Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 541

Chapter 576: Bobsled and Tender Sentiments
Chapter 576: Bobsled and Tender Sentiments
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Once they entered the forest, both of them felt as if they had returned home. They clearly felt more relaxed and comfortable.

Mei Xue Yan was originally a mystical beast, so being in a natural environment she felt more at ease and familiar with it. Moreover, she herself enjoyed the cold winter. Being in the forest, she was more than happy.

But what surprised her, was that Jun Mo Xie looked very satisfied and at ease as well. He was familiar with the various things in the forest, not losing out to her in terms of knowledge. For a young master that was brought up in an aristocratic family, it was astonishing...

Jun Mo Xie looked at a tree nearby and suddenly stopped walking. Seeing how Mei Xue Yan followed and stopped, Jun Mo Xie laughed, "If we continue at this speed for the whole journey, for a short while, it would still be fine. But if we continue forcing our self to go at this speed, it would be a huge burden to our body. Even if we can actually handle it, it will not be pretty; come, let me teach you an easier way."

Jun Mo Xie withdrew his sword and slashed the trunk of the tree. From it, he further split it into four sharp-headed planks. The front of the plank was slightly sticking upwards. The size of it was similar to the size of their feet. He then peeled off the tree bark and used it as a rope, made two holes at both sides, insert the rope and tied the planks on both his feet.

Mei Xue Yan looked at him curiously, but couldn't understand what he was doing.

Don't tell me that by putting the planks on, it will restore our energy?

Jun Mo Xie chopped off another two branches that were slightly longer and gently moved his legs. With a push, he skied through the snow. Mei Xue Yan gasped, eyes wide opened as she could not believe what she was seeing.

With a branch in each hand, he pushed himself left and right and skillfully glided through the snow. It looked so effortless. Even when passing through areas that were covered with trees, he could nimbly ski through. He was so good at it that even when he was passing through those thick layers of snow, he could easily pass through it without stopping. Like fishes in the water, Jun Mo Xie was able to move around freely.

In an instance, Jun Mo Xie ended his performance and stopped in front of Mei Xue Yan. He waved the branches in his hands and grinned, "Did you see? With the action of gliding and inertia force, we will not waste too much spiritual energy or even physical strength. By mastering and getting the hang of it, we will be able to glide through this snow ground easily!"

Mei Xue Yan recovered from her shock and excitedly said, " Quickly teach me this useful trick! " She eagerly followed Jun Mo Xie, tied the planks to her legs and got two long branches.

Mei Xue Yan put on her gears and stood up. But just as she was about to ski, she slipped and was about to fall. In a hurry, she used the branches in her hands to support herself. But she still could not find her balance. Startled, she immediately used her spiritual energy to support herself, but she could not find her centre of gravity, hence she was still unbalanced. She had no choice but to lift herself up from the ground to find her balance. She then landed back down straight into the deep snow. Even though she did not fall, but as a person with supreme abilities and status, it was a huge embarrassment...

"Hahahaha." Jun Mo Xie who was standing at the side clutched his tummy and laughed...

"How did you do it? Tell me!" Mei Xue Yan was flustered. She stared fiercely at Jun Mo Xie, feeling humiliated. She saw how he skied so easily but yet when she tried it on, it was so hard to manipulate the planks. What frustrated her, even more, was that instead of helping her, Jun Mo Xie stood by her side and laughed at her misfortune...

Jun Mo Xie controlled his laughter with great difficulty and demonstrated to her, "Sister, how can you try to run when you can't even walk? Whatever skill you learn there's a knowledge behind it. This little thing is called a bobsled...for a person like you with supreme abilities, you just need to understand the essence behind it and it will be very easy for you to master it. You need to find your centre of gravity. Correct, don't use too much of your energy or your strength...yes. Go along with inertia force the branches are in your hands! You are not using it as a decoration, use it to support yourselfyou stupid girl!..."

Jun Mo Xie was making a big fuss. Mei Xue Yan felt enrage and just as she lost her concentration, she lost her balance, slipped and fell hard on her butt She slammed her hands onto the ground out of frustration and the snow splattered everywhere...

Jun Mo Xie skied to her immediately and helped her up while dusting the snow off her. He asked her with concern, " Why are you so careless? Does it hurt? Did you injure yourself?!"

Mei Xue Yan felt bashful. As an expert with tiptop skills, she actually lost to a little bobsled. Luckily there wasn't anyone nearby, if not she would be embarrassed to death. But hearing Jun Mo Xie's concern voice, she actually felt happy about it. Mei Xue Yan rolled her eyes and furrowed her brows.

With a worried face, Jun Mo Xie said "Do not fall till you injure yourself" while speaking, his hands secretly went up to her butt and he gently rubbed it. While feeling balmy, he asked with concern, "Does it hurt here? Why don't you take your clothes off, I will help you rub it ouch...oh my god it hurts you're killing..killing your husband!"

Just as he was making use of his concern to take advantage of her, Mei Xue Yan detected his immoral behaviour and fling him off harshly. Jun Mo Xie who was enjoying himself at the moment let down his defence and fell into the ground brutally. Luckily, the ground was covered with snow, if not he would be severely injured.

Mei Xue Yan blushed and glared at him, " You lecher! If you want to die, tell me!"

Jun Mo Xie yelled feeling wronged, " How am I a lecher? I'm just showing concern for you. Why can't you recognise my good intention? If there's a bruise... It wouldn't be pretty anymore. I'm not sure if your butt is bruised, but mine definitely is now. Why don't you help me take a look at it"

"Whether it's pretty or not, it's none of your concern!" Mei Xue Yan blurted out angrily. Only after saying it, that she realised that it did not even matter if her butt was pretty or not. Besides, nobody would be looking at it.

That fellow just have bad intentions, how can I casually let him see my butt?

Thinking about it, angered her even more, "Heaven and Earth"

Jun Mo Xie was taken aback. He immediately jumped up like a cannon-shot, hugged her and covered her mouth with a kiss. By doing so, he stopped her from saying 'prison cage'...

Mei Xue Yan suffered a surprise attack and got mad. She wanted to excoriate him but her lips were fully covered by Jun Mo Xie and she could not muster enough strength to push him away. She panicked and slipped, falling onto the ground, only to feel another body crushing her. She was baffled and angry at the same time. Just as she was about to speak, his tongue sneakily entered her mouth. In a split second, she became lost and her body went soft, her soul fluttered away in the wind. ...

Jun Mo Xie did not expect his sneak attack to be a huge success and was overjoyed. He could not be bothered by the cold snow under him and his hands wandered around her body.

Mei Xue Yan struggled for a while, but finally gave up with a sigh, bastard! She silently closed her eyes and let him do whatever he wanted to Even though they were both separated by clothes, she could still feel the warmth from his hands and it tickled her heart.

After a long time, Jun Mo Xie finally decided to lift his head and silently looked at the beauty in front of him. Mei Xue Yan's chest was rapidly moving up and down as she gasped for air. Her eyes seemed intoxicated, her face flushed as she panted delicately. Her entire body portrayed an indolent beauty. Even though she had supreme cultivation, but facing his fiery passion, it seems that all her spiritual abilities became useless.

At that moment, Jun Mo Xie felt his heart soften, he gently lowered his head and pressed his lips against her forehead, and slowly moved down towards her eyes, pointy nose, cheeks...corner of her lips and finally her red lips.

The world's greatest temptation, even Buddha could not resist, how could Master Jun who was not even a gentleman resist!

Feeling the delicate kiss, Mei Xue Yan shivered, closed her eyes tightly and freeze. Only to feel passionate currents flowing through her body. Her body suddenly got hotter and she held out her hand to embrace Jun Mo Xie's neck, a sweet approach.

Without knowing how much time had past an ear-piercing cry suddenly sounded which startled both of them. They stared at each other, noticing the tender sentiments in the eyes. They then suddenly realised that the sky had already turned dark...

Jun Mo Xue smiled gently as he helped Mei Xue Yan up. Mei Xue Yan shyly cuddled in his arms, feeling weak deep in her heart, she felt a sense of belonging and was contented with the happiness that she was feeling. All of a sudden, she felt that the dark skies, the snowy ground, the birds that were flying in the sky and the surrounding trees were all particularly pleasing to the eyes.

At this moment, Mei Xue Yan was no longer the powerful honoured supreme that roamed the country but a little woman that's lying in the embrace of her beloved, enjoying the sweet love given to her a normal woman!

Just this simple!

Both of them did not utter a single word, there was no need to speak further. With just a simple glance, they could understand each other. Jun Mo Xie kept a gentle smile on his face the whole time he was teaching her. He slowly and understandingly coached her to ski, passing down all his knowledge to her. On the other hand, Mei Xue Yan kept on an intoxicated smile while she joyfully learnt from him...