Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 552

Chapter 572: If you move, you are a beast!
Chapter 572: If you move, you are a beast!
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Most people looked at Jun Mo Xie in shock and Mei Xue Yan did not know what to do.

No wonder when she saw him a while ago, she felt that something was amiss but as she was feeling too overwhelmed, she did not look carefully. Furthermore, for someone who was only Spirit Xuan two days ago to have become a Supreme in a few days, this was too legendary!

However, at that moment, Master Jun's entire body was filled with pure energy. Mei Xue Yan naturally realised that this guy had only gone missing for no more than three days and yet he had jumped from Spirit Xuan's second grade to the sixth grade! Once he reached fifth grade, he was already a Supreme, at sixth grade... he was already a second-level Supreme. This strength of power was at least superior of the Grassland Eagle God, Ying Bo Kong!

How long has it been since I first met Jun Mo Xie in the Tian Fa forest? When they first met, his abilities were relatively weak and he was a mere Jade Xuan; the second time they met, his progress was shocking as he was already a Sky Xuan! This progress was so unbelievable!

However, when they returned from Tiannan until several days ago, he had already reached Spirit Xuan; this was a horrifying miracle! That was not the end of a string of surprises. In the few days he was missing, he quietly rose to a Supreme. How should this be considered?

A miracle within a miracle?!

A spiritual miracle?!

"Erm... this is just a coincidence;", Jun Mo Xie said with a rare humbleness, "Then again, the cultivation techniques I have been practicing are mostly not normal. Maybe it is different from what you guys practice...."

Mei Xue Yan used all her energy to hide her shock and slowly sat down.


This was probably not a lie but such great coincidence could be achieved only when present in great danger as how could he reap rewards without any sacrifice? Only in a crisis then an opportunity exists!

It seemed like he excessively used secret techniques which backfired. After he luckily overcame it then he was blessed by a misfortune.

After such a thought, Me Xue Yan looked at Jun Mo Xie with a softer look and unusually held his hand gently. Feeling her internal injury, she felt a warm, soft airflow endlessly enter her body without any discomfort. All she felt was a sense of calmness and an urge to fall asleep

Jun Mo Xie looked more and more serious. Mei Yan Xue's old injury seemed quite challenging for him... Actually, the injury was not a big problem. The biggest problem was that Mei Xue Yan's body had a chilling gas entrenched on her artery. It would be troublesome and challenging to remove it.

"Who is so cruel? Who does this chilling gas belong to?", Jun Mo Xie asked angrily.

"Yu Yi Ban. Blood Shadow God!", Mei Xue Yan sighed, "A few years back I was attacked by him. He left a handprint on my body. I managed to escape but with severe injury; After I returned then I realised that the handprint came with an extremely evil unorthodox skill. I was focused on escaping and did not bother about the injury. Until I really started treatment then I knew that it was too late to be expelled. All these years, I have tried various methods but none of them worked. So far, I can use my abilities to suppress it but in the future, I can only leave it to fate... "

"So it was this bastard. Back then, I should not have let him die so easily!", Jun Mo Xie said with hatred, "If I knew, I would have kept him barely alive and slowly torture him, let him heal then torture him again and again for a few years then skin him alive..."

Mei Xue Yan forced a smile.

"I can't do this here; let's go to your room", Jun Mo Xie stood up seriously and made arrangements, "Qian Xun, stand guard outside and let no one in, no one is an exception! Including yourself. This is a crucial moment for your big sister, it is very important, remember!"

Qian Xun, the King of Snake, quickly agreed!

The two of them entered Mei Xue Yan's room. Jun Mo Xie looked extremely worried and said, "This treatment process can be explained simply. It is to use pure spiritual energy to expel the poisonous gas from your artery and leave through the three yang meridians in your arm. It will feel unpleasant, very itchy and pain; but within this short amount of time, you must not move at all, not a single bit! However, once the poison has been expelled, go to sleep and once you wake up, all will be fine. In fact, after this ordeal, you will have greater room for improvement."

Mei Yan Xue gently agreed.

"Ok, then let's get ready. Take off your clothes", Jun Mo Xie said seriously, "When your body emits the poisonous gas, especially starting from the artery, the gas is extremely stubborn. If it is hampered by clothing, it may endanger your body. By then, it will too late", said Master Jun as he could not help but reveal a sly perveted look in his eyes.

"What? I need to take off my clothes?", Mei Xue Yan's eye widened and blushed.

"Of course you have to!", Jun Mo Xie said with as a matter of fact seriously, "You are a martial arts practitioner too. Don't you understand this logic? This is a necessary condition! We can't compromise on this! Now I am the physician. Who will you listen to if you don't listen to me?"

Mei Xue Yan considered for a while and finally decided, and said, "I'll listen to you but you... don't move! If you move, you you are a beast!"

Once he heard that, Jun Mo Xie almost raised his head and howled like a fox but he held it in and said seriously, "Mei Yan Xue, don't worry! I am not such a person. I am definitely a gentleman. In his heart, he added one more line: Rather than being worse than a beast, I would rather be a beast...

Mei Yan Xue acknowledged but thought: Anyways she had already decided that he was her lifelong enemy and it is destined to not change; She was still worried about him a few days ago, regretting that she did not understand her feelings...furthermore, him treating her injury. What he said made sense. She was the patient and he was the physician. She should listen to him..

In that instant, Mei Xue Yan found countless reasons for herself and finally convinced herself.

Her fingers were trembling as they gently grazed past her waist, ready to remove her clothes but suddenly, she raised her head and said angrily, "You... you turn around!"

Jun Mo Xie obligingly turned around while feeling secretly happy as although he did not get to see her at that point in time, he could later on... Furthermore, he could look at her all he wanted. If he did not see and look as he wished, he would be worse than a beast...

The ruffling sound behind him continued for a while and Jun Mo Xie even heard Mei Xue Yan's breathing speed up and it seemed as though her body started to shiver... After a while, a soft voice asked, "How about... my underwear?"

"Yes!", Jun Mo Xie said with determination, "This is the most crucial one! Any bit of deviation will bring great trouble. Even a tiny bit is crucial. Nothing can be left on!"

Mei Yan Xue immediately grew suspicious. As Master Jun said, she was a martial arts practitioner and have seen the world; she naturally knew that some poisonous injuries required clothes to be removed during treatment to prevent any obstruction of airflow as the poison would return to the body; perhaps the strong poison from the Blood Shadow God needed it too. However, Mei Yan Xue knew that regardless of whatever poisonous injury, it was impossible that treatment required her to be totally naked!

If the upper body was injured, it was sufficient to just remove the top; it simply required some looseness and not necessarily removing all the clothes. Jun Mo Xie explained previously that it would only move through the arm's three yang meridians so why did she have to totally remove her top?! Hence, at this crucial moment, Mei Yan Xue intentionally asked a question.

However, Jun Mo Xie's mind was already flooded with perverted thoughts and forgot everything. A slip of mouth and he did it with lots of desire! Extremely eager!

Horrible guy! He really is worse than a beast!

Mei Yan Xue immediately got angry and fumed; she immediately put on her clothes and reached out to twist Jun Mo Xie's ears as she coldly said, "Jun Mo Xie, you are really scheming! I belittled you too much when I said you were a beast. You are worse than a beast!"

Once she thought about how Jun Mo Xie lied to make her remove her clothes... Mei Xue Yan's face flushed in embarrassment and anger. She pinched his ears strongly with her right hand and twisted it more than 90 degrees, moving towards 180 degrees.

Jun Mo Xie yelled like a slaughtered pig. Everything was proceeding smoothly and he did not think that he had let out any hints to be exposed. To him, she was pretty dumb but who knew, she became crafty and caught him on the spot. He was in trouble...

Jun Mo Xie quickly begged for forgiveness and yet, after a long while, Mei Xue Yan was still not appeased and had no intention of forgiving him...

"Say, is there any method that dosen't need me to remove my clothes? Hurry"

"Erm... hmm... I suddenly remember that there probably is one, just that the effects...", Jun Mo Xie quickly changed his statement as he could not bear the pain.

"Hmph! Not one right? All the methods do not require me to remove my clothes right? Will the effects really be not as good?", Mei Xue Yan tightened her grip again.

"Erm... Hmm.... Hmmmmm...", Jun Mo Xie was helpless...


After a long while, the poison was successfully expelled. Mei Yan Xue's meridians had recovered back to normal under Jun Mo Xie's treatment. Mei Yan Xue felt extremely sleepy and unknowingly fell asleep...

Jun Mo Xie looked at the deep asleep Mei Xue Yan who was as pretty as a painting but yet, he could not forget his ear... which hurt really badly.

Even if he had the intention, he did not have the guts! That day he had been labelled as worse than a beast so he decided to not be one anymore!

He was holding a jade bottle filled with black evilness; that was the evil matter he forced out of Mei Xue Yan's body. Jun Mo Xie turned and disappeared but actually, he used the Yin Yang Escape to go down into the ground and carefully buried the jade bottle deep underground then used the Yin Yang Escape to come back up, wiping his cold sweat.