Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 574

Chapter 578: Your thoughts are too dirty
Chapter 578: Your thoughts are too dirty
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Mei Xue Yan felt her heart thumped and could no longer control herself as she let out a moan as this guy's hands suddenly went separate ways, one slipped under her clothing and grabbed her breast with nothing separating his hand from her skin, and the other hand slid down to firmly grab on to her perky buttocks...

This felt much stronger than just now when he touched her through her clothes. Mei Xue Yan's entire body weakened and started shivering under his touch. She wanted to use her core energy to counter-attack but for unknown reasons, not a single bit of her usually undefeatable core energy could be brought out. All she could feel was this guy's hands exploring her body and her breathing quickened. She wanted to beg him to let her off but her mouth was blocked by his. She wanted to push him away but she realised that her arms had unconsciously wrapped themselves around his neck...

His two large hands roaming around her delicate body made it burning hot. Although she was doing her best to resist, she still could not help but let out a shy moan. As Mei Xue Yan was still a virgin, this was her first time experiencing the most tempting thing on earth. How could she not lose her senses...

Jun Mo Xie's eyes were burning in sexual desire. He lifted his head and temporarily stopped invading her mouth while his two hands continued to rub Mei Xue Yan's breasts, and asked, "Can... I...?"

Mei Xue Yan's eyes were unfocused and her mouth slightly open as she breathed heavily, unable to say anything and only shyly nodded... She stared at him intensely but under such romantic circumstances, it seemed as though she was gently flirting with him...

Jun Mo Xie was elated and took his two hands out, ready to remove his clothes and see her naked; however, Mei Xue Yan escaped his embrace. Although she was still pressed beneath him, she strongly overcame her urges and gently said, "Not... now. The Three Holy Lands are still coming after us... if... it will affect our strength and form..."

These words were like a bucket of cold water splashed at Jun Mo Xie, putting out his burning sexual desires.

Yes, it was a critical time as their lives remained threatened. If Mei Xue Yan lost her virginity at this critical juncture, she would definitely be severely affected and may even get injured or ... Jun Mo Xie was unwilling to see any of these.

He let out a deep sigh and Jun Mo Xie's eyes suddenly brightened. He took a few deep breaths, grabbed some snow from the ground, and rubbed them on his face. He felt refreshed from the coolness and shivered a bit. Finally, he was awake.

Jun Mo Xie was relieved inside and smile as he teased her, "Hey, your thoughts are not pure... I was only referring to sleeping, not doing anything else... what were you thinking of, wow, why do you think of such things? I am so surprised..."

Mei Xue Yan was fuming and pointed at Jun Mo Xie so angrily she could not say anything but, "You! What a lecher, you... how... you...", she almost vomited blood as it was you who forced yourself on to me and now you say my thoughts are dirty... Thinking about this, Mei Xue Yan was embarrassed yet angry, wanting to fall out with him on the spot...

Young Master Jun was frightened. Knowing he carried his joke too far, he quickly yet carefully said a bunch of good things but Mei Xue Yan continued to ignore him coldly. Young Master Jun wanted to try some gangster tactics but was heartlessly chased away. It seemed like if he used any more sneaky means, Beauty Mei will treat him to a holiday in the Heaven and Earth Prison...

After a while more, he heard Mei Xue Yan coldly said, "Didn't you want to ambush the Three Holy Lands' people? Now that we are hiding here, how can we ambush them?"

Jun Mo Xie was relieved: Seems like this girl is not really angry. He pulled himself together and said, "At this time, they must still be looking for a suitable ambush location; based on what I know, it is not far from us. There is a path along a valley with two tall mountains at its two sides, a calabash-shaped valley. The entry points are narrow with a wide space in the middle. If there are people guarding the entry points and are determined to annihilate the ambushed ones, no matter how powerful the ambushed ones are, it would be very difficult to escape unscathed. Especially since quite a big amount of snow have collected in the valley, movements were hampered and the environment was disadvantageous. Hence, based on my gauge, no matter who they send first, they would pick that spot!"

"Hmm? Was there really no other better way out?", Mei Xue Yan also felt relieved as she did not have to haggle on that awkward topic with him but she still remained expressionless as if Jun Mo Xie owed her a large sum of money... the expression of a debtor.

"We will definitely have to pass through that road!", Jun Mo Xie continued, "I am also contemplating how we can counter-ambush them! We had enough rest last night and tonight we are staying here. We've given them enough time to prepare! Unless they had no intention of dealing with you, by this time, the Three Holy Lands would have been way ahead of us and completed their preparation! This wait was for both sides to create the perfect opportunity. If they don't cherish it, they must be too stupid..."

Mei Xue Yan frowned. If it was so, she really could not think of any way to cross the road unless they did it forcefully. However, if they went in forcefully, they would have to pay a high price!

"No matter who attack, we will have to face a scary troop of at least ten higher than Supreme-level experts and 20 Supremes!", suddenly a murderous look emerged on Jun Mo Xie's face, "With their abilities, if we forcefully take them on, whether or not intentionally, it was for sure that we would be defeated! So, at that time, you must listen to me! Don't act on your own accord, and more importantly, don't take risks! I know what I am doing and will ensure they suffer huge losses!"

Mei Xue Yan acknowledged his words but worriedly asked, "Since you have the confidence, why didn't you choose to attack them in the night? With the help of the night sky, wouldn't it be easier?"

Jun Mo Xie laughed sneakily and said, "This is why you are an amateur. With so much snow covering the entire mountain, how different is our ability to see in the day and night? Don't forget, their skills are definitely nowhere beneath ours! Therefore, we don't have to only act at night! In fact, at night it might be worse for us; they will be warier at night! It will be tougher to attack them!

"You are right", Mei Xue Yan nodded quietly. The present her had not realised at all that the tempo between the two of them had been controlled by Jun Mo Xie. Also, she also unknowingly became more obedient in front of Jun Mo Xie...

Jun Mo Xie suddenly burst out in laughter and said, "Furthermore, they are so afraid that we will just slip through them so after finding such a location, won't they monitor it closely? The wind and snow are so harsh tonight. It will torment them quite a bit. That's good, we are giving them an opportunity to toughen up! Honestly, I want to stay here for a few more days then go over. It is quite comfortable here!

Mei Xue Yan finally could not hold her laughter and said, "You are so mean."

"You, how is this being mean, this is called being smart!", Jun Mo Xie said arrogantly, "Every small decision can determine our victory! This is our tradition in the Jun family!"

Mei Xue Yan giggled, smiling widely and forgetting the previous unhappiness.

Beauty Mei had removed her coat and was only a tight-fitting off-white dress was covering her tall, slender body which shivered at the front of her chest along with her laughter. Jun Mo Xie stared at this sight and felt some movement in his nostrils as he almost spurted blood out of his nostrils...

This seductress was taking his life!

If she was extremely curvy, Jun Mo Xie probably would not be so attracted but Mei Xue Yan's body was tightly hugged and shivered only a little which added some graceful and dreamy effects. This made Jun Mo Xie finding her even more irresistible...

Mei Xue Yan acutely realised his oddness and rolled her eyes at him in annoyance; his eyes were looking at her with lots of love as Jun Mo Xie's desires reached sky high as though he became a wolf, ready to catch its prey...

"Xue Yan... how about let's really let them wait for a few days! We can stay in here; it won't be too late to wait till you recover before we leave", Jun Mo Xie moved in closer sneakily, with saliva drooling out of his mouth, shamelessly trying to discuss the issue.

"Injury? What injury? I have recovered a long time ago. I am not injured, what are you talking about!", Mei Xue Yan found it weird and turned to look at him in surprise.

Jun Mo Xie smiled pervertedly and embarrassingly said, "We only need to stay here for a few days and you will be injured..."

Instantly, she understood what he meant!

Mei Xue Yan blushed, feeling shy yet angry yet upset yet embarrassed. She was so angry she could do anything and so she first shouted, "You are dead! Heaven and Earth Prison!"

Then she used a leg and kicked him out of the bear skin blanket, "Scram!"

She did use all her strength...

Jun Mo Xie groaned and crouched in pain like a cooked prawn. His butt faced her as the front guard while his head and legs almost touched as he flew out at lightning speed. He crashed into the snow walls, leaving a big, round hole of unknown depth and disappeared into it.

After a long time, Jun Mo Xie climbed out of the hole in pain, looking pale, "Xue Yan... your one kick left me 500 feet away! I'm a goner, now i have sprained my back, injured my organs, with such serious injury... I can treat others but now I can't treat myself but if you are willing to lend a helping hand, all will be good... If you are willing to try the double-body method with me, I will recover very quickly..."

"Double-body method your head! Heaven and Earth Prison!", Mei Xue Yan was still angry and her face was reddened with anger. Without further thought, she kicked him again. Before Jun Mo Xie could beg for forgiveness, he was already sent flying away and disappeared into the hole once more...

The next morning.

Jun Mo Xie climbed out of the hole with panda eyes, panting. Although he was protecting a great beauty and only the two of them were in the small room, nothing happened... Furthermore, he was beaten up, not only once. This was torture...

He was not only suffering from holding in his desires, but he was also doubly injured, physically and mentally... Jun Mo Xie swore! After this ended and finished dealing with the Three Holy Lands' attack, if there was any opportunity, he will definitely immediately take down this girl! No way he would be appeased!

As he was thinking how to let out his anger, he decided to let it out on the supremes of the Three Holy Lands first.