Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 575

Chapter 566: Recovery? Or Breakthrough?
Chapter 566: Recovery? Or breakthrough?!
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In his negligent state of mind, Jun Mo Xie stood strong. His consciousness became blurry and an impact caused him to be sucked into the Hong Jun Pagoda. He felt pain and the pain was as if he was fried in an oil pan for 500 times or as if his tongue was being pulled for about 10,000 times.

As he was sucked into the Hong Jun Pagoda, Jun Mo Xie lost consciousness.

In his state of unconsciousness, traces of blood oozed out of Jun Mo Xie's face and body. The black robe over his body started to bulge up. Suddenly, there was a 'bang' sound and the robe exploded into pieces!

How could his other clothing remain intact when even his outermost part of his robe was fragmented into pieces! As a result, Young Master Jun went naked

Blood flowed out from Jun Mo Xie's naked body like a fountain for a long time and it was as thick as a misty fog. His body was soaked with blood, twitching in pain and distorted. It seemed as if his ribs were constantly moving

The power that Jun Mo Xie borrowed this time around seemed to be too strong for him. It was far beyond what he could handle! The damage that it caused on his physical health was unexpected and could not be compared to his previous injuries. If Jun Mo Ye was not sucked into the Hong Jun Pagoda at the last moment, his body would have exploded and the entire sky would be filled with a thick bloody fog

After a while, the Hong Jun Pagoda swarmed with a spiritual energy and it went towards Jun Mo Xie. It entered his body, moving through his five sense organs, his sweat poresevery part of his body!

It was unknown how much time passed

Jun Mo Xie finally twitched his finger and began to slowly open his eyes. He struggled as he looked around, and he finally yelled, "What the hell, apparently this old man did not die, so interesting, it is really interesting"

This time, Young Master Jun knew that he could have truly died

He played it big this time around

When he recovered, he immediately felt a splitting pain in his head, as if a monkey was jumping around in his head. The veins on both sides of his heads were beating wildly like a skipping rope. It seemed like a thousand steel needles were poking all the joints on his body. This pain was made worse when his little brother also started swaying around in excruciating pain

These symptoms made Jun Mo Xie twitch his eyebrows and shout," What the hell, it has nothing to with you; you are not required in this fight, why are you coaxing me, are you trying to prove your strength? ..."

Just as he finished scolding, Jun Mo Xie was filled with pain. Anyway, there was no one here listening, Young Master Jun would rather not endure it any further and he screamed as if a ghost was crying, and as if 10,000 pigs were being slaughtered at a time. It was an earth-shattering moment!

"What the hell, why is this so painfulIt's his grandfather's challenge to the young master" Jun Mo Xie knew the three-word enhanced version. From last time till now, he went through all the swear words that could be used to scold people. He did not just go through it once, but he went across various dialects to scold others.

He went up to various Gods, went down to Yin Cao Hell, went from Buddha to the landhe suffered, and he subsequently scolded the people from the three holy places. He scolded since the past decades, from generation to generation- back till the seventy-two generations of the ancestors of all female direct family members and no one was spared...

Young Master Jun twisted his eyebrows and glared with his eyes, sulkinghis tongue was getting smootherhis scolding became more experienced and skilled, and he was using swear words everywhere. At this rate, if a swearing competition was to be held, the winner would definitely be Jun Mo Xie! In fact, he would win with much ease, no one would have any objections, nor anyone be unsatisfied with Jun Mo Xie as the winnerit can even cause the dead to dance disco in their coffins and dance till they are exhausted to death

When his mouth was busy moving, the spiritual aura from Hong Yi Pagoda was not affected by this brat's malicious words, but it was more diligent

Until suddenly

"Eh? Why is it not painful anymore?" Jun Mo Xie finally stopped swearing when he found out that his body was no longer in pain anymore Does swearing help in recovering?

"Wahahaha, there is an ancient saying that -- . Today, Young Master Jun would experience the 18th level of torture in hell. Seems like I, the young master should become a legendary immortal." Jun Mo Xie was complacent. But it is a pity as this cannot be spreadotherwise, the customs of this world will definitely change

Young Master Jun's scoldings were combined from thousand years ago, with words from the country and words from all around the world. It formed a specific text and flowed out

This allowed the people living in Xuan Xuan Mainland to experience reform! At least it transformed the boring concept of swearing in people, forming a diversity in the concept of swearing. This generation is filled with many masters, especially the Young Master Jun!

Though it did not hurt anymore, his whole body was still weak, still lying on the ground, he did not even have the strength to get up, not even the strength to move a little!

Jun Mo Xie was scared for a moment. After all, the present him knew that it was very dangerous this time!

Though he was scared, if he were to be given a second chance, he would still choose to do the same!

Definitely without any regrets!

Even if it meant that his soul would be lost, die and disappear?!

This is because the people here were his relatives, the people whom he cherished the most!

As long as I, Jun Mo Xie is still alive and breathing, whether it is the three holy places or the gods in heaven, no one should dare hurt them!

At the very least, before they cross over my dead body, no one shall think of that!

Jun Mo Xie bit his teeth and began to make his body open up the heaven and its power. He realized that Dantian was empty and not even one bit was left. The real people went up to explore the space and he tried to open the inner vision. The empty Dantian was like a desolate and barren land that was going to dry up.

"So selfish! Nothing was actually left for me! They should at least leave some moisture for me!" Jun Mo Xie swallowed his saliva, closed his eyes, begun exerting his full strength to recover. However, he did not that that if not for his crazy practice in alchemy, he would not be able to use the fusion borrowing.

Gradually, his damaged meridians slowly started to go back to the empty Dantian. Jun Mo Xie began to carefully control this small bit of spiritual power in his body for a day, a week until his mind went blank.

He continued with his second daywhen he carried on till his ninth day, there was a sudden bang, the meridians, muscles, tendons and in his bones there was pure energy everywhere around his body. The airflow in his body became stronger each time and it was more powerful than the previous one

At the same time, the aura from the heavens and earth let out a 'xiu xiu' sound, the tide went through his body and it rapidly transformed the tide into energy and it returned to Dantian. After a day, it became the purest spiritual energy

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Jun Mo Xie entered the two spiritual realms. He only knew the crazy operation, requestsThe airflow of his meridian became stronger and his body's absorption of spiritual aura from Hong Jun Pagoda was getting faster and faster!

The rich aura of heaven and earth was endlessly produced in the Hong Jun Pagoda and it visibly turned into white fog from Jun Mo Xie's pores around his body. How did Hong Jun Pagoda exist, how did Jun Mo Xie easily get his requests answered

Jun Mo Xie managed to escape death this time, Dantian became absolutely dry, even though it is clean, empty, it actually caused fear in Jun Mo Xie and caused him to tirelessly operate the open heavens power again and again, round and round

He did not seem to realize that the airflow in his meridians was slowly becoming a silver thin line. A colourful tower-like object appeared in front of his forehead, just like a forehead accessory hanging from the sky

This object started to become clear and slowly became authentic. It was rotating on Jun Mo Xoe's forehead. Everytime it rotated, it gave off a ray of sunshine just like a rainbow

Of course, Jun Mo Xie did not know of all of these that were happening.

The present him, was just like a 300-year old ghost who died of hunger who suddenly saw a bowl of steamed bread, crazily absorbing the spiritual aura. Absorbing with no end and it is never satisfied even until it dies

With no idea how long it took, the little tower on his forehead began to stop rotating and it stopped 3 feet away from Jun Mo Xie's forehead!

He finally reached his limit!

Jun Mo Xie felt that the rate that he was absorbing the heaven and earth's aura was slowing down, it seemed as if it will no longer increase, at the same time, his body was in pain, and his head was pushed into a cotton, it bulged up and it seemed as if one touch would make it become a pit

Just at this moment, the meridians along his body suddenly stopped functioning, it was totally still. No matter how much he moved, he did not manage to let the air flow in one by one

How did this happen? Jun Mo Xie twisted his eyebrows and was about to check his situation, when suddenly

Without warning


The meridians in Jun Mo Xie's body suddenly exploded all around the surrounding areas, the silver airflow changed into a silvery bright dust, and suddenly disappeared