yan, they would still have to sacrifice half of their men and that was if they are lucky.

They might even have to sacrifice twenty men and more to die with her!

Even those lucky few that survived, might not be able to retreat in one piece. Deaths were bound to happen!

A master among the supreme masters! Even the Three Holy Lands are only on par with Venerable Mei. There may be some that had cultivations higher than her but it's only by a little.

Furthermore, Mei Xue Yan possessed a terrifying speed that no one could win against.

If they did not manage to inflict serious damage on her on the first attack which will happen when she enters the canyon, when she comes around to attack, that would be the start to their catastrophe.

The wind became wilder and the snow became heavier...

The ground that appeared to be calm actually contained loads of murderous intention.

There were no signs at all, that within the canyon, hid thirty supreme masters.

As Mei Xue Yan continued walking towards the canyon, the atmosphere within it became heavier.

Suddenly, Mei Xue Yan appeared to have sensed something and immediately stopped walking. With her beautiful eyes, she scanned across the canyon. Even though the masters knew that she could not see them, their heart still cramped unconditionally they quickly calmed their escaping souls and halted their breath. Like zombies, they hid under the snowy ground.

As a master among supreme masters, she had very strong intuition, facing unknown danger she would become more sensitive. If she had actually sensed something, their whole plan would be ruined.

Suddenly, Mei Xue Yan floated into the air and her graceful body was more than ten feet from the ground. With a few gentle kicks from her slender feet, she rose another ten feet higher. She did a beautiful turn and a few more kicks before flying higher in the air...

Everyone who saw this scene uncontrollably gasped a cold air.

Is this the ability to take flight?!

They had never seen or even heard of this ability before. It was something that only the master of all could accomplish.

Mei Xue Yan slowly scanned through the canyon in mid-air, looking through whatever that was within ten miles. She lightly landed on the ground with a slow turn. She was like a goddess descending from heaven, moving everyone's heart.

She apparently did not find out anything as she relaxed her cautious attitude. She turned back and took a look before heading towards the canyon once again.

She's here!

She's finally here!

She was slowly nearing the entrance of the canyon and was just eight feet away! Passing these eight feet and she will be entering the gates of hell!

Seeing how Mei Xue Yan still had no idea of what was going, they wondered if her intuition had lost its effectiveness. Mei Xue Yan continued with light steps and elegantly walked towards the canyon. She even occasionally reached out her hand to brush the snow off her temples. She seemed to have totally let down her guard...

Mei Xue Yan sighed and turned back again to take a look, as if she was waiting for someone. She walked a few more step and suddenly stopped. She stood in the middle of the road without moving.

The supreme masters from the Golden City were so agitated that their blood vessels were about to explode. But, Mei Xue Yan continued to stand in the middle of the road without moving...

Come in! Faster come in! You should faster come in! Why are you still not coming in?!

Everyone was shouting in their heart, extremely devoted!

Oh my god! It's just a few more step, why did you stop...

This is testing our mental stability!

The distance between them was neither short or long, it was an awkward distance. If anyone in the canyon were to take a deep breath, Mei Xue Yan would have discovered them! In fact, if their heart were to beat any harder, Mei Xue Yan would find out.

For now, Mei Xue Yan was still standing outside the canyon. If she discovered something was not right, she could immediately escape. With her speed, even if everyone were to attack at the same time, at most they could only eat the dust behind her.

The situation was like a bow that was fully pulled back. With an ignorant attitude, Mei Xue Yan unconsciously pulled the bow far back but suddenly stopped. She did not exert any more strength but she did not release the arrow either she just stopped right there...

And the arrow represented the thirty supreme masters from Golden City!

They awkwardly waited in their position, not daring to move a single bit ...

Finally, Mei Xue Yan took a step forward and everyone relaxed for a while, but just as she was about to enter the canyon Mei Xue Yan leapt up and gently sat on a branch of a pine tree. Her two slender legs dangled above as she looked upon the path that she came from. She had totally stopped moving forward...


The thirty men scolded in their heart simultaneously.

What is this? Is she playing with us? If you want to come over, you should come over quickly! If you want to leave then leave quickly! Putting us in such a stressful situation, what is this?!

If Jun Mo Xie knew what they were thinking, he would cry and said, " Brothers, you have finally understood the pain that I've been through these past few days. This woman is an expert in messing with people. Even people like us with strong mental health will go mad under her hands The arrow is on the bow, but cannot be released. It is such a torture! You guys are not the only one suffering, I had to hold it in till my stomach ache!"

But Jun Mo Xie was not here!

Master Jun was planning his first assassination!