Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Oppressing Them With Vigor
Chapter 583: Oppressing them with Vigor!
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Jun Mo Xie could not help but laughed, "I say, what does this got to do with Chu Qi Hun? Do you guys in Three Holy Cities always accuse others without evidence? I do not know that killer and I have never even seen him before. What kind of speculation is this? These are just fabrications based on nothing!"

Jun Mo Xie chuckled while saying.

"Chu Qi Hun is a good person? Hahahaha. This is such a joke!" Xiao Wei Cheng laughed mockingly with a look of displeasure, " A cold-hearted dictator like him is full of sin. His two hands reek of blood! The only thing he recognises is money. If you give him some money, he will even kill his own dad. How can you still say he's a good person? Jun Mo Xie, can you still distinguish the right from wrong? Do you still have any justice in you?"

"I accused him? Jun Mo Xie, just from this sentence, it revealed your intentions! If you are not involved with him today, would you still help him exonerate?" Xiao Wei Cheng resented: "It is definitely Chu Qi Hun without a doubt! From now onwards, I, the supreme master of Golden City, will treat Chu Qi Hun as a foe!"

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan looked at each other in dismay. They could not believe that there was such an unreasonable person in this world.

Just like this, he forced the killer master to be involved.

What is this!

If the killer master, Chu Qi Hun come to hear of it, he probably will spurt out a mouth of blood: Why is it that I have to carry all the accusations? Is there still justice in this world? I should not be called killer master but rather scapegoat master...

Jun Mo Xie could still vividly remember that when he was tailing the cold-blooded Lei Wu Bei, Lei Wu Bei had once pretended to be the killing master, Chu Qi Hun.

Could it be that this top killer has the same strategies as me?

We just don't know which is the more brilliant one and who is the real killing master.

Mei Xue Yan laughed sarcastically, "Xiao Wei Cheng, I pity you! I pity the supreme masters in Golden City! You people have such shallow knowledge and experience, making rash judgements and a fool out of yourselves!"

Xiao Wei Cheng laughed grimly and with a face full of resentment, he scanned the area and shouted, " Chu Qi Hun! Since you have the guts to murder people, why don't you have the guts to face me?" Jun Mo Xie who had been standing still chuckled, such irony...

Mei Xue Yan snorted and walked forward.

Currently, Golden City only left five masters beyond supreme level and ten supreme masters. Mei Xue Yan could not be bothered with the remaining strength as even if she could not kill all of them, she would still be able to escape easily without any injuries. Furthermore, she had Jun Mo Xie by her side to support her which made her even more fearless. Therefore, Mei Xue Yan burst in without any hesitation.

Two of the supreme masters from Golden City blocked her and sternly said, "Please halt for a moment Supreme Mei, we have not clarified everything!"

Mei Xue Yan icily replied, " Have things not been clarified? I don't think so! Get lost!"

The two supreme masters raged and suddenly two long swords appeared like a phantom, leapt in the air and aimed towards Mei Xue Yan.

They were already enraged by the death of their comrades, listening to the rude exclamation of Mei Xue Yan aggravated them even more. Without any warning, they used their top-notch skill in fencing, combined their body into the sword and attacked!

Mei Xue Yan flicked her wrist and a long sword appeared in her hand, with a shout, the sword illuminated.

The whole sky was suddenly covered by fireworks!

Her sword radiated around like lightning, facing them head-on. The two of them were being ungrateful hence Mei Xue Yan did not bother giving them a chance. Since you combined your body and sword into one then I will use my sword to break you up into two.

Once the sword was brought out to kill, it would show no mercy!

Xiao Wei Cheng bellowed, "Stop!"

After seeing fifteen dead bodies, Xiao Wei Cheng had decided to dispel on the idea of killing Mei Xue Yan. He knew, that with their current strength, attacking Mei Xue Yan would be asking for death. Even if the remaining fifteen supreme masters were to give in their all, all they can do is make a scratch on her.

That was if they were lucky enough!

For now, Xiao Wei Cheng only wanted to catch the culprit that killed his brother, Chu Qi Hun!

As for Mei Xue Yan he would leave it to Dun Shi Deity Palace and Sea of Fantasy Blood to handle.

Therefore, he did not have any plans to intercept them.

Seeing the two supreme masters acting recklessly and attacking Mei Xue Yan, Xiao Wei Cheng was shocked and instantly shouted for them to stop.

But, it was too late!

Mater Jun reminded Mei Xue Yan, the right way of a nobleman, which was to not have any mercy.

A long siren was made and her sharp sword burst into lights. Suddenly, two cries and shattered sounds were heard. All of a sudden, it was raining blood and the two swords shattered into pieces. Just like that, the two supreme masters disappeared from the world.

Mei Xue Yan gently landed on the ground, there were no stains on her white top, no signs of blood at all. She had an aloof expression and was full of murderous aura.

Xiao Wei Cheng wanted to speak up, hoping to alleviate the tense atmosphere since attacking her now would not be a good idea. The plan to sneak up on her and attack had failed thoroughly, they had already lost half of their men and he had no intentions to continue the fight.

On the other hand, Mei Xue Yan who had already taken the life of two supreme masters is on the peak of her killing spree and hiding near her was a killing master, Chu Qi Hun, who may do a surprise attack any time. The situation was very bad for the masters from Golden City.

Before Xiao Wei Cheng had a chance to speak, Mei Xue Yan turned her head around and stared at him ruthlessly. Her charisma grew with the wind as she became more intimidating. With a majestic grandeur that belonged only to Kings and the power to decide their death, she daunted the thirteen supreme masters from Golden City.

At that moment, it showed the exceptional svelte of Mei Xue Yan that allowed her to be the number one in Tian Fa City.

Under her intimidating pressure, Xiao Wei Cheng held back his tongue and swallowed the words that he was about to say. He felt the cold glanced of her seeing through his heart and capturing his soul.

For a moment, Xiao Wei Cheng felt the chills and forgot about his original intention.

In front of him was the two dead bodies of his subordinates, but at that moment, Xiao Wei Cheng totally forgot about his revenge. Behind him, stood twelve of his other subordinates but again, at that moment, Xiao Wei Cheng totally forgot about them.

He only knew that in front of him stood Mei Xue Yan, who only need to raise her hand to bury him into the deep snow.

Mei Xue Yan stood still and gazed icily at him before saying, "Xiao Wei Cheng, you should stop speaking for now! If you speak another word, I will bury the thirteen of you here forever! Do you want to bet, if I dare or not and if I can or not?!"

Mei Xue Yan spoke lightly and gently as if she was just saying something that happened in the past. But what was hidden in her words caused them to tremble with fear.

Dare or not, can or not?!
What level of aggressiveness is this!

In front of her bravura and power, even the blizzard seemed to listen to her and stopped in mid-air.

Of course, even though Mei Xue Yan's abilities were astonishing, but she still did not have the capabilities to control nature. Whatever they felt was just a delusion, the blizzard had not stopped. However, everyone could not feel it because the only thing they could feel then was the terrifying aura of Mei Xue Yan.

As deep as the ocean, as imposing as the mountain!

Xiao Wei Cheng's forehead was full of cold sweat. He tried to assemble his spirit, consciousness, soul and cultivation to confront the terrifying charisma of Mei Xue Yan. He tried to escape from her frightening spirit but failed.

Mei Xue Yan glanced at him before she mockingly laughed. She turned her head towards Jun Mo Xie and said, "Let's go!"

Jun Mo Xie chuckled and speedily walked towards her. Both of them strolled elegantly side by side into the canyon. The thirteen supreme masters behind them were all one of the strongest people in their city, they just needed to take a leap to reach Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan, but none of them made a move.

Seeing the couple that was walking further away from them, everyone felt more confused.

Was the gap between their abilities so big?!

How can it be?

Previously, when the ten masters beyond supreme level gathered and attacked Mei Xue Yan, she was still being merciful and did not have the intention to kill them but all of them were still heavily injured and she managed to escape. The Mei Xue Yan today was not as merciful as the past and she did not hesitate to kill them. The sad part was that they now only left five masters beyond supreme level and ten supreme masters.

With this amount of strength left and with their strategies all exposed, they do not have any chance to kill Mei Xue Yan. In fact, the chance of all of them being killed was higher...

When a nobleman decides not to be bullied anymore, the people who set him up would definitely face a horrible ending. Furthermore, this nobleman had such strong abilities.

Whatever just happened had proven this fact!

Mei Xue Yan and Jun Mo Xie had slowly disappeared into the distance. The blizzard got stronger and heavier. As the wind blew, Xiao Wei Cheng felt his face got colder but no matter how cold it was, it could not compare to his frozen heart...

"Let's all go." Xiao Wei Cheng sighed.

The master beyond supreme level hung his head low as he walked. In an instant, the supreme master of the three pearl throne in Golden City, aged by a few more years. Even his back that used to be tall and straight, stooped lower.

"Xiao Wang Zuo, what about the bodies of our dead brothers?" an old master with a white beard asked sorrowfully as he looked at Xiao Wei Cheng and waited for a response.