Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 557

Chapter 550: Threatens While Confronting The Heroes Of The Entire World
Chapter 550: Threatens While Confronting the Heroes of the Entire World!
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"Stupid! How can you be so stupid? How can one kiss without hugging first? Stop pretending to understand things when you don't. There's nothing wrong in not having knowledge. However, not having knowledge and pretending to be a knowledgeable man is an unforgivable mistake!" Big Bear was scolding Tiger King as if the latter had failed to live up to his expectations.

"Shut up both you stupid beasts!" a lowered but seemingly murderous voice was heard at this time. Both the Beast Kings were left stunned when they heard this threatening voice. They then turned their head to look, and saw the Snake King's ashen expressions. A fierce light was flickering in her eyes as she looked at them. The Snake King's sword was swaying in her hands. However, it seemed like a highly poisonous viper was about to bite its prey.

The Tiger King and the Bear King felt the same way at this time [The Snake King will draw her sword and kill us if we say another word!]

They couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. They stood motionless while staring blankly [What's going on?]

Both the Beast Kings were baffled

[How did Snake King's temper suddenly become so violent?] Both of them were becoming increasingly unclear of this. It seemed that the Snake King's temper had been worsening ever since she had arrived in Tian Xiang. In fact, it had now reached a point where it could detonate like a barrel of gunpowder

[Is it because she is with the Elder Sister Is she being influenced by Elder Sister? But, you don't have the Elder Sister's strength. So, how could you deal with us?] Both the Beast Kings rolled their eyes in a silent curse. [She's scolding the wise and far-sighted Bear King and Tiger King She's got some courage]

However, these three Beast Kings were surprised to see that the two individuals hadn't made any movements. Instead, they were sitting calmly. Mei Xue Yan was fiddling with her sword with her head lowered. And, Jun Mo Xie was looking-on with a smile on his face. Neither of them was moving. In fact, they looked like two sculptures that were letting the wind quietly pass past them

The breeze blew, and Mei Xue Yan's robes and hair fluttered.

The wind blew, and the sleeves of Jun Mo Xie's robes fluttered as his eyes remained fixated.

Both of them were sitting like this. In fact, the scene looked as aesthetical as a painting. Moreover, it seemed like they could sit there till they got old

This kind of tranquility, leisure, and warmth left even the insensitive Big Bear and Earth Cracker stunned. Even the angry Green Hunter also looked stupefied. They looked at this in scene in silence, and their hearts filled with warmth and emotions

The sound of rapid foot-steps came at this moment; someone was rushing towards them. A servant pushed-open the courtyard's doors and said, "Young Master, the ceremony is about to begin. The Old Lord and Third Master have asked you to come at once. They've said that you mustn't miss this moment."

This servant's voice hadn't even faded when he saw that three pairs of eyes were wickedly shooting flames at him. He suddenly got goose bumps over his entire body. He couldn't help but feel extremely terrified. In fact, he felt as if he was about to fall to the ground. How could this insignificant servant resist the anger of three Beast Kings? They hadn't released the entirety of their strength Nor had they intended to kill him But, he still couldn't bear it.

"I know. I will be there in a minute," Jun Mo Xie replied in a clear voice. The servant felt his entire body relax when he heard Jun Mo Xie's voice. He couldn't help but sigh. In fact, he nearly started to pant. It must be said that he had broken into cold sweat in a moment. In fact, even his undergarments had soaked in sweat by now!

"Xue Yan, you make arrangements so that they can set on their journey tomorrow. Make special notes of the things they mustn't forget. Um I will send some people to deliver the things they've bought to the Tian Fa Forest. These two must travel light on this journey. I will come to meet them before they leave. But, I leave this matter to you now," Jun Mo Xie looked at Mei Xue Yan as he said in a gentle tone.

Mei Xue Yan still didn't raise her head. She mere replied in a gentle manner, "You be at ease. Both these Beast Kings have had their strength increased by fifty years. Their speed has also increased by three times. Moreover, the speed of their cultivation's progress has also become three times faster. And, these divine weapons can double their strength So, these two don't even deserve to go back if they still can't make it on their own now"

Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud. Then, he turned around, and left. He left Mei Xue Yan behind to rebuke the two Beast Kings And, he also ignored the resentful looks those two Beast Kings shot towards his back

"Has anyone asked to see me?" Jun Mo Xie asked the servant as he lightly walked ahead.

"Yes. The Young Master is right. There's indeed a table in the inner hall where someone wishes to talk to the Young Master. The Emperor has also mentioned that he'd like to meet you. Furthermore, Young Master Li Li You Ran has also asked if you have the time to talk to him," the servant respectfully reported.

"Li You Ran wants to talk to me? Did he mention what he wanted to talk about?" Jun Mo Xie slightly frowned. [Why would this guy wish to talk to me at this time? What does he want?] However, Jun Mo Xie didn't pay any attention to the other two people the servant had mentioned.

It wasn't that Jun Mo Xie was feeling too highly about himself; it was just that he clearly knew that there was no scope of having a talk with those two individuals. After all, an enemy is an enemy. Moreover, there was no possibility of resolving these issues. It must be mentioned that they weren't his public enemies at the moment. But, that was likely to be the case in the future.

Jun Mo Xie had infinite confidence in his instincts

Therefore, he simply couldn't afford to meet the Emperor of Tian Xiang

In fact, it could be said that Jun Mo Xie was afraid to meet him; he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to control his temper in case he met that old bastard! He feared that would draw a knife and cut the Emperor's head. And, it needn't be mentioned that such an act would cause a sensation

Jun Mo Xie entered the hall, and saw that the entire place was packed with people. Grandfather Jun and Jun Wu Yi were seated in the front seats. Guan Qing Han was standing in the front of these two men. She was dressed in beautiful attire. Guan Dong Liu was standing behind his daughter with a merry smile on his face. The guests were seated in the various rows that followed. Shi Chang Xiao and other Great Masters were seated in the very front. Song Shang the Master of Ceremonies also seemed prepared. It must be mentioned that it wasn't a trivial matter for a Sky Xuan expert to be acting as the Master of Ceremonies. Everything was already prepared. They were only waiting for Young Master Jun to show up

Song Shang breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Jun Mo Xie enter the hall. So, he took out a silk scroll from his sleeves. He then unfolded it in a manner that made it seem as if it was a sacred decree. Then, he read it out aloud, "Today is an auspicious day. The guests have gathered. And, this is a matter of supreme glory for the Jun Family! The arrival of the four Great Masters and Tian Xiang's Emperor has brought glory to our Jun Family. I'm indebted to Old Lord Jun for entrusting me with the responsibility of the Master of Ceremonies today. I'm young, and I have little knowledge. I request the honorable guests to forgive this Song Shang in case he has made any mistakes today. I beseech that you don't blame my Jun Family for this."

The audience broke into words of consolation as these words resounded. However, the eyes of most people had turned towards Tian Xiang's Emperor Yang Huai Yu.

This ceremonial speech had been personally written and edited by Jun Mo Xie; Song Shang had only added the words "four Great Master" a moment ago. However, other parts of the speech had remained the same. And, the same stood true for the phrase "arrival of Tian Xiang's Emperor". It must be mentioned that he hadn't said "Arrival of the Heavenly Emperor" This had made it seem as if he had declared that Jun Family was no longer a subordinate of the Tian Xiang Empire.

How was it possible for the people present in the hall to not notice this part? Therefore, everyone's complexion had turned somewhat strange at this moment.

The Emperor's expressions changed when he heard this part of the speech. However, it quickly reverted to normal. He then let out a faint smile, and his expressions didn't fluctuate after that. He even looked at everyone with a smile. It seemed that he hadn't understood the meaning of this, and was still calm and composed.

It must be said that such a formidable person deserved to be called the talent of his generation. After all, even the color of his face hadn't change. Such an ability to remain calm was worthy of admiration!

Jun Mo Xie's eyes slightly contracted. [This guy thinks profoundly. He's genuinely far better than others. After all, he's still very composed. It seems that it will be extremely difficult to get the truth out from his mouth.]

Meanwhile, Song Shang had already started to carry out his duties.

"This is an auspicious day. A happy occasion has arrived at the door of this family! The Jun Family's third master Jun Wu Yi has officially adopted the Guan Family's daughter Guan Qing Han! Henceforth, she will be like his child. And, the world will treat them like father and daughter"

It wasn't mentioned that she was "originally a woman of the Jun Family". Instead, Song Shang had said "daughter of the Guan Family". These words had made it clear that Guan Qing Han's former status had been erased and turned into a mere memory!

Song Shang eventually came to the point after a voluminous speech. And, Guan Qing Han knelt as per his instructions. She kowtowed nine times, and stood up. However, she had burst into tears by the time she got up to her feet.

Jun Wu Yi smiled and supported her with his hands. Then, he said some warm words of consolation. He then took out a shiny pearl necklace, and presented it as the first gift from a foster father to his adopted daughter. Everyone applauded and congratulated them as this happened

"Guan Qing Han has become the Jun Family's daughter from now on. She will get to start her life afresh. She is allowed to choose a virtuous man of her independent liking. And, no one is allowed to interfere. The Jun Family will see it as an irreconcilable enmity in case someone dares to offend her. We won't hesitate to take out our swords. And, we will fight to the end!

"Guan Qing Han's previous identity was somewhat dubious for reasons known to everyone. But, she's the Jun Family's adopted daughter now. Therefore, every misconception from the past stands annihilated. They've been scattered in the wind, and no one is allowed to mention it any longer. Jun Family officially declares that anyone who dares to offend her in the future will be considered an arch-enemy of the entire Jun Family. Moreover, the Jun Family vows to use their entire strength to kill any such individual!"

They had mentioned about killing anyone in two consecutive phrases. And, they had done so with a cold and murderous manner. In fact, the element of threat had been indicated in the manner of speech very clearly.

Jun Mo Xie's style has always been strong and stern. They were standing in front of every influential family in the country. The Imperial Family and various great Xuan families of the continent were present as well. Even the four Great Masters were in attendance. However, Song Shang had outrageously read out this iron-blooded declaration of Jun Mo Xie's!

Jun Mo Xie had intentionally issued a threat to everyone in front of these heroes of the world. Jun Mo Xie stood quietly in the crowd. His eyes were gleaming with a cold light. And, his gaze was filling the atmosphere with a cold electric current! In fact, his eyes were filled with cruelty!

The entire scene had fallen into silence.

The Jun Family's declaration was extremely arrogant

However, no one thought that it was inappropriate; even the four Great Masters were no exception to this. After all, Jun Family possessed enough power to make such a declaration!

They weren't afraid of anyone!

The clenched fist was the strongest argument in this world. The strength of one's fist decided to weight of their argument. They had several Sky Xuan experts and countless Earth Xuan fighters on their side. The Jun Family's father-and-son were high level Spirit Xuan Experts. Moreover, they had Great Master Solitary Falcon to keep a watch. Furthermore, Jun Mo Xie's mysterious master could deter any force of this world. And, they even had some connections with the Tian Fa Forest. Plus, every influential family had already assessed that Feng Juan Yun was clearly inclined towards supporting the Jun Family

Who in the entire mainland could dare to look directly into the eyes of such a force?

"The ceremony stands completed!" Song Shang shouted and clapped his hands. Then, he put the silk scroll away, and courteously bowed to the guests.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous applause in the hall!

Guan Qing Han's face was overflowing with tears. It was obvious that her heart had been overwhelmed by emotions.