Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 569

Chapter 562: Burns Half Bodied
Chapter 562: Burns Half-bodied!
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Jun Mo Xie had always saved most of his spiritual energy for his own protection whenever he had borrowed the Hong Jun Pagoda's energy in the past. However, he hadn't held back this time. In fact, it was almost as if the Hong Jun Pagoda had taken over Jun Mo Xie this time! He couldn't make a single mistake this time.

This had turned into the greatest gamble of life and death!

Jun Mo Xie felt as if he was walking on a tightrope every second of every minute. One mistake and he'd fall down. After all, he had no spiritual energy left within himself to rely upon. Therefore, there were no safety measures with him. His body would be torn to shred if he let his guard down even for a second

However, Jun Mo Xie had no other choice.

He had no other alternative but to throw everything on one desperate stake!

But, he had luckily succeeded.

Then, his appearance had successful intimidated everyone present on the scene.

But, that was reasonable. After all, Jun Mo Xie had linked his entire spiritual energy with the heavenly energy of the Hong Jun Pagoda.

Jun Mo Xie didn't know how much of the Hong Jun Pagoda's aura was taken up by him this time But, he could clearly feel that he was too far away from reaching the bottom-line of Hong Jun Pagoda's strength even though he had linked his entire spiritual energy.

He had borrowed a planet-worth of energy. However, the Hong Jun Pagoda was akin to the entire universe from that perspective

And, Jun Mo Xie was feeling it this way

Even Jun Mo Xie had been stunned by the frightening strength of this ancient artifact. He had begun to feel extremely insignificant even though his strength had increased so drastically

Then, Jun Mo Xie had used the Yin-Ying Escape technique to descend the tower.

And, this had shocked everyone for a second time.

Jun Mo Xie had to confront these Old Foxes who possessed the wisdom of several centuries. So, he knew that he couldn't be negligent in any manner. He also knew that he couldn't use mere words to scare them away. In fact, Jun Mo Xie had already thought of this point, and was well-prepared this time. That's why he quickly moved to initiate the third shocking act when he noticed that everyone was still suspicious after his initial threats

The power of gold!

Heavenly weapons were turned into molten iron as soon as he touched them. And, Jun Mo Xie thought that he had settled the matter. After all, these three terribly shocking stunts had stunned and scared everyone present.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie told them to leave.

He genuinely wanted everyone to stay so that he could kill them. But, he thought about it, and realized that his current strength wasn't enough to do that. In fact, his strength still wouldn't be sufficient for the task even if he exerted himself to the fullest. Moreover, moving into action would mean that he would be exposing his fake trickery!

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie couldn't mess with them. Moreover, he needed to ensure that he didn't force them into too tight a situation

After all, the situation was likely to result in a tragedy in the event of a change.

Thousands of the Jun Family's people were present here. However, who apart from him had the ability to escape? The others from the Jun Family would be held back. In fact, even Mei Xue Yan and her people were no exception to this!

The enemy was about to admit defeat when Half-bodied had suddenly stood up

This was indeed an exemplification of the saying that Man proposes and God disposes!

And that's why Jun Mo Xie had clenched his teeth, and decided that he had to take action against this guy no matter what happened. Moreover, this guy had gone way too far when he had insulted Mei Xue Yan with his words. In fact, this was reason-enough as to why he didn't deserve to live anymore!

Jun Mo Xie had something else in mind in the beginning. He had planned that he would first deceive these people with his tricks. Then, he would send them back. But, he would later go looking for this Half-bodied along with Mei Xue Yan in order to settle the accounts. But, this man had suddenly hopped-up, and said the words he wasn't supposed to say. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had decided to seize this opportunity to lay him down in order to establish his might.

Consequently, this would give birth to the fourth shock

And, this was going to be an unforgettable one!

[This has to be the most pivotal one. I was able to dominate them after the first three tricks. But, I couldn't scare them into running away from here. But, the terror has to be a conclusive one this time. It must convince them that they have no option but to run for their lives!]

[However, the entire Jun Family will be wiped out if I fail to scare them away. In fact, nothing would be able to save us afterwards!]

This was bound to be a huge risk!

The reason for taking this risk was the same as before. So, Jun Mo Xie had no other alternative but to gamble in this way

He was pretending to be a super-master. So, the previous three acts of intimidation would have no meaning if he didn't retaliate to this open challenge.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had no other way out.

He needed to kill Half-bodied!

Half-bodied shouted, "I respected you by calling you Your Excellency. I talk to you in such a proper manner. But, you insulted me with your words? Do you think I'm scared of you?"

"This Old Man doesn't care whether you're scared of him or not. This Old Man has decided to kill you," Jun Mo Xie snorted and stated, "Half-bodied, only half of your body is left with you. Your life must anyway be very boring. So, this Old Man shall gift you a journey towards your other half. After all, wouldn't it be better if you were in the company of your body's other half, right?!"

Suddenly, his body began to float. In fact, it had begun to move forward without any change in his Qi-field.

Half-bodied rolled his only eye out of extreme worry. However, he noticed that Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng had taken a step back! It was pretty evident from their expressions that they were telling Half-bodied 'You have a go and test him!'

However, Half-bodied was sure that his people wouldn't give up on him so easily. [They will come forwards to help me as long as I can withstand his first attack. Li Jue Tian's strength had almost reached above the Great Master Level. But, he still hadn't reached that level. This mysterious master was able kill him, but this doesn't mean that we can kill an expert who is above the Great Master Level. Well, he at least won't be able to kill me in one attack!]

[Everyone will besiege him with courage as long as I'm able to face his attack without letting myself getting killed!] Therefore, this bold and strong man suddenly rose into the air with a loud roar. He had decided to move into action in-advance. However, he had decided to use his wrong arm The empty left side of his shirt's sleeve rolled-up high in the winds, and a soft sound of whiplash was heard.

It seemed that he had decided to use his empty left sleeve at the black-robed man. After all, he was scared of the mysterious powers of this black-robed man somewhere deep-down his heart. Therefore, he couldn't dare to use his only-surviving right hand for an attack. After all, he wouldn't lose anything more than a sleeve if his left side lost out. But, he would be done for if he used his right side to attack, and sustained damage as a result.

Therefore, he concentrated his entire strength into the right side of his body. This would enable him to withdraw at any time. Moreover, he could also use it in case he needed to counter. After all, it was always better to sustain a few internal injuries and retreat than losing your entire body

He only needed to defend the first wave of this mysterious master's attack! That's all!

It has to be mentioned that it was the disguise of Jun Mo Xie's black-robed persona that had shaken Half-bodied to his extremes. After all, this black-robed mysterious master had displayed earth-shattering momentum and heaven-defying skill

However, Jun Mo Xie had wanted it to be this way It would've been extremely troublesome for Jun Mo Xie if Half-bodied had used his entire force for an attack. In fact, Jun Mo Xie wouldn't be able to save himself if Half-bodied launched a counter-attack with everything he had. After all, Young Master Jun couldn't surpass Half-bodied's strength in any manner. In fact, Mei Xue Yan was the only one amongst the spectators who was capable of winning a fight against Half-bodied!

Luckily, he hadn't dared to!

It genuinely was good fortune that he hadn't dared to!

The distance between the two men wasn't much. It would merely take a moment for them to collide.

Jun Mo Xie was approaching his opponent in a leisurely manner. However, Half-bodied seemed extremely nervous and ill-at-ease on the other hand. In fact, several droplets of cold sweat had appeared on his face.

Everyone on Mei Xue Yan's side had the same expressions as that of those on the opposite i.e. Zi Jing Hong's side. Everyone had gathered their spiritual energies, and had concentrated their spiritual sense in order to discern this mysterious man's strength. After all, this battle ought to reveal the real strength of this black-robed man

This moment would also decide the fate of the Jun Family!

The two men came close to each other in a moment. Half-bodied's only one gazed deep into the eyes of the black-robed man in the same manner the rays of light sink deep in the ocean. Half-bodied was thoroughly prepared in his heart, but he was still losing his head out of panic. He then brandished his left-side garment towards Jun Mo Xie as if he was shooting a steel plate towards his enemy's chest.

However, the mysterious man suddenly disappeared into thin air in front of everyone's eyes. And, he went missing from Half-bodied's line of sight

Everyone was left gob-smacked by this! They ransacked their minds to find where had gone off to, but no one could comprehend where he had gone!

[Where did that black-robed man disappear?]

Suddenly, Half-bodied let out a sad and swine-like cry, and jolted another hundred feet into the air. In fact, his screams sounded so miserable that it seemed as if his heart was being been torn apart from his living body

Everyone stood their ground with eyes opened wide. They were stupefied.

Half-bodied's only foot had caught fire in the air! A black and dense cloud of smoke was rising in the sky as the foot was slowly burning away

Half-bodied was crying out miserably while trying to make a cyclone in order to put off the fire with his only hand. However, this seemed to be having no effect on the black flame. It was still burning in the same manner. Moreover, it was burning very slowly. Each of the spectators had a sharp and keep eye sight. So, they could clearly see that Half-bodied's foot had burned down to one-third its length...

The flesh and bone of this man's foot had burned down to one-third in a flash!

Half-bodied was shouting in pain. Then, he suddenly crumbled down on the ground. However, he eventually couldn't endure this extreme pain and fear. So, he wrapped his entire Xuan strength around his right hand, and tried to put the fire off with its support. But, he suddenly started screaming even more miserably when his fingers came in contact with the black flame!

His body shuddered. And, his blood-shot eyes nearly bulged out from of his eye-sockets due to extreme pain. Even his blue veins and muscles were embossed out of his forehead

All five of his fingers were on fire!

The color of the flame was still pitch-black like before

This was the Flame of Primal Chaos. Wood burns when it touches this flame. Water burns when it touches this flame. Gold burns when it touches this flame. Even air burns when it touches this flame!

There's nothing in the world which wouldn't burn when touched by the Flame of Primal Chaos!

Half-bodied slammed down with a squishing sound. The black flame had already burned down the foot. And, it was busy burning his thigh now. The flame had already burnt down the hand, and had reached the shoulder by now. However, it was still burning like it had been at the start neither too fast nor too slow. Moreover, the flame was burning with trivial fluctuations in a very graceful manner. In fact, it appeared as if a gothic dance or some mysterious religious rites were being performed

Everyone glared at him with eyes opened wide and gaping mouths. They looked-on as Half-bodied writhed and struggled in pain. His body had gotten engulfed in spasms. The Flame of Primal Chaos had engulfed the muscles of his entire body. And, this had forced them to contract in a very violent manner. The muscles of his body kept twitching and throbbing every now-and-then. And, his appearance kept changing. But, the flame hadn't taken up his life yet. In fact, he was still far from death!


Ning Wu Qing unsheathed his longsword. His sword united with his body like the rainbow unites with the sky. He brushed the sword twice and chopped at Half-bodied's shoulder and thigh. He had cut off the two places that were on fire

"You think it's so simple? You think you'll have your way so easily?" an extremely emphatic voice echoed in the air.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw what was standing near Half-bodied a black shadow had suddenly appeared there. It was the black-robed man! The black-robed man had disappeared a while ago. However, he had re-appeared the same way he had disappeared without any movement in his Qi-field. Therefore, no one could understand how he was doing it

Then, he looked at Ning Wu Qing in a pitiful manner, and spoke-up, "I want to kill this man. So, he'll still die even if he has been crippled by you."

His hands stretched out as he said these words. Suddenly, two pitch-black flames appeared on his hands. These two flames were also as dark as the night itself. Then, a deadly scream rose up in the sky. And, it started to seem as if these flames were the gates of the underworld

These flames were more ferocious than those which were burning on Half-bodied's body. In fact, they resembled two fiery dragons which were swaying gently in the cold and dark night.

"Ning Wu Qing, do you also want a taste of it?" Jun Mo Xie snorted as he asked.