Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 54

Chapter 53 meeting xiaoyi again
Chapter 053 Meeting Xiaoyi Again

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Hmm Grandfather Tang squinted his eyes, a glint flashing within his eyes. Continue.

That is all, Tang Yuan replied abruptly.

That is all?! You piece of crap! You dare say that is all after reaching the main point? Do you have a death wish? Grandfather Tang became greatly angered and lashed out with a kick on Tang Yuans buttocks. With just this little bit, how could you be certain that Qin Hus Northern City Clan have anything to do with the theft case? What exactly happened? Tell me everything from the beginning! If there are any parts that are unclear, I will rip out your fat skin!

Tang Yuan became frustrated. Seeing that he cannot bluff his way out, he obediently reported everything that had happened.

Grandfather Tang squinted his eyes as he listened. When he heard about Jun Moxie accusing the Northern City Clan being associated with the theft case, he interrupted Tang Yuan and asked. Could it be that bastard Jun Moxie has beef with the Northern City Clan?

Huh? No! How could that be? Considering his character, if he had any grudge with the Northern City Clan, he would have flattened that little clan a long time ago. How could Northern City Clan still survive if such was the case? Tang Yuan quickly denied.

Indeed, Jun Moxie should not be trying to frame Qin Hu. Simply based on the Jun Familys power, there was no need for him to push such a matter to our side. However, I am somewhat unable to trust that Jun Moxie. That being said, he should not be someone who could conceive a high level strategy to harm others, Grandfather Tang stroked his beard.

But grandpa, the Xuan Core is simply too important for our family. At a time like this, it is better for us to believe in something than nothing, Seeing his plans about to come to fruition, Tang Yuan quickly added.

Correct! I would rather believe in something than nothing at all! Besides, it is only small gang from the underworld, can I not move against them? I can just consider this an act of helping the common people in getting rid of a nest of evils! Grandfather Tang violently stood up.

Saying that the Northern City Clan is connected to the theft case based on that incident alone is indeed far-fetched. However, the great clans within the city had been acting over the line recently. Especially this Northern City Clan; I hear that they have done no small number of evil deeds. In addition, the investigation into the Xuan Core had omitted these few clans. Since that is the case, I might as well catch those from Northern City Clan and interrogate them first. Hopefully, we can find a lead there, Grandfather Tang thought about it. Even though he did not place much hopes into it, if there was even a glimmer of hope, then he had to at least check it out.

Relay my orders, all those at the Ninth level Xuan Qi and above are to assemble immediately. We will be taking action tonight! Remember, until the matter is over, they must not kill senselessly! I need information from them!

Understood! Tang Yuan was overjoyed. Third Young Master Juns method was indeed amazing. His grandfathers treatment towards him had already changed, haha

This plan from Jun Xie was fundamentally born of his distaste for the Northern City Clan. Those that earned the Evil Monarchs ire can forget about living a good life. However, Jun Xie had too many concerns about the aftermath of moving against them by himself. Thus, he pushed this matter onto Tang Yuan.

As for Tang Yuan, the reason he accepted this role was simply to make his life more bearable. He could no longer stand being treated like a mouse in his own house, being beaten and cursed at every day.

As for Grandfather Tang, he decided to act on it because he was holding on to the hope that it was related to the Xuan Core. After all, having hope is better than having no hope. Besides, he could also use this opportunity to wipe out a harmful group for the sake of the common people. No matter what result this incident brought, as long as he could publicize the list of crimes that the Northern City Clan had committed, the reputation of the Tang Family would rise by one level. That way, his actions would gain the support of the masses.

Besides, Northern City Clan was the weakest amongst the six great clans; they do not have any supporting powers behind them. Moving against them was something that required no discretion! In addition, there was a possibility of a pleasant surprise if it turned out that this action would bring a potential lead towards the Xuan Core.

However, Jun Xie, Tang Yuan and Grandfather Tang did not know something. They did not know that this action from their side was a truly lucky strike! This would become an unexpected pleasant surprise for them! Everything would come together on this very evening.

As for Li Yourans arrangement to have Qin Hu investigate Jun Xie, his instructions had only just arrived for Qin Hu. Unfortunately, now that Grandfather Tang had mobilized his forces

It would appear that Li Yourans plans would be foiled yet again. Without any warning or reason, his plans would be broken apart. All because of two debauchees, one who could not stand the existence of Northern City Clan, while the other wanted to escape from his miserable situation. These two selfish debauchees ended up foiling a highly detailed plan made after countless analyses by Li Youran

Could this actually be the will of Heaven?

Jun Xie proceeded slowly along the way. The Divine Weapons Store was just ahead. Before the shop was a luxurious carriage bearing a crest with two crossed swords!

This was the special crest belonging only to the Dugu Family! Someone from the Dugu Family was here!

Jun Xie was shocked but did not pay any heed to it as he slowly strode inside. If this was the debauchee, Jun Moxie, he would not dare to cross paths with a member of the Dugu Family. However, Jun Xie was different! What does he need to fear from the Dugu Family?

Dear Young Master, what kind of weapon are you looking for? As he entered the shop, a middle-aged man came forth. There were no small number of Young Masters like Jun Xie within the city. All of them favoured the habit of carrying a magnificent looking sword. However, these swords only serve as a decorative item with no real ability to kill. Naturally, these weapons practicality would be questionable.

I am not here to buy ready-made weapons. I am here to inquire; do you have cold iron for sale? Price is not a problem! Jun Xie laughed out, portraying a look of wealth and power.

The mans eyes flashed as he thought to himself: I thought this kid is a debauchee. Could it be that he is actually an experienced professional? I cannot afford to make this mistake! He appraised Jun Xie once more before replying. It turns out that Young Master here is a professional. However, our shop currently does not have any cold iron, as it is too hard to procure. Would Hundred Tempered Steel Iron suffice instead?

Jun Xie chuckled and replied. If it has truly been tempered a hundred times then it would suffice, however, this Hundred Tempered Steel Iron has it truly been tempered a hundred times?

The middle-aged mans face showed an awkward expression of embarrassment. Young Master here is a true experienced professional. Even though my shops Hundred Tempered Iron has only been tempered around ten times, the quality is indeed above average. Even if it is to be compared to the others around the world, it can be considered one of the best.

Ten times I understand. In that case, what about Mysterious Iron? Do you have any? Jun Xie sighed. How terrible! Could it be that this places level of technology was actually behind Earth by ten thousand years? Putting hopes into their forging methods would be pointless. As of right now, all he could do was search for special metals! When it comes to special metals, Mysterious Iron was the best!

None The middle-aged man wiped his sweat. Why was this man asking for all sorts of materials that was hard to procure? He suddenly remembered something. A few days ago, we received a piece of Meteoric Iron. Would that suffice?

Meteoric Iron?! Jun Xies eyes lit up. Lets go and have a look!

When asking for the Mysterious Iron back then, Jun Xie was only hoping for a what if. He had fully expected there to be none. Unexpectedly, there was a Meteoric Iron! Even though Mysterious Iron was rare, the rarity of Meteoric Iron was even higher. It seemed that his luck was quite good!

Jun Xie followed the middle-aged man through the storeroom as they walked into the store behind the shop. Before they reach the storeroom, however, a clear voice could be heard from within. Excellent! I want this Meteoric Iron.

The owner of the voice was someone that Jun Moxie had feared the most Dugu Xiaoyi of the Dugu Family!

Why am I bumping into her everywhere? Scary!

Jun Xies heart became anxious; he quickly stepped through the door. Without waiting for anyone to say anything, he quickly opened his mouth. Hahaha Miss Dugu, I did not expect that we would meet again here. This must be fate.

It is you? Jun Moxie? Dugu Xiaoyi turned around, her eyes sparkled as she straightened her chest. Jun Moxie, you are too abnormal. Why is it that I would end up bumping into you all the time, just like a clingy ghost! How peculiar! Suddenly, she jumped, pushing her face before Jun Xie, asking viciously. Jun Moxie, you are not stalking me on purpose, are you?