Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 581

Chapter 582: If I Say You Are A Guilty You Are Guilty
Chapter 582: If I say you are a guilty, you are guilty!
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Plopping sounds were heard as three bodies fell on the snow-covered ground, sending the accumulated snow into the air as they were flipped over to show their faces... their eyes were filled with anger and their faces scrunched in pain but they still could not move!

One above Supreme-level, two Supremes! A total of three top-notch experts had died silently... Such highly-skilled experts did not even make a sound when being killed!

The Supreme Gold City's fifteen experts' expressions immediately changed!

Xiao Wei Cheng did not stop and flew rapidly from one place to another, discovering another three corpses, then to another place... another three frozen corpses...

Fifteen corpses were discovered in a row...

Xiao Wei Cheng suddenly stopped moving and stood in the valley as the fifteen corpses were displayed around him. He was in a daze as the corner of his mouth was twitching and turned as pale as a ghost!

Suddenly, Xiao Wei Cheng roared and yelled towards the sky. No one knew what he yells meant but it seemed like an unconscious crying roar, a devastating cry!

That meaningless roar and yell represented the extreme grief the leader of the Supreme Gold City!

"Who is it? If you are still a gentleman, stand out now!", Xiao Wei Cheng was fuming mad and his Xuan energy was all over the place. The crown of his head exploded and his entire head of white hair flew all over the place. He aggressively roared again, "Who brought up such a child? How dare you use such a shameless underhand method for an ambush! Stand out now to die!

A stream of fresh blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth!

He was so extremely devastated such that his yells shook the entire world, sending echoes back!

At that moment, Xiao Wei Cheng was so upset he no longer could be bothered with any gentlemanliness. He just scolded all he wanted but the surrounding was quiet, not giving him any response!

He breathed and yelled again, "What a butcher! Cold-blooded executioner! If you have the guts, come out! How are you a hero by just relying on ambush? Come out!"

There was still not a single sound!

Xiao Wei Cheng's anger filled him. He could not help but let out a never-ending scream filled with devastation, filling the surroundings, causing the surrounding accumulated snow to vibrate and suddenly neatly fall from the mountain's summit. The roaring sound was as though the end of the world was arriving. Under the vibrations produced from his long scream, several mountains simultaneously experienced avalanches!

Waves of snow rolled downwards with a natural might, causing a big scene as though the entire world has been swallowed; the snowy haze cleared out and brought about hundred feet of waves rolling in...

All the experts ran to seek shelter, leaving only Xiao Wei Cheng to not dodge or escape as he allowed the snow to bury him. As the avalanche subsided slightly, Xiao Wei Cheng let out another long yell from under the snow and emerged from beneath, rising into mid-air, and letting out a devastating scream...

The corpses of fifteen experts were totally buried under the accumulated snow!

Mei Xue Yan also witnessed the scene anxiously! She never thought that the plans Jun Mo Xie explained could achieve such glorious battle results...

This was too surprising!

If they spent days and nights fighting, based on Jun Mo Xie's abilities and his weird skills, Mei Xue Yan would also believe that he could achieve this! However, to kill 10 Supreme and 5 above-Supreme experts continuously within two hours without a sound...

This was a miracle!

Outside the valley, on the way, Jun Mo Xie panted as he ran over as he carefully avoided the waves of snow along the way. He yelled, "Wifey, wifey... are you ok, Wifey? You scared me to death. Just now I heard someone yelling, causing avalanches, and before I could understand what was going on, I was so shocked, I almost peed in my pants..."

Mei Xue Yan did not know to be angry, laugh or be shocked and she reprimanded, "Shut up! Don't be such a disgrace!"

When Xiao Wei Cheng landed, he landed exactly opposite Mei Xue Yan, about eighty feet away! It was still such that one was in the valley, one was outside! He stood there quietly with a scarily gloomy expression and his eyes stared fiercely at Mei Xue Yan like how a wolf spotted blood, emitting green light while he grinded his teeth. Filled with extreme hatred, he articulated, "Supreme Mei, great moves, you are really how evil moves!"

"Evil moves?", Mei Xue Yan frowned, "What evil moves? Did I do anything?"

"Isn't what's happening your doing?", Xiao Wei Cheng suddenly wept in a loud, tearing roar, "Fifteen of my brothers whom I have interacted with for a hundred years have been murdered silently, Supreme Mei! You are too evil! Such shameless evil-doings, how can you be considered a leader of Tian Fa? What's done has been done but how can you have no guts to admit your doings! Isn't it too beneath your status?!"

Mei Xue Yan snickered and said, "Xiao Wei Cheng, how are you the King of the Supreme Gold City! What a joke for you to say such things! I said I haven't done anything and that means I have not done anything! You dare to question me? I want to ask you, with all thirty of you in ambush here, if it is not to attack me, then what are all of you doing?"

Xiao Wei Cheng strongly gave a sound of disregard and looked at Mei Xue Yan fiercely, not saying anything.

"You can fool anyone but me. You have arranged such an evil trap to attack me, do you think it is fine? Several people on your side died and you are saying that I am shameless and evil? Xiao Wei Cheng! How shameless of you! I really suspect you do not have or brain or mold has grown in your brain!"

Mei Xue Yan looked at him in disdain, "Words like shameless and despicable can only be used to describe you. I really can't think of anyone else like you!"

"I shall not argue with you further! Ask whoever did this to step out now!", Xiao Wei Cheng said scarily, "I am going to make him pay!"

"Erm, Senior... Xiao Wei Cheng; I understand now. Your logic is that only you guys can kill other people even if it by arranging such evil traps? If others counterattack you guys based on your trap then they are despicable? Is this what you mean?", Jun Mo Xie chipped in in a condescending manner towards Xiao Wei Cheng.

"Of course!", Xiao Wei Cheng lifted his head and said, "Whatever we, the Supreme Gold City, does, it is for our people and for the good of everyone! If you are our enemy, you must be insane! Evil to no end! All our actions are upright and honest. If you counterattack us, you are morally polluted and standing on the opposite side against humans! And that means you only have one fate, death!"

"Hahaha... what a joke!", Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud and said, "You also consider killing alliance mates for no reason and craftily trapping people as upright and honest?"

"For the world and for the people! What kind of means can we not use? Even if it is more despicable means, to achieve our great goals, we will do it with no guilt!", Xiao Wei Cheng said uprightly.

"What kind of logic is this, how shameless can you be! Do you guys from the Supreme Gold City have any sense of shame? No, you guys from the Supreme Gold City definitely have half your face skin stuck on the other half. One-half thick-skinned, one-half faceless!", Jun Mo Xie scolded loudly and spat saliva at them.

Xiao Wei Cheng righteously turned to stare down at Jun Mo Xie, pointed at him and coldly said, "Jun Mo Xie, don't you dare think that you can act so unlawfully just because you have an expert as your master! If you offend me, I will make you bleed! You should know that there some things you cannot say; some things you have no rights to do! Now, shut your stinky mouth!"

Jun Mo Xie disregarded him, rolled his eyes and said, "What if I don't?"

Xiao Wei Cheng breathed in deeply and suddenly turned again to look at Mei Xue Yan, "Supreme Mei, you are quite a recognised expert! Today, I admit that I wanted to ambush you but now, it is impossible! I only have one question for you. Who did this? Even without those who died in today's battle, we have more than enough participants for the heavenly battle. You should know what this means!"

His eyes focused intensively on Mei Xue Yan as though they were about to spit fire.

Mei Xue Yan ignored his words and said, "I have said already, I did not do anything so naturally, I wouldn't know anything! You guys probably betrayed one another, how would I know who it was? Are you going to pin every single death in this world on me? What a joke! Xiao Wei Cheng, if you want to start a battle, hurry, if not, scram! Participate in the heavenly battle? I also participate in it, why are you targeting me?!"

Xiao Wei Cheng stared deathly at Mei Xue Yan and ignored what she said. Out of a sudden, he roared loudly, "Is it Chu Qi Hun?!!!"

Chu Qi Hun?

Mei Xue Yan and Jun Mo Xie looked at each other perplexingly. What logic was this. Why was Chu Qi Hun dragged into this. Master Jun was exceptionally displeased, how simple-minded! Was there no one else other than Chu Qi Hun who could kill people? Why do they always think of him? Couldn't they analyse it further and realise that it was me, the Evil Lord, Jun Mo Xie, Master Jun, who killed them?

However, when Xiao Wei Cheng said that, the other fourteen people from the Supreme Gold City gave off a resounding agreement expression!

Yes, in this world, if anyone could assassinate so many experts, then it had to be Chu QI Hun, not anyone else!

Even the leader of the three holy cities could only directly fought to kill these experts and definitely could not kill them invincibly! This simply was not their expertise!

Although everyone thought that perhaps Chu Qi Hun could not do this and even was lacking highly; there was really no one else other than this Supreme killer in this world!

To come and go without a trace and kill with no evidence were Chu Qi Hun, the Supreme killer's, signature tactics!

Xiao Wei Cheng grinded his teeth, crumpled his face then roared, "I have already carefully checked their wounds. Such fine wounds ensured that blood would not flow out; their internal organs were completely destroyed! Other than Chu Qi Hun, that murderer's, Autumn Dew Invincible Sword and Heart-Destroying Five Poison Palm, no one else could inflict such wounds! Do you guys still want to deny it? I know, it must be him, right!"