Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 568

Chapter 561: Supreme Intimidation
Chapter 561: Supreme Intimidation!
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Zi Jing Hong gave out two hollow laughs, and began to speak, "Your Excellency mustn't blame us ignorant people like this We weren't aware that Your Excellency was here to keep a watch over the Jun Family. And, that's why this misunderstanding has occurred. Anyway, the Three Holy Lands have a major responsibility on their shoulders. And, I'm certain that Your Excellency is aware about this. The Battle for Seizing the Heavens is scheduled to be fought in a few years from now. Everything will be normal if we win this war, but it would be disastrous if we lose it In fact, our defeat would mean that the countless people of this continent will find themselves in danger!"

He paused for a moment. His expressions grew more solemn. Then, he continued, "I'm afraid that no one will be able to bear such grave consequences. Everyone who has arrived here today will be participating in that fateful battle. And, that's why we've come here to promote our strengths. After all, we need to guarantee our victory in the war! We had no other alternative but to plan things in this manner. The sufferings of one family are nothing in comparison to that of the entire world! It's no secret that these mysterious pills are unmatchable and unworldly. So, they are the solution to everything. After all, these pills are miraculous. Not only can these enhance one's strength, but they can also transform one's physique for the better. That's why we took the liberty to come here and make an earnest request And, we hope that Your Excellency gives his consent to our help. In fact, your consent will be a blessing to the people of the entire world!"

There was no doubt that Zi Jing Hong had delivered a very well-knit speech. Moreover, he had also managed to keep in inconspicuous. He had outlined their own selfish interests, and had further managed to lift this matter up to a level of sublimity wherein this seemed like a matter of 'For the good of the entire world!'

Moreover, he had declared that all of them were going to participate in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens! [You can't mess with us even if you are extremely strong. After all, you'll have sinned against humanity if you hurt us!]

"This young boy uses his mouth very well. You think that I didn't know that you people are preparing for the Battle for Seizing the Heavens? Many people are going to participate in it. But, do you think that this gives you the right to talk in front of me? You think this Old Man doesn't understand the meaning behind your words?" the black-robed man gave an intense look as he said these words.

He stretched his right hand towards the ground as soon as he finished talking. Then, he pulled those three-four broken swords towards himself.

This 'manual control' ability was nothing extraordinary. In fact, any one of them could've done it with ease. And, that's why his evaluation dropped in their eyes as they watched him do it

All the experts were a little confused; [Do you think that you can scare us off by showing off such ordinary skills? We would've swarmed you if we hadn't seen your imposing momentum a while ago And, you won't be able to prevent us from doing exactly that unless you pull-out some new tricks! In fact, we reckon that your act of 'walking in the air' was also someone illusion; nothing more!]

Everyone was doubtful. But, they then saw the black-robed man flipped over a sleeve of his garment whilst laughing in a grim manner. Then, his fair hand stretched out towards the ground. And, he slowly picked a broken sword at its pointed end with the help of his two fingers.

Everyone was still in doubt when they saw that the broken sword suddenly turn soft and wobbly. In fact, the sword had started to wobble left and right! Suddenly, everyone saw that a mass of shiny silvery liquid slowly fell down to the ground

Then, the liquid metal from the second sword fell down Then, the third sword's

Even the fine hair on Zi Jing Hong's body straightened in astonishment. In fact, he could only feel a sense of icy coldness at the back of his head at this time

And, that's because those broken sword had gone through such huge transformation right in front of his eyes! Those swords had turned into a shiny-silver-like liquid in a short while. They had changed into molten iron, and had disappeared from the hands of that black-robed man!

This was dreadful! Unimaginable! Extremely terrible!

Zi Jing Hong was standing the closest to this black-robed man. But, he hadn't sensed even the slightest movement in this mysterious master's Qi-field. Consequently, Zi Jing Hong couldn't understand how he did it. [He was standing so casually So, how did that highly-refined sword simply melt-down in his hands How did it melt like that]

[Many experts have arrived here for this task, but which of them uses an ordinary weapon. In fact, the swords of our experts aren't made of ordinary low-quality metals like copper. Moreover, the material of our swords would remain refined steel even if they break. And, it's needless to say that he has used his Xuan strength to melt it down. After all, that's not possible! In fact, such swords won't melt-down for free full days if they were thrown into a furnace!]

However, this black-robed man had done this with ease in front of their eyes. A mere touch of his fingers had melted the sword!

This had shocked everyone!

Everyone was gasping in astonishment behind Zi Jing Hong. All of them were scared. Everyone had doubted this man's strength a moment ago. But, they were thankful that no one had questioned this man's strength out in the open. After all, doing so would've only resulted in the said-individual's demise

Moreover, no one would've come-up to seek justice for that deceased individual even if everyone had believed that action to be unjust. After all, only a genuine idiot would walk up to a powerhouse in order to talk about the so-called 'justice'.

"You people are in luck. After all, I'm in no mood to kill today. So, focus on what you had stated as your original intention the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. Moreover, participate in that battle on your own merit. In fact, this Old Man will make an exception and not bother you today if you do so"

The black-robed man continued to speak with a tone of generosity, "After all, I'm also a part of this continent. So, why would I bother myself to destroy you if you don't provoke me, right? You people should leave now, okay?"

The expressions on Zi Jing Hong's face turned complex. Half-bodied and Xiao Wei Cheng also looked at each other in dismay. They had suddenly found themselves stuck in an impossible situation

[We were about to declare our success in destroying the entire Jun Family. We were also on the verge of getting hold of four Beast Kings' Xuan Core. But, this mysterious master appeared out of nowhere in the middle of everything. Moreover, this man's strength can't be matched! He can easily make everyone run for their lives. So, it can be said that he's being generous to us from one perspective. But, what will happen to our reputation if we listen to him and leave?]

[How will we show our faces to this world?]

A total of ninety great experts from the Three Holy Lands were present on the scene. So, how could they give up on their objective because of a few statements made by a single man? How could they abandon their operation and walk away without any gains? After all, this would be a fatal blow to the reputation of the Three Holy Lands

Moreover, they had already incited a huge amount of hatred in the hearts of the Beast Kings especially Venerable Mei! In fact, Venerable Mei hadn't held back unlike the last time. In fact, it seemed as if she wanted to kill them. She obviously wasn't as strong as this black-robed man. But, the thought of the speed and strength she possessed was enough to leave the majority of these experts devoid of a good night's sleep.

[But, what would be the point of staying here?]

"Your Excellency, you must be aware that we're merely following orders. And, we'll be punished if we return empty-handed. But, we can risk our lives and endure some punishments for Your Excellency. After all, we're willing to endure everything to save Your Excellency's reputation. But, please don't turn your back on us in this manner. You are so great, and you can refine those mysterious pills with such easy Can't you refine some of those mysterious pills for us? This would help us in promoting our strengths for the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. In fact, the common people of this continent will forever be indebted to you even if you give us a few pills! You mentioned that you're also a part of this continent! So, wouldn't an increase of the continent's strength be beneficial for you as well? Please help us succeed, Your Excellency"

The others also gazed at the black-robed man after this statement was made. And, all of them waited for his answer. They believed that this was a virtuous request. So, they weren't afraid that he wouldn't give in to it

"Shall I provide you with some make-up for your face as well? The well-being of the common people is your responsibility; not mine! So, why should I bother about it?"

The black-robed man rolled his eyes, and gave out a grim laugh, "You people have always been interested in the pills. In fact, you had dispatched troops in order to plunder those pills in the past as well. Moreover, you've burst into my disciple's house without any permission, and you used your power to create a bloodbath here. In fact, you people would've destroyed the entire Jun Family if this Old Man hadn't appeared. But, I've come now. And, you people are only submitting to me because you can't dare to provoke me. But, you're now asking me for the pills with the reasoning that they're for the welfare of the common people?

"The welfare of the common people? Don't tell me that you've suddenly started to respect their safety?" He chuckled in a strange manner. Then, his voice became colder, "I am considerate about the common people of the entire world. But, when have you cared about it? And, why should I help you succeed? You're not my son! So, why should I help you? Kid, have you eaten some improper medicine today? It seems that you don't have any brains. Or perhaps your brain has become moldy!"

This man was unrivalled in strength. He was the strongest in the continent, but he had started to hurl abuses! No one could've imagined this! Consequently, everyone looked at each other in shock And, they couldn't help but stare blankly

Half-bodied's nature was the most irascible amongst everyone present. He couldn't control his anger as soon as he saw that this black-robed man was speaking rudely to everyone. He raised his voice, and spoke sternly, "We address you as 'Your Excellency' because we look up to you. But, don't over-estimate yourself. You mustn't crave for a foot if you've been given an inch! We are the Three Holy Lands, and we can't be bullied so easily! We stand for the future of all living things on this continent. You might be extremely strong and appalling, but can you weigh yourself against the entire world?"

"I obviously can't weigh myself against the entire world. But, the Three Holy Lands aren't easy to bully? That's obvious as well. After all, the Three Holy Lands have always bullied others. But, that's only because who could've dared to bully you? And, I understand this aspect. But, I don't understand one thing How can the Three Holy Lands symbolize the future of the common people?"

The black-robed man lowered his voice after a few sarcastic statements, "Aren't you Half-bodied?"

Half-bodied heard the ill-tone of his voice. And, he couldn't resist his anger, "Yes? So what about it? I'm telling you right away the Three Holy Lands represent the future of the Xuan Xuan Continent!"

"Anyway Many people have come here today. And, everyone can leave. Everyone but not you! You can't leave! Because, you you're an insult to the human race. You don't deserve to live on this land. This Old Man would feel ashamed if he allowed a trash like you to survive in the same era as his own!" the black-robed man's eyes shone with boundless murderous intentions as he stated this.

This black-robed man was none other than Jun Mo Xie He had begun his preparations as soon as he had heard Li You Ran's warning. And, he had been thinking of ways to cope with this crisis ever since.

[This crisis won't be a cake-walk. The entire Jun Family could be uprooted if I'm not careful. Moreover, anyone who bears any relation to Tian Fa or Mei Xue Yan would be given no windows to escape. In fact, I would call out to my own death if I only attempt to scare the enemies this time. So, that's out of question.]

This issue had nearly turned Jun Mo Xie's hair white in a short while

Jun Mo Xie thought hard till late in the night, and eventually decided upon using the age-old method. A soldier needs to walk the path of danger if he needs to win. But, things would be more dangerous this time around. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie escaped to the Hong Jun Pagoda once the sky turned dark. Then, he tried hard to link his own spiritual energy to that of Hong Jun Pagoda. He was attempting the same-old technique. However, he wanted to link his entire spiritual energy to it this time around!

After all, he would need to give his entire energy in order to receive the maximum amount of vitality from the Hong Jun Pagoda

The mixing and merging of these two energies could give Jun Mo Xie the power to play around with fate itself. But, Jun Mo Xie wouldn't pick up this option if even he was given a choice. After all, failure would mean death!

Jun Mo Xie eventually succeeded in completing this transformation before midnight.

However, this time's result was entirely different from the ones in the past.

The Hong Jun Pagoda was majestically vigorous this time. In fact, its spiritual energy had nearly exploded Jun Mo Xie's mind. The strength of this spiritual energy was far more intense this time, but it was far more risky as well. In fact, this was tantamount to a gamble of life and death. Even a single mistake could lead to a horrible end!