Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 580

Chapter 581: Jun Mo Xies Real Strategy
Chapter 581: Jun Mo Xie's Real Strategy
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Mei Xue Yan walked a few more steps and suddenly stopped on a mountain covered with snow. She looked up and said, "The plum flower gets covered by the snow, but its fragrance will not yield. What a good sentence! How did he come up with such a good poem? Was this poem made based on me?"

Within her line of vision, Mei Xue Yan saw a piece of plum flower swelling in the white snow and it was especially dazzling!

The big man beside Xiao Wei Cheng had a temper. He went crazy, taking steps here and there. He was so angry that the nerves in his head loosened and tightened continuously and he felt a muffling sound in his stomach...He was injured internally! He was suffering...

I am begging you, Master Jun Mo Xie, please come quickly!

It seems like if you do not come, your lady will not come back safely...

Below the ground!

Jun Mo Xie began to adjust to his best condition. His eyes did not manage to open, it was still closed! This was because if his eyes were open, he would immediately arouse the attention of the Supreme Masters.

He closed his eyes and slowly began to go across a ground of soil until he reached the Supreme Master's body.

Once again, Jun Mo Xie felt a slight pulse. He took a bite and the blood of Yan Huang shot up just like a lighting!

Soil opening!

Snow opening!


Without any hindrance, the blood of Yan Huang easily penetrated into the Supreme Master's heart!

Two points into the heart!

The opening of the sky was unstoppable. The five internal organs were destroyed. At the same time, Dan Tian was also damaged and the internal strength already went up to his throat! It controlled his actions and his voice!

Jun Mo Xie felt a slight tremor and a sharp mental force attack which came along with the sword!

Luckily, Jun Mo Xie screamed!

If he was not careful, this sword could have killed him. However, even if it did, he would never have given in and he would have fought back!

Rao was successful in controlling his body. However, his mental power was counter-attacking him!

The final spiritual impact did not cause much trouble for Jun Mo Xie. Though the final attack was strong and powerful, the Supreme Master lost because he had already lost the will to survive.

The long sword retreated back with a 'sou' sound!

Jun Mo Xie heaved a long sigh!

Finally, he successfully killed 3 people...But, how did the last master of the Supreme Powers make a final counterattack even in the last moment of his death whereas the first two masters just died without being able to retaliate?

Even though it was a fight of the mental state, it was not to be underestimated!

What does this imply? What does it mean?

Jun Mo Xie used his power of opening the sky and infiltrated inside the body of the Supreme Master. Upon reaching Dan Tian, he found something unexpected. There was a blurry nebula...which was apparently destroyed and deformed by his sword.

While Jun Mo Xie was trying to reform the nebula back to its original shape, he could confirm that this nebula was a product from the original body of Dan.

This was different from what was said in the comprehension. It was said in the comprehension that Golden Dan was the foundation of Hua Dan, but yet it was a blurry nebula...Why is this so?

Being mindful, Jun Mo Xie hastily left his position and did not stay...he went towards the ambush location which was the next triangular formation! It was not the time to analyze his plan but what he needed was to settle it quickly!

Amidst the silence, while thirty people were waiting to ambush Mei Xue Yan, Jun Mo Xie was below the ground carrying out his assassination plan...

Now, the killer master- Master Jun had gained experience after killing three of the masters. Even if the rest of the masters of the Supreme Power were stronger than the previous ones, as long as the strategy was good, he could still kill them all!


It was a perfect plan- firstly, Mei Xue Yan was to be in the front line defending, preventing the enemies from moving while Jun Mo Xie was to kill the people in the dark! This was Jun Mo Xie's strategy!

It was proven that this strategy was useful and the results were brilliant!

Mei Xue was standing quietly, just a few feet away from the masters, but she managed to attract their attention. In their eyes, there was no bigger threat than Supreme Mei; As for Jun Mo Xie, they disregarded him. They believed that he was alone and they could easily destroy him and break him up into sixty different parts...

As such, they did not care about where Jun Mo Xie was!

Even if they thought of Jun Mo Xie, they only questioned why he was not there yet! If Jun Mo Xie came, Master Mei was also there already! They did not expect Jun Mo Xie to carry out such a brilliant infiltration plan to assassinate them!

However the ironic thing was, in their negligence, the assassination was ongoing quietly...The person whom they disregarded the most was actually giving them the most losses in terms of the number of deaths!

In fact, they did not even notice this happening!

Furthermore, the person that they have been waiting for did not even take any action. She only went around and made them wait. They waited just like how a beggar waits for people to give him money...such an irony indeed!

The real strategy of Jun Mo Xie was to kill people without any traces!

Mei Xue Yan walked around continuously and her hands started breaking out in cold sweat...

Mei Xue Yan was not sure what Master Jun was up to. He was still not out after some time. The valley has not even moved a single bit?

Was it because it was too difficult for him? Was it because of an accident? Mei Xue Yan turned her head over and began heading towards the canyon when... Suddenly!

There was a 'he' sound heard from within the canyon...

Everyone stood still!

It was not uncommon to face the sound of death, This sound has definitely got to do with someone who faced immense pain at the point of death but could not let his sound aloud. This sound could only be made when a trachea is blocked and when a strong energy is emitted before death...

The only people who could make such a sound were two hundred percent dead! They would not be able to come back...

What was happening?

What exactly was going on?!

Xiao Wei Cheng's face changed and he felt something amiss. He could not hide his body anymore and his body begun to swell. As he laid on the ground, the black tip of a sword came out and went back into the ground without a trace. The ground restored back to its original shape...

The effect of the sword was fast but Xiao Wei Cheng could not see not the effects. He only felt that his heart was uncomfortable- it was as if a sword pierced him. His heart was already damaged!

If he noticed, he would have discovered that the black sword came out of his left chest...

The matter of life and death came across in a moment!

Mei Xue Yan laughed coldly while looking at the half-dazed Xiao Wei Cheng and said, "It was you! Xiao Wei Cheng of the Supreme Powers, all of you have been in ambush for quite a period of time right? You people from the three holy places cannot wait to kill me..."

As Xiao Wei Cheng opened his mouth to speak, his atrium was excruciating in pain and he suddenly looked up and spit out blood which relieved the pressure on his heart and he began floating down.

Xiao Wei Cheng was unable to answer Mei Xue Yan; The pain in his atrium was definitely because someone hurt his heart! How did he get injured? Was there anyone else who were injured? What was the meaning behind the dying humming sound?

Mei Xue Yan continued to stay in the canyon and did not leave. Was there any other trap?

Jun Mo Xie turned over to look into the canyon and he said, "The ambush is no longer meaningful, let us all gather to welcome Supreme Mei!"

The ambush was indeed meaningless!

The rest of the people were not sure why Xiao Wei Cheng exposed himself and why he even vomit blood mid-air. Everyone was curious. When Xiao Wei Cheng summoned the Supreme Masters, they came out to meet him.

The snow rolled and a person dressed in white suddenly appeared. Standing in the midst of the snow, he faced Mei Xue Yan with a murderous look in his eye!

However, Xiao Wei Cheng's face had changed!

HIs face had turned as white as snow, and his lips were trembling!

The so-called Supreme Master's charisma was no longer existent!

He counted, one, two...five...eight...twelve...fourteen...he counted till forteen and he was unable to continue!

There was no one else remaining!

Even though he knew that he could not have counted wrongly, he began recounting and it was still forteen!

Including him, there were only fifteen Supreme Masters. Where did the other fifteen go?

Where did they go?

Xiao Wei Cheng shouted, " Where are the rest? Everyone come out! Quickly show yourselves!" As he shouted, he felt his body turning cold...there was no way the people at the bottom could not have heard his voice! If they heard, they would have come out immediately!

Why are they not here yet!

Xiao Wei Cheng hoped that the other masters were still in ambush. He understood that his hope was futile!

With Xiao Wei Cheng having a big drink, the snow began falling onto the mountains and the ground shook; However, no one came out...

Xiao Wei Cheng's face began changing. His white face began to turn pale, nearing death. He suddenly started to fly. There was lightning across the sky. When he clapped his hands, the snow on the ground began flying and it was captivating. While the snow was flying, there were three strong bodies that came up together with his strong snow power!

Then, he began falling!

Xiao Wei Cheng was splashed with cold water and his whole body began to freeze...