Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 576

Chapter 567: Breakthrough The Fourth Level
Chapter 567: Breakthrough! The fourth level!
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Jun Mo Xie was shocked. An explosion also suddenly happened in his brain


Blood spurt out of Jun Mo Xie's nose and mouth simultaneously!

He was in severe pain, it was as though his veins were shattered!

Could it be that I have gone crazy and I am going to become a useless human?

Just as this thought ran through his mind and before he could feel depressed, Jun Mo Xie realised his veins were just fine. While he was feeling confused, he suddenly realised that some pale gold fog had mysteriously appeared in his veins. The pale gold fog became more and more concentrated, gradually blocking the blood flow in his veins

Another "boom" happened. It shocked Jun Mo Xie who yelled until he almost fainted. He urgently used his abilities to see what was happening inside his body. He then realised that the pale gold fog which appeared a while ago had disappeared without a trace. In its place, was an extremely thin gold thread!

It was as though a stream of gold water was swimming excitedly in his veins!

Jun Mo Xie could clearly feel that the flow of the gold water encompassed an extraordinarily great strength! Compared to his standards, he was definitely nowhere close!

If the original third level of spiritual power's silver thread could hold 100 pounds, then this gold thread could hold up a hill, or at least a ton, or possibly 10 tons! This was an astonishingly scary change!

Maybe I... broke through again?

Once this thought ran through his mind, another rumble occured in his mind again. It was as though an earthquake was taking place. He felt a "pop" at the front of his mind, seeming as though something cracked

Of course, Jun Mo Xie did not know that this sound was caused by the sudden explosion of the small tower which formed on his forehead the day before by the earth's spiritual power. It evolved into a seven-coloured gas and entered his head from his Baihui acupoint.

Then, Jun Mo Xie felt the entire Hongyi tower shake vigorously as though an earthquake was happening. He was lying on the floor but was threw high up in the air. Luckily he was facing upwards if not he would end up kissing the ground even though it was in the Hongyi tower

"Urgh!", Jun Mo Xie busily flipped and stood up, avoiding a bad fall as he asked himself, "What is happening?"

Just as he opened his eyes and looked forward, he tried to open his mouth but he could not speak. Around 10 feet in front of him was originally an empty tower but it has disappeared. In its place was a door!

An opened door of seven colors!

Hongyi tower's fourth level!

He really, at this timing

Broke through!

"Oh my! Endangering my life once and I broke through. Isn't this forcing me to endanger myself?" Jun Mo Xie was in shock! "I can only break through by endangering my life? It was like this the previous time and now again. Is life really so worthless?"

His thought did not end there and Jun Mo Xie finally could not resist and spouted, "Where do I find so many lives to play with? Once or twice more and I would definitely kill myself. This is too torturous!"

Then again, Jun Mo Xie himself knew that breaking through was not achievable by just forsaking his life. After breaking through, even if he endangered himself a thousand times, it was still not a given to breakthrough again so quickly!

Actually, during this period, Jun Mo Xie laid a pretty solid foundation for his breaking through! From Tiannan to breaking through to the third level until then, it was not a long time of about three months since Jun Mo Xie was revived. Throughout his practicing process, it was already one of the slowest breakthroughs. Although the more advance his Xuan cultivation was, the slower it was for breakthroughs, Jun Mo Xie's breakthrough this time around was surprising yet not without logic

During his last alchemy, he unintentionally broke through the Sky Xuan level to reach the Spirit Xuan level. Jun Mo Xie originally thought he already broke through the Opening the Sky's fourth level of cultivation but after some check then he realised that he did not. However, since then, Jun Mo Xie knew that although he did not break through, he was on the verge of it!

All he needed was fate!

He originally thought that it would take a while more to complete the breakthrough but this time, Jun Mo Xie disregarded his own life which was too dangerous! As the host of the Hongyi tower, why did it allow Jun Mo Xie to lose his life?

It was important to note that the Hongyi tower was residing in Jun Mo Xie's body. They were inseparable. Although it was still not easy to transfer abilities, it was a clear case of direct implication. If Jun Mo Xie really died, then the Hongyi tower would have to follow him to be reincarnated

Therefore, at the most crucial moment, the Hongyi tower finally used its great powers again and pulled this reckless guy back at the last second before his spirit was eliminated then helplessly gave him a major repair. However, this guy was not contented. While his veins were empty, he seized the opportunity and endangered himself once more - suicidally absorbed spiritual energy!

Furthermore, he did it unconsciously

This was even more helpless!

It just pulled this guy back from an explosion. Did he have to self-destruct once more?

Master Jun was a lucky person. He was practicing not outside but in the Hongyi tower so when his internal spiritual energy was about to self-destruct, the Hongyi tower would naturally compress it back This compress directly brought about changes to the quantity which changed the nature

Therefore, this breakthrough was both understandable and yet, surprising!

It was such a perfect combination of time, location and persona. Without any of them, it would have been impossible. How rare!

If the Hongyi tower could hear Jun Mo Xie speak"endangering his life will help his breakthrough and so he needs to endanger his life more"

Regardless of how firm and rooted it was, it would most probably spit blood - this guy really did not have any self-love. Other than endangering his life, what else could he play with?

Was he just endangering his life? It was endangering the tower too!

Which previous hosts did not treat their body like treasure? Cherish it? All they feared was a slight injury. However, after staying in this guy's body, why did the tower never stop worrying?

It had never seen anyone as reckless as this guy

He was not even Silver Xuan and yet, dared to mess with a Jade Xuan

He just reached Gold Xuan and dared to start messing with a Sky Xuan....

The tower overcame difficulties to reach the Jade Xuan level and yet, now it had to compete with a Spirit Xuan who was trying to play a fool with him. It would be lucky if he did not cause any trouble but if he did, he may offend the two great powers of the north and south, the Silver City of Wind and Snow and the Bloody Soul Villa.

After the journey to Tiannan, he painstakingly practiced and reached the Sky Xuan standards, leveled up the mission, ready to fight the Paragon.

Ignoring what had passed and just about what was happening, after reaching Spirit Xuan a few back, the most epic action had begun: he directly fought 30 others of Paragon-level or higher and 60 others practicing to reach Paragon-level alone, a total of 90 top fighters! This big bunch of people threw themselves at him aggressively

Under such formation, if the Hongyi tower could sweat, it would definitely sweat buckets for Jun Mo Xie

Sweat, lots of sweat, a fountain of sweat, drowned in sweat

Throughout the journey, all the battles jumped levels! Not just by one or two levels but three, that extent of rapid progress. More recently, the number of levels jumped did not matter all the battles were deadly!

Comparing, for someone who just started practicing and had not laid a strong foundation to challenge experts from everywhere that was putting his life on a thread - as though the life was not his but an enemy's!

Even if he intentionally did it, it was not possible to be so accurate every time.

Luckily the tower was there. If not for the tower's help, this guy would have reincarnated more than ten times and yet he still dared to blurt out how endangering his life would lead to a breakthrough! The tower thought that if it could move, it would definitely give him a good scolding. It was not that it had not seen someone so thick-skinned but someone as thick-skinned as him was rare!

Did Master Jun Mo Xie know these? He happily strolled and appreciated how he was blessed by a misfortune while he cat-walked into the 4th level of the Hongyi tower.

In fact, it was as such: As he was so excited, Master Jun totally neglected the fact that he was still butt-naked which caused his image to become slightly funny - dangling in front and shaking at the back while he put on an arrogant expression which called for hate and undermined his personality

Actually, even if he remembered, the Master Jun at that time probably did not care. After all, only he was there and again, Master Jun had super thick skin and even if there were others around, he would still sway around like he did...with no need to elaborate on the details

Just another mankind!

Master Jun whistled happily.

This guy was a typical example of not learning his lesson. He just recovered and broke through but he immediately forgot about the danger he had been through. His eyes were glistening, he had on an extremely lewd smile as he carried his long spear while entering!

Once he entered, Jun Mo Xie felt that something was different in there. In fact, very different from the third level, extremely different!

The entire fourth level was a pretty chaotic scene from a chaotic world. Spiritual energy was concentrated and was aggressive. Some even lightly bumped into Jun Mo Xie and he could feel the power!

How pure must the spiritual energy be to be able to create such a scene?

There was not only these inside. Floating in the air were red flames, green water, and black Anyways, there were all sorts of things!

Jun Mo Xie was stunned. He never thought that it would be such a situation on the fourth level. Before he could consider anything, suddenly, a seven-colored light sped past his eyes and for no reason, several lines of chants appeared in his mind:

"The heart is beautiful, filled with will; persevere, uncertain actions are actually phantoms; do not forget, the lotus throne is attainable; the soul and spirit will disappear, not killing the foetus"