Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 564

Chapter 557: The Snake Kings Might
Chapter 557: The Snake Kings Might!
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A long whistling sound came from the tall courtyard wall as the shadow of three people flashed; Hai Chen Feng, Song Shang, and Baili Luo Yun emerged on the top of the wall. The silvery sword in each individual's hand was reflecting the snow.

Hai Chen Feng burst into a loud laughter and said, "Old Song, who could've thought that we would be fighting so many Great Masters one day This is indeed a gratifying and happy matter!" Song Shang sneered and grabbed a wine gourd from his back. Then, he drank a large mouthful, and roared with a heroic spirit, "Excellent!"

However, it was hard to guess whether he had found the wine to be excellent or he had agreed with Hai Chen Feng's words.

"Old Song, this Hai Chen Feng will invite you to drink a lifetime worth of wine if there's an afterlife!" Hai Chen Feng laughed as a heroic feeling soared inside him. Song Shang suddenly laughed in response. He then said in a loud voice, "It's a deal!"

"It's a deal!" Hai Chen Feng promised in a heavy voice, "Clap hands and make a vow!"

"Bang!" the palms of the two men came together, and both men became brothers for the next life. It must be mentioned that these two men were veterans who had experienced hundreds of battles. So, how would they not know that they had walked into a dead end tonight? Could there be any hope of survival in the face of such a formidable opposition? However, the two men were still laughing. And, their appearance was still bold and care-free

"You're good men! I also wish to drink wine with you guys in the afterlife. So, let me know if you think that I'm not qualified enough!" Baili Luo Yan's expressions were like ice. However, a cordial expression ignited in his eyes as he glanced at these two men.

Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang glanced at each other in amazement. Then, they suddenly laughed out, and said, "Who said you aren't qualified enough? You're a good brother! You are our brother from now on!"

Bang. The palms of the three men clapped together. They then looked at each other, and burst into laughter. Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang didn't know Baili Luo Yan very well. In fact, they had met him very recently, and knew very little about him. However, they had become good brothers at this juncture where they were certain to meet their deaths!

Moments of life and death are the best whetstone for a friendship. After all, one can't conceal their true nature while facing life and death moments So, it becomes clear whether an individual is heroic, loyal, honest or a cheat, a traitor whether an individual's feelings are fake or genuine

Shi Chang Xiao and Lei Wu Bei also showed up in quick succession. But, they had showed up in the enemy's line-up even though they had arrived here to congratulate the Jun Family! However, this fourth and sixth-ranked Great Master duo seemed rather ordinary in the Three Holy Lands' line-up of experts

A sharp 'jingling' sound was heard at this time. It turned out that the Snake King and Ma Jiang Ming had already clashed against one-another. However, they had drawn their weapons at the same time! So, it was obvious that this 'jingling' sound had originated since their weapons had clashed into the opposite party's. It must be mentioned that both these individuals were the overlords of shady means. Therefore, they had assessed their enemy in their minds, and had chosen to draw their weapons at a time which would be most opportune to land a fatal blow to the enemy. But, who would've thought that their weapons would strike against the opposite party's

Ma Jiang Ming quickly retreated after they exchanged this blow. And, that's because he had suddenly realised a rice-grain-sized hole had been split-open in his sword the moment it had come in contact with the enemy's weapon!

[I had used hundreds of weapons to refine this sword. This sword had costed me a great deal of effort and money in the past. In fact, I don't even remember how many talented individuals were killed by this sword. I had used this sword to move unhindered in the entire world. I had never defected in any manner. Who could've thought that it would break like this today]

Ma Jiang Ming's cherished sword had suffered a major damage. This had left him alarmed, and distressed. In fact, he felt as if his heart had been twisted in a very painful manner. He retreated with such urgency that it seemed as if his soul was about to fly away

The Snake King had gained the upper hand in this fight. So, she obviously wanted to pursue her retreating opponent. She twisted her waist, and her body bent to a strange extent in the air. In fact, it seemed as if her body had bent in seven or eight places. Then, she chased after her enemy at a very quick speed!

It seemed as if a giant snake made of clouds and mist was swiftly descending like a blizzard in order to devour its enemy.

A light flashed in Ma Jiang Ming's eyes since he had suddenly realized something. He then blurted out, "She turned out to be the Snake King!" [This is the signature move of Tian Fa Forest's Snake King! The Quicks Snake Bends the Waist in Seven Places!]

However, Ma Jiang Ming immediately felt as if something was amiss. [The Snake King had fought with Lei Wu Bei a few days ago. And, he is one of the Eight Great Masters. However, the fight had been declared a draw. The Beast Kings are widely known for their physical strength. However, this had left me to assess that they are only as strong as a Great Master in human terms. In fact, this means that these Beast Kings possess Great Master Level cultivation. However, I'm far above the Great Master Level. So, how can she possibly force me to retreat in this manner? Moreover, this girl's speed is much faster than the legendary Snake King's. In fact, it's far too fast!]

[Her speed is so astonishing that I can barely breathe right now. How can the Snake King possibly command so much speed when she's only as strong as a Great Master?]

The Snake King had already arrived to attack him while he was thinking about this. She raised her sword, and it glittered with a silvery radiance. Ma Jiang Ming howled as he brandished his sword squarely to counter.

This wasn't the time to think about his cherished sword. After all, he would lose his life if he didn't stake everything in this fight. That sword was very precious to him, but it wasn't dearer than his own life!

The Snake King sneered upon seeing this. Her sword moved with a 'brushing' sound, and came in contact with Ma Jiang Ming's weapon. However, this collision didn't produce a deafening sound like Ma Jiang Ming had anticipated. And, that was because Snake King's sword had suddenly become flexible like a swift snake. Then, it wrapped itself around Ma Jiang Ming's sword. In fact, it conveniently attached itself to his sword's blade. Her sword then flipped over with a 'brushing' sound, and changed its direction at an impossible angle. It scrapped at Ma Jiang Ming's arm with a 'jeering' sound, and blood came gushing out the wound. Even his bone had become visible through this deep wound!

Ma Jiang Ming let out a loud hissing sound! His usually hardships-stricken face contorted with pain, and beads of sweat rolled down his face. He had genuinely been struck with a hardship this time around. He bent his waist backwards as he retreated with anxiety. This man was a famed expert of his generation, and his strength had already transcended the Great Master Level. However, he had been pushed into such a perilous situation by the Snake King in only a few moves. He had surely somewhat underestimated his enemy. But, it was evident that the Snake King's new-found speed and weird sword had differed from his expectations by a very far margin.

Something flashed in Green Hunter's eyes as the corners of her mouth curved into a sneer. Her flexible sword suddenly changed directions, and became as solid as iron. Then, it stabbed towards Ma Jiang Ming's chest. How could Green Hunter not understand the peril of her enemy's situation? She obviously knew that her team would be greatly benefitted in case she was able to eliminate one of the strongest members of the enemy's team in one fell swoop.

The second-half of the Snake King's sword was still wrapped around Ma Jiang Ming's sword. But, the front-half had seemingly launched an attack by itself Moreover, her sword's blade seemed to be moving like electricity. The tip of her sword split like a fork, and attacked like a poisonous viper's tongue. It was as fast as the sound of a thunder!

It was obvious that Ma Jiang Ming wouldn't be able to dodge this attack

The sound of two angry roars was heard at this time. Two Great Master Level experts dashed forward, and attacked from the left and right sides. A sword flashed towards the Snake King's left shoulder with a 'whoosh' as a man's palm tried to slam into her head.

Ma Jiang Ming would inevitably suffer serious injuries if Green Hunter maintained the momentum of her sword's attack. In fact, he was very likely to die from this. But, she would also barely get away with it. However, it seemed that she would have to abandon her sword and retreat in case she wanted to dodge the attacks from those two men. It suddenly seemed that her clever trick of entangling her opponent's weapon had turned into the biggest obstacle in advancing or withdrawing her own sword

However, it must be mentioned that this besiege-and-rescue attack was exquisite in its own accord!

A man of Ma Jiang Ming's status had initially regarded that he would be able to fight the Snake King by himself. Moreover, he had assumed that he would be able to press his enemy down in this one-sided battle. He had even smiled and rejoiced at this thought. However, he had been defeated in a matter of a few moves. Moreover, two other men had been forced to gang-up a sneak attack on the Snake King in order to rescue him from this perilous situation. It could be said that Ma Jiang Ming's reputation had suffered a massive hit. In fact, his reputation wasn't the only thing which had taken a huge hit the entire Three Holy Lands' fame had been discredited!

However, the Three Holy Lands' people didn't pay any attention to this matter at this time.

And, that's because everyone had seen that the Snake King's sword was super-powerful!

Would anyone pay heed to a little stigma if they obtain such an amazing weapon at the end of it?

[History books are always written by the winners. The Jun Family's destruction is a forgone conclusion as of today. So, who will know about this unpleasant episode as long as we didn't divulge it to the outside world?]

Green Hunter sneered loudly. She then spoke-up with a taunt, "The Three Holy Lands ganged up to beat one person. This had genuinely broadened by horizons Have the Three Holy Lands dropped to the status of city-thugs?"

However, she didn't stop while talking. The tip of her sword made a cut on Ma Jiang Ming's chest. Then, it calmly recoiled backwards. Her sword also released its grip around the enemy it had entangled. She then ducked away before the other sword struck her. She was only one individual with one sword. However, it had still seemed as if there had been two equally-smart and quick snakes on the battle field. Moreover, she had quickly retreated almost thirty meters within one whirl and flash. In fact, her body hadn't faced the slightest amount of obstruction in doing so!

The Snake King's quick and smart movements had transcended the assumptions of everyone present there by a very far margin. It could be said that everyone had been frightened by this. After all, Ma Jiang Ming's body would've been cleft into two parts if the Snake King hadn't been forced into retracting her sword under the pressure of those two Great Master Level experts' ambush.

Relentless roars were being heard from a different side of the battle field. Big Bear and Earth Cracker were very short-tempered Beast Kings. Therefore, they had already started fighting against three famed Great Masters.

Zi Jing Hong narrowed his eyes in a dangerous-looking manner. He then slowly asked, "Are you the Snake King?"

Snake King snorted and replied, "Yes, I am the Snake King. What are you going to do about it?"

"That means that those two men over there must be the Tiger King and the Bear King?" Zi Jing Hong revealed a faint smile across his face as he looked at the Snake King. It seemed as if he had discovered a huge treasure.

Green Hunter sneered, "Zi Jing Hong, don't you think you're a bit weird? What are you trying to say? How can someone as powerful as you be as sentimental as a woman?"

"Heavens are truly helping me! This trip to the Jun Family has given unexpected profits. Who could've thought that it would've been this easy to get hold of three Xuan Cores! This has saved me a long and difficult trek to Tian Fa!" Zi Jing Hong laughed wildly. He waved his hands and ordered in a stern voice, "Kill them! Don't leave them alive!"

His subordinates from the Illusory Ocean of Blood responded in chorus. They then moved forward in a circular formation. Their sharp weapons flashed cold lights, and it was evident that they were ready to move into action.

"Wait!" Mei Xue Yan shouted in a neutral tone. A sharp light flashed in her eyes as she said, "Zi Jing Hong, what did you just say? You said that you wanted the Beast Kings' Xuan Cores?" Her tone had been gloomy. But, it had still embodied the incisive effect of a threating one. In fact, it was somewhat eerie-sounding. Anyone who had heard it had felt as if stormy clouds were approaching to press down upon them.

"The Beast Kings' Xuan Cores are the most precious things in the entire world. Who wouldn't want them?!" Zi Jing Hong faintly laughed. His hands were folded behind his back at this time. His expressions were that of leisure and confidence. He then faintly said, "This Zi Jing Hong is also a man who practices the Xuan arts you know!" he had even managed to enact a sobbing sigh when he had spoken that last sentence

"Zi Jing Hong, you have some guts on you! Do you even know who I am?" Mei Xue Yan spoke-up in a stern voice, "You dare to be so impudent in front of me! Do you know that you've just written your death warrant?"

"He-he-he Venerable Mei, attempting to keep things a secret doesn't mean that they remain hidden. Did you genuinely believe that this Old Man wouldn't recognise you until now? I had covered thousands of miles to chase and kill you back in the day. It was such a wonderful feeling. In fact, this Old Man still remembers that feeling. Venerable Mei, fortune had favoured you at that time. But, it's a pity that luck doesn't favour the same person forever."