Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 543

Chapter 574: Who's Hunting Who?
Chapter 574: Who's Hunting Who?
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Jun Mo Xie was curious. This woman was able to put on the mantle of a general; she was a woman who held onto her deep feelings without uttering any complaints. After her husband died, she had shut herself shut herself out from the world for ten years!

What kind of devotion and hopelessness does she possess to behave like that?

Dongfang Wen Xin, Jun Mo Xie's mother!

My mother!

Jun Mo Xie contemplated deeply in his heart.

Actually, he had anticipated this day. In his two lives, he had never experienced a mother's love... Jun Mo Xie deeply desired a mother's love. When he occasionally thought about this, he would feel a pang of pain in his heart.

During the training, those two handicapped kids also joined the training. Jun Mo Xie handed every member in the Heavenly Destroyer and Soul Devourers Teams a quenching pill. Naturally, he did not forget about the two of them. Moreover, he even imparted some abdominal language. Over the few days, they had made some improvements. Although they still weren't able to speak, they could utter some unclear sounds The sounds sounded like the mumbling of a drunk person

It could be imagined that once they master the skills and go out to the society, it would definitely cause a great sensation to the whole world! Two mutes were able to utter words without using their mouths! That would be spectacular. As he thought about this, Jun Mo Xie started to smile from ear to ear.

But in the process, Jun Mo Xie also encountered something unexpected --

Ye Gu Han rejected Jun Mo Xie's pills!

During this period of time, Ye Gu Han had also been putting in the effort to train the two handicapped children in the sword. Whenever they had a question, he would do his best to explain which led the two children to improve swiftly. In fact, the two kids improved so quickly that Jun Mo Xie was given a huge shock. Thus, he decided to help Ye Gu Han with his recovery, which was a deed in exchange.

One must know Ye Gu Han was crippled and his dantian was damage. Although Jun Mo Xie had tried his best to save him on that day, that treatment was limited. Up till now, Ye Gu Han only managed to recover thirty percent of his power.

But now, Jun Mo Xie's tremendous improvement in his power could help Ye Gu Han recover completely. However, Ye Gu Han actually rejected him

When he rejected, he was calm and made a request: If one day he was able to create a single-armed sword style, he hoped that Jun Mo Xie would help the two children to master it so that his legacy would continue to pass on. He did not need any need any formal master-disciple relationship...

Jun Mo Xie thought about it sincerely and agreed.

When Jun Mo Xie was about to leave, Ye Gu Han uttered some solemn words, "Young Master Jun, regardless of the hatred of the older generation, I hope that you would take care of Ling Meng. She is an innocent and kind girl."

From those words, Jun Mo Xie understood why Ye Gu Han did not want to accept his help to heal him.

The enmity between the Jun and the Royal Family was common knowledge. In particular, the unreasonable deaths of a generation of brilliant heroes had shaken the world!

From the looks of it, Ye Gu Han had also known about the truth of this matter. After all, his own family would not disappear for no reason! He even deduced that Jun Mo Xie would eventually deal with the Tianxiang Emperor. But if that happens, where could Murong Xiu Xiu go to?

Now, Ye Gu Han was only hoping that he could pave a path for the people he cared for. One such person would be Princess Ling Meng, who had he seen grow up If he were to accept more favours from Jun Mo Xie, then it would be harder for him to ask a favour in the future. And if this favour was incredibly significant, then he might not even be able to open his mouth!

Hence, Ye Gu Han was willing to live the rest of his life handicapped and useless. This was all so that he could open his mouth to speak those words for the people he cared for

Although this seemed like an exchange of favours, Ye Gu Han did not have anything that Jun Mo Xie required a favour for! Also although this might not even be considered a favour, Ye Gu Han hoped that if Xiu Xiu and Ling Meng ever needed someone to depend upon, he could open his mouth to ask Jun Mo Xie for help. This was even if the chances were slim

Jun Mo Xie understood his intentions but he did not make any promises. He could only leave silently.

Ten days later, Jun Mo Xie had prepared and was all ready to go!

This time, he only allowed one person to follow him: Mei Xue Yan.

Jun Mo Xie had packed and dressed lightly as he wanted to travel at full speed.

Snake King Qian Xun had to stay in the Jun Mansion. On one hand, she had to ensure the safety of the Jun Family. At the same time, she was there in case Tian Fa came to deliver any pills.

Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun also stayed at the Jun Mansion to cultivate. During this time, Song Shang and Hai Chen Feng made huge improvements and their powers had reached the Spirit Xuan level. Naturally, they were excited to add to their improvements but they still fulfilled their promise.

On the other hand, with the help of spiritual pills and the pressure of exchanging blows with Spirit Xuan and Supreme experts, Baili Luo Yun finally broke through the Earth Xuan bottleneck and entered the Sky Xuan Stage!

Jun Mo Xie naturally kept his promises. He provided him with Heavenly Vitality Pills, and he even gave him a Vitality Linkage Pill and a Vitality Congregation Pill for him to use after he entered the Spirit Xuan Stage. On the day that Jun Mo Xie left, Baili Luo Yun also left discreetly to temper himself in the Jianghu. Together with him, were the two kids!

Jun Mo Xie allowed Baili Luo Yun to pick and nurture some assassins. However, after contemplating for half a day, he couldn't find anyone. Just as he was about to give up, his eyes landed on those two fellas. He immediately decided that he was going to choose them!

Thus, Jun Mo Xie cracked his brains and came up with two heroic names for the kids: Tian Can and Di Que! [1]

Obviously, Jun Mo Xie was playing around with the names. He would never have imagined that many years in the future, the names Tian Can and Di Que would resonate throughout the entire continent

Many years later, these names would become the names of taboo in the entire assassin world!


Somewhere in Tianxiang City.

The Three Holy Cities had been gathered for more than half a month. Zi Jing Hong and co. felt their asses turning numb from all the sitting They all felt dispirited!

This was because this set of news came seven days ago: On a certain day of a certain month, Fantasy Blood Sea's three Supreme experts encountered the Tiger King and Bear King at Wufu County. The two sides engaged in battle. The three Supreme experts fell in battle while the Bear King and Tiger King walked away without any losses. According to their trajectory, they should have already arrived at Tian Fa Forest!

When he heard this news, Zi Jing Hong fiercely slammed the table in front of him into dust! He and his men had been waiting here for nothing. Those fellas had escaped from right under his eyelids Moreover, he even lost three Supreme experts!

All this time, they were discussing their course of action

What a joke

The Three Holy Cities had thoroughly lost their reputation!

A few days passed before another set of news arrived: Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan had packed lightly and were heading towards the Dongfang Family

Zi Jing Hong was instantly enlivened. He hollered loudly, "Everyone, head out! This is our rare chance to get rid of Supreme Mei!"


As the Three Holy Cities were rallying their troops, Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan had already left Tianxiang City. Everyone could rest assured with their departure. After all, the two of them were high-levelled experts. Moreover, their escape techniques were peak-grade!

Before Jun Mo Xie came back, Mei Xue Yan's speed was undoubtedly the number one in the world! But after Jun Mo Xie returned, the two of them were roughly on par. Of course, this was if Jun Mo Xie didn't use the hack-like Yin Yang Escape.

Thus, if there was someone that was too strong for them to defeat, they would still be able to escape!

The two of them chose to pack lightly. However, they didn't do this so that they could escape.

Instead, it was for them to counterattack. They would counterattack with their sharpest and most incisive attack!

The Three Holy Cities would definitely have to pay for what they have done!

Otherwise, the two of them would never be able to swallow it down!

On this road, who was hunting who?

At this point, no one really knows.

The time the two left was just as the sun had risen. This caused Mei Xue Yan to be slightly confused.

"Mo Xie, if we left at night, it would definitely be more advantageous for the two of us. Why did we embark in the day?" When there was no one else around them, Mei Xue Yan finally let down her reservations and called Ju Mo Xie by his name. Every time she said this name, her heart would flutter slightly

"Oh you Why are you so naive. Those fellas from the Three Holy Cities aren't fulls. If we are too near to Tianxiang City, they definitely wouldn't act against us. This is because the killing intent and the ripples from the attack would attract the attention of my master. This is what they are afraid of" As Jun Mo Xie said this, Mei Xue Yan's mouth twitched slightly. However, Jun Mo Xie didn't notice it.

"Thus, within the first 300 miles, they definitely wouldn't make a move. If they were more conservative, they would wait till we are 500 miles out!" Jun Mo Xie said confidently. "The journey of 500 miles would require 1 and a half days. Moreover, to deal with you, they would need to pick a terrain that they were extremely confident of! Thus, I predict that the first wave of attacks would come tomorrow night!"

Mei Xue Yan scolded herself. She had truly forgotten about Jun Mo Xie's master. She could roughly guess that there wasn't such a person, but the Three Holy Cities did not know that. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie's master was someone that they had to be careful of.

"That's true." Mei Xue Yan nodded her head. "This time, what should we do this time?"

"That would depend on how they come at us." Jun Mo Xie harrumphed, "Don't look at how brotherly the Three Holy Cities seem. In actual fact, they would rather let the others attack and send themselves to their deaths first while they come second and have an easier time. They would probably come separately. If they were to come together, they would definitely have a conflict. Haha, Xue Yan, that Xuan Core in your belly is very valuable Everyone wants it" Jun Mo Xie grinned and glanced at Mei Xue Yan's belly, a stream of saliva flowed out the corner of his mouth

[1] Tian Can and Di Que mean Incomplete Heaven and Lacking Earth respectively.