Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 542

Chapter 573: Growing stronger together!
Chapter 573: Growing stronger together!
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Mei Xue Yan's old injury inflicted by the Blood Shadow God was really extremely poisonous. If it applied slightly on a normal person's skin, it would be enough to cause him or her to rot to death; it was not surprising that even with Mei Xue Yan's superb abilities, she could not deal with it. Also, luckily Mei Xue Yan's abilities were superb such that it could suppress it. If she was any weaker, she would have long died.

Young Master Jun sighed and walked out; for other miracle physicians, they could get all that they wanted and people rushed to offer them benefits yet even though he kindly offered treatment, he was beat up, although it was because his intentions were not pure...

Everyone is really different.

In the next few days, Jun Mo Xie gathered people around him for a special training!

This special training involved a limited number of people and even Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi participated; Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun eagerly joined in; Jun Mo Xie even managed to assemble Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang; The Aristocrats Hall was left in the hands of Fatty.

The present Aristocrats Hall was definitely the top auction hall in the capital and perhaps even the top in the mainland, the type that no one dared to mess with; even if the guards fell asleep, no one would dare to create a ruckus there...

Even Baili Luo Yun, Heavenly Destroyer and Soul Devourers Teams came together to participate in the special training.

Jun Mo Xie's goal was very simple: strength! Everyone needs to become stronger or gain battle experience!

In the previous confrontation with the Three Holy Cities, although they did not lose too badly, it was exposed that the Jun family lacked superior combat strength. Even though the Jun family's current abilities and worldview were already topnotch, it was still insufficient.

Then again, the leaders of the Jun family had consumed the three top pills, including the Vitality Linkage Pill and thus, have improved a lot quicker. However, the fact that their experience could not catch up is a big problem so they need to adjust!

Jun Mo Xie first used the Heavenly Vitality Pills to pull up Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang's abilities then gave them a Vitality Linkage Pilland a Vitality Congregation Pill each; he instructed the both of them to help each other and improved quickly.

For Baili Luo Yun, Jun Mo Xie's request was very simple: Definitely! Must! Breakthrough to the Sky Xuan level within 10 days! He took out some miracle drugs for his growth.

Only when they reach Sky Xuan then they will barely be able to consume the Sky Xuan pills! Only when they breakthrough Sky Xuan to reach Spirit Xuan then they could consume the Vitality Linkage and Vitality Congregation Pills! This was an obstacle but with Jun Mo Xie, once you joined him, you would improve rapidly; but if you cannot join him, you would only be able to admire the gains as it was not for everyone!

It was the same for the members of the Heavenly Destroyer and Soul Devourers Teams. As they had a weak foundation, Jun Mo Xie's orders seemed a little too cruel: I don't care how you do it, even if you are exhausted or dead, you must meet my orders. I don't want rubbish!

Those who were Gold Xuan had to reach Earth Xuan by the time I return from the Dong Fang family; those who were Jade Xuan have to each Sky Xuan! There was more than enough Vitality Pills. So long you can level up, you can eat as many as you want!

However, you must meet my targets!

Feng Juan Yun came forward during this critical time and chose to endure through difficulties with the Jun family. There was no doubt that Jun Mo Xie's impression of him was very good; naturally, he would not be stingy with his own people.

After eating the pills, Feng Juan Yun finally understood why Solitary Falcon improved so quickly and was elated. At the same time, he decided: From now on I will stay with the Jun family and not let this Old Falcon ride on my head!

On the other side, Jun Zhan Tian, Jun Wu Yi and the rest were with Hai Chen Feng, Song Shang, and Baili Luo Yun. They practiced in pairs; experiencing to their hearts' content, they understood their current speed and strength; It was natural that the Baili Luo Yun was weaker amongst them but this talent from the Baili family had a unique understanding of the techniques which surprised Hai Chen Feng and the rest!

Baili Luo Yun's advancement was the fastest and his improvement was also the greatest!

Solitary Falcon, Feng Juan Yun, Mei Xue Yan, Snake King Qian Xun and Jun Mo Xie were on another side and also focused on learning from one another. Young Master Jun's abilities improved shockingly fast but there were still things he was unsure about how they happened which was the exact opposite of other people. Mei Xue Yan, the martial arts expert, gave a suggestion -- learning from one another, lots of exchanging, an exchange between experts of Supreme level and higher..

On the first day, after everyone was allocated and started practicing, Feng Juan Yun and Solitary Falcon looked at Jun Mo Xie in curiosity. Feng Juan Yun was exceptionally curious and asked, "This is where all those of Supreme level or higher practice. What are you doing here?"

Looking at this young lad, he seemed to be slightly condescending.

Solitary Falcon involved himself and said, "Old Feng, this is Old Jun's house. Why don't you test him and give him some advice as a senior."

Feng Juan Yun grudgingly walked out; as he was the weakest out of everyone there... this chores naturally had to be done by him.

Just as they started to exchange moves, he was shocked!

Jun Mo Xie's attack was unique, swift and majestic. Furthermore, what made Feng Juan Yun most shocked was: this lad was no weaker than him and even seemed better than him!

How was this possible!

Supreme Feng pulled out his sword in a moment of anger but was defeated by Jun Mo Xie. Solitary Falcon was bewildered. Although he knew that Jun Mo Xie was good, he did not think he was this strong as he witnessed. While he was impressed, he naturally wanted to challenge him and thus, Young Master Jun and he exchanged 500 moves with no determination of the winner!

The King of Snakes, Qian Xun, also had a battle with Young Master Jun and it ended with a draw as well.

Finally, Mei Yan Xue personally acted and under the situation that Jun Mo Xie did not use the Yin Yang Escape, she finally defeated him and kicked him a few more times while giving him some comments: This young lad doesn't need any more challenges. I don't know where you got your battle experience which seems more than a several hundred years old expert ! Could you be a born genius?!

After her old injury cleared up, Mei Yan Xue's abilities advanced further and seemed to have taken a step higher. She had to exhaust her strength when dealing with Young Master Jun, much less the rest and so, based on her judgement, Jun Mo Xie's current abilities were definitely superior of Shi Chang Xiao's and no weaker than the Ultimate Supreme, Li Jue Tian.

The five of them was as though they were taking turns to fight in an arena and the host was Miss Mei Xue Yan. When she felt enthusiastic, she would take on the four of them such that they had a satisfactory battle.

In this time, Jun Mo Xie was figuring out something then even used spiritual energy to see inside Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun's dantian. He also looked into Mei Xue Yan's and finally sort of understood.

Where is the basic difference between Supreme and Spirit Xuan experts; or the difference between the advancement of Xuan energy in this world and the immortal level in Jun Mo Xie's mind!

In Jun Mo Xie's dantian was just a small infant. Using immortality, it should be called the nascent soul period; in martial arts, there was such a saying; in the process of practicing martial arts, some people did not know about immortality but still reached this level; it was called "forming an infant out of the world" and this was said to be the highest achievement in traditional martial arts learning!

The only difference was that when traditional martial arts reached this step, the nascent soul needed to emerge out of its own Heavenly Spirit shell, leaving its physical body and become an untraceable spirit.

However, immortal cultivation was the nascent soul using the dantian to provide it warmth to grow. It was very rare that anyone would let it go as that was the cultivator's second life...

However, in this world, Solitary Falcon and the rest were different! As they did not practice the internal energy, especially not the Dharmic formula. Yet when they reach Solitary Falcon's level, a matter similar to a gold pill will appear in his dantian. It is filled with extremely powerful energy. Such a realm should be the prelude to forming a nascent soul when the cultivator reaches the phase for the gold pill's breakthrough.

As to Feng Juan Yun's dantian, it was half solid, half mist because his present cultivation was slightly weaker than Solitary Falcon's. This world's pills were different as described by the historical records in the Hongyi tower. It was not gold and shiny but instead, was a depressingly greyish-black matter...

Analysing from this point, although the Xuan energy could not be said to be better than the internal energy of the previous world, they were about the same...

As compared to human, Mei Yan Xue's dantian had a snow white Xuan Pill. The Snake King Qian Xun had one too but her Xuan Pill was green colour instead.

Regarding this, Jun Mo Xie was not too sure that even if Qian Xun was in the gold pill phase, was Mei Yan Xue also in it? It was impossible! It was a pity that the King of Bears and the King of Tigers had left. If they were still around, he would have two more references.

Mei Yan Xue's reply answered his questions: once mystical beasts reached above the fifth level, a Xuan Pill will be would be formed in its body and usually, half solid; once it reached the ninth level, the Xuan Pill will completely solidify and officially become a pill; any higher, the pill will become rounder and smoother but it original shape would not change.

Up till now, in Mei Yan Xue's memory, the Xuan Pill left behind by the past generations of the kings of various beasts and sage kings in the Tian Fa forest were all smooth and round, just like an extremely rare luminous pearl!

Amongst them, the biggest was like a Xuan jade, crystal clear and could be seen through, luminous at night and consisted of unbelievably strong energy!

However, even Mei Xue Yan was unsure what would happen when they reached the ultimate level.

Jun Mo Xie analysed it for a while but still was unsure and gave up looking; he did regret slightly as looking at all those people of Supreme level or higher and yet he did not investigate deeper... it was such a waste...

Not mentioning this issue, Jun Mo Xie put all his focus back on to improving everyone's abilities!

This special training lasted a total of ten days!

After ten days, Jun Mo Xie wanted to officially set off for the Dongfang family to visit his mother; Dongfang Wen Qing has sent a message: Old Madam Dongfang wished for Jun Mo Xie to visit the Dongfang family as soon as possible!