Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 556

Chapter 549: What Is Brother In Law Trying To Do?
Chapter 549: What Is Brother-in-law Trying To Do?
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"What truth? This is utter nonsense! And, what's about this brother-in-law talk? This is absurd!" Mei Xue Yan's face turned a deeper shade of red. She lashed out in a very fierce and stern voice, "This is unforgivable!"

"How is it not the truth?" Jun Mo Xie didn't even flinch as he replied, "Xue Yan This is embarrassing for the both of us. I also believe that we should've waited till we were in the bridal room However, we've seen each other. We've even touched each other. And, everyone in family already knows about our domestic affairs. Do you still want things to be more obvious"

Mei Xue Yan suddenly got furious. Her fingers trembled as she raised them, "Jun Mo Xie, you you You are so shameless!"

"Shamelessness is better than having no wife!" Jun Mo Xie happily said, "Moreover, it's not limited to the two of them alone. I also have swords for you and Green Hunter. It must've been difficult for you to hold their swords. So, I've made a customized sword for you!"

Green Hunter's eyes glittered when she heard this, and she couldn't prevent herself from biting her lips. However, she then glanced at Mei Xue Yan's expressions, and didn't dare to speak anything...

"You have swords for us as well?" Mei Xue Yan stretched the tone of her voice. [This guy finally changed the subject.] She then said in a harsh manner, "Why haven't taken them out yet?"

"You only need to command!" Jun Mo Xie chanted this sentence as he twisted his buttocks. He then extended his right hand, and shouted, "To make it happen!"

Two more swords appeared in his hands with a 'brushing' sound. They had again appeared out of nowhere. However, these two swords were much more slender and smaller than the first two swords. These swords were far more graceful in their appearance as well. In fact, one look was enough to tell that they had been crafted for women!

It could be said that Mei Xue Yan had summoned the entirety of her mental strength and spiritual sense to perceive Jun Mo Xie's movements this time. In fact, she hadn't shown any lax in her efforts. But, she still couldn't discover how he had managed to produce these two swords in the open. They had still appeared out of the thin air

Mei Xue Yan was astonished by this! [Heaven knows how incomprehensible this mysterious young man's skills are]

Jun Mo Xie first took out one of those swords, and handed it over to Green Hunter. Green Hunter couldn't prevent herself from exclaiming out-loud with happiness when she held the sword. She loved it so much that she couldn't put in down. It was evident that she was at least as happy as the Bear King and the Tiger King!

Green Hunter looked at the flickering golden body of her sword. It seemed as if the entire sword was made of gold. Moreover, it was crafted marvelously. It turned out to be a rarely seen soft sword. Its blade was as agile as a snake. It could twist with natural fluency; it could shake and sway in a gentle manner. And, there was an unfathomable flicker to its radiance...

The tip of the sword was forked. In fact, it looked like a viper's tongue. Moreover, it was emitting hidden cold rays. The sword could split, cut, peel, stab, twist, sway, and wave It had many other properties that other swords didn't. And, it was a tailor-made for the Snake King. Only the Snake King had capability to bring out the innate qualities of this sword; only she could maximize its power!

It could be said that this was Jun Mo Xie's most meticulous creation among these four swords! It was tailor-made for the Snake King. However, he had spent thousands of Kgs of gold to craft this soft golden sword's body!

Snake King's heart filled with joy, and she looked at Jun Mo Xie with an affectionate expression in her eyes. She was impatient, and couldn't wait to test her sword. Therefore, she wrapped it around her wrist at first. Then, she wrapped it around her slender waist. It seemed as if the sword had a mind of its own. It was transforming into different forms in the hands of the Snake King. Moreover, there was nothing but pure fluency in its transformations from the tip to the hilt. In fact, it appeared as if it was a living and intelligent snake.

The more the Snake King looked at the sword the more delighted she got. The more she played with it the more she was reluctant to put it down. She joyfully squinted her big eyes as she brought the soft sword to her face. It was evident that she cherished it beyond any known bounds.

Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud as he grabbed the sword's sheath. And, the sword's sheath also bent and turned into a rounded shape. There was a bayonet on one end. And, it could be connected to the hilt of the sword. It was like was a belt of sorts! It turned out that Jun Mo Xie had also worked very hard on the sword's sheath. It was evident that Jun Mo Xie's craftsmanship was unusually ingenious and exquisite!

Jun Mo Xie smiled and said, "I've named this sword as 'Snake King Sword'. You can wrap it around your waist when you are not using it. It is likely to confuse any person with ease. This sword will be very convenient to use once its out. Moreover, it's likely to deliver the best results when it catches the opponent off-guard. Green Hunter, you must think of ways to get this sword out from your waist at the quickest possible speed. I personally feel that this will be a great magical weapon to defeat your enemy!"

The Snake King's face had reddened from over-excitement. She kept nodding as she grabbed the sheath to examine it.

Mei Xue Yan sighed as she thought; [I'm beginning to owe Jun Mo Xie an increasing number of favors. First, he gave us several rare pills. And, he has given us four unique and divine swords today.]

She looked at the Bear King, Tiger King, and Snake King. Each of the three Beast Kings was holding a sword with a foolish smile on their faces. They were constantly experimenting with their weapons, and they appeared very enthusiastic and delighted. It was impossible for them to not owe him

[I believe that even the Three Holy Lands won't be able to come up with one such sword! But, Jun Mo Xie had four of them! This kind of an upstart was huge.] Mei Xue Yan was a very experienced and knowledgeable individual. But, she still couldn't prevent herself from being stunned by this youngster.

[Forget about anything else he must have more of such weapons. And, there are other Beast Kings in the Tian Fa Forest. However, it is impossible for a person of Jun Mo Xie's nature to give these present to only the Bear King, Tiger King, and the Snake King and ignore the other Beast Kings. It is already a huge favor to accept these four swords from him, but it will be good to have more!]

Mei Xue Yan couldn't prevent her charming face from blushing as this thought crossed her mind. [What's happening to me? Have I gotten addicted to taking cheap advantages of people?! It's a sin!]

How could she not be aware of Jun Mo Xie's intentions and nature? This guy would never allow himself to suffer a loss. He would always ask his debtor to pay-up once he had owed the said-individual enough. And, Jun Mo Xie's shamelessness had led Mei Xue Yan to believe that he could undoubtedly do such a lowly thing. Moreover, she believed that he could do this with so much confidence and righteousness that even the color of his face wouldn't change Nor would his heart palpitate in the process

[This guy has started becoming more and more daring around me of late. So, I'm afraid that I would have to bear the brunt if he puts any conditions forward! What would I do in that case? Would I be able to refuse him in case he asks me to devote myself to him? Moreover, this guy already has many beautiful women at his side. Is it possible that the great Lord of Tian Fa Forest would have to become his concubine?]

[Wouldn't he only following onto his words You ought to follow me, little thing. I will rub your buttocks everyday]

Mei Xue Yan's face started to blush as this thought crossed her mind. In fact, her face blushed so hard that it seemed as if it had started to burn. She then shot a glimpse of hatred towards Jun Mo Xie. But, it only left her heart flustered. And, that's because she could sense that she didn't find this matter as disgusting anymore

[What's happened to me? This is absurd!]

However, this one glance of hers had left Jun Mo Xie very flustered. Therefore, he quickly introspected [I had said a few words a moment. But, they shouldn't have offended her so much. Moreover, I gifted them four divine weapons in one go. So, why did this woman lose her temper? Did this Young Master make a mistake by giving her these gifts? Did I get kicked while trying to flatter her?]

[But that doesn't seem to be the case]

How could Jun Mo Xie know that Mei Xue Yan's thoughts had taken such a long leap? In fact, she had already started thinking about the wedding night

Mei Xue Yan forcefully focused herself again, and raised her white hand. Jun Mo Xie only felt as if a breeze had passed him. However, the only remaining sword in his hand had already been taken. Mei Xue Yan was sitting quietly on the stone bench by the time he looked towards her; she had already started to fiddle with the slender sword.

"Only one of the four swords is left. So, I presume that this one is for me?" Mei Xue was still blushing. But, she had forcefully put-on a carefree look on her face. She had used a 'matter of fact' tone, but it hadn't sounded as authentic.

In fact, her tone was so abnormal that even super-morons like Bear King and Tiger King had also noticed it. The two Beast Kings looked at each other, and winked. However, they had a tacit understanding between themselves. So, they continued to fiddle with their divine swords with blank expressions on their faces. However, they had erected their ears

"Of course; who besides Xue Yan deserves to use this divine sword?" Jun Mo Xie flashed a humble smile as he sent out words of loud and clear flattery.

"Hey! Stop blabbering!" Mei Xue Yan snorted. Her words had seemed like very a severe warning. However, Bear King and Tiger King winked at each other. [Hehe, Elder Sister is delighted. Listen to her words Doesn't it sound like a flirtatious banter]

It must be said that Mei Xue Yan's sword was the best among the four. It was the small and exquisite in style. The sword's blade was slender but sharp, and the hilt had an amazing grip. The sword's body was smooth and flawless. The tip of its edge seemed to be an embodiment of a monarch's glory. Mei Xue Yan was someone who stood at the apex of the world. However, even she had no option but to admire Jun Mo Xie's exquisite craftsmanship.

[The sword given to me complements my nature! The pure while color of the sword's blade seems like the white gowns I wear every day. It's seems like a perfect pair. Moreover, the sword seems to be of the highest quality!]

"You've done a very thoughtful job," Mei Xue Yan's voice was faintly authentic. However, she had used the kind of words which were used by the elders whilst praising the younger generation.

"There's no need to thank me, Xue Yan. I won't hesitate to climb burning mountains made of blades for you. I can take a hail of arrows for you. I can face death with equanimity for your sake. My heart can shed bright blood for you every day of every month. I can die hundreds of times without having any regret. I'm ready to risk my life. Even a hundred-million deaths are worth it," Jun Mo Xie shook his head and expressed his emotions.

"Awk" Bear King and Tiger King ran away with expressions that made it seem as if they would throw up. It turned out that they wanted to get as far away from this shameless man as possible However, they had also done this in order to give this guy some time and space with their elder sister...

Mei Xue Yan snorted, and her face turned red. But, she pretended as if she hadn't heard him. Instead, she merely continued to admire the sword she held in her hands. [This guy would start a dyeing-workshop if you give him some colors. He would try to illuminate the entire earth if you give him some sunshine. However, he will do his weird things and move on if you flatly ignore him.]

The three Beast Kings were fiddling with their swords. But, all of them were doing so absent-mindedly. Instead, their eyes were always glancing sideways to look at the two people. In fact, Bear King and Tiger King were even gossiping with their expressions.

"Old Ninth, what do you think will happen next?" Bear King winked enthusiastically.

"I think they're bound to kiss," Earth Cracker's expressions resembled a love-guru. He even seemed to be pondering in a philosophical manner.

"I don't see it." Big Bear shook his head in disapproval. He feigned the expression of an experienced man as he said, "My experience suggests that they should hug tightly The kind of hug where one is unable to breathe"

"How is that possible? Can't you see that Brother-in-law is licking his lips? This is obviously the prelude to a kiss! I can see it coming!" Earth Cracker bickered in ridicule. He then stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. Then, a strange sound was heard as he swallowed his saliva.

"Silly Tiger, can't you see that Brother-in-law is about to open his arms wide? This is clearly a hugging position. You don't understand. So, don't talk nonsense. Don't make me laugh," Bear King's eyes showed harsh expressions as his belly straightened up. He seemed to be feigning the mannerism of an expert lecturer.