Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 563

Chapter 556: Prepared For A War
Chapter 556: Prepared For A War!
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No one among them was mediocre. This terrific line-up had made it evident that their strengths had already reached the extremes. In fact, it was hard to guess how many folds their strengths surpassed the Jun Family's power by

It wouldn't be wrong to say that there would've been no need for the dispatch of ninety such experts over this task if these people hadn't taken Mei Xue Yan into account. Perhaps only ten of them would've been sufficient for the entire Jun Family's destruction!

How could the Jun Family have coped with this crisis of destruction? There was no hope for the Jun Familyas far as the current situation was concerned. They could only drag a few people with them at the most. In fact, they couldn't even drag the enemy's leading personalities down with themselves if they tried

The difference in the strengths of the two parties involved was beyond comparison. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this gap was as huge as the one between the heaven and earth. After all, this gap was impossible to overcome!

Mei Xue Yan had gasped at the sight of the preparations the Three Holy Lands had made for the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. However, she still needed to overlook it for now. She gave out a sneering laugh. Then, her body suddenly rose in the air like flash of lightning. She was too quick for others to take note of how-and-when she had moved She landed on the ground in front of 'the Half-bodied', and spoke-up in a cold tone, "Half-bodied, I've come like you had asked. So, tell me how can I help you?"

No one could make out what was going-on inside Mei Xue Yan's mind by merely looking her beautiful face. She looked as calm and unperturbed as always. However, she was extremely anxious in reality. The reason why she had made a loud noise before coming down was to toil for a little more time After all, some people from the Jun Family might get a chance to escape if luck favored them. And, they could find an opportunity to make a comeback as long as some of them survived.

Of course, Mei Xue Yan was mainly concerned about him being able to escape! In fact, Mei Xue Yan would harbor no regrets even if she died today as long as he was able to escape

[I hope that Snake King, Tiger King, and Jun Mo Xie understand my intentions. I hope they don't waste the sacrifice of my life!]

[They will be able to rise in time as long as they don't run into any mishaps.]

This was a time of urgency. So, it was too late to come up with any plans. Therefore, Mei Xue Yan was only hoping that she'd ascend to the heavens

"Girl, you've probably understood our intentions by now!" Half-bodied spoke-up in a gentle manner, "A girl who possesses such a supernatural cultivation must know about the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. We believe that the outcome of the Battle for Seizing the Heavens depends upon the magical abilities of those mysterious pills from the Jun Family. And, we swear that we won't harm the Jun Family for the purpose of the mainland's safety and the welfare of its common people. However, this stands true only as long as the girl and the Jun Family hand-over those divine pills; we'll also need the alchemist who refines them. In fact, we will withdraw from here right this instant if you do that. What do you think about this? This matter is now left for the girl to decide upon. This is my way of showing respect to you and the Jun Family!"

"Is that so now? You care about the welfare of the common people? That's a nice pretense to fool everyone. It's a pity that these words aren't the real reason behind these shameless actions of yours!"

Mei Xue Yan continued to speak contemptuously, "You're trying to cover up how trashy the people from the Three Holy Lands have become. Other people might not know it. But, do you think that I don't know it? Be straightforward if you want those mysterious pills. And, say that you're greedy! What's the point of being pretentious about it? What's the connection between your greed and the welfare of the world?"

"This girl is very quick-witted. I think I admire her," someone from the Illusory Ocean of Blood's side spoke out. Then, a middle-aged man leisurely stepped forward and spoke-up, "Listening to this girl's words makes it seem as if she knows a lot about our Three Holy Lands. It's agreeable that we haven't come here with generous intentions But, it would be wrong to say that we've only come for our personal interests. You know that we the Three Holy Lands have come here for our selfish reasons. But, you also know that the common people will be the ones to benefit out of this! In fact, no one can declare this as untrue! You seem acquainted with the tales of the continent. So, you must understand that one mustn't care about the sacrifices if they wish to succeed in something big! The monarch of a nation also works in the same manner. However, we are trying to work for an even greater good in comparison to a petty monarch!"

The man had spoken justly and sensibly. His words had been very reasonable. Even Mei Xue Yan found it somewhat difficult to contradict him. So, she carefully looked at this man's appearance. She saw that this man had delicate features, a perfect built, a sturdy and tall body, and an upright figure. He was wearing a tidy purple gown. And, his gown was glamorously flashing in the snow. Five golden lines were shining on the cuffs and collar of his gown

He continued with a graceful smile, "Besides, my Illusory Ocean of Blood has come to the Jun Family to talk about another important matter as well. The Jun Family has killed two of our Great Master Level Experts in the days gone by! Moreover, they've also killed 'the Sun which Scorches a Thousand Mountains' Huang Tai Yang! They were killed by the Jun Family's conspiracy. Those three had gone through several years of hard training in order to qualify to fight in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. You can't say that this matter isn't one of importance. In fact, it doesn't even matter who started the fight anymore you need to give us an explanation! Else, I'm sure that this is going to harm our friendship! "

His tone had been gentle, but he had gotten straight to point. Anyone who'd listen to him would notice a threat concealed in his words!

Mei Xue Yan calmly looked at this cultured and elegant face. This man looked only thirty or forty. However, she was aware that this man was probably seven or eight times older than thirty

"Zi Jing Hong, there's no reason for you to speak so shamelessly. It doesn't matter what topic you're talking about this shameless behavior is still disgraceful!" Mei Xue Yan coldly said, "Don't tell me that the reason behind Huang Tai Yang's death isn't overly obvious! Then, you even went ahead and said that 'It doesn't matter who might have started the fight'! You've made me look down upon the Illusory Ocean of Blood by saying that!"

This man was known as Zi Jing Hong. And, he had a loud and resounding title 'The purple cloud that arrives from the east!'

His sword-technique could summon the thunderous purple clouds from the east. And, their appearance was never a good omen for the other side!

He was ranked third in the Illusory Ocean of Blood. His swordplay was as good as Ning Wu Qing's. A single slap of his palm had the power to crack mountains and slit through the stones. Even Mei Xue Yan couldn't have expected that he would've personally arrived for this task. In fact, his appearance had made it evident that the Illusory Ocean of Blood had given a lot of importance to this matter. Moreover, it won't be wrong to say that his arrival was a clear sign that they wouldn't have second-thoughts about killing anyone who stood in their path

"Well, it makes no difference whether you look down upon or not. Girl, do you genuinely believe that you'll be able to walk away tonight?" This man seemed to be leading the Great Golden City's platoon. He was wearing a long hemp-gown. He also had a crown on top of his head; three pearls were embedded in it. It seemed as if some country's emperor had decided to join-in

"Xiao Wei Cheng? On what basis are you qualified to say such words?!" Mei Xue Yan retorted with a cold expression, "Does that three-pearled crown from the Great Golden City give you the audacity to speak in this manner?"

Xiao Wei Cheng burst into a loud laughter. He then waved his hand and shouted, "Everyone! Begin ambushing this vixen!" Ma Jiang Ming flashed a strange smile. His face was overcast with lightning clouds of sorrow. It appeared as if he harbored endless desires to commit murder. He was also the first one to dash out for the task amidst the crowd. Moreover, his eyes were emitting rays of hatred and resentment.

How on earth could Ma Jiang Ming admit defeat especially in front of an attractive woman? After all, they weren't very pleasing to his eyes

His face didn't look his age. And, his smile wasn't revealing his true intention He was an embodiment of the saying 'Even smiles have dagger hidden within'!

Mei Xue Yan was about to move into action when another delicate and womanly figure suddenly appeared from behind with a hissing sound! A green shadow spread over the entire sky in a flash of lightning. Then, it got entangled with Mei Xue Yan's dazzling white aura.

The two people spun rapidly, and their shadows seemingly fused into one. It became difficult to differentiate one from the other Only two shadows of light could be seen rummaging over each other They were turning-and-twisting while moving up-and-down at a great speed. They spun around in the vacant sky while scattering the snow around them

It was the Snake King Green Hunter!

Mei Xue Yan had suddenly gotten worried since the Snake King hadn't escaped

[What about the rest of them? Are they also still here?]

Two sturdy and tall figures hurried towards her from the left side as this thought crossed her mind. The eyes of these two men were filled with hatred. And, they were hurling abuses as they were walking. In fact, they were cursing in a very loud voice; it wasn't very pleasant to hear them. They were Bear King and Earth Cracker!

Two others were rushing towards her from the right. However, they looked extremely skillful and agile. They were silent, but their complexions were grim. Their long hair was fluttering in the breeze. These two men were Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun!

Two more individuals were walking towards Mei Xue Yan from the back. They had grave expressions on their faces, and they were walking at a slow pace.

These two men were Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi! The duo had expressions of worry on their faces, but they didn't seem in a hurry.

Mei Xue Yan felt so anxious that she nearly got sick. In fact, she was sweating all over

[Oh heavens! Why haven't they left?!]

[Why have they come to confront an enemy that possesses such an overwhelming power? Don't they know that confronting them is tantamount to asking for death? What are these people doing when they know that they'll die?!]

[These are time when even a great hero would run to the green hills so that he can make a comeback when the time is suitable!]

Mei Xue Yan couldn't comprehend the mindset of this Jun father-and-son duo. After all, the enemy was far stronger than their own self. Jun Family was already on the edge of life and death. However, these two men had remained unyielding [How can we let our guests face these enemies? We know that we might die. But, we'll die before our guests do!]

[After all, this is the Jun Family's residence!]

[The Jun Family will be able to recover as long as Jun Mo Xie lives-on. Today's bloodshed will give rise to an ocean of hatred. But, he'll be able to make a comeback in time!]

The Solitary Falcon had showed up for the Jun Family. [I haven't used much of my strength to aid the Jun Family ever since I've arrived here. However, I've repeatedly received huge favors from them] The Solitary Falcon was very grateful to the Jun Family. [How will I ever be able to compensate such a huge favor?] Therefore, the Solitary Falcon rushed out without hesitation as soon as the enemy invaded.

However, a series of complicated thoughts were tumbling inside Feng Jun Yun's mind at this time. [I had abandoned this family when they had gotten into trouble in the Southern Heaven City. Would I escape again? What am I? Am I an ostrich that I'd keep hiding from dangers like that?!]

[I know that the enemy is as strong as I am! In fact, many amongst their ranks are much stronger than me. But, when would a real hot-blooded man show off his strength if not now?]

[I will die fighting if that's what this decision will bring me to!] Then, Feng Juan Yun had also rushed along with Solitary Falcon.

"Arghh!" The three-hundred 'Soul Devourers and Heavenly Destroyers' from Jun Mo Xie's personal team also showed-up at the courtyard's perimeter with thunderous roars! Every soldier had a cold expression and anger on his face. They held the Xuan Tendon Crossbows in their left hands. And, they held sharp swords in their right. Their entire body was emitting a murderous aura. They then gradually began to spread in a circle with vicious expressions of their faces.

The Soul Devourers and Heavenly Destroyers were merely basic-level Jade Xuan fighters. So, they were like tiny ants in front of these Great Master Level experts. Yet, they had rushed over without any fear!