Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 560

Chapter 553: What If I Were The Emperor?
Chapter 553: What If I Were The Emperor?
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"However, one needs power to do these things! The more the power, the more pleasures one can have!" Li You Ran's eyes flashed a cold light as he said, "So, I started using the entirety of enthusiasm to study how I could get more power. My entire family gradually came under my control. But, I soon realized that my family wasn't enough to satisfy my needs! And, I wanted more power as a result!

"Therefore, I started to work harder, and gradually began to suppress my opponents. And, I slowly realized that my grandfather had spoken correctly," Li You Ran said.

"That same phrase?" Jun Mo Xie asked out of curiosity.

"You need to be heartless if you wish to be successful! One needs to be merciless!" Li You Ran's eyes flashed and he said, "This is what my grandfather had said after I had killed my father. Therefore, I deliberately kept myself unattached from everything I did. I started to use perspective of a spectator. And, I realized that it was particularly accurate. That's because I would need to eliminate anyone who'd stand in the way of my planning. I could even abandon my close relations if doing so would induce a big-enough benefit!"

Li You Ran said darkly, "After all, I won't be able to reach my goal on the odd occasion if I took my person feelings into account. Moreover, not being able to reach my goal could also lead to a total failure. And, it is easy to be left with nothing after one is defeated Therefore, I can't be sentimental! You can't be sensitive; you must be heartless instead. You must be ruthless!

"Everyone in this world is merely a tool for my use!" Li You Ran sneered, "I can have whatever I want if I'm at the top of this world. I could even get back the things that I've lost out in the past. I could get the things that weren't even mine if I wanted to. I only need to be devoted to my cause!

"The current Emperor is an excellent example of this. After all, Murong Xiu Xiu and Ye Gu Han were a perfect match. Their families were well-matched in terms of social status. They had grown up together. They made an ideal couple. After all, their emotion for each other was deeply-seeded. However, the Emperor wanted to have Murong Xiu Xiu. Therefore, Ye Gu Han's entire family was declared as traitors, and eliminated between dawn and dusk! Then, Murong Xiu Xiu entered the Emperor's palace, and became the Empress This event is particularly inspirational for me!" Li You Ran clenched his fist.

"This event had pushed you farther on the road of becoming a demon. But, she doesn't love you in the first place. So, what will you accomplish even if you get her?" Jun Mo Xie greatly disapproved of what Li You Ran had said.

"Its fine if she doesn't love me. But, I would prefer that she frown and weep under my body than be happily groaning under another's. I will still be her man even if I can't have her heart. I will be better-off than the man who can't even have her. Moreover, I believe that even her heart can be mine in the future if I'm willing to work hard!" Li You Ran snorted and said in a savage manner.

"You are crazy!" Jun Mo Xie puckered his brows and said, "Li You Ran, you've been ruined. In fact, there's no turning back now."

"Why will I turn back? What will I get from turning back? In fact, I don't even have a road to turn back towards. But, I still have a long road in front of me!" Li You Ran smiled sarcastically. Suddenly, it seemed as if he had lost the strength of his entire body; even his shoulders drooped. [I've kept my silence for more than ten years. I've never told this to anyone. However, I've said everything today. But, I feel powerless, and my heart feels empty. I can't say if I'm happy or sad. I don't even feel the slightest bit of comfort. I've gone through my entire past in this short time]

[It feels that my heart is still submerged in this pool of depression. However, my heart no longer feels desolate because I have someone to talk to.]

"Third Master Jun, thanks for listening to me. I can't think of anyone else I could've talked to," Li You Ran finally turned around, and slowly walked to the stone table. Then, he sat down, and said in a serious manner, "I feel very good now."

Li You Ran's handsome like face revealed a warm smile; it seemed sincere and warm. His mannerism had also reverted to their usually elegant and cultured state.

"You are welcome. You've made me understand many things as well. Everyone has a different mindset. I had never believed this aspect. But, I do now!" Jun Mo Xie's eyes were clear and bright as he looked at Li You Ran. However, looking at Li You Ran made him feel as if this man had gotten stuck so deeply in mud-watery that he couldn't extricate himself. Li You Ran was a very smart and charming man. However, he doesn't feel as graceful and elegant to Jun Mo Xie as he had in the past. Instead, Jun Mo Xie somewhat pitied this man

[Is this kind of a man also deserving of pity?]

"Then, there's you Jun Mo Xie I had never considered you worth anything. I was swan flying high in the sky as far as I was concerned. However, you were merely a loach in the mud. I was exceptional. But, you were nothing!" Li You Ran chuckled and said, "Therefore, I had never paid attention to you."

"However, you've miraculously emerged like a hurricane in a short period of half-a-year. In fact, I wasn't even able to respond to this change since you had already gone too far above than me. I had considered you as a formidable life-enemy when I had taken notice of your talents. Moreover, you had endured things for a long time before making your moves. So, I had even believed that your intrinsic nature was similar to mine"

"However, I don't think so anymore" Li You Ran faintly flashed a bitter smile, and said, "Because, I don't deserve to be your opponent anymore. The swan is beautiful, but it is nothing compared to the legendary bird that can soar to the ninth heaven. There's no comparison. Therefore, I'm only capable of having a conversation with you today."

Jun Mo Xie smiled, but didn't speak.

That's because this was already a publically accepted fact.

"Third Young Master, do you know why I am talking to you?" Li You Ran laughed as he looked at Jun Mo Xie with some fascination.

"Hehe, I think Young Master Li is feeling a gloomy and distressed. However, I don't believe that you're here to tell me these secrets alone. So, declare your real intentions." Jun Mo Xie raised his eyebrow as he said.

"I've been brought face-to-face with a new option of late. And, this option might have a direct relation to my choices in the future. However, I'm not able to decide by myself. So, I've come to seek your opinion," Li You Ran spoke-up in very serious and solemn manner.

"You're faced with a choice? And, you've come to seek my opinion?" Jun Mo Xie was stunned by this. So, he said, "Li You Ran Young Master Li, have you taken some unsuitable medicine?"

"Yes! I must seek your opinion. And, that's because you're involved in this matter. So, this is bound to play a vital role," The depths of Li You Ran's eyes suddenly became unfathomable.

"Shall we take a look this situation? There's something that will link us!"

"It could be considered a coincidence that my master recommended me to the Great Golden City. Then, Ma Jiang Ming came to the Li Family ten days ago. He wanted to meet me regarding this matter. He was happy after his examination. And, this means that I can join the Great Golden City as long as I agree. This means that I will get a chance to witness the Battle for Seizing the Heavens in a few years' time. Moreover, I might get an opportunity to participate in the next Battle for Seizing the Heavens In fact, I could even become a leading personality"

Li You Ran's expressions were serious, "The Great Golden City wants to select ten youngsters this time. Jun Mo Xie, you may be the person who understand me the best. No other youngster will be able to beat me as long as I go. And, that's because of the way I think and scheme..."

"I genuinely believe this," Jun Mo Xie sincerely commented. [I will consider this world's men to be monsters if a person with Li You Ran's intelligence and maliciousness doesn't succeed] However, his heart skipped a beat at the same time [So, this is the dilemma Li You Ran is faced with]

[It's not surprising that he's being so frank today. No wonder he's speaking so bluntly. It's no longer strange that he's acting so differently from how he used to be]

Jun Mo Xie had finally understood the real reason behind Li You Ran's arrival.

"However, going away means that I must give up on the results I've worked so hard to achieve over the years! I must make a transition from desiring power in this secular world, and I must move to wanting the same at the top-most level. But, I've invested so much energy and effort over the years, and I'm beginning to realize my goals. I hate this because I'm not very far from my heart's desires at this time. However, I will have to repeat this process if I decide to go there," Li You Ran slowly said. In fact, it seemed as he was raising his arguments.

Jun Mo Xie didn't say anything. Instead, he calmly waited for Li You Ran to speak up.

Li You Ran remained silent for a while. Then, he suddenly lifted his head, and looked directly at Jun Mo Xie. He then said in a low voice, "Jun Mo Xie would you oppose me if I wanted to become the Emperor of Tian Xiang Empire? Perhaps I should ask if I would be setting myself against you by doing so"

"I know that you don't desire power. In fact, you don't even care about it. You only care about your family. You're only concerned with your sentiments. And, you only care about the people you love. Moreover, you desire absolute power and freedom. I'm confident that I haven't misjudged you in this regard. So, it doesn't matter who becomes the Emperor You won't care about it as long as he doesn't harm you. And, I can swear that I will never be the Jun Family's enemy And, this stands true regardless of whether I succeed or fail. In fact, I won't dare to be the Jun Family's enemy!"

Li You Ran's eyes had turned very fervent at this moment. He fixed his eyes on Jun Mo Xie and said, "This has been the biggest dream that I've wanted to achieve in my life ahead. At first, I was confident that I would have many opportunities to be successful. But, you have emerged now! And, I have a strong intuition that I will suffer a heavy blow from you if I'm not careful! And, I won't be able to withstand this set-back when we consider the current strength of your Jun Family!"

"The Emperor of Tian Xiang stands on the opposite side of the Jun Family. Third Young Master, I also know a little about what's going on in your mind Moreover, the three sons of the Emperor aren't getting along with you and Tang Yuan. So, I believe that you won't wish for any of them to become the Emperor of Tian Xiang. Therefore, I will turn the Great Golden City's offer down as long as you give me a free-hand. Instead, I will fight for Tian Xiang's throne with everything I've got!"

Li You Ran's face lit-up as he said, "Third Young Master, maybe it will be a help to you if I choose to go this way In fact, it will be good for you and for me Your father Jun Wu Hui was a great hero of his generation. He was an outstanding military general, and he had made a heroic contribution in Tian Xiang's establishment. However, he had died under dubious circumstances. And, I can't believe that Third Young Master has no suspicions in his mind when it comes to this matter. Third Young Master, we may not be able to join hands. But, we have a common enemy, and you don't want the secular power. So, you might as well help me. What's the harm in it? After all, I still know how to judge the hour and take stock of the situation at hand."