Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 562

Chapter 555: A Great Enemy Arrives At The Doorstep
Chapter 555: A Great Enemy Arrives at the Doorstep!
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Lei Wu Bei and Shi Chang Xiao didn't leave in the evening. Instead, they stayed at the Jun residence. The host obviously can't force a guest to leave if they don't their leave on their own accord. And, this was especially the case if the guest happened to hold the majestic status of a Great Master. However, Old Man Jun and others couldn't prevent themselves from feeling somewhat strange about this. After all, even the arrival of these two men had come as a surprise to them. Therefore, it was obviously weirder that they had decided to stay back.

Meanwhile, Feng Juan Yun had lodged with the Solitary Falcon.

The sounds of the wind had been becoming softer since afternoon. In fact, they had gradually faded away. And, the world had fallen into silence only the silvery-white snowflakes had been falling relentlessly in a dreamy manner In fact, there was already a thick layer of it on the ground, trees, and the roof

The lands had been dyed a hazy-white by the snow.

Indistinct silhouettes of several men came into appearance in the silence of midnight. Over a hundred figures quietly surrounded the Jun residence in this heavy snow. Everyone's body-movements were very quick and skillful. In fact, they were moving like the wind Dozens of black-robed men had stationed themselves on the Jun residence's fence in the twinkling of an eye.

The Jun Family's guards were patrolling below the fence. However, these men were so skilled that the guards didn't notice their presence even when they were standing right above their heads.

Seven or eight figures were flying high in the sky in the distance. Their bodily movements made it seem as if they were lighter than the snowflakes. They were floating in a leisurely and care-free manner

Mei Xue Yan frowned whilst she lay on her bed within the Elegant Fragrance Courtyard's premises. She suddenly sat up. Then, her body flashed, and she quickly got dressed. She then flicked a small piece of paper out of the window. However, this piece of paper suddenly changed its direction in mid-air, and entered the Snake King's room.

Then, Mei Xue Yan's body moved and arrived in front of the window. She attentively looked outside, and saw that countless black-robed individuals were gently floating down with the snowflakes under the brightly gleaming moonlight.

A murderous spark flickered in Mei Xue Yan's eyes. Her face turned as cold as ice. She abruptly opened the door, and floated out in silence. Her delicate, fair, and graceful figure seemed like that of a fairy as she moved in the sky. She went straight upwards, and rose dozens of feet in the air. Then, she steadily stationed herself on the top of the Jun Family's tower. She then shouted in a cold voice, "Three Holy Lands have you genuinely stooped so low? You have arrived to do something as shameful as launching an attack on a secular family?! You've genuinely left me to sneer at you!"

Meanwhile, Mei Xue Yan's astonishing momentum frantically rushed around like a wave that surges violently across the ocean. And, the entire courtyard of the Jun residence was shrouded by her aura in a couple of breaths.

It seemed as if a dry lake had run into a might sea. The violent sea waves had poured and filled the lake to capacity. Moreover, the waves didn't seem to be showing any signs of stopping. This momentum was as majestic as the one witnessed when several mighty rivers converge. Moreover, it seemed as if that scene was being accompanied by innumerable strikes of thunder and lightning. And, that thunder was ruthlessly causing havoc in the entire sky!

Mei Xue Yan's snow-white robes surpassed the snowfall's beauty as she stood atop the tall tower in the snow. Her long hair was flowing like a waterfall as her graceful body stood proudly upright. Her breathtaking face was sufficient to amaze any man. However, it was emitting a cold look of bitter disappointment. Her imposing aura had lifted a layer of snow off the ground. And, the snow had then started to swirl around her body. Mei Xue Yan looked like a fairy at this moment. But, this fairly was exuding an earth-shaking murderous intention!

Mei Xue Yan had been genuinely enraged at this time

She had been graceful and elegant in the face of the Three Holy Lands' despicable actions since she had always given priority to the overall situation. However, she had finally exposed her murderous intention!

This was unadulterated murderous intention. In fact, it seemed like the murderous intent of an individual who'd feel gloomy if they weren't allowed to kill!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of cloth-ripping sounds echoed as numerous robes moved at high speeds. Mei Xue Yan secretly counted the numbers There were ninety individuals in total! They rushed over from all directions, and gathered below the tower.

However, they had no choice but to gather there

Each of these individuals was a top expert. Their leaders were outstanding, experienced, and careful. Therefore, they had quickly judged that their weaker comrades wouldn't be able to withstand her blows in case they were to stand at a distance from each other. Moreover, they had figured that many of their team's members would be fated for death since the woman atop the tower was likely to attack very decisively. In fact, they had realized that they wouldn't even get the time to rescue their comrades.

These ninety top-experts from the Three Holy Lands had been forced to change their wishful thinking under Mei Xue Yan's highly oppressive and tyrannical momentum. And, they had been forced to assemble close to each other instead. That's because they had realized that Mei Xue Yan was unlikely to be lenient in case they allowed her to attack them one individual at a time

Only one individual's ferocious and oppressive aura had left ninety renowned top-experts terrified!

This-itself was enough to state that Mei Xue Yan's power was world-shaking!

Numerous other momentums also stirred up and surged towards the sky in response. The dense snow suddenly rose upwards into the sky in a split second. It seemed as if an invisible dome had been formed over the Jun Family's courtyard to block the snow outside.

The momentum was suddenly reversed in a very violent manner. And, Mei Xue Yan's robes started to flutter with rustling and droning sounds.

"We are from the Three Holy Lands. But, an evil creature like you can't criticize us. After all, we've done a lot for the peace and growth of the entire mainland. What would you know about it?!" a strange and ear-piercing voice echoed. This disgusting voice was like the sound of a rat grinding his teeth at night Or like an owl screeching on a grave. It seemed like the gates of the hell had opened, and wailing of the malicious spirits therein had rushed out. In short, this voice was extremely unpleasant to the ears.

A man floated out from the crowd as this voice echoed. That's right; he floated out because his legs didn't even move. In fact, his entire body hadn't shown any signs of movement. He had simply floated out like a ghost!

This man's unkempt hair reflected in the clear snow below. His facial features were withered, and his cheeks had sunk deep inwards. One of his eyes was emitting a cold light from its very depths. However, other eye there was only a hole in the eye-socket!

Just a dark hole!

It could be seen that the left-hand-sleeve of his robe had fluttered when he had floated forward. So, it was evident that there was no arm in that sleeve. Moreover, one of the trouser-legs was also empty. This indicated that one of his legs was also missing. A careful glance at this man's head would leave one to discover that he only had one ear. He stood there looking remarkably similar to a zombie that had jumped out from a grave. He even carried that dense and eerie aura on his body.

This man had serious disabilities!

Mei Xue Yan's expressions changed. It turned out that she had recognized this man.

The reason why she recognized him was he had led the group which had besieged her in the past!

This man was surnamed Yu. His original name was Yu De Sheng. In fact, it was a good name since it meant 'I will be triumphant over my enemies'. But, he got disabled after he suffered a major defeat in the past. Moreover, only half of his body was lucky-enough to survive that incident. Thereupon, he got the nickname of 'Yu Yi Ban' or 'Half-bodied'. However, he didn't pay any attention to it. He earned himself a lot of fame in his half-bodied avatar as time passed. So, people eventually stopped calling him Yu De Sheng altogether

This man's name was somewhat funny, but he wasn't. His usual habit was to 'divide his enemies into half'. And, this didn't refer to their properties either He would cleave their bodies into halves

After all, only a half-bodied could meet a half-bodied!

This man was extremely powerful even though he was disabled. He also commanded a very high status. In fact, he was the Chief of Operations in the Elusive Land of Immortals! He had a decisive and violent heart, and had a reputation for acting mercilessly. His Xuan strength was quite outstanding, and it was rare to find someone in his generation who could match him. In fact, it could be said that Mei Xue Yan wouldn't have suffered those serious injuries if this man hadn't used his entire strength when he had led that ambush against her in the past.

It was a coincidence that he was leading the team this time as well. In fact, this seemed as if these two were destined to clash against each other

He raised his gloomy head, and a grim light glowed in his only eye. He looked at Mei Xue Yan, and puckered his eyebrows. Then, he suddenly laughed and said, "A little girl shouldn't speak so loudly when standing at such height. After all, the wind might get your tongue because you're standing so high up!"

Mei Xue Yan was condescendingly looked him in a cold manner. Then, she stated in a heavy voice, "Retreat!"

She had only spoken one word, but it had sounded as if a muffled thunder-strike had suddenly exploded. Even the ground was left to shake a few times. And, the snow on top of the trees within a radius of thirty meters fell down with a rustling sound

The minds of ninety men who stood in the courtyard were left stunned by this. They had known that there was a top-expert in the Jun Family. However, they hadn't foreseen that this individual would be so strong

The strengths of these ninety people from the Three Holy Lands had already reached the top levels. However, none amongst them could match her.

However, they were fearless. Even the weakest amongst them had reached the basic realm of the Great Master Level. Moreover, their team consisted of thirty experts who were above the Great Master Level; ten experts from each of the Three Holy Lands. After all, they had joined hands this time. In fact, this could be considered the most powerful collaboration of the Three Holy Lands over past hundreds of years!

Sixty Great Master Level experts and thirty experts above the Great Master Level It would've been a joke if they had gotten intimidated by the enemy!

The woman in front of them possessed astonishing Xuan strength. But, even a fierce tiger can't resist a pack of wolves. Hadn't Venerable Mei of Tian Fa Forest been exceptionally tyrannical back in the day? Hadn't his tyranny been unmatched? However, ten top-experts had still managed to defeat him after they had joined hands. In fact, the famed Venerable Mei had barely managed to escape at that time. Therefore, they didn't have any reason to be afraid of this lone young woman.

"Little Girl, you are merely talking bullshit from a position of height. But, don't ask us to leave for no reason. In fact, you ought to come down and take a look at the real situation if you have the ability. Others will only listen to you if you have a very big fist!" Half-bodied squinted his only eye as he said in a shady and pitiful manner.

A scholarly and elegant man was standing beside him. This scholarly man was none other than Ning Wu Qing. Another man who looked like an immortal stood behind them. His facial features were so lean that it seemed as if someone had carved them out with a knife. He had a white beard and white hair. Moreover, he seemed as calm and unflustered as a mountain. Seven other men were arranged behind them in a wing-like pattern. Furthermore, twenty more men were arranged in their background in two neat rows. So, it was evident that this line-up hailed from the Elusive Land of Immortals.

Mei Xue Yan condescendingly watched their battle formation with a cold expression in her eyes. And, she couldn't help herself from breathing a heavy sigh. This was an exquisite battle-formation. These people could advance to attack and retreat in defense whenever needed. Moreover, this was a group of experience experts. So, they modify this battle-formation in the wink of an eye.

It could be assessed that these men had a high degree of tacit understanding. And, this understanding had evidently been developed from rehearsing for the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. It must be mentioned that this understanding had been formed in order to deal with the outsiders However, they were using it on their own allies at this time...

The sorrow of situation was perhaps hard to express.

There was another team on the left-hand side. They too comprised of roughly the same number of people. However, it was shocking to see that even Ma Jiang Ming was standing in the second spot amidst this team from the Great Golden City. Purple-robed men stood upright on the right side of the team from the Elusive World of Immortals. Their fearlessness was visible from the gleam in their eyes. These people hailed from the Illusory Ocean of Blood.