Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 578

Chapter 569: Xue Yans Heart
Chapter 569: Xue Yans Heart!
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Up till now, no one is able to witness my elegant demeanor ! But of course, that's how it was supposed to be, how could mortals be worthy to see my unique form? It'd only be a form of blasphemy if they were able to.

Even a Spirit Xuan and or Supreme expert was nothing more than a power-hungry man without talent.

What kind of person am I, Mei Xue Yan, to be associated with such people?

The plum blossom in the snow,
How many could you find in the world?
All heroes in history were like this,
They came and went alone.

She was like the one and unique bright moon in the Nine Heavens. Once appeared, the stars would dim themselves as they were not worthy to be beside her. She could only look at the changes of others while fulfilling her duty.

After all these years, she had never felt emotions as her heart was always as calm as water. Even if she was being hunted down, Mei Xue Yan would still be able to maintain an indifferent attitude.

However, this cold yet graceful lady, got her peace disturbed by Young Master Jun!

Furthermore, her peace was broken in a barbaric and almost perverted act that almost deflowered Mei Xue Yan's pure body! Although it was during her tiny Xuan beast true form, Mei Xue Yan was overwhelmed with anger and shame!

What an insult!

It was back when they were in Tian Fa forest. Jun Mo Xie did not even spend half an hour before unknowingly stirring the emotions that were resting deep in Mei Xue Yan's heart.

Shame! This brought ultimate shame to her!

Anger! She was burning with anger!

Hatred! Full of hatred!

However, there was nothing that could be done!

This was because Mei Xue Yan had no idea how to deal with Jun Mo Xie. No matter how strong the hatred, Jun Mo Xie was healing her. Thus, she owed him a great debt of gratitude...

Above all, Jun Mo Xie definitely had relations with the mysterious man that snatched the Fa Tian Fruit.

The Fa Tian Fruit was the key to the future for the Tian Fa Forest.

Mei Xue Yan was lost and confused.

What should I do?

Just forget it? I am not willing to do so!

Should I kill him?

Cripple him?
No way!

While deep in her thoughts, she followed Jun Mo Xie all the way to Tian Xiang Empire. After interacting with him further, Mei Xue Yan thought she could put this behind her and forgive Mo Jun Xie. However, he violated her again!

And most importantly, it was when Mei Xue Yan was in her human form!

This man actually kissed her and spanked her butt. This lecher! As Mei Xue Yan wondered about her mixed feelings, the load on her mind got heavier.

When they arrived in the Jun Family, she could see the hard work of Jun Mo Xie. She did not question how the Spirit Pills were made, but she knew that if it weren't for Jun Mo Xie, there would be no Spirit Pills.

Jun Mo Xie was the key to everything!

But what kind of person was Jun Mo Xie? Mei Xue Yan knew the answer, she knew it very well.

He was definitely an evil man, nowhere near a gentleman. The Heavenly Battle that Mei Xue Yan cared for the most was worth nothing in his eyes. The lives of the world were not of his concern.

However, while he might not be a great man, he was sincere and pure.

He was not a hypocrite, but a straightforward man. He believed his destiny was in his hands and not with heaven. Money could not change what he was going to do. He could destroy an evil underground organization for a girl that he did not know. He could also go against the world for someone he cares for. He was also able to use bloody and cruel methods to purge a group of reputable men. He did not bother about their past, be it good or bad.

In this world, Jun Mo Xie cared about no one else besides his family. He was not a hero nor a formidable person! He wasn't even a gentleman! This was because he was a villain - true villain that follows his heart.

Jun Mo Xie had played his role well. A member of the Jun Family; the grandson of Jun Zhan Tian, nephew of Jun Wu Yi; son of Jun Wu Hui; a man that Du Gu Xiao Yi admires, the man of Guan Qing Han; the brother of Tang Yuan and the main pillar of the Jun Family. He was Jun Mo Xie!

This was all part of Jun Mo Xie's identity.

However, he would never admit that he was a citizen of the Tian Xiang Empire, and he would never consider himself as one.

I am who I am, one and only!

I am just me, I would not change for anyone or anything!

When I want to be rakish, I'm rakish. When I want to be a gangster, I'm a gangster,

When I want to act dumb, I acted dumb. When I want to flirt, I flirt;

When I want to kill, I pull out my sword. When I want to scold someone, I opened my mouth!

This was how a genuine person should be like. Follow your feelings, your heart and your mind! He never bothered about what the world thinks and he doesn't care about what's written in history.

They can all go screw themselves!

Just scram to the side!

He did what he wanted and followed his heart, that is Jun Mo Xie!

A man like that would never be so generous unless there were special reasons.

Spirit Pills after pills... Giving legendary weapons without any hesitation.

Unless you could move his heart, who in the world would be able to get any benefits from Jun Mo Xie?

As Jun Mo Xie gave more, Mei Xue Yan increasingly opened up to him. What she cared for was no longer the Spirit Pills or legendary weapons, but the red eyes and tiredness when Jun Mo Xie arrived.

All for the moment he arrived!

However, she never spoke of it. She never mentioned how happy she felt every time he arrived. Despite feeling shy and embarrassed, she could also feel joy...

Because Mei Xue Yan could feel with her clear heart that Jun Mo Xie never wanted her to be worried, not even a single bit...

He was willing to carry all the pain and sufferings. He slowly digested every single bit of it, but on the surface, he showed that the pain and sufferings didn't bother him.

Despite being a few times stronger than him in abilities, he was willing to stand in front of Mei Xue Yan and face all the problems. He had the ability to move the clouds and give her a clear sky.

Facing the downfall of Tian Fa Forest and the suppression from the Three Holy Cities, her broken heart magically healed and was filled with hope.

During this time, Mei Xue Yan had subconsciously gotten used to the happy days. Even though Jun Mo Xie was much weaker, he had given Mei Xue Yan an odd yet strong feeling. As long as he was present, there was nothing to be worried about. She just had to wait and everything will be settled.

It was during these days and times when they were together that this young man had become the only support of Mei Xue Yan's life even without her knowing.

As the days passed, Mei Xue Yan was used to the presence of Jun Mo Xie, she was used to him making decisions, used to showing him her feminine side used to his jokes, his attitude, his voice, his breath and him...

Back then, Jun Mo Xie was always by her side and Mei Xue Yan was not aware of what was happening...

But now, Jun Mo Xie had disappeared she saw it with her own eyes. He just vanished It was at this moment that Mei Xue Yan's heart became flooded with great pain. This feeling was so sudden, so sharp..

She felt as though her heart was hit by a sledgehammer. And when she saw the sudden explosion on Jun Mo Xie's body, Mei Xue Yan felt like her insides were burning.

Me! This was all because of me!...

This was the first time Mei Xue Yan cried in her life, she could feel the saltiness of her tears and the pain in her heart.

Guilt, self-blame, sadness, despair... These emotions flooded Mei Xue Yan's mind.

If I didn't come to the Jun Family, if I did not force him to refine the pills, if I did not reveal my true identity the Three Holy Cities wouldn't have sent such great force.

30 Beyond Supreme Masters and 60 Supreme Masters.

What kind of lineup was it when it consists of 90 strong individuals?!

And the clear objective was to deal with the people from Tian Fa Forest!

Just when I was about to give up, he appeared and saved me.

If I didn't swear to kill Yu Yi Ban, he would not force himself to kill one of the strongest men that was Beyond Supreme!

In order to fulfil the promise, he was willing to go through all the danger. That scumbag Yu Yi Ban was done, but he himself disappeared.

Jun Mo Xie disappeared and Mei Xue Yan had finally understood her heart!

But it was all too late

Too late? Was it really too late?

That night, Mei Xue Yan cried for almost half that night, she cried silently with her broken heart. The familiar presence, comfort, jokes, and laughter were no longer by her side. Most importantly, she did not feel safe anymore, she had nothing to look forward to, nothing to wish for. Nothing, nothing is left anymore...

Everything became black and white to her now.

Mei Xue Yan finally realised that she could not live without this man.

Without him, the world would be dull and boring...

The Three Holy Cities were nothing compared to him. The Heavenly Battle was not that important after all, the future is not significant.

All of these, what has it got to do with me?

I just want him to be alive! As long as he can come back to me!