Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 540

Chapter 577: Tricks dont work? Use force then!
Chapter 577: Tricks dont work? Use force then!
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While one of them tried his best to teach, the other did her best to learn. Within just a short period of time, Mei Xue Yan's improvement was extremely huge. As a top expert, her extreme comprehensive skills were very useful now. She only needed to practice any movements once and she'll master their essence.

Furthermore, sledding was easy to pick up, especially for experts like Mei Xue Yan whose body was way more flexible than normal people, light and have the assistance of their ability to take flight. In a few days, it would not be surprising if she surpassed Jun Mo Xie...

However, even when Mei Xue Yan have learnt the movements, she pretended to have not and flightily request for Jun Mo Xie to teach her once more, just like a young lady flirting with her lover. Jun Mo Xie did not expose her and so the two of them happily stayed engrossed in the process...

In the wild, suddenly felt like it was springtime...

Even the piercing cold winter winds seemed to have become friendlier...

Their shadows intertwined in the woods back and forth until night fell and two shooting stars skid across the night sky, leaving delicate trails behind them, shuttling between the mountains and woods.

Mei Xue Yan finally mastered all the techniques of skiing. Like a child with a new toy, she tirelessly wanted Jun Mo Xie to practice with her cheerfully...

Night had fallen and Jun Mo Xie chose a slightly risky canyon, with a height of around four to five hundred feet tall, which was piled with snow and looked like a flat plain; once normal people fell into it, it was likely they would die but to Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan, it was not threatening at all. Instead, they excitedly jumped in...

Within the layers of snow, Jun Mo Xie used his spiritual abilities. Using his palm to quietly press against the surrounding snow, he compressed the snow which hardened, gradually making a secluded space which was the size of two rooms; although it was extremely cold outside, it was surprisingly warm in this room, made from snow walls, which was several tens of feet from the top of the canyon. It was a self-made room which appeared from nothing.

The two of their Xuan abilities were strong and supposedly need not worry about breathing problems but Jun Mo Xie still picked some long bamboo from the woods, connected them together, used his spiritual energy to open up the joints then pierced one end through the snow to get fresh air in the snow. Although it was still a bit stuffy, it was much better than before.

Mei Xue Yan was surprised to see Jun Mo Xie's masterpiece and could not help but praised him, "After so many years, I have not thought that I could do this when it is snowing... just using your two hands, you made such a house, what a great way to save energy and it is so interesting; Nothing in this world is impossible, it's just whether you can think of it!"

As she spoke, she looked at Jun Mo Xie with her bright big eyes and said slightly demandingly, "But... Young Master Jun, are you letting me sleep on this snow pile?"

"No way! Even if you don't mind, my heart will ache!", Jun Mo Xie said confidently with a serious expression.

"Then... what should we do?", Mei Yan Xue looked at the both of them. She brought a small bag out but Jun Mo Xie left empty-handed without even bringing his sword... much less a blanket...

"Cavemen have their ways!", Jun Mo Xie said secretively then smiled proudly, stretched his hands out and acted weirdly before raising his voice, "Appear!"

Immediately, two huge white bear coats appeared in his hands. Jun Mo Xie proudly lifted his eyebrows, "How's this?"

"Isn't this the bear skin coats that idiot, Xiong Kai Shan, bought? How did they end up with you?", Mei Yan Xue could not help but got angry yet laughed at the mention of Xiong Kai Shan buying the bear skin coats; who knew what he was thinking that day, as the King of Bears, he actually bought bear skin coats... about this, Jun Mo Xie really admired the sales tactic used by the shop...

A sales genius! A top salesman perfect for expanding the target market...

"This is thanks to you as after that old bear was scolded by you, he did not dare to take them with him so it benefited me. Look at this quality, definitely top-grade...", Jun Mo Xie laughed happily as he took advantage of the situation and benefitted himself.

Mei Xue Yan was displeased and sarcastically said, "What a minute. I don't understand, that splurging old bear spent the money you gave him! You seem as though you gained a lot, what kind of logic is that."

Jun Mo Xie confidently replied, "It is your logic that has a problem. You see, it is just like I often take snake stew from Qian Xun that little girl. In this world, who can eat snake stew bestowed by the Snake King? Who can wear bear skin coats personally bought by the Bear King? Just based on this, I'm the only one! I'm proud of it!"

Mei Xue Yan broke out in laughter. It cannot be denied that this was a joke. Other than Xiong Kai Shan, this idiot whose brain was wrongly wired, the kings of other animals really would not do such things. Although Jun Mo Xie also got snakes from Qian Xun, they were the traps used by Qian Xun to kill him. The two situations were very different...

Indeed, it could be historical!

He easily laid the coats on the solid snow, one for the ground, one as a blanket, perfect. Jun Mo Xie courteously signalled, "Wifey, it is getting late, please go to bed, you will definitely sleep well."

"Oh? Only these two piece? How about you?", Mei Xue Yan widened her eyes.

"I'm alright, I can fight the cold, just let me freeze; for you, I am willing to endure the cold! It is on me for not preparing sufficiently and only brought two coats... for your reputation, I... am just fine!", Jun Mo Xie's eyeballs fluttered as though he was repenting. It would be great if Mei Yan Xue would say 'How about... let's squeeze a bit?", he would gladly oblige but act as though he was not willing and say, "Hmm... let's squeeze then."

Mei Xue Yan's hesitated for a while and regretfully said, "Since you are so magnanimous and thoughtful, you can freeze outside then." How could Mei Xue Yan not realise Jun Mo Xie's intentions? There was no way she would let him have his way!


Beauty Mei's words shocked Jun Mo Xie who stared in surprise as his jaw dropped.

Mei Yan Xue was not bothered and decided to remove her outer coat, revealing her curvy body shape underneath before quickly snuggling in between the two coats, enjoying the soft fur quality and warmth. She could not help but let out a sigh and said, "It's so warm..."

Jun Mo Xie was upset, how could it not be warm?

After a while, Jun Mo Xie hugged his arms and started shivering and his teeth started chattering, making a sound; he stole a glance at Mei Xue Yan who had her eyes closed, probably asleep...

Young Master Jun took a deep breath and decided. He suddenly started jogging around, stamping his foot on the ground while saying, "It's so cold, I'm freezing... urgh... oh my god, my hand are frozen, my legs too... even my little brother is too, someone save me, give me some warmth and I will thank you for the rest of my life..."

Mei Xue Yan turned a deaf ear to him and continue to produce snoring sounds...

"Why are you so heartless!", Young Master Jun complaint, "Not mentioning others, when a man acts this way, the woman should shyly lift the blanket and ask: shall we squeeze? Why is it that it doesn't happen for me? Seems like that line in the movies is made up. No, it's a joke!"

However, Young Master Jun neglected that he should have thought, based on his current abilities, not just in a warm environment in the snow, he would be fine even if he was thrown into the Xuan iceberg for a month; if Mei Xue Yan could not tell that he was playing tricks, she would be too naive...

In the snowy space, as time passed, a concentrated scent started to diffuse around. In the almost sealed space, Mei Xue Yan's womanly body scent seemed extra refreshing...

Jun Mo Xie took several deep breaths of it as his diaphragm was becoming more and more heated. He could not take advantage of her and yet, made still himself even more flushed. The space was not cold and was in fact, quite heated...

Finally, Young Master Jun was determined and took off his outer coat. Disregarding all else, he slipped in between the bear skin coats. However, when he just lifted the covers, Mei Xue Yan suddenly opened her eyes and sternly asked, "What are you doing?"

Jun Mo Xie stared dumbfoundedly as the hand holding the covers froze. He had been caught in the act...

"Xue Yan... you see, I am so cold, please take pity on me. It is not easy to survive in the wild...", Jun Mo Xie pleaded.

Mei Xue Yan snickered, not knowing to get angry or laugh: I can take pity on you but that way, my chastity is stake... how dare you even ask. She firmly said, "Why do you not seem cold to me, so no! Go stay in a corner!"

Before the night to consummate our marriage, I will not allow you to bypass my bottom line!

Jun Mo Xie laughed and suddenly exerted some strength and bent his back, forcing his way into the covers. Mei Xue Yan ragingly sat up and said, "You are really shameless. When your tricks don't work, you start using force? Do you believe that I can prison you in the Heaven and Earth Prison for a night?

Jun Mo Xie shamelessly laughed, "Since you also know that my tricks don't work then what should I do other than using force? If you can bear to lay your hands on me then go ahead! I don't mind!", he said as he subconsciously stretched his legs and satisfyingly said, "How nice."

Mei Xue Yan was speechless at this person's shamelessness and rogue behaviour so she stood up and said, "Alright, then you can sleep alone."

Jun Mo Xie started to panic and hugged her waist, and smilingly said, "Actually this bear coat is quite big, worthy of the King of Bear. It will not be squeezy for the two of us at all. Since we are outside and with no other choice, just make do with it for tonight."

Mei Xue Yan was still considering but Jun Mo Xie suddenly turned and attacked her suddenly!

Mei Xue Yan struggled but her mouth was blocked... after a long while, Jun Mo Xie proudly lifted his head and spoke condescendingly, "Are you going to let me sleep?"

Mei Xue Yan blushed. Although she was slightly confused, she firmly shook her head;

"I don't believe I can't defeat you!" Jun Mo Xie leaned in further... and asked again, "Yes or no?"

"... N... no..."

"Once more..."

After a pause..."Yes or no?"


"I'll take your silence as consent, anyways that's what I have decided!", Young Master Jun smiled proudly.

"No! No means no!", Mei Xue Yan was determined to not give in to his threats. She pouted in determination.

"Hmph... I shall see how long you can persevere for. It seems like if I don't try something tougher, you will not give in...", Jun Mo Xie evilly laughed then suddenly blocked her lips again and sucked with all his might. This time, his two hands were put to use as they wandered about her body, passing through every curve, touching and rubbing, trying all means...