Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 561

Chapter 554: Ill Give You A Big Gift
Chapter 554: Ill Give You A Big Gift!
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Jun Mo Xie had been listening to him without saying a word. His tightened brows had made it evident that he had been pondering over things.

Li You Ran had gotten emotional a while ago. So, he inhaled two deep breaths, and calmed himself down. Then, he began to blurt it out in a single breath, "This is where I choose to belong. A great man can't do without authority. And, this Li You Ran will have no fears if Third Young Master gives me a nod!"

Jun Mo Xie said with a smile, "Do I have such influence now?"

"Yes, you do! You aren't even aware of how frightening your influence has become. However, Tian Xiang's current situation is fairly evident. The Tian Xiang Empire won't survive one day if Jun Mo Xie wants its destruction. Even the overnight assassination of the entire royal family is merely a whim away for someone like you. However, you're still worried about your family's feelings. Moreover, you don't have any conclusive evidence to take this brazen decision!"

Li You Ran clenched his teeth, and said, "I'll probably have to go to the Great Golden City if Third Young Master is unable to determine his standpoint. So, it must be said that there stands an opportunity for Third Young Master's enemies if he can't make a commitment. After all, this You Ran will have to put his own safety first"

Li You Ran smiled warmly as he said those words. He had been extremely calm when he had kept his two alternatives in front of Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie suddenly stood up. He took two steps with his hands behind his back; his brows were twitched into a frown.

Li You Ran had opened up about things. And, Jun Mo Xie was convinced that Li You Ran had spoken from his heart. However, Jun Mo Xie couldn't feel relieved even though he believed it to be true.

Li You Ran might have spoken from his heart at this time. However, a man of his nature would heartlessly turn hostile in case of a conflict of interests were to arise in the future. And, that's because Li You Ran's disposition would entail him to do so!

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie couldn't be convinced of Li You Ran's commitment of never opposing the Jun Family; not even a little!

There was another reason Li You Ran had great ambitions, amazing capabilities, and outstanding tactics. However, Jun Mo Xie didn't consider his characteristics suited to rule an empire!

[Li You Ran is in the embryonic form of becoming a minister of the state. He's probably the best candidate for a state minister's position. However, he isn't suitable to be the monarch of an empire.]

"You probably see me at a very influential position at this time," Jun Mo Xie wrinkled his eyebrows as he spoke, "Li You Ran, you've made an honest confession today. That's why I'll also be truthful to you. You aren't suited to be a monarch! You should be under one person, but above a ten-thousand. In fact, that would be the best position for you. But, you still lack too much if it's about ruling the entire world!"

"So that means the Third Young Master doesn't accept my proposal?" Li You Ran was somewhat disappointed at first. He then spoke-up in a sharp voice, "But why? Why do you think I'm unfit to rule the empire? You say this my grandfather also says this! Ha-ha! Don't tell me you that believe Yang Huai Yu's three useless sons are more skilled than me? They can have a chance to hold the Emperor's title! So, why can't I try?"

"You can't! And, that's because you lack the aggression and dominance. Moreover, this is something which comes from within. In fact, you lack by too many measures when it comes to this aspect You lack too much to harbor such illusions! However, the most important point is that you've always thought about your own self only. You'll become the most influential minister of your generation if you sincerely seek to assist a monarch. You would ascend to an extremely important position. In fact, you would probably leave your name in the history books. The future generations will talk about you for years. And, they will study your methods for eons to come. You'll make any country rich and powerful in no time. However, your traits will fall short if you wish to make decisions for a country!"

Jun Mo Xie faced his competitor of old times, and announced these words in a serious manner.

"Oh what a coincidence! My grandfather also speaks in this way! He used to say that I would protect the Li Family's foundation if I were to become a minister. He says that I won't let the family crumble! But, a calamity is inevitable if became the ruler. And, that would lead to the destruction of the entire family. Your manner of speaking is similar to his!"

Li You Ran's face had expressions of dejection. In fact, it appeared as if a cock had been defeated in a match. However, his complexion suddenly began to turn sinister, "Are you telling me that I Li You Ran will have to live under another man for my entire lifetime? I'm not willing to do that!"

"You keep blabbering about your grandfather! The truth is that you've been shaped under his commands throughout your life! You've always been under him. But, you don't find any problems in accepting that!"

Jun Mo Xie spoke intensely, "You're beneath the Emperor when you act as a minister in the imperial halls. You're beneath your grandfather at home. You're second to me among your peers. However, you're known as the most talented man of your generation outside. But, you don't seem bothered by that. Moreover, you've lived like this for so many years. In fact, I'm sure that you would've continued to live like this for the rest of your life if your master hadn't recommended you to the Great Golden City You would've lived like this till the day you died! So, it's unlikely that you'll be able to realize these wildly ambitious dreams of yours by yourself. Moreover, your heart knows whether these words of mine are right or wrong. You're trying to compel me to make a commitment But, this is merely a means to prove your grandfather wrong; isn't it?"

"Moreover, I genuinely don't like you! In fact, I've never liked you. But, I don't wish to deceive you today since you've been honest with me!" Jun Mo Xie continued, "Li You Ran, let's call it a day! Alright?"

"Oh! So, do you have another candidate on your mind for the Emperor's position?" Li You Ran remained silent for a while. Then, a strand of his hair dropped down on his fair face. He then suddenly raised his head and looked-on sharply, "Is it Yang Mo?"

He didn't wait for Jun Mo Xie to answer. Instead, he smiled and began speaking, "No wonder you had invited Yang Mo to join the Aristocratic Hall! No wonder you've always given him the responsibility of dealing with the royal households when the visit So, you've been training him! You've been training and nurturing him this entire time!"

Li You Ran had a cold smile on his face. He was disappointed In fact, he was feeling awfully despaired.

"I'm convinced that you're too scared to mess with him!" Jun Mo Xie smiled coldly. He didn't deny it in its entirety. After all, he knew that a person with Li You Ran's nature could easily make Yang Mo fall from grace in case Jun Mo Xie accepted this openly. However, this would keep him under doubt. Therefore, it was better if he didn't deny it and kept Li You Ran under a doubt instead. And, that's because Li You Ran would hesitate in making a move. Moreover, the manner in which Jun Mo Xie had made this statement had made it appeared like a naked threat!

"Yes. That's right. I won't dare to mess with him. Moreover, I won't dare to make any moves in Tian Xiang City either," Li You Ran laughed, "However, I will choose to go to the Great Golden City in this case. And, I will dare to make a move once I have enough strength. So, I'll come back when I have enough strength!"

"Things may not be the same by the time you return. You may even realize that you still don't know much about the high-level mysterious ways of this world. The world isn't only about power!" Jun Mo Xie had stated this in a pensive tone.

"I'll certainly be your enemy once I go to the Great Golden City!" Li You Ran looked at Jun Mo Xie, "I'm certain about this matter since you have a connection with the Tian Fa!"

"No. You won't. You won't get to decide anything in this manner!" Jun Mo Xie sneered, "You are a smart man. You could've done anything before I had risen to power. However, you won't dare to do anything since I'm now a powerful man. In fact, you won't dare to become my enemy as long as I Jun Mo Xie don't die! However, I also know that you'll be the first one to go against the Jun family once I'm dead!"

"Third Young Master knows me too well!" Li You Ran was at ease. He said with a smile, "I'm clever, and my methods are shrewd. But, I've always had this shortcoming of being overcautious!"

"And, this is why you're not fit to be the ruler!" Jun Mo Xie said indifferently.

"But, I won't give up. I will never give up! After all, one can conquer the heavens if one makes great efforts!" Li You Ran stood up, "Jun Mo Xie, I'll take my leave. I'm likely to depart for the Great Golden City in three days' time. But, I wish to see you again someday Perhaps someday in the far future! You've been honest in saying that you've never liked me. And, it's the same for me. I've never liked you either. You've always been a rival to me. I've never thought of making friends with you. In fact, I never thought that I would have such a conversation with you. However, I would still like to give you some words of advice before I leave."

"What is it? What advice?" Jun Mo Xie lifted his eyebrows; he seemed interested in hearing this.

"Be careful over the next few days. It's important for you to be very careful," Li You Ran stated this with a smile, "Treat this as a small reward from my side. I know that you didn't comply with any of my requests. And, you didn't make any commitments to me either. But, you listened to my story with patience. Besides, I don't want you to die at someone else's hands! After all, I'll keep wishing how happy I would've been if I had killed Jun Mo Xie with by bare hands!"

"Keep dreaming about it But, be convinced that you won't have this opportunity in this life." Jun Mo Xie gazed at him as he stood up.

"I've been a hypocrite for most of my life. And, you've been a debauch for the most of yours. However, the survivor will get very lonely if one of us dies. So, it's okay if I'm unable to fulfil this cherished desire of mine. We can't be friends in this life, but you'll always be a motivation for me," Li You Ran smiled, and his complexion returned to his usual one, "Third Young Master, goodbye!"

He cupped his hands in order to bid goodbye. Then, he left without looking back.

He hadn't been able to fulfill his purpose today. His requests to Jun Mo Xie had also ended in disappointment. However, he had been able to let go of his anger and dejection

So much so that he had even tried to warn Jun Mo Xie before he had left.

Jun Mo Xie slowly sat down.

[Li You Ran's words had some meaning in them. In fact, it seems that the people from the Three Holy Lands have already arrived. Moreover, they're probably planning to launch an attack on the Jun Family!]

[The words spoken by Li You Ran as a gift can't be meaningless! They aren't meaningless in any way!]

"You've always looked down upon the Li Family's people, but you're still worried about them. You admire being ruthless and heartless, but you're still an emotional man. After all, humans will always be human. So, how can you genuinely be so ruthless?" Jun Mo Xie saw Li You Ran's figure disappearing into the corner of the room as he whispered these words to himself.

Li You Ran had given the gift of these words right before he was scheduled to leave for the Great Golden City. He hadn't done this to look good in Jun Mo Xie's eyes; he hadn't even done to reward Jun Mo Xie for listening to his story. Instead, he wasn't very optimistic about the royal family of Tian Xiang. Moreover, he knew that Tian Xiang would witness a change of dynasties within a single day in case Jun Mo Xie made a move.

Therefore, Li You Ran had given away this secret in order to ensure the Li Family's survival. He had divulged this secret with only one desire [Go easy on the Li Family when you make the move!]

Li You Ran was indeed a very intelligent man. He genuinely deserved his fame for being the most talented youngster in Tian Xiang. After all, he knew when to advance, and when to fall back. Li You Ran even understood Jun Mo Xie's way of thinking. However, he had still chosen to divulge this secret. Moreover, he had done that without making any threats, demands, exchanges, or conditions. And, it was probably because he knew that he couldn't afford to provoke Jun Mo Xie at this time

Moreover, he knew that he would receive nothing in return in case he put forth some conditions.

That's why it was better to give it up in this manner

Jun Mo Xie shook his head and sighed. Jun Mo Xie knew that he would've gone after Li You Ran in case he had dared to offend him by saying something impertinent. In fact, Jun Mo Xie wouldn't have hesitated in killing him on the spot

However, Li You Ran had acted very cleverly today. And, he hadn't given Jun Mo Xie any reasons to feel offended.

Or, was it possible that Jun Mo Xie appreciated him to some extent? After all, would Jun Mo Xie need a reason in case he wanted to kill someone?

Gusts of wind rose in the sky, and snowflakes fluttered down on his face. Their incisive iciness seeped into the bottom of his heart.

This was the first snowfall of this winter. However, it had poured down very quietly on this day. Did this bear an indication to something?