Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 544

Chapter 575: Assigning duties
Chapter 575: Assigning duties
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Mei Yan Xue did not know to laugh or cry and said, "Greed is a sin and human's greed is unlimited! Just like how in Tian Fa forest, there are hundreds of Xuan Cores left behind by our ancestors, but yet, for tens of thousands of years, not a single mystical beast has thought of stealing them... we must know that we were of the same origins, but you, humans, have much fewer restrictions when it comes to absorbing Xuan Cores... Sigh, why are humans so greedy and always want to reap the rewards without working for them? Mystical beasts' entire lives' essence are all in a Xuan Core but no matter how much you, humans, try to absorb it, at most half or even less will be absorbed. Why treat this as a shortcut to become an immortal?"

Jun Mo Xie said seriously, "What you said is right but also wrong; as you said, humans are greedy and so even if they can only absorb one-half, one-tenth or even one-hundredth of the energy, there will still be people who do it. In fact, even if they cannot absorb a single bit of that energy, they would sell it for money... So you should stop your wrong ideas or you will put Tian Fa in trouble!

Mei Yan Xue stayed silent but a bolt of hatred flashed through her eyes.

Jun Mo Xie laughed and changed the topic, "Just now I calculated the possibility of an attack from the Three Holy Lands. I think for now we only need to consider which family will be the primary attacker tomorrow night."

"I think it will be Elusive Land of Immortals!" Mei Yan Xue said confidently, "Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng are meticulous, they definitely will not be willing to take the risk first. However, they will definitely hide nearby, ready to take advantage of the situation."

Jun Mo Xie snickered and said cynically, "After we cross the mountain entrance in front, there will be a lot of mountainous roads; Up till now, the next few days of heavy snow will make it difficult to travel on them; Within these mountainous roads, there definitely will be some action! It will pay off to move faster so the Three Holy Lands' people awaiting death will not have to wait too long."

Mei Xue Yan could not help but laughed and agreed. The two of them snickered, sat on their horses and hissed at the horse then they galloped away, leaving behind only dusty snow...

Behind them on Tianxing City's city gate, Zi Jing Hong's gaze turned hazy as he watched the two horses sprint away and slowly revealed her desire to kill.

"The action location must not be too close to Tianxiang City in case it lures out that old monster again which will make us awkward. The journey was not in Tianxiang City and did not have any Jun family members around so he may not set a trap. Brother Zi, where do you think we should take action at?" Xiao Wei Cheng said as he stepped on the thick coat of snow on the ground but yet did not make any sound as he floated to Zi Jing Hong. Following behind him was Ning Wu Qing, the last minute leader of Elusive Land of Immortals's people.

"200 miles in this direction from Tianxiang city will lead us to the mountainous roads! Furthermore, it is half a month-worth of mountainous roads! In such strong snow, they won't be moving fast so we don't need to rush!", Zi Jing Hong said evilly, "However, Venerable Mei is known for her speed being the top in the world. It will be easy for her to escape so we need to choose a good geographic location!"

"Yes, we need to consider this carefully but if the geographic location is unfavourable to Venerable Mei, then it will also be unfavourable to us!", Ning Wu Qing said seriously, "One-on-one, none of us here have a chance against Venerable Mei; so we need to carefully think through our soldier arrangement."

"If we could injure her from just the first move then just based on our huge number of people, we can use speed to tire her out!" Zi Jing Hong said stroking his long beard then said, "But how easy it is to injure Venerable Mei? It would be impossible without sacrificing a few lives! The current Venerable Mei is no longer the old childish her. I'm afraid that to be able to touch her, it is going to be as extremely dangerous!"

Speaking of this problem, all three of them quietened.

None of them was willing to be the first as it was sure that they would be defeated.

"Let's pick lots then and leave it to fate. Our three groups can act separately!", Zi Jing Hong said, "The first group will choose the geographic location to launch the attack; regardless of success or failure, the second group nearby will prepare to surprise them and kill! The third group will stake out at a road they have to pass by and prepare for the second surprise attack! By rotating; even if we cannot succeed by the time they reach the third group, within that time the first group must do their best to reach the next attack point! That is for the third surprise attack... We will keep doing this until we kill Venerable Mei!

"Great plan!", Ning Wu Qing and Xiao Wei Cheng simultaneously praised and clapped.

The three of them no longer had other opinions and settled on this.

In front of the two of them, Zi Jing Hong wrote on three slips of paper and crushed them into three small balls in his palm. Looking at the two of them, he sternly said, "Although picking lots may seem childish, this issue is no joking matter! The first one picked will be in greater danger so all three of us have to be prepared and stay united. For fairness, since I wrote on the papers, someone else shall give it out."

The two of them were satisfied with how Zi Jing Hong handled this. This way, there was no way cheating could happen and they could only rely on their individual luck. Even if they become the first group, there would be no objections.

Ning Wu Qing smiled, "Well said, Brother Zi. Let's lay everything out first so we'll stay united. Since Brother Zi wrote, then I shall distribute them. Brother Xiao please choose one first, Brother Zi picks one and I will have the last one!"

The three of them looked at each other and suddenly laughed and said, "This is indeed the fairest method. Let's see who has the best luck and be the first one to lead us to success."

After they spoke, Ning Wu Qing reached for the small paper balls from Zi Jing Hong's hands and messed them up then placed them on the table. The three of them reached out in order to take a paper ball each.

When Xiao Wei Cheng picked his paper, he looked at Zi Jing Hong's expression as after all, only he had not come in contact with the small paper balls but he saw Zi Jing Hong smiled; Xiao Wei Cheng immediately felt relieved as he recalled what the other two said a while ago and could not help but look at Ning Wu Qing sympathetically as he held his smile in and opened his paper ball.

However, once he opened it and took a look, Xiao Wei Cheng started choking and his entire face turned flush as though he ate a burning piece of charcoal.

Ning Wu Qing and Zi Jing Hong opened their respective paper balls, took a look and smiled at each other. Ning Wu Qing said, "I am the second group"; Zi Jing Hong smiled widely and relaxingly said, "I think I will not have the chance to contribute this time as I'm third. I am sure that before they reach me, the two of you will already achieve success and secure the credit."

The two of them cupped fists and said heavy heartedly, "Brother Xiao, we shall leave the extremely challenging task of the first attack to your Great Golden City! We hope that you will succeed on your first attempt and eradicate this scourge. We are already so envious just by thinking how you will be able to possess Venerable Mei's top-notch Xuan Core."

Xiao Wei Cheng was feeling bitter and could not bring himself to say anything.

The slip of paper in his hands clearly wrote -- first group!

Xiao Wei Cheng slowly lifted his head and stared hard at Zi Jing Hong while smiling coldly and said sarcastically, "Brother Zi, what a great move!"

Xiao Wei Cheng was extremely upset; he and Zi Jing Hong were just discussing how to make Elusive Land of Immortals be the first group such that he and Illusory Ocean of Blood could stand aside and reap the benefits... who knew that in a blink of an eye, he would be forced to be on the frontline! No further explanation was needed to explain the situation. Zi Jing Hong definitely sold him out!

There was no way that anyone could convince Xiao Wei Cheng that there was no cheating involved in this lot picking!

"Don't say that, Brother Zi; all of us are doing this for the Holy Lands and for the greater good of the world! With greater responsibilities, we will be able to go further by helping one another...", Zi Jing Hong said seriously and with conviction.

He was actually secretly happy: I can finally relax! He even wanted to sabotage Elusive Land of Immortals; Ning Wu Qing is so scheming but now, he is so suspicious of us. The past few days when we spoke, Ning Wu Qing already grew suspicious; if he picked the lot, he may get angry on the spot so for him to give it out was the best way...

Furthermore, the Elusive Land of Immortals had already lost top expert, Yu Yi Ban, who died; us, Illusory Ocean of Blood, also lost Huang Tai Yang; only Great Golden City's top fighters are all intact... yet you still want to retain all of them? Dream on!

Ning Wu Qing laughed and said, "Based on the current situation, Great Golden City is the strongest. I believe they will be able to take down Venerable Mei within the first attack. This won't be surprising. This way, Brother Xiao will definitely make a name for himself! Such great credit and that top-notch Xuan Core are making me jealous."

Xiao Wei Cheng snickered and said, "Brother Ning, are you really so jealous? Shall we swop?"

"No, no, for such an important task, one will need a good opportunity and more importantly, exceptional abilities. Elusive Land of Immortals is too weak now and is without a leader. If we go, it will be sending us to death. It is still the most appropriate for Brother Xiao's soldiers to go and complete the task in just one battle", Ning Wu Qing was shocked and quickly declined.

"Brother Xiao, we agreed upon laying everything out first just now. The lot picking was fair and square. Under everyone's eyes, even if I cheated, Brother Ning allocated it and you were the first to pick. What are you trying to do by speaking so sarcastically?"

Zi Jing Hong said as a matter of fact, "If I, Zi Jing Hong, chose the lot for the first group, I will bravely take on the task; regardless, I won't be so resentful! As Great Golden City's leader, Brother Xiao, it is surprising that you are so fearful. If you think if wasn't fair, shall we pick lots again?"

"Not necessary! I, Xiao Wei Cheng, although is not some prominent figure, at least I know how to honour my words!", said Xiao Wei Cheng emotionlessly, "Great Golden City will do our best in the first wave of attack; Brother Zi, you don't need to worry. Let's stick to our responsibilities. May we meet again."

Finishing what he said, Xiao Wei Cheng turned around and left.

Zi Jing Hong watched him leave seriously then turned to Ning Wu Qing and the two of their eyes met and smiled.


In the glistening white snow; by then, it was already the evening of the second day!

In this cluster of mountains, two shadows rapidly flew past!

It was Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan.