Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 567

Chapter 560: Shrouds The Sky And Appears
Chapter 560: Shrouds the Sky and Appears!
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Which of the experts from the Three Holy Lands wasn't a seasoned fighter? Which one of them wasn't vicious and merciless when it came to killing people? Which one amongst them hadn't crawl out of an ocean of blood and a mountain of corpses? Would such individuals even care about slaughtering a thousand extra people?

Each of them stood still at their spots. Their eyes were emitting grim rays of light as they waited for that tide of suicidal people to arrive. Some of them had even decided to move into action with full force. [We should be able to wipe out these idiots in a matter of four or five breaths.]

[One mustn't get emotional in matters of life and death.]

[We admit that these people are extremely loyal and brave. And, we know that we will sigh in admiration later on. But, you'll only get death since you're coming to face us!] The eyes of the Great Master Level experts were burning with violent desires to kill. And, this tide of people was approaching

The corners of Jun Zhan Tian's mouth were stained with blood. He looked at the stream of people who had once pledged their lives to him. And, a strand of pain flickered in his eyes. Two drops of tears rolled down his eyes. He was well aware that any attempts to persuade these people to withdraw would go in vain.

"Good! Come and die with this Old Man! We'll go to the netherworld and conquer everything there!" Jun Zhan Tian roared, and his loud voice shook the entire world. His voice was filled with tragic despair. In fact, traces of these emotions could also be felt in the atmosphere around.


There was a split second when the two parties were on the verge of colliding The miserable sounds of murder the clamor of the colliding swords Everything had abruptly vanished from the world in this moment between life and death The world had suddenly fallen into silence. It was the silence of death!

A massive and powerful momentum arose from the ends of the world in an unending stream. In fact, it had appeared very abruptly. However, it had filled the vast world even though it had appeared less than a tenth of an eye's blink ago

It seemed as if the sky was falling down like a tsunami that was reaching to the sky. This momentum was too heavy to resist!

Even the top-experts such as Mei Xue Yan, Half-bodied, Zi Jing Hong felt the same way at this time

[The sky is about to collapse! The earth is about to sink-in! Is the world's end upon?]

They felt as if a great force was pushing down from the sky. And, it seemed as if the entire blue dome of heaven was about to fall down as a result. Moreover, the sky seemed to be brimming with an endlessly powerful and violent rage of murderous desires!

This was indeed the frightening power of the heaven and the earth!

No human power could ever compete against this kind of a force!

No one was able to give any command whatsoever. In fact, everyone merely held their movements at this time; no one moved. They stood fixed at their spots. Many of them had already launched their swords with the aim to split their enemy in two. Their swords would've intersected with another sword a moment later. However, everyone's actions came to a standstill in the air at the same time

[Who knows what's going on here? Have the heaven and earth rebelled? Perhaps some unopposable force has decided to descend to the world of mortals? But, how dreadful could this individual be in this case momentum has been created by a human?]

Suddenly, a voice was heard, "So, is this the way the Three Holy Lands are trying to protect the common people? I presume it needs a little change if that's so!"

There was nothing special about this voice. It was calm and dull. However, it had still exploded everyone's mind like a clap of thunder.

Everyone's eyes traced to the direction where the sound had originated from. And, their eyes eventually rested at the top of the Jun Family's tower. A wide and black gown was gently fluttering in the snowy breeze. However, it wasn't known why this black robe seemed as heavy as a mountain to the eyes of the people from the Three Holy Lands.

Everyone could clearly feel a terrible and frightening power pressing over them.

Mannerisms could be counterfeited. Appearances could be forged. But, no one had ever been able to counterfeit such imposing momentum since times immemorial! So, what kind of cultivation would be needed to possess such an imposing manner? Even a Sky Xuan expert would inevitably release their Xuan momentum if they were to face an attack. However, it's wasn't possible for the said-expert to release the enchanting momentum of the Spirit Xuan realm. In fact, it was impossible for the said-individual to exhibit Spirit Xuan momentum!

A Sky Xuan expert could only display the most authentic and unadulterated Qi-field of the Sky Xuan realm.

Everyone knew this.

No one had been an exception to this since times immemorial.

However, the black-robed man present before their eyes was exhibiting a heaven-startling momentum. In fact, these people couldn't even dare to imagine what realms he had ascended to! But, it was evident that he had become unrivalled on this land! Half-bodied, Zi Jing Hong, and Xiao Wei Cheng glanced at each other. And, each of them saw uneasiness in the eyes of the other.

The three of them felt the same way [This man's strength is at least at par with Venerable Mei. Or maybe a little more than that We reckon that even we ninety Great Master Level experts won't be enough to compete against this man!]

[How can such a heavenly and magical individual exist in this world?]

[This man is frightening!]

Half-bodied waved his hand, and that tide of people from the Three Holy Lands stepped back. They quickly formed a circle, re-formed their battle-formations, and started to recover their strengths. Mei Xue Yan also used this time to retreat. Meanwhile, Snake King and her people also met-up with Feng Juan Yun, Solitary Falcon, Jun Wu Yi and Jun Zhan Tian.

Hai Chen Feng led the group of soldiers, and they arranged themselves in order to obstruct the enemies. In fact, these soldiers had formed a thick human-wall!

"May I dare to ask the identity of His Excellency? You have appeared here at this moment So, I presume that there must be a reason behind it? My Three Holy Lands are doing everything for the welfare of the common people. We are doing this for the future of our continent. Our methods may have some shortcomings, but our conscience is clear!"

Zi Jing Hong cupped his hands together in greeting. He had spoken strong words, but his mannerism had been very modest. After all, such a strong man was worthy of everyone's respect. The strength of this man in black robes has reached the pinnacle. Zi Jing Hong was certainly ranked third in the Illusory Ocean of Blood, but even he couldn't prevent himself from admiring this man!

"Me? Ha-ha!" the man in the black gown chuckled in a heavy voice. He then spoke-up in a vague manner, "I haven't appeared in the world for a while now. And, it seems that this world has already forgotten me. I must say that humans have an amazing talent for forgetfulness. Anyway, you people daresay that you have a clear conscience even though you're behaving in such a way? This Old Man has lived for many years. But, you've opened my eyes today!"

"Be it right or wrong these methods are for the good of common people! However, we acknowledge that they might not be the best methods. So, I humbly seek forgiveness from Your Excellency if you disapprove of our methods," Zi Jing Hong raised his eyes, and looked towards the top of the tower, "However, I still request Your Excellency to tell us about your origins!"

"Would you leave after I tell you about my origins? Three Holy Lands will always remain the Three Holy Lands. And, they will never contain to live in fear!" The black robed man shook his head while he sighed. It appeared as if he had sighed with sorrow. Everyone had heard his words clearly. However, no one had been able to make out whether he had said these words to praise or to demean. The black-robed man continued, "This Old Man had taught a lesson to the so-called 'Second Great Master' when he had gone to Tian Fa that last time. But, it seems that it wasn't enough. You wish to know what this Old Man has been up to? Do you even have the strength to demand this?"

The black-robed man slowly raised his right foot after he was done talking. His body had moved a hundred feet away from the tower in mid-air by the time he lifted his left foot to take the second step. Moreover, he was walking with his hands folded behind his back as if he was leisurely walking down a staircase!

The eyebrows of every Great Master who stood below shot up in amazement when they saw this scene

It must be mentioned that each one of them could jump to such a height if they were to use their Xuan strength. In fact, most of them could jump to heights even higher than that tower. And, jumping down from such a height wasn't difficult for them either neither was leisurely floating down.

However, walking up or down as normally as this man in the black robes was impossible for them. In fact, it was something they couldn't even dream of!

Moreover, this wasn't the only strange thing that had occurred The black robed man was taking his steps in the void itself. But, everyone could hear a loud 'thud' every time he stepped forward. [How can his steps give rise to clear 'thud' sounds if he's walking in mid-air?] It was needless to say that these 'thuds' were reverberating in everyone's hearts like thunder-strikes!

This was an outrageously unimaginable scene! No had ever witness something like this. Even the folklores had never entailed such an incident. However, this miracle had occurred in front of their eyes So, they obviously couldn't comprehend this.

[Is the air acting like solid ground for his feet?]

Moreover, each word of every line that black-robed man had spoken thus far was hopping-about inside everyone's mind [His words make it seem like he's Jun Mo Xie's mysterious master! He's that mysterious man who had burned Li Jue Tian to death outside the Southern Heaven City!]

It could be said that the people gathered here were the top Great Masters from the last several hundred years. Moreover, thirty above Great Master Level experts were also present on the scene. However, which one of them could confidently say that they could kill Li Jue Tian in a single strike?

In fact, many of them couldn't even have the assurance of killing Li Jue Tian in a fight. After all, Li Jue Tian's strength had already reached close to transcending the Great Master Level. Otherwise, how could he even have come in contact with the Elusive Land of Immortals?

Killing someone who was about to reach the levels above the Great Master realm in one strike?!

That was impossible. Even thinking about something like this was tantamount to fantasizing!

However, this impossible had been made possible by someone. Moreover, that said-individual was present before the eyes of these ninety experts from the Three Holy Lands!

"So, Your Excellency is Jun Mo Xie's mysterious master?" Zi Jing Hong's pupils contracted as he asked.

The Three Holy Lands had heard about Jun Mo Xie's mysterious master a while ago. They had heard that he possessed mysteriously exceptional strength. So, they knew that he was rumored to be unrivalled in the entire continent. However, how could they have imagined that this mysterious man would emerge at such a critical time, and would turn out to be this powerful?

"Yes. You're right. I'm Jun Mo Xie's master. Moreover, I'm also the man everyone has been looking for!" the black-robed man hadn't spoken angrily. Instead, he had spoken in an extremely insipid voice, "I'm the man who refines those mysterious pills. So, I'm the man you are looking for I'm the one you've come here for. And, I'm the man you intended to grab, return with, and then use for concocting those pills!"


Everyone was left dumbfounded! Their bodies began to tremble. They felt the heavenly-defying energy that was emanating from this black-robed man, and they couldn't help but muttered to themselves... [We've run into an iron wall. Oh our dear leaders! Oh dear leaders of the Three Holy Lands! Why didn't you think this through? This is a man who defies nature itself. He's a man who commands such terrifying strength! And, you've sent us to capture this man?!]

"I had warned the Silver Blizzard City that day. And, they've been very obedient ever since. No one has arrived here for a very long time. And, they've only expressed their gentle greetings if they've ever come around!"

The black-robed man spoke cynically in a dull voice, "But, it seems that the people from the Three Holy Lands are a bit different. Not only did they come here they did so with a great momentum. They've even turned this place into such a chaotic mess. It seems that you would've destroyed the entire Jun Family if this Old Man hadn't showed up? Moreover, it seems that countless innocent people would've died tragically in order to fulfill your 'so called' purpose of 'welfare of the common people and protection of the future of our continent'! This Old Man isn't very happy about this!"

He slowly lifted his eyes, and two cold rays of light flashed through his eyes. Then, he continued, "This Old Man isn't very happy about this! Killing one Li Jue Tian wasn't difficult by any means. Do you think that killing several Li Jue Tians is going to be difficult for me?"