Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 577

Chapter 568: New Power Power Of The Five Elements
Chapter 568: New Power, Power of the Five Elements!
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Jun Mo Xie felt a sharp pain in his head and felt barely conscious. In a state of blurriness, he suddenly understood that the Opening the Sky's fourth level chants had barged into his mind. This was not rare as he learnt the previous few level's in this way too

However, the next moment, everything was different. It was as though Master Jun's naked body became a black hole and suddenly gave off a scary and irresistible great strength of attraction. Abnormally, all the unstable elements in the fourth level instantly were tamed. Beginning from the green element, it rapidly entered Master Jun's body then followed by the red, black At the same time, what he absorbed was the violent yet substantial pure spiritual energy!

Jun Mo Xie clearly felt his vein beneath his eyes had become an endless ocean, crazily absorbing all sorts of energy and spiritual energy. Yet, once these energies entered his body, they disappeared immediately. Only the spiritual energy became more and more concentrated and more aggressively entered his body, forming endless trails

As his veins were so flooded, he naturally quickly grew stronger and even his diaphragm seemed to be strengthened by the support of the gold airflow. Gradually, the gold spiritual energy in Jun Mo Xie's body flooded his diaphragm again and again. By then, it was not just airflow but it was real substance, abnormally concentrated substance!

Not knowing how long more, finally

The moment the spiritual energy in his veins stopped moving, the surging spiritual energy which originally was in the fourth level had already been absorbed cleanly. New spiritual energy flooded in and slowly filled up the fourth level once more but it was already calm; Jun Mo Xie's body stopped automatically absorbing anything. Even when he purposely tried to absorb something, there was no effect at all!

This was because his body was completely filled already!

Quietly, Jun Mo Xie's extremely full diaphragm started to move slowly. This time it compressed tightly. The more compressed it was, the smaller the solidified gold spiritual energy became. The large amount of energy in his veins was absorbed bit by bit, helping the compression in the diaphragm

Finally, the solidified gold spiritual energy became a golden pearl of the size of an infant's fist, spinning at an unimaginable high speed while absorbing spiritual energy - suddenly, when it spinning the fastest it had been, it unexpectedly came to a complete stop!

Following closely, Jun Mo Xie felt his entire body's muscles contract and an indescribable feeling emerged. From the top of his head, an extremely cold stream flowed down from his Baihui acupoint to his governing vessel then downwards strongly to beneath his feet; from the Yongquan acupoint at the bottom of his feet, a warm current surged in the opposite direction through his conception vessel and ended at his Baihui acupoint!

His body shook violently as that two streams of spiritual energy, one cold and one warm, suddenly they started colliding at the intersection of his governing and conception vessels. Jun Mo Xie moaned in pain as he felt that another mysterious door had opened in his body. The cold and warm streams quickly perfectly blended together! His body felt slightly cooling, a very pleasing feeling.

At the same time, the newly solidified golden pearl in the diaphragm shattered silently. Jun Mo Xie observed what was happening in his body and was shocked: What was that?

Suddenly, in Jun Mo Xie's diaphragm, appeared a small baby about the size of an infant's fist. Its entire body was red, complete with four limbs, five senses, brows, and eyes, slightly tender, pretty pleasing to the human eye as it sat with its eyes closed

It seemed like it was breathing!

"What! I am pregnant!", Jun Mo Xie yelled in shock as his entire body's hair stood up, "Pregnant without sex...how even...the second Jesus is about to be born"

This idiotic immortal actually treated an immortal's cultivated baby as him being pregnant

Once again, he showed how there was no bottom line for intelligence

At that point in time, Jun Mo Xie unexplainably felt gold rays of light shining in front of his eyes. Unknowingly an entire piece of words congregated together appeared. Jun Mo Xie was elated as it seemed like the returns this time around was not small!

Calmly, he finished reading the words in one breath until his face darkened. Until the end, he uncontrollably scolded, "Why don't you tell me directly in four words: 'This is immortal cultivation!'. That's all that's needed. How dare you happily threw me tens of thousands of words Do you think I'm an idiot!"

However, he did not know that without this essay of words, he would really be an idiot for a longer time than an idiot Seems like this extra return was given to him by the Hong Jun Pagoda as it could not bear to watch further, in hope of enlightening him as a form of pity for this little idiot

Yes, it is exactly like children's enlightenment books

"Other than introduction is more introduction...nothing interesting", Jun Mo Xie grumbled, "Just teach me how to wipe out the earth would work too The best are those charming eye techniques in legends so that whenever I meet a pretty girl, all I need to do is stare at her and she'll hopelessly fall in love with me and only want to marry me How nice would that be, hahahaha", Jun Mo Xie ended up laughing lewdly

Master Jun finished complaining and officially began to look through his gains.

Wow, it was indeed satisfying!

The Power of Water, Fire, and Earth!

At the same time, a relatively short paragraph of chants appeared in his mind: Treat gold and woods as the foundation, water and fire of the same source; earth as a virtue, as all five elements; the strength of the five elements, are unbelievable, remain until the end and all will end in chaos

After a look, Jun Mo Xie seemed to understand it but not really too

However, Jun Mo Xie understood something clearly: He had gotten lucky! He really made it rich! Starting from the third level, he had been in contact with the Powers of the five elements but now, he finally gathered all of them!

All five elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth!

What strength of water and fire. If they all had the same strength as the Power of Gold, then it would be hard to not have made it rich!

No matter who annoyed him, he could immediately break his bones!

He carefully felt the strength within his body. Jun Mo Xie could clearly feel that it was very different! If he used the division of Xuan practitioners' abilities, the new his abilities were no longer of a normal Spirit Xuan. After he broke through, he was of the Grand Masters' abilities and had even exceeded the fifth realm of Spirit Xuan! That also meant that it was the first realm of a Grand Master!

However, as to exactly which stage, Jun Mo Xie had no clue as there was no comparison.

But now, Jun Mo Xie started to ponder over something else.

It was because he finally knew that what he was practicing was the purest and most superior immortal dharmic formulation. That meant that it was almost confirmed that he would be able to achieve longevity. (Hehe, this guy's only impression if practicing to become an immortal was confined only to longevity)

If so, what about his relatives? It would be tough after tens and hundreds of years as he would be the only one left alive after his relatives die one by one and even the prettiest girls would become skeletons

Damn! Is this immortal cultivation or torture?

To be separated from one or two people by death was already so painful. How about being left all alone?

Would I have to repeatedly go through separation?

Even if I live till 800 years old, with 10 generations of descendants of my bloodline, I will only recognise them and not know them!

This won't do! I have to change the possibility of this happening!

Jun Mo Xie pondered over it seriously as this was not a small issue and so he could not make a decision rashly However, how could he do it?

Master Jun stark nakedly stayed in the Hong Jun Pagoda in a daze, thinking of a way while the outside world was in chaos looking for him

That was because Jun Mo Xie had gone missing for three days and night!

His disappearance duration was unnecessarily too long, especially after that huge change a while back. It made the rest uneasy and in the end, even Jun Wu Yi who had a lot of confidence in Jun Mo Xie also started to panic!

Old Master Jun seemed as though everything was as per normal but inside, he was already panicking! His only grandson was missing, what could he do? Maybe...he was caught by the people from the three holy cities?

Mei Xue Yan used her powers to adjust her breathing for a night only and before she had recovered, she was already out and about searching for Jun Mo Xie. Although was eighty percent sure that Jun Mo Xie had to face immense backlash and was somewhere recuperating now or perhaps had already been blown into smoke However, she still kept a small bit of hope that by finding the gathering location of the three holy cities, she could monitor them closely! She hoped that she could find some traces of Jun Mo Xie here although the results might not be ideal but at least he was alive

Based on her outstanding ability to take flight, she naturally did not have to worry about being found out; As time passed day after day, Mei Xue Yan grew more and more hopeless. She was on the verge of breaking down and grew increasingly murderous. Even when she saw the normal people of Tianxiang City, she could not cover-up her murderous look

This was the usual thought of wanting to destroy the entire world!

All these while, Mei Xue Yan only focused on winning battles and focused on practicing, waiting to complete her mission even if it meant that she had to kill many people as she did not regret but instead, felt it was a form of glory!

A historically grand form of glory!

To her, she never thought about anything else. About relationships, it was only a joke to her and even just a myth to appreciate Mei Xue Yan never believed that anything in this world could touch her heart

Mei Xue Yan was an extremely stubborn person and just based on how she disregarded any threat to her life and insist on her own ideals, it was not difficult to realise this. At the same time, she was also an arrogant and prideful woman!

Just like a lone lotus flower on a glacier, she did not crave for anyone's appreciation but still bloomed lonely with her own unique beauty as though no one could rival her beauty!