Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 546

Chapter 537: Fattys Bad Luck
Chapter 537: Fattys Bad Luck
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The fourth day was even more awful. Tang Yuan looked through the archway, and saw that he had only been given three steamed rolls for meal. He devoured them in the blink of an eye. But, he wasn't satisfied yet. [Abstaining from meat is harder than one would expect! There's a lot of vegetarian food here. But, I can't help but starve no matter how much I eat of it!]

Fatty Tang suddenly noticed that his belly had reduced to a great extent by the fifth day. In fact, he could even see his toes now. His two eyes were now visible in their proper shape; they had only been peeping out of a seam earlier. However, they were entirely exposed now...

Tang Yuan got very excited when he noticed this. So, he ran to the weighing scale that was used for weighing animals. Two burly men came to raise the weights as he stood on it. And, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that his body's weight had dropped.

The measuring needle had stopped at the frightening number of 265kgs five days ago. But, this weight had come out to be only 185kgs at this time. This meant that his weight had decreased by 80 Kgs in only five days!

Tang Yuan's surprise couldn't be described in words. [This is extremely frightful, right? How is it even possible! Am I Dreaming? I wouldn't even think about something this good in a dream!]

However, his ineffable surprise was interrupted by an unexpected situation

And, his extreme joy turned to sorrow when this happened. Two big men showed-up at the Aristocratic Hall's gate. Moreover, they held long knives in their hands. They then pointed their weapons at Tang Yuan, and roared, "That's the Fatty! Let's kill him!"

Tang Yuan simply couldn't comprehend the situation. [Who could they be? Is it possible that the Huang Family has hired assassins?] However, it was useless to think about these things in the current situation. Therefore, he turned around, and broke into a run. And, those two burly men also began to chase after him since they weren't willing to let go of him. Tang Yuan was shouting for help on top of his voice while running. However, the guard-posts were somehow empty at this time even though the security at the Aristocratic Hall was very tight on normal days.

Tang Yuan had been rendered helpless because of this. Therefore, he ran towards the garden without a better alternative. Then, he started to run in circles around the buildings in the Aristocratic Hall's courtyard. Those two huge men also started after him. They screamed on top of their voices as they chased after him while holding their cold and glittering sword high. However, it could be assumed that their knowledge of martial arts was very poor. After all, they hadn't even realized that they could use a pincer-attack method in this case! Instead, they simply ran after him in an attempt to overtake catch him.

Fatty's running speed wasn't that good. But, nothing great could be said about the speeds of the two men either. The two men had been running at a distance of 4 or 5 feet behind Tang Yuan's body the entire time. Moreover, they had been constantly yelling whilst striving to strike him in vain. However, one of them was able to approach closer at one point. And, he had slashed at the Fatty's back in that instance. This attack had slashed open a big gash in Fatty's robes, and blood had begun to ooze out of the wound. The Fatty had obviously been left to scream in pain as a result

Fatty wailed loudly. The pain obviously made him run faster; there was a look of terror on his face. [Oh God. This is terrible. Is this how I'm going to die?] Fatty began to run even faster in a fit desperation for the fear of death

The two men blindly went-on yelling and abusing at him from behind, "We will squeeze all that fat from your body! Then, we will use it make a lantern out of it!" Their curses made it evident for Tang Yuan that they had been hired by the Huang Family to take revenge upon him

And, this made the Fatty run even faster out of fear. In fact, he had been scared so witless that his brain had left his skull, and his soul had left his body [Oh crap! I have to shortage of gold if they had wanted money! But, they're here for revenge They're here for my life!]

Fatty started to run even faster in desperation. He was aware of his situation. So, he knew his own speed as well. He knew that they could catch him if he stopped for even a little while. In fact, he didn't even dare to look back

He soon found himself gasping for breath and sweating profusely. His legs felt heavy as if they had been loaded with lead. His throat felt pumped out like a bellow. However, those messengers of death were still chasing him, and didn't seem willing to stop. So, how could the Fatty stop and get slaughtered like livestock? Therefore, he bravely continued to run faster with those swollen feet. Then, Fatty suddenly felt a burst of relaxation in his entire body; he suddenly felt an ineffable strength in his legs. Consequently, Tang Yuan rejoiced and continued to run like a wild horse!

Jun Mo Xie, Hai Chen Feng, and Song Shang were on the rooftop at this time. The three individuals stood in a circle, and were merrily chatting while cracking melon seeds. They didn't seem worried about anything. However, Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt astounded at something, and began to speak, "Oh, this is interesting! This Fatty has made a breakthrough! This is amazing! Isn't it?" However, Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang were amazed by this since they were unable to understand what he was talking about

Meanwhile, Tang Yuan was running violently. And, he was constantly screaming out of panic. He kept calling for help, but couldn't find anyone. So, he kept running for his life. He felt as if there was no strength left in his legs at one time. But then, he suddenly felt as if his strength had revived-enough to allow him to run again. Then, he again felt as if his strength had vanished and he couldn't run. Yet again, his strength revived, and he could Thereupon, this cycle continued for seven or eight times in total

His energy eventually got drained in its entirety. So, he fell down to the ground since he was too exhausted. His hands and feet twitched, and he began to vomit blood. He then spoke-up in desperation, "Do whatever you want to do but But, give me a good end" he passed out after he had said this.

The two burly men dropped their weapons with a 'clanging' sound after the Fatty fainted. They then bent down, and propped their hands against their knees for support. Then, they stuck out their tongues, and started to pant so heavily that it seemed as if their organs would drop out. They complained to themselves as they gasped; [Young Master You killed us How can this Fatty run like this He didn't stop the entire morning Oh God]

The entire circuit they had been running on had been drenched in sweat by now

However, Jun Mo Xie felt satisfied at his initial success. So, he came down to take a look at the Fatty. Then, he smiled and said, "That's fine. He has once again resumed to his state from five days ago. That's good. You will continue doing as I say. Continue to prohibit him from eating fish and meat. It won't be good if we make him dependent on those Mysterious Yang Pills either. So, only give him one per day. Moreover, the number of steamed buns in his daily meals shouldn't exceed three" Jun Mo Xie left after he had said this.

Tang Yuan leisurely woke up, and found that a worried Song Shang was sitting by his bedside. Song Shang said as soon as he woke up, "How did this happen? I went out for a moment, and so much happened? Fortunately, I came back in time. Else, those two men would've turned Young Master Tang into a ghost! Even the guards have died And, you would've been buried alongside them if any mishap had happened!"

Tang Yuan felt that he was very lucky. Therefore, he thanked Song Shang even though he didn't have much strength left in his body. Then, he finished a bowl of porridge, and went back to sleep. And, the same cycle was repeated for another five days

Fatty had revived his strength by the tenth day, and felt a lot better as a result. However, he then recalled that he hadn't seen Sun Xiao Mei for quite a while now. So, he decided to visit the Sun Family's residence. However, he ran into a certain young man when he reached at the gate of the Sun Family's residence. This young man had oiled hair, and a powdered face. Moreover, he was one of Tang Yuan's former love-enemies, and was said to have attempted wooing Sun Xiao Mei

It must be mentioned that Sun Xiao Mei's figure and beautiful face had become extremely popular of late. Therefore, numerous good-looking men had been trying to woo her. In fact, a multitude of men would come to woo her from every part of the city

That greasy-headed young man heard that the man standing in front of him was Tang Yuan. And, he got extremely angry. However, he didn't seem inclined on starting a one-on-one fight either. So, he shouted out orders to kill Tang Yuan without delay Tang Yuan had also brought many bodyguards along with him. However, his bodyguards fled the scene since they had noticed that the situation wasn't good. This meant that they had left behind Young Master Tang to confront those shining swords by himself

Tang Yuan was struck dumb by this!

"Oh Crap! Why doesn't all of this end! ...Everyone everywhere is waiting to kill me! I don't have any other option"

"But to run!!"

Thus, Fatty turned his buttocks around without much of a choice, and ran like a wild horse at full gallop. He ran wherever he could, and didn't think much about which road he chose. But, that young man was unwilling to let go. Consequently, Tang Yuan was chased to every street of the Capital City by that young man!

It was very strange that no officers or soldiers were present around to intervene. Moreover, there was no one chivalrous-enough to show up in order to fight against this injustice. Not a single one of Fatty's acquaintances could be spotted in the vicinity either. Furthermore, every family in the city closed their doors upon him. Therefore, Tang Yuan had no choice but to run from one street to the other

Tang Yuan probably covered every street of the entire Tian Xiang City. However, there eventually came a time when he wasn't able to endure it any further. So, he fell on the ground out of exhaustion, and couldn't get up again. In fact, he felt as if his body had been paralyzed. However, it must be said that this condition was still slightly better than the last time's. After all, he didn't faint this time. An individual sharply spoke some words of righteousness at this 'critical' moment, "Who dares to harm Young Master Tang? I'll kill that man!"

This voice belonged to Hai Chen Feng.

The savior had finally arrived for the rescue!

Tang Yuan felt so grateful that he was nearly moved to tears

[He's such a good man. Had my fat blinded my mind? Why did I order him around like that in the past?]

The half-fainted Tang Yuan could hear a lot of screaming in the background. This was also accompanied by sounds of clashing weapons. Then, he heard someone shout, "This doesn't look good Everybody run for it!" This was followed by the sounds of people fleeing away without a trace

Hai Chen Feng picked Tang Yuan up, carried him on the shoulder, and began to walk back. However, Hai Chen Feng didn't feel that Tang Yuan's weight was much as it used to be...

Poor Young Master Tang Yuan had reached the verge of collapse after this round of intimidation. His eyes had turned green. He was once again served porridge after his return. So, Tang Yuan said with tears in his eyes, "I feel like my intestines have squeezed-in due to starvation Can't you give me something nice to eat?"

Another five days passed in the same fashion. Then, Tang Yuan's weight was measured once again. However, he was scared witless this time. [Crap! Only 115kgs!]

He had gone from the initial 265kgs to the present 115kgs. This meant that he had lost 150kgs after only twenty days of hard labor. Fatty still looked a little obese at present. However, he looked as handsome as a jade tree if one were to compare to the Fatty from before.

Tang Yuan had finally been able to lose weight owing to the crazy tortures of his devil-like friend Jun Mo Xie!

This was a huge success. Moreover, it was a unique accomplishment. After all, losing weight at such a rate was unprecedented no matter which world's context we were to bring this up in! In fact, this was an archetype for a legendary folklore! Tang Yuan's name would've been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records in case this had happened in the modern world!

Mentioning this in a 'bro-talk' would've sounded something like this "How did you get so thin so quickly? Did you get cancer or something?"

A normal person wouldn't have been able to stand this if they had been in Fatty's place. However, Tang Yuan had been eating enriching delicacies throughout his life. And, this had made his body strong and sturdy enough to endure this. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie would often sneak into the Fatty's room at night when he would notice that Tang Yuan wasn't able to bear it. Then, Young Master Jun would transfer his spiritual energy into Tang Yuan's body in order to open and unblock his meridians while he slept. Consequently, Tang Yuan would find himself recovered by the time he would wake up the next morning. His energy would be reinstated as well. But, he was still unaware of the reasons for it. So, he continued to lament his bad luck

However, his body-weight had decreased by a significant margin. So, his appetite had also reduced Moreover, he had gotten accustomed to the diet of vegetables and tofu over the last twenty days or so. Therefore, he couldn't get back to fatty foods even if he wanted to.

This was obviously extremely painful for Tang Yuan. [I desperately wanted to eat more. But, my mouth gets exhausted very quickly. It's taking too long to swallow. Moreover, my stomach can't withstand these fatty foods anymore] That is why Fatty clenched his teeth and stamped his foot as he declared "I won't be eating fat from now on!"

Tang Yuan's weight-loss success was officially announced at this point!

A grand celebration was organized to commemorate this success on the very same evening. Sun Xiao Mei had made the arrangements for it. However, Tang Yuan found many familiar faces there The two burly men who had wanted to kill him with their swords And, that young man from some rich family! i.e. his so-called 'love rival'. All of them were present on the scene. And, Tang Yuan couldn't help but be stupefied as a result