Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 584

Chapter 584: A Smell Belonging To Evil Jun
Chapter 584: A smell belonging to Evil Jun
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Xiao Wei Cheng heaved a sigh and he looked at the corpses on the snow with disappointment. He closed his eyes and said: " This place is remote and inaccessible, for the time being...just bury the bodies here; Come out and bury them. It was a matter of time before this day came! "

"But my king, we should never let Mei Xue Yan off like this!" The old man with the white beard bit his teeth and his eyes started shedding tears. With resentment on his face, he said: " King Xiao...the bones of our comrades are not cold..."

"Bones are not cold?" Xiao Wei Cheng looked at him and said: " The weather is like that, why are the bones not cold? Why are you saying this now? When Venerable Mei was here just now, why did you not say this? If you are so warm-blooded, why did you not rush forward to help your comrades get revenge? The two have probably not gone too far. If you really have the heart to avenge your comrades, you can chase them now to get revenge. As the ruler in command, I grant you the permission to get revenge! Do you dare or not? ! "

The face of the old man with the white beard turned all red with anger. His eyes widened and he shouted: " King Xiao! What do you mean by that? Do you think that you had a good reputation just now? Do you think that revenge for the other comrades concerns only me? You asked if I dare to get revenge? If I am alone, even if I manage to catch up with them, I am incompetent against them. Then is there any use in chasing them?"

" You also know that you are incompetent? Then why did you ask me? I did all this for the sake of Great Gold City! You still want to get your feelings involved at this moment?! Useless! "

Xiao Wei Cheng was furious and he said: " You and I are both well aware of the consequences of an attack! Others who survived are not aware! I brought all of you out of the Golden City not to bury all of you here! Yet, you are here questioning me on why I am not fighting back against Venerable Mei? You useless bum, do you not understand? Why are you shouting at me even till this moment? There people left behind at the Elusive Land of Immortals and Illusory Ocean of Blood waiting! We already lost seventeen people! Seventeen experts! If we continue to hold on any longer here...what will the consequences be? Have you turned foolish?? If the Golden City is destroyed, do we let the other two Holy Lands easily get taken and let them rule over our heads? Seriously? I knew that you were foolish, but can you please take the big picture into consideration? "

The old man with the white beard seemed like a deflated balloon and he knelt on the ground with two hands covering his face and cried; For my comrades, and because of my cowardice...

"Send forth the command, send the whole world to search for the killer of the Supreme Masters!" Xiao Wei Cheng inhaled a deep breath and his head shook. He tried hard to control his emotions. But the more he tried to control his emotions, the more his voice became to tremble: "Put in your best effort to kill those cockroaches...at all costs! "

If we let Chu Qi Hun know about this, I am afraid he will spit out blood. Even if the Supreme Masters do not chase and kill him, he would be die of depression...

"Yes!" Everyone agreed in unison.

Huge snow began flying and another seventeen graves appeared in this spacious and empty canyon, quietly forming a mountain behind.

Xiao Wei Cheng and the others waited in tears and sorrow. One by one, their whole body started trembling and they bit their teeth with anger and sorrow. However, they were at a loss and did not know what to do...

They walked away in vain but kept looking back. The snow had buried the traces they had left. Between the heavens and the earth, it was desolate; the snow that fell from the sky covered the grave that had no tombstone and the wind continued to blow. The land was a flat snowfield and there were no traces of blood. It was as if nothing had happened...

The disciples of Jianghu died under the sword of the martial arts swordsman- once the strong, the glory, the world and the commander of the rivers and lakes.

Now, they only left a bunch of loess...furthermore, they could only leave a position and could not write their names...for they had too many enemies, and they may come to settle their grudges...

Who can be excluded from this kind of ending in the next thousand years?


"Xue Yan, you were so charismatic just now, when can I have ever be like you? It would be so cool." Jun Mo Xie giggled. Then, he used his strength to catch up with Mei Xue Yan and said: " You just stood there and thirteen, a whole thirteen of the experts were afraid to move because of you. So cool hahaha...one out of the Three Holy Lands actually got scared...so funny."

"You are underestimating the supreme masters from the Golden City .They were not scared out of their wits, it was just their misfortune."

Mei Xue Yan laughed and said: "All this time, the strength of the Three Holy Lands were balanced; their strength was in the middle. Now the Golden City has lost so many experts, they would not be able to take it! However, with their remaining strength, if they were to engage in a fight with me, I would have to pay a huge price. But this would make it easier for the other two Holy Lands are to defeat me. They will not be willing to let their city be destroyed. They are letting us go as they want us to go and destroy the Elusive Land of Immortals and Illusory Ocean of Blood too. Hence, they are not taking any action against us. They would rather tolerate it."

"Let me think! But after all, they are incompetent. If they felt that they stood a good chance against us, they would have taken action already; Other than the disaster, it is because of your capabilities that they have not taken any action yet. If I knew this was coming, I would have destroyed the Elusive Land of Immortals and Illusory Ocean of Blood. However, the Golden City already lost its reputation. They do not even have the courage to start a war anymore! This is the biggest weakness of Xiao Wei Cheng;"

Jun Mo Xie laughed and plucked his eyebrows and said: "This will be his nemesis! Whenever I see him, I will bring this matter up to him, ridicule him and break his state of mind! I will make him angry and cause him to die out of anger!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled coldly and smiled, saying: " This matter must be reported to Xiong Kai Shan; This may be a weapon to defeat Xiao Wei Cheng! There will be a time where both will face off with each other."

Mei Xue Yan's eyes brightened and she said: " Not bad, you humans are very sly." She looked at Jun Mo Xie and said: " You were very different this time."

"Really? Did I become more heroic? Do you feel like hugging this heroic prince? This price is very educated!" Jun Mo Xie said with a proud face.

"I am saying the truth. After the assassination, your body gained energy!" Mei Xue Yan looked into his eyes and said: " You are really different compared to the past. I feel that the energy was intentionally hidden. When it comes to the critical time, it would then reappear!"

Jun Mo Xie stood still and smiled, saying: " What?"

Mei Xue Yan suddenly stopped walking, and said: "Right, it was this feeling! Just now, when you laughed, there was a weird smell!" She twitched her eyebrows and began thinking and said: "very cold, very cold, very indifferent...yet very dangerous...but the murderous aura was different from normal people, your bones are thirsty for blood, a dangerous smell..."

Jun Mo Xie began laughing out loud, but he knew in his heart that Mei Xue Yan's feeling was absolutely correct. This assassination gave him wonderful memories!

The familiar movement, familiar touch, familiar ambience, familiar emotions...

The moment he striked, Jun Mo Xie thought that he went back to his previous life; he became the assassination Lord again; he killed the corrupt officials in the city...the traitors abroad...

The powerful Xie Jun!

King Xie Jun!

After assassinating the fifteen supreme masters, Jun Mo Xie felt the excitement of killing!

This killing was not killing!

This was the killing of the assassination, the killing of the evil lord, but it was not the killing of the monarch!

After much thoughts, Jun Mo Xie heaved a big sigh.

"Now, do not let people see through you. Whether it is outsiders, or your relatives, friends, no exceptions."

Mei Xue Yan quietly accompanied him and suddenly laughed, saying: "Sometimes, you seem like a gangster; but at times, you also seem like a cold warrior; sometimes, you seem like a poet... I still cannot understand how you have so many personalities and how did you even come; and how do you switch around? If it was another person, I am afraid their spirit would have collapsed a long time ago?"

Jun Mo Xie laughed and he looked at a distance, saying: "This is nothing, it is just an adjustment of myself; It is not amazing. I am originally like this; I have to be. For a period of time when the Jun family was overturned, I did not showcase my powers; When the Jun family became more stable, my hands began to be contaminated with blood..."

Jun Mo Xie laughed and said: " After a person experiences assassination, your will carry some things on your body or you will experience a wierd feeling unconciously. I call this feeling murderous aura! The more people you kill, the stronger this feeling gets. Especially if you meet a stranger, it will cause the other people to get scared...This makes it easy for you to get exposed not only to your relatives and friends. Ultimately, you will need to find a way to prevent yourselves from getting exposed."