Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 582

Chapter 580: Kill The Supreme
Chapter 580: Kill the Supreme
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Xie Jun's most feared assassination method has finally been revealed! The strongest of the alternate world have also finally realized the power of Xie Jun.

Jun Mo Xie's capability now have long surpassed the old Xie Jun's ability when he was at his peak.

However, what he needed to face was the alternate world's strongest master!

Moreover, he had to face not only one or two, but...a total of thirty of them.

He seemed like an invisible wind, drifting through the sky; however he also seemed like a visible cloud sliding down; he also seemed like a snowflake that was crystal clear and silent, more like a Huang Quan ghost that wandered around in the dark!

His body walked through underneath and his whole body began to converge;

Hua Xia Xie Jun!

The peerless God in his hand quietly walked with him, emitting a cold glow;

Blood of Yan Huang!

There was a slow and low pulse sound coming from above. The sound seemed like it was coming from outside but it was clearly audible! This was the target that Jun Mo Xie was looking for!

This was because these supreme masters already covered all of the pores on their body, their smell was concealed, and even all of their thoughts were stopped! As for the turmoil of Xuan Li, it was concealed, leaving no traces!

The only thing left for Jun Mo Xie, was the pulse that beat only once in a while! Moreover, this pulse could only be felt when the supreme masters laid their body flat on the ground.

If their bodies left the ground for a moment, the traces of the pulse would disappear...but because of Mei Xue Yan's power, they did not dare to move!

Jun Mo Xie arrived without a sound; he was counting in his heart: one, two, three...

The formation of the Supreme Gold City was strict. Each group was made up of three finished characters and this was the best triangle formation possible. The strict formation made it difficult for Jun Mo Xie to carry out his assassination plan.

Jun Mo Xie quietly began to form his body shape. After thinking for a while, his eyes glittered and he closed his eyes with his mouth grinning and getting into a cruel position-- he had made up his mind on his action plan!

The peerless god on his hand suddenly became a dull wood!

Even the stalks disappeared without a trace!

Jun Mo Xie came to the three person formation and in the darkness, he stabbed them without any warning and hesitation!


It seemed as if a black lighting came from bottom to up and it rushed towards its target!

This stab was a sword that could have caused death! However, it did not have any power! There was no feeling of pain!

It seemed as if a tweak of branch accidentally pricked you...

The tip of the sword went through the ground and also went through the snow on the ground. It even entered the chest of the Supreme Masters!

Stabbing the heart gives you one mark!

Only one mark! Not more nor less!

One mark was enough!

The creation of heaven and earth caused a violent airflow, and it silently passed through the tip of the sword into the heart and caused the heart to be burnt. All five insides were destroyed! At the same time, he controlled his mind and throat! This was a perfect strategy because noises would be made when the hearts of the Supreme masters were being crushed!

Jun Mo Xie could not be seen seen struggling, if not he would be exposed! Jun Mo Xie will never allow any accidents to occur! Hence, when the sword entered his body, he controlled his mind and throat!

On the surface, this supreme master's body seemed to be fine, but his internal organs were already a rotten meat! The supreme master died of an unclear death.

One blow!

A black sword disappeared! Actually, the black sword did not interact with the air. The one who stuck the sword on the supreme master stuck it strongly!

The supreme master did not even understand- - He only felt as if his chest was bitten by a mosquito, and he subsequently lost his consciousness forever...

Even until his death, he did not understand! He did not understand why he died despite being able to move around well? He was still waiting to ambush Mei Zun...

In the midst of the snow, he kept his body in his original position; he was faithful in keeping his position on the ground. However, now he was unable to be of any use...

The wounds from the sword were as narrow as the tree branches. Blood was rushing into the body and filling the entire belly. However, the blood could not be taken out from the body.

Jun Mo Xie did not stop. He began to take back the blood of Yan Huang as the blood was slowly disappearing from the top of the sword. Despite being in the dark, Jun Mo Xie could feel the sense of excitement coming from the sword on his hands!

Maybe it was a wrong intuition! Jun Mo Xie felt that there was a connection between his mind and the blood of Yan Huang! After killing the Supreme Master, the blood on his sword made him thirst for more blood to be stained on the sword!

From then onwards, Jun Mo Xie's thirst to kill was uncontrollable!

The greatest killer emerged after the first assassination. After eight months, the strongest of the supreme level was opened! This was an amazing starting point!

The supreme masters that were just killed quietly by Jun Mo Xie, belonged to the left part of the triangle formation!

The massacre begins tonight!

Now, Jun Mo Xie's target was the right side of the formation!

He was only two feets away!

Jun Mo Xie decided not to meddle with those at the top of the triangle formation for they were the best amongst the supreme power! Jun Mo Xie did not have the confidence that he would be able to kill those quietly. As a result, he decided to aim for those on the right side of the formation first!

Even if the top of the triangle formation decided to attack back, he would have killed three at least. It was better than just two powerful ones!


The sword quietly pierced through the ground, into the snow...

The long sword pierced the captain and it caused his body to explode and be destroyed!

And it was retrieved quietly!

Jun Mo Xie went to take a breather under the ground! If anyone were to find him, they will find him with his face all red!

These two swords seemed to be quite easy, but in reality, it was difficult to reach in terms of its orientation, angle, shot speed, tyrannical speed input, and its instantaneous control! Any flaw would lead to a failure! Afterall, his opponent was the supreme masters! Other than concentrating on all the skills, Jun Mo Xie had to gather all the spirits of his body in order to make this silent, murderous and unpredictable sword!

As long as a loophole appeared, the supreme masters could just shout! So Jun Mo Xie would absolutely not give them any chance to shout!

If it was one sword to deal with one person, he needed two swords to deal with two of the supreme masters! This was a huge loss to Jun Mo Xie! Now, he was trying to recover in the shortest time possible!

The next opponent was the strongest amongst the Supreme Masters. If he wanted to die without a sound, he had to be more careful!

In front of Taniguchi, Mei Xue Yan sat quietly on the big tree, looking around from time to time impatiently.

At this sight, all the Supreme Masters realized: How do we not see Jun Mo Xie that thief, he is definitely waiting for his lover! No wonder he is so anxious and restless.

But...we really do not want to kill your lover, we only want to kill you...Be rest assured, he will be fine. Once you come in, everyone will be set free...do not play with us anymore...

Everyone was praying from the bottom of their hearts...

Mei Xue Yan sighed. Her face was filled with resentment and she looked over; her face that was smeared with a layer of worries made the people around her feel pity for her...

She sighed again. Mei Xue Yan looked depressed and she was reluctant to look back. Suddenly, she flew down from the tree...

Wheww...you are finally here...you made me anxious...

Mei Xue Yan walked three or four steps forward, however she stopped and turn back...she stopped in the middle of the road...she could not move again...

She was not moving again!

Xiao Wei Cheng was waiting! My dear grandmother, what are you doing ah ah ah...? I know you have never been in love before, but you do not need to resort to this?

We are not scared of you coming over, we would let you kill and this will torture people!

Just come over hear and everything will be set free, whether we die or live, if you die I die!

Mei Xue Yan suddenly came back again; walked a few steps and turned over again, walked here and there...pacing back and forth, life or death was not willing to cross over to the Thunder Pool!

Everyone scolded in their hearts!


Even with Xiao Wei Cheng as the strongest Supreme Master, the cultivation of the style of over hundred years have been caught up with...how could such a thing happen!

All the masters of the Supreme Golden city seemed to be feeling furious...

There was no movement at all!

What happened? You should not have come. We were not so anxious even if we did not see you. But you came...why not you stay away from us and let us have the guts to do some activities...you just had to stay so near...

You are sitting over there with a worried face, however we are a thousand times more depressed than you!

So depressing! Super depressing! Where did your love go?

Even if it is a solution...such a long time...don't tell me you cannot even bring up a mountain! ?