Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 572

Chapter 565: That Was Very Worrisome
Chapter 565: That Was Very Worrisome!
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Big Bear and Earth Cracker slowly lifted their heads to look at Mei Xue Yan. Then, the Bear King stammered, "Big Sister, shall we leave right away?"

"Just get lost right this moment!" Mei Xue Yan screamed at them.

The two Beast Kings trembled out of fear. They then rushed to leave that place with a 'whoosh'. In fact, the two tall and sturdy figures had vanished into the snow in the blink of an eye. They were nowhere to be seen Their current movements had been even quicker than the ones they had displayed during the battle with the Three Holy Lands!

Mei Xue Yan wasn't feeling very good inside her heart, but she knew that this was the best opportunity for them to leave.

The people from the Three Holy Lands were still not too far from the peripheries of Tian Xiang City at this time. Mei Xue Yan had calculated the enemy's moves in her mind [They will believe that the Bear King and Tiger King have obtained the aid of that mysterious man from the Jun Family. So, these two Beast Kings should be living here without any apprehensions. This means that these two shouldn't start on their journey back without tending to their wounds first. Therefore, the enemy won't plan on an interception until a few days have passed.]

[However, these two Beast Kings are very quick. So, the two of them would've travelled thousands of miles by the time those people arrive to make an interception. But, the matter would've been done and dusted by then]

Therefore, Mei Xue Yan had taken this decision without delay. The two Beast Kings had sustained some injuries, but she had still ordered them to start off at their full speeds without any delay. And, that's because this moment was the safest for their departure even if they were injured. In fact, the present moment was much safer than the dangers they would have to confront after a few days had passed

Mei Xue Yan stood motionless in the snowy breeze after the two Beast Kings left. She was gently stroking the pillar as her gaze remained obsessively fixed at Jun Mo Xie's courtyard. Then, she suddenly smiled as a remark made by Jun Mo Xie surfaced in her mind [What happened to him? This anxiety is killing me]

Snake King stood quietly at her side. There was a complex expression in her eyes.

A long while passed like this. Then, Mei Xue Yan let out a soft sigh, and asked, "Did you find where Jun Mo Xie is?"

Snake King looked at her and replied, "Jun Family's people are continuously on the lookout for him. Big Sister, please don't worry. He's nowhere to be seen at the moment, but he has such a tyrannical master by his side. Nothing bad will happen to him."

Mei Xue Yan sighed and powerlessly closed her eyes. [I'm afraid that this guy I'm afraid that he's pretending to be his own master But But, I think that I shouldn't tell anyone about this] Mei Xue Yan's heart had become impatient and anxious. But, there was nothing that she could do

She stood motionlessly for a long time. Then, something suddenly stirred-up inside her, and blood spurted out her mouth!


The extremely powerful energy from the Hong Jun Pagoda had exploded once Jun Mo Xie was no longer able to contain it. The experts from the Three Holy Lands were on the run at that time. However, they suddenly stopped when they heard the sound of that explosion. They then looked back, and witnessed this vigorous and imposing storm. And, they couldn't prevent themselves from sweating profusely. However, their hearts were brimming with happiness. They felt lucky to have moved out in time.

[That was very fierce!]

"Brother Zi, we ran into a great danger this time. In fact, I'm afraid that if Brother Zi hadn't taken such a prompt decision" Xiao Wei Cheng rushed to his side; he was wearing the three-pearled crown of the Great Golden City. He whispered to Zi Jing Hong whilst trying to recover from the shock as they rushed along.

"That was very worrisome!" Zi Jing Hong also wiped off his cold sweat. Then, he turned his head around, and looked back. He then spoke-up while gnashing his teeth in anger, "Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming are such bastards! They had said that nothing would stop us from being victorious and glorious as long as we can deal with Venerable Mei! And then, we ran into a fiery demon who killed our people and broke our weapons. And, we eventually had to retreat in defeat This has tarnished us like nothing else could've. It feels like we've been deceived!"

This 'Third-in-rank Zi' was feeling extremely indignant at the moment. He felt as if the fact that he had to bow his head in front of that mysterious man had scarred to his prestige to the extreme.

"That man possessed such a monstrous strength All ninety of us would've died there if you hadn't brought up the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. There's no need to mention much just think about that black flame for a moment! It left nothing of Half-bodied And, think about what happened when Ning Wu Qing stepped up If that old freak had waved his hand and thrown those flames into our crowd... Brother Xiao then then" Zi Jing Hong smacked his lips, and shook his head.

"That's right! We could have stayed there because that black fire was beyond our capabilities. It would've burned us to pieces in a short while in case it was launched in full swing. But, it had disappeared without a trace when he had waved his hand to stop it. We couldn't even make out where and how it disappeared Brother Zi, it was a horrifying magical skill!" Xiao Wei Cheng was still trembling with fear. But, he didn't know that Jun Mo Xie also wanted to so that. However, the issue was that Jun Mo Xie wasn't capable of doing something like that at that moment. Using the fire against one or two people was still possible for him. But, Jun Mo Xie's trick would've been rendered powerless if had tried to use it against so many people

Xiao Wei Cheng continued, "That mysterious old man's black flame was extremely appalling. But Brother Zi, did you notice what happened when he re-appeared after setting Half-bodied on fire? Your little brother felt as if he had secretly gone underground, and had re-appeared after drilling out from there. This could explain his mysterious skill. But, there was no hole at the spot where he drilled out of Moreover, there was no fluctuation in his energy That's how he was disappearing and re-appearing at-will like He's matchless in many ways, and he can also go underground"

"Yes ah! That old freak has lived for thousands of years So, how could he be ordinary?" Zi Jing Hong seemed to be reassuring him, "After all, he has practiced cultivation for thousands of years!" What he had implied was [What's the point of comparing ourselves with an old freak who has been cultivating for thousands of years? So, what's the point of being anxious about it?]

"Brother Zi is right," Xiao Wei Cheng thought along these lines, and felt a bit better as a result.

"Indeed! We had the wrong information. In fact, this misinformation was deadly! But, its fortunate that our Illusory Ocean of Blood didn't suffer much losses. Else, our lord would've peeled-off our skins upon our return. It's no longer surprising that Huang Tai Yang vanished like that. Damn it! Such a terrible monster genuinely exists in this world! Even another eight or ten Huang Tai Yangs would've turned to dusk in front of this man" Zi Jing Hong spoke with some regret in his tone.

"Our Great Golden City hasn't suffered too much damage either" Xiao Wei Cheng also breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he spoke-up as if he was gloating over the losses of others, "However, Half-bodied from the Elusive Land of Immortals was sent to the sky like a lantern. In fact, he was even set on fire by that senior he he he he"

They felt happy as they saw the gloomy and sullen face of Ning Wu Qing from the Elusive land of Immortals They reckoned that this man would have a very unpleasant time upon his return

[Indeed! He was the ones who brought that incorrect information. And, that lead to the demise of a major leader from his Holy Land Moreover, the sword he had been carrying with himself for so many years has also turned into molten iron. Ning Wu Qing will have to face the violent abuses and beatings of the empress when he returns to the Elusive Land of Immortals. It would be extremely strange if he managed to avoid it]

"However, that Half-bodied deserved to die. Did you listen to way he was speaking? Did he even sound like an expert who was above the Great Master Level? Even a dirty hooligan wouldn't have stooped to such a level! It's not surprising that the old man despised him"

Zi Jing Hong sighed in agreement, "Seeing that old boy being roasted felt good. In fact, it seems like that old man had somewhat done it for everyone's satisfaction. Furthermore, that Feng Jue Qing had spoken very rightly. After all, Half-bodied was merely half-left. So, what was the purpose of his life anyway..."

"Um so Brother Zi Shall we change our other plans?" Xiao Wei Cheng asked with his inquisitive gaze.

"As a matter of fact this might not be necessary. Senior Feng has only been the Jun Family's patron the entire time. After all, he is also a human. He never even mentioned about the Tian Fa Forest! Therefore, we can still do what we came for. After all, why didn't he mention about Tian Fa if he cared about it? Besides, we can say that we didn't know anything about this if he comes to press us. In fact, he probably won't mess with us because of the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. Besides, what's done is done. So, it would be of no use if he were to get angry with us over it. He's certainly extremely appalling, but can he rely on his own strength to stand against an entire race of those outsiders? So, aren't we a necessary factor in the bigger picture?" Zi Jing Hong spoke as a treacherous smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Jun Mo Xie had scarcely realized this point when he was doing the talking earlier It was just that he was in too much pain at that time

"Let's put aside the Tian Xiang City's matter if that's the case. Instead, let's concentrate our entire strength on the Tian Fa Forest! Let's take Bear King and Tiger King first. We can decide upon the rest later!" Xiao Wei Cheng clenched his fist.

"Tiger King and Bear King have sustained injuries today. So, they will recuperate for a few days since they're staying in a safe zone right now. Moreover, they will rest a few days before they start on their return journey. We'll also be able to make proper arrangements by that time. Anyway, those two don't have the kind of divine weapons Venerable Mei and Snake King possess. So, we'll be able to succeed with relative ease."

Zi Jing Hong had a radiant spark in his eyes, "That's right. And, hadn't that Jun Mo Xie mentioned that he wanted to visit the Dongfang Family? Moreover, Venerable Mei lusts after him. So, she'll probably follow right after him. That time would bring the best opportunity for us. But, we must ensure that we don't hurt Jun Mo Xie. Instead, we must ensure that we capture him safely. Perhaps we can use him to talk conditions with that black-robed man!"

"Moreover, we need to redouble our efforts in spying over the Jun Family! We should even try to get hold of some of the Jun Family's members if necessary!" Xiao Wei Cheng had been listening with smiles of exultation. However, he couldn't help but interrupt at this time...

"Are you trying to court death?" Zi Jing Hong looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot. He then spoke-up, "That Feng Jue Qing is obviously a permanent resident at the Jun Family. Anyway, one tends to require a permanent office if they're into alchemy. Moreover, that Aristocratic Hall has been auction such mysterious pills for a long time. In fact, they're already sold a scary amount of them. It is obvious that this old freak has been refining those pills. So, this explains that the old freak has been staying at the Jun Family's residence. He has never left their place. And, you want to kidnap the Jun Family's members? Seriously? How did a man wearing the three-pearled crown of the Great Golden City come up with such a suicidal idea?"

"Eh" Xiao Wei Cheng's forehead started to brim with sweat. He had suddenly realized that the Jun Family couldn't be messed with

"It would be better for us to dispatch people to collect huge amounts of money. We should also start gathering the herbs we've been collecting over the years. That old freak obviously has some brilliant and majestic skills, but he's clearly concerned about the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. We need to get accustomed to the Aristocratic Hall's rule and regulations. And, we need to put-in some investments. That old freak might not refuse us since we've come from a thousand miles away as long as we follow their norms. In fact, he might even help us in refining some of the mysterious pills He he" Zi Jing Hong had some crafty expressions on his face as he said these words.

"Elder Brother Zi, you're right. Our issues will be easily solved as long as we follow that old guy!" Xiao Wei Cheng said in agreement.

"But, we can't relax as far as the Beast Kings there are concerned. Dispatch a group of people to monitor the roads that lead out of the Jun Family's residence. We must be informed as soon as Tiger King and Bear King come out. We'll begin the interceptions once they're about 500 miles away from Tian Xiang City!" Zi Jing Hong issued strict orders, "After all, they might run back to the Jun Family if they break away from our ambush in case they're not too far away from Tian Xiang. And, that would be extremely terrible for us!"

"That's right," Xiao Wei Cheng pondered and said, "We also need to dispatch a few people for the city gates or the roads that lead to the Southern Heaven City in order to be sure."

"Let's make the most out of this operation. This is going to be a little dangerous, but we haven't sustained many injuries yet. So, our strengths are still intact. In fact, we won't suffer much of a loss even if a few of our people get injured!" Zi Jing Hong laughed in a wicked manner, "These people from the Elusive Land of Immortals aren't exactly a thunder of dragons But, they can still be of use to us. After all, they do possess a decent amount of strength!"

Xiao Wei Cheng started smiling since he had understood the meaning intended.