Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 579

Chapter 570: Emotions
Chapter 570: Emotions!
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If he was dead, then I'd naturally become number one in this world but what was the point of that?

And so what if I could win the Heavenly Battle?

There are many people in the world that deserve to die but are still alive. Why can't he be saved too?


Those who were supposed to die, stayed on. While those that weren't supposed to disappear, disappeared.

For those that are alive and kicking, are you worthy of it?

What rights were you entitled for Mei Xue Yan to work and fight for you? In the end, you just backstabbed me and hurt me over and over again. The person that I cared most for, will no longer be around. Why should I care for you people?

And who would care for us?

"Three Holy Cities, since you are so vicious and you left me with no choice. I, Mei Xue Yan, hereby swear that I will not leave you with any after paths"

"Even if all the beasts and creatures in Tian Fa Forest die, I vow to take this revenge till I succeed!"

Three days had passed and Mei Xue Yan was filled with despair.

Over the past three days, she had listened in to the conversations between the Three Holy Cities's people. Apparently, they did not capture Jun Mo Xie, and in fact, they did not even have the intention to.

The explosion was so strong that even the strong Mei Xue Yan could not even survive, let alone Jun Mo Xie. There was no explanation for what was happening.

When Mei Xue Yan returned back, she was filled with anger from head to bottom. Her deep killing intent could even be felt by the Snake King Qian Xun who did not dare to utter a word.

Mei Xue Yan had made up her mind!

If there was still no news by nightfall, then Mei Xue Yan and Snake King Qian Xun would run through the entire Tian Fa Forest. From Tiannan to the South Sea, they would unite all the Xuan Beasts and advance into the Three Holy Cities. They would then fight till their last breath!

There Three Holy Cities were extremely powerful but it didn't have many people. At the very most, there were only a few thousands of them. On the other hand, there were at least millions and billions of Xuan Beasts. Even if Mei Xue Yan didn't recruit the help of high-levelled Xuan Beasts, the large numbers of low-levelled Xuan Beasts would still be enough to overcome the Three Holy Cities.

Among the low-levelled beasts and creatures, there were the bees, snakes, ants and wolves. Just these few beast types would already amount to a terrifying number and give the Three Holy Cities a run for their money. There was no need to talk about larger beasts like lions, monkeys and bears. There were even aerial-type beasts like eagles!

Although the individual strengths of the Three Holy Cities's troops were way beyond those of Tian Fa Forest, the combined strength of Tian Fa Forest was completely on a different level from the Three Holy Cities!

Mei Xue Yan, by herself, would never be confident to win the Three Holy Cities. However, Mei Xue Yan was sure that she could destroy the Three Holy Cities with her current power.

This was also the reason why the Three Holy Cities wanted to destroy Tian Fa Forest!

As she approached the door, Mei Xue Yan took light and baby steps.

She was afraid of returning back to the house which was filled with his breath and his smell. It would break her heart. But, at the same time, she also yearned to return and be reminded of his unique and unforgettable scent.

As she stood there, a feeling of weakness hit her. She felt an immense pain in her heart and tears flowed out of her eyes. She murmured, "After today, I am really leaving If I am unable to win the Three Holy Cities, I would never return. If you are lonely, please wait for me till I take revenge for you, then I will accompany you."

"Mo Xie" This was the first time that that this name was uttered so tenderly. Mei Xue Yan's heart wrenched and tears flowed pass her cheeks like a heavy downpour.

If only all this was just a dream... Why does one have to experience it to understand and know that she cannot do without him?

"Hmm, who is this lady? Calling out my name in this romantic tone I am quite shy and after you called out my name, my legs went jelly."

Suddenly, a flirtatious voice with a tint of evilness strikes sounded.

Mei Xue Yan shook and she was shocked. She slowly turned her body as she was afraid that if she did it too fast, the voice would disappear.

Though this might be a dream, she hoped that she would wake up later, or even not wake up at all.

As she slowly turned and looked over, with her eyes filled with tears, she saw him.

Jun Mo Xie looked back with a funny expression on his face. Mei Xue Yan was stunned. She could not react. She had used her hands to clean her tears and attempted to clear her vision by rubbing her eyes. She could not believe what she was seeing and she did not trust her eyes.

"Hello." Jun Mo Xie smiled and waved in front of Mei Xue Yan. He said, "Wow, who is this crying kitty cat? I do not recognise it."

Mei Xue Yan stood still and looked at Jun Mo Xie. Mei Xue Yan burst out in laughter, but after a while, she let out her tears once again. She dashed into Jun Mo Xie's arms and held him tightly as if she was trying to enter his body.

After some time, she finally came out of Jun Mo Xie's embrace. She looked closely at his face and realised that this was not a dream. She took out her fists and punched him. However, she suddenly brought him close again. She hugged him as though he was a precious gem that she lost earlier.

Jun Mo Xie wondered what happened to Mei Xue Yan and why her emotions were unstable. He wondered if his powers had improved so greatly that a beauty would throw herself willingly to him.

Jun Mo Xie thought that it was still a good thing that a beauty threw herself to him voluntarily.

However, he could feel that Mei Xue Yan's body shaking and it was obviously the aftermath of extreme fear and shock. Jun Mo Xie thought, what could have happened to her to cause her so much fear and shock.

But no matter what happened, this should not be the reaction when reuniting with him.

Guan Qing Han and Snake King Qian Xun dashed out of the house. The two of them had also been anxious and nervous over the past few days. When Jun Mo Xie appeared, they were so excited that they wanted to rush out and hug him tightly!

But just as they saw how tightly Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan were hugging, a strange light flashed across the two ladies' eyes. They silently stood at a distance, looking at the two of them. There were inexplicable feelings in their hearts... sourness, comfort, happiness, and even a hint of disappointment...

Mei Xue Yan relieved herself from all her emotions and she pulled herself away from Jun Mo Xie's embrace. She instantly regained her cool form but her swollen eyes didn't match her cool form.

Mei Xue Yan acted strong and cool. Her face turned red and then white, she felt uncomfortable and shy. She demanded, "Where have you been for the past few days? Do you know everyone was worried about you? How could you be so irresponsible?"

Jun Mo Xie touched his head and reached his hand towards Mei Xue Yan forehead. He wondered, "Mei are you okay? Are you sick?".

Mei Xue Yan turned furious immediately and she swiped his hands away and shouted, "Speak! Where have you been over the past two days?"

Jun Mo Xie's face turned bitter. He had just returned from Old Master Jun and Third Uncle, and he had already been interrogated twice solemnly. He didn't think that he would have to face another interrogation...

Was he doomed to face the fate of a criminal today?...

What a sad day.

Jun Mo Xie could only repeat what he had already said twice...

Actually, Mei Xue Yan didn't even need to know where Jun Mo Xie had been over the past to days.

Did she even need to ask? He was definitely trying to heal his injuries! The only reason why she asked this question was that she needed an excuse to talk to him. As for how he answered, it wasn't even important to her! To her, what was most important was that he was still alive!

That was enough!

If he wasn't alive, then she would ensure that the entire world accompanies him!