Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 565

Chapter 558: A World Shaking Supernatural Entity
Chapter 558: A World-Shaking Supernatural Entity!
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Half-bodied smiled strangely. He then looked at Mei Xue Yan's exquisite and delicate body in an extremely indecent manner with his only eye. Then, he clicked his tongue, and spoke-up, "It can be said that today's events have implied something. Four Beast Kings left Tian Fa and arrived at the Jun Family. This is the most unexpected reward for us. In fact, it seems that the Heavens are on our side. This is a big surprise. After all, Venerable Mei is a famed entity of the Xuan Xuan Continent. She's the supreme leader of Tian Fa. This Old Man had never anticipated that she would turn out to be a woman. Moreover, I had never imagined that she could hide in another man's home in order to indulge in a shady and illicit relationship with him"

Mei Xue Yan's face turned pale, "Half-bodied, do you wish to court your death?"

Half-bodied laughed mischievously, "Venerable Mei possesses enough strength to seize this Half-bodied's head whenever she wants. But, it seems that it won't be that easy today. However, there's something I fail to understand, Venerable Mei. May I ask you for guidance?" He flashed a sinister smile.

"What is it?" Mei Xue Yan's charming face turned fiendish as bloody rays of light twinkled in her eyes.

"Venerable Mei is a very experienced and knowledgeable person. Couldn't you find any other man in so many years? I've heard that the Jun Family's young fellow isn't even twenty years of age Perhaps the taste of that young fellow from the Jun Family makes you extremely ecstatic? Maybe he gives you an urge you can't resist? That's probably why you long to commit fervent adultery with him Is this why you've crossed thousands of miles and arrived in Tian Xiang City to be in his bed? Venerable Mei's name had shaken every direction in this continent at one point. However, this Old Man is very curious to know about Venerable Mei's current status What is your ranking amongst Jun Mo Xie's concubines? After all, the first wife's position is gone I've heard that it was taken by Jun Mo Xie's lewd sister-in-law. Perhaps the first concubine's position is also unavailable. After all, there's Dugu Xiao Yi from the Dugu Family. So, are you the third one or the fourth? Ha ha ha"

Half-bodied sinisterly looked at Mei Xue Yan with the one eye he had. Then, he shot an extremely lascivious gaze at her while sneering and licking his lips, "Venerable Mei, it can be said that we are contemporaries. But, you're indulging in a relationship with a much younger man. Don't you feel ashamed of it? You might look like a young maiden when stripped naked on bed. But, that young fellow can never be as good as the experienced people of our generation. It's true that half of my body is gone. But, that part of my body remains intact. So, if you're interested or if you're unable to satisfy yourselves In fact, I haven't touched it much over the years. So, I'm confident that I possess a great amount of masculine energy in it. Anyway, I'll be far better than that rich and ignorant young fellow! We could even teach each other a thing or two. It would be such a beautiful encounter"

He hadn't even finished speaking when a loud hissing sound was heard from the sky; Mei Xue Yan had already arrived above his head. Half-bodied raised his only arm and began to swirl in circles. His movements created several intermingled after-images in the air. He shouted as tried his best to resist her attacks, "The snake is out of the hole! The thirty hidden soldiers ambush and kill her!"

Thirty hidden soldiers rushed onto the scene with 'brushing' sounds as soon as he roared. They then encircled her. Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng also rushed over and launched a pincer attack on Mei Xue Yan with their entire might. Half-bodied shouted and launched an offensive at Mei Xue Yan even though he had been pressed down by her attacks. In fact, he had counter-attacked with full force.

The remaining twenty-seven above Great Master Level experts also moved into action at the same time.

All of them had the same target. And, this individual was standing at the center of their encirclement Mei Xue Yan!

It seemed as if the sixty other Great Master Level experts had also been briefed about this action. They slammed together to form a wall of people, and obstructed the Snake King and the others from coming to her rescue!

[This is a trap!]

[This is a trap for me a death trap against Venerable Mei!]

Mei Xue Yan quickly realized that [They had guessed my identity long ago! That's why Half-bodied tried to arouse my anger a moment ago He wanted to lure me into this trap! And, they've ambushed me with such a force because they wish to bury me here!]

However, it needs to be understood that Mei Xue Yan would've jumped into this trap even if she had been aware of it in advance. And, this was only because of the insults Half-bodied had thrown at her. After all, no woman could endure such words of insult!

They had been extremely sinister and vicious!

Mei Xue Yan hissed in a high pitch tone as her body flashed at a very high speed. She ducked past the danger with a hair's breadth to spare, and quickly abandoned her original route of advance. After all, she had suddenly fallen into a tight ambush by thirty experts who were above the Great Master Level. She ducked past two experts by retreating six meters. Then, she let her kick lose in a ghostly manner. A white-haired expert was caught off-guard by her attack. He was sent rolling out like a ball as blood spurted out from his mouth with gurgling sounds

Mei Xue Yan quickly retreated as this happened. Then, she shot her palms outwards at the speed of lightening. Two loud 'booms' were heard as two experts were struck by her palms. Their bodies twisted as their long hair fluttered backwards. It seemed as if a quick and heavy whip had slammed into their backs. The two men screamed as their bodies were sent rolling to the left and right. The rolled on the ground and left only drops of blood in their wake

Mei Xue Yan's agile and graceful body slipped past the gap between two other men. However, the front and back of the bodies of these two men had been lit-up by a cold sword-light!

Mei Xue Yan sneered. She then twisted her wrists, and a magnificent shining object appeared in her hand. In fact, it looked as bright and shiny as the sun when it rises into the sky from the east. Then, her body whirled around at a very high speed. A 'buzzing' sound was heard as a seemingly concealed cold light condensed around Mei Xue Yan's body out of nowhere. In fact, it seemed as if the shiny stars from the galaxy itself had formed an iron wall around her body!

Ding! Ding! Ding! A series of shattering sounds were heard as eight peak-level swordsmen who were trying to besiege Mei Xue Yan retreated in horror and amazement Only half of their swords had remained in their hands by now

They had seen that the Snake King owned a divine weapon. But, didn't these people know how difficult it was to obtain such a divine weapon? However, they had never expected that Mei Xue Yan would also have one. Moreover, it seemed that the quality of Mei Xue Yan's weapon was even superior to that of the Snake King's. In fact, everyone who had made contact with her weapon had suffered a loss!

None of these individuals were random folk. In fact, each of them was an entity above the Great Master Level. So, how could their weapons be ordinary? How could their weapons not have some history? Which of their weapons hadn't shed the blood of thousands? However, these extraordinary weapons of theirs had broken in front of Mei Xue Yan's divine sword in the same manner that the snowflakes disappear under sunlight

However, she was far from done!

Mei Xue Yan had already made a firm resolve to move into action. Therefore, she was no longer going to be emotional about it. She lowered her body. Then, she used her left foot as the axis, and rotated her beautiful body in a crazed manner. A loud explosion was heard as three ball-like round sword energies came into appearance. These balls of sword energy then shot off in three different directions. Every direction began to glitter with a smooth, lustrous and bright band of light. In fact, it appeared as if these bands of light had derived their illumination from the galaxy itself!

These three balls of sword-light looked like canon-fire if we were to use an analogy from Jun Mo Xie's previous life to describe it.

She had attacked three directions at the same time!

Mei Xue Yan has put her entire strength into this attack!

She hadn't left any margin for leeway

Ning Wu Qing, Ma Jiang Ming, Half-bodied, Zi Jing Hong, Xiao Weng Cheng cried out as they frantically prepared themselves to defend against this attack. The remaining twenty people or so also gathered their entire strengths, and prepared themselves to withstand Mei Xue Yan's manic and devilish strength.

This Lord of Tian Fa had finally set her heart on killing!

An individual of noble character may be taken advantage of. However, what if an individual of noble character decided to stop being noble? Thereupon, any individual attempting to take advantage of them would have to pay a heavy price Especially if they considered it to be as easy as fooling an ordinary individual

This had happened because the Jun Family's people had been caught up in an extremely dangerous situation. Jun Zhan Tian, Jun Wu Yi, Solitary Falcon, and the others had gotten involved in the battle. And, this meant that the danger was imminent!

Dozens of gloomy and blood-curdling shrieks were heard. Even Mei Xue Yan was heard groaning. She tried to walk, but her body staggered from left to right. In fact, she couldn't walk more than seven or eight steps. Blood oozed out of the corners of her mouth. Some blood could also be seen dripping out of her sleeves. And, three distinct palm-marks could be seen on her vest and left shoulder.

Her strength had been exhausted. After all, thirty experts with strengths above the Great Master Level had come to assault her. This obviously wasn't a trivial matter. Mei Xue Yan was the Lord of Tian Fa. But, even she was no match for thirty above Great Master Level experts. She had sustained serious injuries during their collision. But, she didn't have much of an alternative in the current situation. The enemy's attacks would've surged-on like a might river in case she had decided to retreat. And, they wouldn't have stopped until they had killed her

There are only two ways to confront such an attack take a risk and gather your strength to fight or flee far away! Mei Xue Yan's strength could ensure that no one would've been able to block her path if she had decided to escape! But, the Jun Family's people were trapped here Three Xuan Beast Kings were also here. And, everybody had gotten caught in a tough battle!

So, how could someone with Mei Xue Yan's good-willed nature have walked away by herself? She had no other alternative but to gather her strength and face them!

Mei Xue Yan had recently made a breakthrough. Therefore, this battle shouldn't have been a big risk for her. However, it was a pity that she hadn't experienced a battle of this intensity in a long time. Moreover, this battle had broken out without any signs of warnings. And, this had stirred up her old wounds

This had piled-up the problems even higher. It was as if this incident had added hail to the snow!

Her age-old wounds had suddenly re-surfaced. In fact, they had flared-up at this frightening moment. Mei Xue Yan could even feel the blood oozing out of her internal organs like a river. The sinister energy she had been trying to expel from her body over the years had started to gain ground once again!

Mei Xue Yan had been feeling very cold in her heart today Could this had been the reason behind that?

It must be said that Mei Xue Yan had found it difficult to endure this blow. But, the experts from the Three Holy Lands hadn't had it easy either. In fact, they had been left in a much more desperate situation than Mei Xue Yan

The Lord of Tian Fa Forest had attacked with her entire strength! Could this be described as a trivial matter?

Nine arms and three feet lay in front of Mei Xue Yan in a pool of blood! The ground appeared more like a beach for an ocean of blood! The snow had already disappeared on the ground. The ground was as hard as stone. However, half-a-foot of its thickness had been peeled off!

The nearest fence-wall of the Jun Family's residence had also collapsed. That wall had been at about a distance of 60 meters from there. However, the immense amount of sword-energy had silently eroded the wall away!

Mei Xue Yan had been particular considerate in taking care of Half-bodied. His face had been extremely ugly from the start. But, it had three additional huge sword-scars now. His muscles had also rolled up to expose the white bones underneath. He had also been stabbed thrice in the chest. Hence, blood was incessantly oozing out of his bosom. His injuries were extremely serious!

Zi Jing Hong's hair had scattered loose. His purple robe had been riddled with holes. And, this had exposed the soft golden armor he wore underneath. Moreover, numerous sword scars were clearly visible on it. A stream of blood could be seen oozing out from the inside.

The crown on top of Xiao Wei Cheng's head had gone missing a long time ago. His body was covered with more than a dozen wounds; they had been made by her sword. Blood was flowing out from his body with murmuring sounds like a rivulet. In fact, it had flowed along his body, and had dyed his robe a shade of deep-red.

Ning Wu Qing was panting for breath. His longsword was slanted towards the ground. A single strand of blood was flowing along the longsword and dripping down to the ground. Then, it was slowly converging with the pool of blood on the ground. This had happened because Mei Xue Yan's sword had severely slashed at his right arm!

However, Ma Jiang Ming didn't appear injured at first. He even stood steady for a while. However, a sound of vomiting was heard a few moments later. This sound had originated because he had started to vomit blood! A closer look at the pool of blood formed by his vomit would've revealed that five or six of his teeth had also exited his jaw...

The scene turned tranquil for a moment after that earth-shattering blow by Mei Xue Yan. No one was looking at Mei Xue Yan at this time. They had first gazed at those severed limbs that lay on the ground. Then, they had looked at their leaders. However, even their leaders were in a sorry state of affairs at this time. Consequently, a chill ran down everyone's spine. In fact, it seemed as if a poisonous viper had landed on their backs

This chill had even seeped deep into their bones!

Such astonishing strength was extremely alarming and frightening!