Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 534

Chapter 530: The Coercion Of The Three Holy Lands
Chapter 530: The Coercion of the Three Holy Lands
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"Bloodshed always has its cause and effect. But, greed is the original sin," Jun Mo Xie said calmly, "We won't fear anyone's provocation! I'm not saying this because I have you to keep watch. I wouldn't have feared even if I had only had myself to rely on!" Mei Xue Yan nodded when she heard this. Then, both of them walked out together.

They came to the hall where the Elusive Land of Immortals' people were seated. But, they saw that the people from Illusory Ocean of Blood and the Great Golden City had already arrived, and were waiting for them. Ning Wu Qing of the Elusive Land of Immortals had occupied the head's seat. And, the people of the Illusory Ocean of Blood and the Great Golden City were seated to his left and right, respectively. But, the head's seat opposite to them had been set aside for Jun Mo Xie. However, the experts from the Three Holy Lands didn't even get up when Young Master Jun arrived; they didn't offer him the conventional greetings either. It was evident that the Three Holy Lands had already come to a tacit understanding they wanted to put up an initial show of their strength in front of Jun Mo Xie.

Mei Xue Yan was usually a very self-restrained individual. However, she couldn't help but frown when she saw at the situation. In fact, she was somewhat indignant. But, Jun Mo Xie was calm and composed on the contrary. He merely winked at her, and both of them took their seats without consulting anyone. Jun Mo Xie's butt had barely squatted on the chair when he raised his leg. He then crossed it over the other leg to sit cross-legged!

"The seniors have come down from their venerable adobes. It's an honor that they've arrived at the Tian Xiang City. However, I wasn't able to welcome you properly until now. This is extremely rude of me. But, I take this opportunity to thank everybody for coming here. No wonder, ha ha, everyone probably had their lunch; was it sufficient?" Jun Mo Xie cupped his hands and said the greetings.

It must be said that his words were quite pleasant to hear. But, his words still seemed perfunctory since he was sitting in the cross-legged position. There were fifteen experts present, and not even one of them was satisfied by this behavior. However, they looked at Mei Xue Yan's stunning and beautiful features, and they couldn't help but stare blankly at her. In fact, they were so amazed that they even forgot about their anger.

"You are too kind, Young Friend. And, you don't need to be formal. Young Friend, you were very thoughtful. You've arranged everything very nicely, and we are very satisfied," Ning Wu Qing faintly smiled as he waved out with his hands in a modest manner.

Ma Jiang Ming gave a strange 'heroic' laugh. He then spoke-up in a gloomy and sorrowful voice, "Young Master Jun, we wish to discuss something with you. This is an important matter; it relates to the future of the continent. However, I don't recognize the girl who's sitting beside Young Master Jun Who is she?"

Every expert present in the room was under the spell of Mei Xue Yan's stunning beauty. In fact, everybody had been stunned by her dazzling beauty. Even an expert like Ning Wu Qing couldn't resist her beauty; his eyes had also flashed an expression of appreciation. However, Ma Jiang Ming's expressions made it seemed as if he hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it seemed as if he was slightly disgusted at the sight of Mei Xue Yan!

"Um, this is my wife. He he he" Jun Mo Xie had been harboring dark intentions in his heart. In fact, he had been hoping that somebody would ask this question. This Young Master was no stranger to being cheap and taking unfair advantage of others. It could be said that this had become his second nature. He was used to behaving like this. Moreover, Young Master Jun's habit of taking unfair advantage of others had nearly become his usual practice in due course. He laughed in a thought-provoking manner. He then explained in detail since he was afraid that the others might not understand clearly, "This is my wife; she's my lady. She shares my pillow he he"

Mei Xue Yan's charming face turned so pale with anger that she nearly fainted. She gave him a fierce look. But, she couldn't refute at this moment. So, she had no option but to let this stupid guy feel proud of himself for a while. However, one would have to wait-and-see if he would still feel complacent about this matter fifteen minutes later

"Oh? This girl is very graceful and charming. She looks like a painting. In fact, she looks as if a fairy has transformed into a human. Young Master Jun is very lucky. It's a perfect match made in heaven he he" Ning Wu Qing smiled and said.

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming had already received a gracious favor from Jun Mo Xie. After all, he had given them one Bone Tempering Pill each for free! And, they knew that what they had eaten was worth at least fifty-to-sixty thousand gold coins. This was a huge favor. So, both the men were feeling slightly embarrassed to make things difficult for Jun Mo Xie.

Therefore, these two leading men were hoping to rely on their counterpart Illusory Ocean of Blood. In fact, they were particularly relying on the Illusory Ocean of Blood's young lord Huyan Xiao. After all, the youngster generation was bound to be better at communicating with the younger generation. [He wouldn't have to drop from his position of seniority in age while talking with a youngster like Jun Mo Xie]

Unfortunately, they still weren't aware that an expert of the Illusory Ocean of Blood had arbitrarily gotten them involved in a personal affair between three certain influential families and a family named the Huang Family! Moreover, a conflicted had erupted thereafter. And, that's because the Illusory Ocean of Blood had attempted to snatch the pills from the Jun Family by showing-off their strength. In fact, the Illusory Ocean of Blood's best expert for this mission Huang Tai Yang had already lost his life in the premises of the Jun Family's residence!

It could be said that these two sides were already irreconcilable

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming would've surely felt very depressed if they had known about this matter. And, that's because the Illusory Ocean of Blood was intended to represent the Three Holy Lands in these negotiations with Jun Mo Xie. Therefore, their cause never had any chances of success to begin with!

In fact, there would be no hope even if the Illusory Ocean of Blood was to beseech Jun Mo Xie during these negotiations

"Young Master Jun? I'm the Young Lord of the Illusory Ocean of Blood Huyan Xiao." Hu Yan Xiao gloomily looked at Jun Mo Xie. His expressions were malicious like that of a viper as he stared Young Master Jun. An incorporeal pressure surged from his body as he spoke. This pressure then charged towards Jun Mo Xie!

Huyan Xiao's plan was very tyrannical, but effective. His Xuan cultivation had already reached the third level of the Spirit Xuan realm. Therefore, he had planned that he would use his superior strength to suppress his opponent's desire to fight before the start of the battle. And, Jun Mo Xie would obviously have to submit to Huyan Xiao's domination in these negotiations since he would've fallen into a disadvantageous position. And, wouldn't the Three Holy Lands be able to take anything they'd desire once that had happened?

"I've been looking forward to meeting you. I've genuinely been looking forward to meeting you. After all, to know a man by his reputation isn't as good as meeting him in person. And, you're indeed better in person. The Young Lord Huyan is genuinely an invincible expert. You're outstanding. This Jun Mo Xie admires you! I greatly admire you!" Jun Mo politely greeted him. He was still seated in a cross-legged position. In fact, he was still as solid as a rock. Jun Mo Xie had even smiled when he had looked at Huyan Xiao. However, Young Master Jun had looked him as if he was watching a clown perform a roadside show.

Hu Yan Xiao's mountainous momentum had struck Jun Mo Xie like a Tsunami. However, this dreadful momentum had suddenly subsided in the same manner a sea wave does when it runs into a reef. The strong and ferocious momentum hit Jun Mo Xie on his face, but he didn't even feel it.

On the contrary, Huyan Xiao suddenly felt as if he had landed a powerful punch on a cotton bag. He couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable in the pit of his stomach as a result.

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming frowned; their pupils also contracted. After all, this was sufficient to prove that those worldly rumors weren't entirely baseless; the Jun Family had an extremely powerful and unrivalled expert behind them. They were far stronger than Huyan Xiao. However, they introspected, and realized even they wouldn't have been able to deal with that pressure from Huyan Xiao so easily. Moreover, they certainly wouldn't have been able to remain so calm and collected.

Everyone had noticed that the fairy-like girl had slightly raised her eyelids. And, Huyan Xiao's pressure had turned into nothing as a result. They knew that Jun Mo Xie could've withstood it as well. But, he wouldn't have done it with so much ease. It turned out that Mei Xue Yan hadn't been able to bear the sight of how arrogantly these people from the Three Holy Lands were acting.

[You want to show me your power? So, I will show you my power as well! Let's see who is more powerful.]

The other dozen or more experts from the Three Holy Lands remained upright in their seats. They made no attempts to flaunt their strengths. However, they knew the gravity of Huyan Xiao's pressure. Even an expert of the Spirit Xuan realm would've felt uncomfortable if they had been sitting there. However, Jun Mo Xie had remained unaffected. Consequently, everyone had been left stunned.

[Jun Mo Xie might be exceptional. But, he's still less than twenty years in age. Wouldn't it have taken a great and all-knowing master to have trained such a disciplined disciple?]

"Well. You are too kind and humble. Young Master Jun is a very promising talent. Your Xuan strength is amazing. Moreover, the Jun Family's defense is impenetrable. In fact, it's truly admirable," Huyan Xiao spoke-up in a dark tone.

"Young Lord, you are flattering us. The Jun Family is merely a worldly family. How can we scale the heights of the world like the Three Holy Lands have? We can only cope with some dog-like insignificant thieves. However, if some powerful expert would've come to rob us then he he he he..."Jun Mo Xie replied modestly. His expressions also seemed very sincere.

Huyan Xiao's face turned red, and he instantly got angry. Jun Mo Xie's words could've been considered as 'modest'. But, how could Huyan Xiao not have understood the meaning implied? [Dog-like insignificant thieves? Isn't he talking about Senior Huang Tai Yang? But, that was a man from my Illusory Ocean of Blood!]

"He he, this Young Lord must admit that he can't match Young Master Jun when it comes to the art of words. However, the matter in front us is related to the safety of the mainland's future. It also involves the survival and welfare of common people who live therein. Therefore, we've come here with a hope that Young Master Jun can give some answers," Huyan Xiao's dark eyes flashed with anger and he said slowly.

Jun Mo Xie was rendered speechless for a while. [How on Earth can these people from the so-called 'Holy Lands' conduct themselves like this? They open their mouth with talks about the continent's future, and they shut it with a mention of the common people's welfare! Do you genuinely believe that you represent them?]

[Besides this Huyan Xiao doesn't understand anything. Even an ordinary Sky Xuan expert can slow down their ageing because of their Xuan strength. Therefore, such a person seems thirty-forty years old even though they are sixty or seventy. But, that doesn't make them a 'Young Lord'!]

The contact that had happened a moment ago had enabled Jun Mo Xie to determine that this Young Lord had Spirit Xuan Level cultivation, and his age was around fifty years. It could be said that he had entered the Spirit Xuan realm very quickly. However, his real age and appearance seemed very complementary. In fact, it seemed very appropriate

[I only see a semi-old man. But, this semi-old fellow still claims himself as 'Young Lord'. This makes me sick! Terms of address such as 'Young Master', 'Young Lady', 'Young Lord', and so on have some limits. Everyone knows that a Young Master's age should be around seventeen-eighteen years. Even a twenty or thirty year old individual can qualify for this. However, anyone should feel embarrassed to call themselves a 'Young Lord' if they're over forty years Has anyone ever seen an old guy calling himself a 'Young Master'?]

Jun Mo Xie genuinely wanted to say [You are old. So, stop this 'Young Lord' nonsense!]

"Young Lord, can you be a bit more direct with your words. This Jun is a little slow. Therefore, I can't understand what the relation I have with the future of the common people of entire continent? However, I do find it as a great compliment nonetheless!" Jun Mo Xie had intentionally aggravated the pronunciation of this 'Young Lord' part. Consequently, the gap between the two words had been made very evident. The experts of the Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City were left giggling through their teeth as a result

Huyan Xiao turned red. He then angrily said, "This Young Lord wants to ask you about how many Bone Tempering Pills you have And, where is that man who has refined these pills? He's an important man in this matter. But, you're an insignificant individual Jun Mo Xie. So, you're obviously regarded as a 'nobody'!"

He had been provoked by Jun Mo Xie's words. Therefore, he hadn't been able to prevent himself from blurting out. However, he had also ended-up claiming himself as 'Young Lord' in the same manner as Jun Mo Xie had. This was obviously followed by a louder burst of jeering. The experts from the Illusory Ocean of Blood had been able to restrain themselves. But, how could the experts from the two other Holy Lands have withstood the impact of this aftershock?

Huyan Xiao flushed with anger in the face of such an embarrassing situation. In fact, he had been pushed to the verge of losing his wits. Even the momentous start to his words had lost their power by the end of his speech.

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming suddenly thought; [This is bad. Rumors say that this Third Young Master Jun is a fearless man who acts without any regard for the consequences. Huyan Xiao's question might result in a stalemate here!]