Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 573

Chapter 571: The Suspicions Of Jun Mo Xie
Chapter 571: The Suspicions Of Jun Mo Xie
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From the hug, Mei Xue Yan could clearly feel the natural scent from Jun Moxie's body. Hearing his voice, Mei Xue Yan confirmed that Jun Mo Xie was definitely the guy in the black robe.

However, Mei Xue Yan decided not to expose him and let it be a secret between both of them. Besides, being able to enjoy Jun Mo Xie performance every day sounds like a good idea.

Whether or not Jun Mo Xie is actually the guy in the black robe, it doesn't matter anymore!

As long as he is safe, that's what matters the most!

Jun Mo Xie felt relieved, after seeing how Mei Xue Yan had finally calmed down. He then turned around and walked towards Guan Qing Han. Seeing Jun Mo Xie walking towards her, Guan Qing Han became bashful, as well as gratified, but the next moment, she became cold again. She slowly looked down and bit her lips without uttering a single word.

"Are you worried for me too?" from what Jun Mo Xie knew, Guan Qing Han was considered a tall girl, other than Mei Xue Yan, other girls such as Ling Meng, Du Gu Xiao Yi, Han Yan Meng, Sun Xiao Mei She Wang Qian Xun were all shorter than her by one or two centimetres. However, in front of Jun Mo Xie, she was shorter than him by more than half a head.

Guan Qing Han smiled forcefully. Just as she was about to lift her head, Jun Mo Xie pulled her into an embrace and gently speak into her ear: "Don't worry, your man will not die so easily. Cats have nine lives, but I have eighty-one, nine cat lives."

Guan Qing Han felt her body became weak as she felt the warmth and manly scent from Jun Mo Xie. Hearing how he referred to himself as her man, made her heart beat faster and she blushed unconditionally.

This time she did not struggle but silently laid in his arms. Guan Qing Han decided to not against her heart anymore. During the past few days, Mei Xuan Yan seemed to be on the edge and Guan Qing Han was about to go crazy too. For now, being able to listen to his heartbeat by his chest is such a blessing. Suddenly, the grievance she felt disappeared. No matter what happened, it's all worth it

These days, Young Master Jun had been flirting with both Mei Xue Yan and Guan Qing Han and both were slowly getting used to it, accepting the presence of one another.

Although, both Mei Xue Yan and Guan Qing Han would unavoidably get jealous of each other, they did understand Jun Mo Xie's intention. Furthermore, in this masculism generation, it was not a big deal for men to have three or four wives. In fact, it was very rare for men to only have one wife and even the most gentlemanlike Taoist student would not question the fact.

For Jun Mo Xie who was about to be eighteen years old, to not have any concubine was very rare. At least among the aristocrats in Tian Xiang city, it was very uncommon!

In fact, some men who were even two to three years younger than Jun Mo Xie already had a group of concubines

As Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han hugged for a while, they could both feel the affectionate warmth, making them feel blessed to be with each other. After a long time, Guan Qing Han lifted her head up from his embrace. Her face was bright red, as she avoided Jun Mo Xie's gaze. Her cold facade from the past was long gone. At that moment, Guan Qing Han resembled a shy and timid young wife.

Mei Xue Yan was very anxious and worried for the past few days and Guan Qing Han clearly understood that it was all due to the disappearance of Jun Mo Xie. Although Guan Qing Han did not know what happened, from the reaction and behaviour of Mei Xue Yan, she knew that it was something serious.

Did Jun Mo Xie encounter something dangerous that is hard to get over? If not, why would Mei Xue Yan with such superb cultivation be so worried?...

Therefore, those few days, Guan Qing Han felt very heavy hearted too. Seeing how Mei Xue Yan got more depressed as the days past, Guan Qing Yan knew that something really serious had happened, slowly getting passed her.

Now, seeing how Jun Mo Xie is alive, Guan Qing Han felt relieved, as if she regained something back that she lost before. Hence, even if Guan Qing Han had a cold faade before, at this moment, she did not want to hide her feelings anymore. It was because happiness had torn down her cold mask that she was wearing all along. Of course, once reality hit her, she put on her cold faade once again and got out of Jun Mo Xie's embrace.

Jun Mo Xie looked at both of them and wondered what happened between them. Their behaviour and emotions flipped as quick as a book. Their heated passion towards him were all felt just before. Just as he was being elated about it, thinking how Cupid was finally on his side, they instantly went back to how they were before! Cold!

Oh My God! The ups and downs of life came too quickly! This is killing me!

Was it all a dream!?

Jun Mo Xie rubbed his face hard, only to be confirmed that he was indeed not dreaming. He sighed: Women, they are so hard to understand at one moment, they are all sunny, and the next moment, thunderstorm. They look so innocent and helpless looking before, but the next moment, they turned cold and pretended as if nothing happened. This is really testing a guy's heart.

Being a human is hard, but being a man is even harder. Being a popular man is the hardest. Jun Mo Xie sighed, feeling a bit bitter.

"Hello, Xiao Qian Xun, come here, let me hug you. Please comfort my poor broken heart!" since Jun Mo Xie had no chance with the two beauty, he decided to flirt with another woman and hopefully succeed with her this time.

"Humph!" the King of Snake gave him a menacing stare and the atmosphere instantly became ominous. She had already hidden her little thoughts from him and was pretending to be fierce. "What are you trying to do? We are not familiar with each other!" she grumbled.

Jun Mo Xie laughed and brought his face closer to her. Qian Xun rudely flicked her wrist and two snakes slithered out.

Jun Mo Xie easily avoided the snakes as he pretended to be frenzied because of it. While shrieking, he jokingly said: "Oh God! Why are you so mean to me? Where did you get the snakes from? They are such wonderful goods! Do you still have them? Bring out a few more! I will be having a feast of snakes tonight! I appreciate your kindness"

Qian Xun, Mei Xue Yan and Guan Qing Han rolled their eyes, turned around and returned into the house. Instantly, Young Master Jun was left alone outside, all by himself.

Jun Mo Xie rubbed his nose, blinked his eyes a few more times and shamelessly followed them into the house. Even though Jun Mo Xie was getting stronger, he was still far from being the top. However, in being shameless, he is at the very top

"There's one thing that I really do not understand." Jun Mo Xie went back to being serious. He looked at Mei Xue Yan: "According to the lineup of the three holy cities, any of the three is already more capable in terms of abilities when compared to Tian Fa forest! In fact, just by looking at the lineup this time, any of the families when combine abilities could easily overpower Tian Fa forest; and other than you, such as King of Snake before advancement, can never win against the people from the three holy cities.

Jun Mo Xie paused for a while and said:" In fact, Tian Fa forest is not only inferior to them by a level. From what I know, only the Ten King of Beasts from Tian Fa forest when in human form has stronger abilities. The rest, including the nine mystical beasts, has only average capabilities I thought it would be blessings after misfortune? What happened!? Just by looking at the rankings, it appears that you guys from Tian Fa are stronger, it is really hard to understand!"

Mei Xue Yan was solemn for a while before she said: " The analysis you did on the powerhouses are not wrong, but unfortunately you missed out a very important factor. Even if the people from the three holy cities are all deities, there are only a few of them. As compared to the mystical beasts from Tian Fa forest who have trillion ideas, it may not be pleasant to hear, but a spit from a beast is enough to drown the three holy cities. The combined abilities from Tian Fa's beasts cannot be compared with the three holy cities. ".

"It is not that I did not consider this point. But when the quantity is at its limit, no matter how strong the enemy is, it will be useless. This is probably the original intention of the three holy cities when going against Tian Fa. But I am still very curious, Tian Fa mystical beasts are naturally gifted, and has the advantage, but as compared to the three holy cities, how could their superior abilities differ so much?" Jun Mo Xie really could not understand this fact.

"Haiz, Tian Fa is known for being ominous and even has a higher rank than the three holy cities. How could their superior abilities be any less of them? The number of fights that Tian Fa mystical beasts had been through is also similar to the three holy citieshowever in the recent years there were a few changes."

Mei Xuan Yan seemed like she absolutely did not want to discuss this topic. She bit her lips and said: "To be honest, what should really appear in front of us today should not be the Ten King of Beasts but the Supreme King of Beasts. But after an incident, the seniors retired, but since Tian Fa cannot leave the king's seat empty, the juniors must take over the front.

Mei Xue Yan obscured a lot of information when talking about it, and did not talk much about the details.

So that's how it is, a person from a different generation, no wonder it was so strange.

What actually happened to Tian Fa forest, to put them in such a situation?

But since Mei Xue Yan refused to talk about it, Jun Mo Xie did not push further. His attention is now shifted to another goal.

"Why do you look so pale? Are you injured?" Jun Mo Xie naturally would not say that he actually witness it, but seeing from the previous match, Mei Xue Yan should not be severely injured.

"It is just an old injury, nothing serious." Mei Xue Yan bluntly said.

" Oh, I see." Jun Mo Xie thought that it makes more sense; but he did not notice that Mei Xue Yan had told him the most obvious reason, which saves a lot of interrogation time.

"Why did you not look for me after injuring yourself? I am a skilled national champion doctor!" Jun Mo Xie laughed, "This kind of small injury, is easy to heal! With me around, I can cure any type of illness!"

Jun Mo Xie grabbed Mei Xue Yun hand and started using his heavenly power to scan through her hand

All of a sudden --

Just as Jun Mo Xie's spiritual energy entered Mei Xue Yan's meridian system, she suddenly got startled and immediately withdraw her hand from Jun Mo Xie. She quickly stood up and inconceivably blurted out: "Supreme level of cultivation? How did it become like this? You it's impossible?!"