Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 566

Chapter 559: The Tragic Emotions Of Desperation
Chapter 559: The Tragic Emotions of Desperation!
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Many subordinates of the Elusive World of Immortals who were involved in this besiege had also taken part in the previous ambush on Mei Xue Yan. And, these people had unequivocally realized that the present Venerable Mei wasn't the same as the Venerable Mei from those many years ago.

She's still an individual of noble character anyone can take advantage of!

She had been worried about the Battle for Seizing the Heavens at that time. Therefore, the benevolent Venerable Mei hadn't attacked them this heavily. Therefore, everyone had been left to feel as if there was a guarantee that they wouldn't lose their lives even if the battle became very intense. And, this had made them even more unscrupulous about the dangers on this ambush. Consequently, they had decided to kill her without a worry on their minds. However, the Venerable Mei they were facing today seemed very fierce. In fact, it seemed as if she couldn't wait to slaughter them with her sword!

There was no doubt that the current Venerable Mei was a few-fold fiercer than the previous 'noble' Venerable Mei.

Moreover, they had misjudged Venerable Mei's strength. And, that was grave mistake!

The people who had been involved in that fight knew that Venerable Mei had suffered many injuries during that ambush. However, they had asked themselves, and had realized that solely being able to rehabilitate such injuries and re-attain that level of strength would be a great achievement from their standards. And, this was when they had spent the entire time since that battle in doing so. However, they knew that it was impossible to make another breakthrough in this period of time. Venerable Mei was the Lord of Tian Fa Forest. However, they had believed that even she wouldn't be an exception to this

And, this had been a major factor in the Three Holy Lands' conspiracy to eradicate the Tian Fa Forest.

However, they had now realized that Venerable Mei's old wounds had seemingly healed. Moreover, her realm had advanced to a new level. In fact, her strength was far more than what it had been in the past. However, there was another fact which was even more dreadful her speed had increased! In fact, it hadn't merely increased by a small margin it had increased a few times!

Mei Xue Yan's speed had already been the fastest in the entire continent at that time. However, she had become even faster now

What kind of terrifying speed was this? No one could dare to imagine it

However, they were fortunate that they had managed to choreograph a subtle situation this time. After all, she couldn't escape alone today. Otherwise, these thirty men wouldn't have been able to keep her from leaving

However, this was a deadlock where it didn't matter how fast her current speed was or how advanced her strength's realm had become. After all, a total of thirty above the Great Master level experts were grinding to kill her. Moreover, she had been burdened with the Jun Family's safety. And, three of the Beast Kings were also present here. So, how could she be willing to flee?

This meant that she would die as long as she didn't walk away

They were lucky that this was situation wherein she would die. After all, would she be able sleep at night in case fled?

Didn't this still make her an individual of noble character anyone can take advantage of?

Half-bodied roared malevolently. He took the lead and shouted, "Attack! Everyone attack together! This slut is seriously injured. She will last long. Even a light injury can kill her! I will kill her with my entire strength. I will split her belly with my own hands. Then, I will take out her Xuan Core and see what kind of beast she is! She believes that she's not a beast when she takes a human form. In fact, she feels that she's a human now!"

Mei Xue Yan's eyes were slightly closed, and her fairy-like face was still calm and indifferent. She gently spoke-up, "Half-bodied, I will kill you today even if I die. You say that I'm a beast, but you're an out-and-out bastard!"

Half-bodied burst into a loud laughter. He only had one eye, and one hand. So, he looked even more malevolent when he distorted his face. Blood flowed down his face as he said in the fierce way, "Do you think that you still do that in your current state? Venerable Mei, don't tell me that you've gotten this confidence because you've found yourself a young man to be in bed with? Ha-ha In fact, this Old Man doesn't feel like killing you in a hurry anymore. Instead, I wish to capture you alive now. Then, I will grab that boy-toy of your Jun Mo Xie. After all, I wish to see what you two do in bed. In fact, I think that everyone in this world is very curious about this. After all, Venerable Mei's name shakes the entire continent. But, she still shamelessly gets into a young man's bed. So, there must be something special about his performance. Perhaps this Old Man will castrate that young man in front of you. That ought to let you know how this Old Man rolls. Wouldn't that be something to look forward to? Ha-ha-ha..."

"You are shameless. Damn you!" The murderous desire reappeared on Mei Xue Yan's face. She clenched her silvery teeth, and raised her sword above her head. The sword-energy filled the entire sky!

Zi Jing Hong, Half-bodied, and Xiao Wei Cheng roared in unison, "Kill her!"

All the experts shouted and charged forward with their swords at the same time!

The sword-lights spread out like a forest. And, the sword-energies lashed out like waves

Mei Xue Yan's figure seemed very lonely as she stood in front of thirty above Great Master Level experts. She slightly closed her eyes. However, the trace of a gentle smile still blossomed on her captivating yet bloodstain lips. She thought [It's good that there's no sign of him amongst the people who've showed up to fight. It seems that he has escaped. Everything will be fine as long as he can escape and live his life!]

[My sacrifice will not be in vain!]

[However, it's a pity that I won't be able to see him again]

"Elder Sister!" Snake King frantically waved her sword as she let out a blood-curling roar. Then, she crazily rushed towards this side

Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were fighting with everything they had. They had brandished their weapons, and were flashed them right and left. But, their strengths were far lesser than their opponents'. In fact, they would've lost their lives a long time ago if Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun weren't doing their best to protect them. Their extraordinary weapons had also played a major role in saving their lives

However, they had fallen into a disadvantageous position even though they had these helping factors. In fact, it was just a matter of time before they either got defeated or captured. It could even be assumed that these four individuals would've been killed by the experts from the Three Holy Lands if the two men from the Jun Family weren't linked with the whereabouts of those mysterious pills.

The enemy was refraining from hurting them too seriously. After all, they wanted to fish out the important information from the mouths of Jun Family's people. And, that's because everyone knew that it was hopeless to try capturing the Beast Kings of Tian Fa. And, this was particularly the case when it came to Venerable Mei. These people could only be killed since they were too strong. And, this meant that only these two men from the Jun Family could tell them about the whereabouts of those divine pills.

Two 'bang' sounds were heard, and Jun Zhan Tian stumbled in retreat. Blood was overflowing from the corners of his mouth. Jun Wu Yi's sharp longsword's blade was moving left and right in an unorthodox manner. He somehow cut-off the swords of three of his opponents Then, he waved his sword and injured one man at his waist. However, a palm struck his lower abdomen as this happened, and he was sent rolling. He fell on the ground, but stumbled to stand firm again. His face had already turned ashen, and he didn't have any strength left. But, Third Master Jun's eyes were still roaring with fury. It was evident that he wasn't afraid!

Jun Mo Xie hadn't rushed out in this moment of crisis. Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were hot-blooded and fearless real men. And, they wouldn't regret dying nine deaths as long as the Jun Family's bloodline persisted in this world

"Elder Sister!" Big Bear and Earth Cracker opened their eyes wide. They then violently rushed towards Mei Xue Yan in spite of the punches and kicks that landed on their bodies as their made their way forward

"Go back!" Mei Xue Yan's expressions remained calm as she ordered in a stern voice.

However, attacks came at her from all the directions at this time.

Mei Xue Yan laughed heartily as her white robes fluttered in the air. Then, she rushed forward while disregarding all thoughts of her personal safety!

[I will kill this Half-bodied even if I die!]

This man had landed a very serious blow on her many years ago. And, he had humiliated and insulted her today and her man!

[Kill! I must kill this Half-bodied! I must kill this lowly bastard!]

Constant sounds of the whistling were coming from everywhere. Hai Chen Feng, Song Shang, and Baili Lou Yun had led the Heaven Destroyers and the Soul Devourers to swarm the battlefield.

The battle had reached the final stages. So, this was the best time to die if one wanted death!

Three hundred Xuan Beast crossbows were shot at the same time. It was like a downpour of arrows! The sturdy bodies of the Heaven Destroyers and Soul Devourers roared forward to their deaths with angered war-cries

The housekeeper Old Pang led the Jun Family's bodyguards to dash-in from the other side!

These people were confronted with enemies who possessed the strength of Great Master and above the Great Master Level experts. So, it could be said that they had come to through their lives away. And, each of them knew this. They had come rushing, but they knew that they had no chance of returning back alive. However, they had lived under the Jun Family's kindness for a long time. Moreover, the bravery and loyalty of these men wouldn't allow them to flee at this time

[Let's die if death has come! But, let's die together!]

A tall and sturdy figure furiously dashed to the front of this group which had come here to die. This man's hair was white like silver; his head was like that of a tiger. He howled like thunder as he seemingly flew forward.

"Jun Zhan Tian, this Old Man has come to die with you!" It was Dugu Zong Heng!

This old man had been recuperating from his age-old injuries at the Jun Family's residence these days. He had fully recovered from his illness, but he had gotten caught-up in his catastrophe instead. It must be said that many people had charged-in because it was too late to avoid this disaster. However, this this Old Man had dashed-in faster than anyone else!

These two old men had worked together their entire lives. They had been entangled in many grievances over the last sixty years. But, Dugu Zong Heng had still made this choice without the slightest hesitation at this critical moment

They had lived their lives together. So, they ought to die together as well. In fact, Dugu Zong Heng would've felt as his entire life had been in vain if he had abandoned Jun Zhan Tian in this critical moment and fled instead. [I will never be able to live happily again]

[Dugu Zong Heng doesn't run away from a battle!] Therefore, Old Man Dugu had taken the lead, and rushed out!

Nearly a thousand men rushed forth like a swarm of bees. They had come to face experts who were thousands of times more powerful than themselves with blood-red eyes. However, they hadn't shown any fear in the face of this suicidal charge!

Everyone's face was painted in a shade of heroic desperation. Everyone seemed desolate, but without any regrets!

Heroes don't harbor regrets!

They only hoped that their hot blood gushed out when their enemy's sword pierced them. They only hoped to dye the snow red!

Their charge was neither to defend their country nor to save their people from dangers. In fact, there was no purpose to it!

They didn't have any purpose They had only done this to die!

Death! Only death!

Perhaps their minds were unable to think with clarity Perhaps it was merely a momentary urge. But, who thinks so much when warm-blood rushes forth? The Jun Family had made so many people accompany them in this madness! The Jun Family's charm was clearly visible from this

This may have been the momentary urge of unstable minds. However, this was also the most praiseworthy action! After all, this had nothing to do with life or death It had nothing to do with fame either This was only about loyalty!

A soldier had come to die for his comrade!

These words were best means to interpret this moment.

Even the many great experts from the Three Holy Lands were left palpitating with fear at the sight of this heroic scene

[What kind of a magical power does this Jun Family have that made so many people have willingly come to die?]

[Don't they have any regrets?]

[Don't they regret dying?]

No one had expected that there would be some mishap today. Therefore, the Jun Family had relatively lesser staff in its quarters. It could be said that the tide of people who would vehemently come to die would've increased by a lot if they had been given more time to prepare In fact, not much time would've been needed for this only one day would've been enough to increase this multiplier by a hundred!

There would've been too many people. And, none of them would've hesitated to use the flesh of their chest to meet the ice-cold sword of the enemies like these ones...

However, these people couldn't make any difference. These surely weren't afraid of dying, but they were too weak. In fact, the strongest among them only possessed Sky Xuan strength. And, they had dashed into the defensive lines of Great Master Level experts with this kind of strength This was like a mayfly trying to shake a tree Or a mantis trying to stop a chariot It was akin to bringing about one's own destruction!

[These people are so eager to die. So, we will help in fulfilling their wish!]